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Mayim Bialik Divorcing Husband Michael Stone After 9 Years

Mayim Bialik Divorcing Husband Michael Stone After 9 Years

Mayim Bialik is getting a divorce from her husband of nine years, Michael Stone.

“After much consideration and soul-searching, Michael and I have arrived at the decision to divorce due to ‘Irreconcilable Differences,’” the 36-year-old Big Bang Theory actress wrote on her blog. “Divorce is terribly sad, painful and incomprehensible for children. It is not something we have decided lightly.”

“The hands-on style of parenting we practice played no role in the changes that led to this decision; relationships are complicated no matter what style of parenting you choose,” Mayim continued. “The main priority for us now is to make the transition to two loving homes as smooth and painless as possible. Our sons [Miles and Frederick] deserve parents committed to their growth and health and that’s what we are focusing on. Our privacy has always been important and is even more so now, and we thank you in advance for respecting it as we negotiate this new terrain.”

“We will be ok,” she wrote to end her post.

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24 Responses to “Mayim Bialik Divorcing Husband Michael Stone After 9 Years”

  1. 1
    cami Says:

    aaww ): i really like her, I hope she and her family be ok!

  2. 2
    why bother Says:

    so surprised they didn’t last till they’re 60…

  3. 3
    jake Says:

    i swear, there are divorces everyday in hollywood

  4. 4
    teri Says:

    So sad :(

  5. 5
    Just Keepin' It Real Says:

    Two divorces announed back-to-back, wow. Sad. However, who are we to judge? Nobody knows what goes on in those homes.

  6. 6
    noone Says:

    Who’s next?

  7. 7
    She's the Cutest Says:

    of the 3 girls on BBT…….no disrespect to either Kaley or Melissa.

  8. 8
    Uh huh Says:

    Her husband looks like a young Dom Deluise

  9. 9
    Sayer Says:

    So, her hands-on parenting style alienated her husband.

    This woman is a neuroscientist (has a PhD).

  10. 10
    laura Says:

    I think a big reason why there are a lot of divorces is that people get together and get married so easily in the first place.
    They meet, the fall in love and then suddenly “yeah, why don’t we make a baby or two together”.. But love is not enough to make something really work, we are all so driven by our differences..
    That’s why a lot of marriages or relationships, even with kids, last something like 5-6 years.
    I mean, at the beginning you fall in love with this person and you say “wow, I’m gonna change and become better for him/her”, and your partner thinks the same, but then you just find out that one (or both) is just not that into the other, differences are too much, so you separate… But in the meantime you had children.. There’s a lot of superficiality in this life… Before “throwing” a kid in the middle of a relationship I would wait and see how things go for many years..

  11. 11
    pinkydoo Says:

    Yep, that time of year. A lot of people split right around the holidays. I don’t understand it personaly. Why can’t they wait another two months until after the new year , it gives people around them and eachother time to adjust without dealing with other cr*p that surrounds holiday time.

  12. 12
    fart Says:

    @laura: Unfortunately many women feel they need to pop out a couple kids ASAP before their biological clock stops is sad that women are so selfish, they only care about popping them out rather than choosing a father for them who they are willing to keep long term. This happens alllll the time. If you really love children you would never do that to them. You’d wait til you are completely committed to get knocked up.

  13. 13
    Julie Says:

    Sad. I wish them both the best.

  14. 14
    Britta Says:

    Why jewish people are so ugly? big nose, no neck, hairy…

  15. 15
    Sean Says:

    What happened to Seven? I wanted to lick her butt before I had pubes.

  16. 16
    Sian Says:

    @Brittta – you’re right, they’re ALL so ugly, just like that Natalie Portman, eh?

  17. 17
    Cece Says:

    Interesting that she stated that her hands-on parenting style was not the cause of the divorce. Protesting that a bit too much? And how the heck is she going to be all over those kids 24/7 if she has to share custody? She’s part of that group who thinks it is better for babies to die than to be delivered via c-section because it’s not “natural” and there was something wrong with the baby who couldn’t be delivered vaginally.

    But apparently divorce is just fine – doesn’t seem all that natural to me and it’s certainly not in the kids’ interests. I guess that “all in the kids’ interests things only applies when she gets something out of the parenting style she employs.

  18. 18
    Go Ask Alice Says:

    ****, laura, Cece, ITA. I think you you have good points, rightto!!
    sayer, because Mayim Blaik is what you call an educated fool.
    Attachment paretning is a better way of saying you, the adult cannot let g.
    Breatfeeding until the child wens him/herself sooooooo maybe 6 yrs. old, amybe at 13 I guess!!
    the therory is when the child thinks it is ok so supose the child thinks 8 is good. “No more milkies.”
    Cosleeping…soooooo when does the mother and father sleep in their beds to jsut really get a good night’s sleep. When do they have time in bed for cuddling, sex?
    Crazy stuff.
    the paretning is before the marriage, but you need a strong marriage to be one force for the children. A no from one parent is no. Parents need alone time to discuss adult things like bills, money, other family memebers, etc. .


  19. 19
    Kate Says:

    Here is how I read her comment:

    Please still buy my book even though my marriage was a failure. Really, attachment parenting is great even though it sunk my marriage to give everything to the kids and nothing to my husband. I’m sure this divorce is well worth allowing the kids total access to me at every moment of their lives. It’s not at all ironic that I now have no partner, my husband has no partner, and my kids get to have their little lives shattered. Yup, totally worth it.

    I live in a very liberal community where lots of folks try this style of parenting. It’s brutal on the marriage. Being married takes work and devotion, and giving everything to the kids, on demand, all of the time, does not leave enough for the two adults in the relationship. I think this is a feel-good fad for folks who don’t have any natural sense of their own for parenting, so they rely on someone else’s strict rule book instead.

  20. 20
    Sarah Says:

    I don’t think it’s fair to blame her parenting style. My husband and I have practiced attachment parenting since our first was born and we have now been married 14 years and our children are 12, 10, and 7 years old and doing great. So I don’t think it is the parenting, I think it is just that people view divorce as a way out for any problem. I don’t believe in divorce unless there is literally no other way (abuse, adultery, etc). Most people just divorce when they no longer have that “in love” feeling or things get hard. Marriage is supposed to be a lifelong commitment. You don’t say “as long as I feel like it” in your wedding vows.

  21. 21
    Chromo Phil Says:

    Honestly, I’m not surprised. If you read her blog postings, you can tell that she has crushes on other men all the time. Her husband obviously couldn’t satisfy her.

  22. 22
    see Says:

    another man who can’t handle a successful woman…

  23. 23
    Don't you mean six? Says:

    Jenna Van Oy had the ass to die for, btw I am not a pedo!

  24. 24
    It's called Histrionic Says:

    Personality disorder and looking at her blog entries, it appears that she is afflicted with this. Too bad, if she got this condition under control, she could make a decent partner.

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