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Adam Lambert Debuts New Astrology Themed Tattoo!

Adam Lambert Debuts New Astrology Themed Tattoo!

Adam Lambert shows off his new tattoo on his upper right arm in these new photos shared on his Instagram account.

“It represents my Astrological Birth Chart, along with Pagan, Buddhist, and Greco- Roman Archetypes related to balance and the life cycle” the 30-year-old singer tweeted.

“My chart is AQUARIUS Sun, Libra Rising, Aries Moon. All three are represented,” Adam added.

Over the summer, Adam debuted a tattoo of a latin phrase on his arm.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Adam Lambert’s new astrology themed tattoo?

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adam lambert debuts new arm tattoo 01
adam lambert debuts new arm tattoo 02
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Photos: Instagram
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  • Jasmine

    WOW!! That tattoo slays, I like!!!

  • yea right

    It’s Baphomet – a satanic goat image worshipped in Satanism-used all over the entertainment industry

  • NE1

    I hope he has another hit soon, I don’t want him to fade away like Chris Allen.

  • LOVE IT!!!

    The tattoo artist is incredibly talented! It’s amazing!

  • stacey

    @NE1: no worries, Trespassing is being announced next week for a grammy nom.

  • LA

    love the tattoo, so creative, Adam is amazing

  • MJ

    @yea right:

    Actually you’re wrong about that. Google is your friend. :)

  • KissThis


  • Noelle

    Adam’s new tattoo is awesome & the tattoo artist extremely talented.

  • bud

    This Tattoo is awesome on Adam and suits him really well.
    On a side note…..its pretty hot.

  • me and u

    Nor a fan of it. He’s to beautiful to do this but oh well, it is what it is.

  • persian221

    Stop copying Bill Kaulitz
    Adam belongs in Vegas,hehehehe

  • Sam

    Bill who? lol

    Leave Adam alone. No one cares about Bill here.

  • Ami

    Love Adam, hate that tattoo. It looks like someone’s upchucking on him.

  • LJ

    The guy who did is super talented.

  • trannypants

    Puking satanic androgynous goat. What’s not to like?

  • Jennifer

    Wow, that’s so intricate and interesting. He’s in Hong Kong right now. That’s a much better souvenir than a t-shirt! lol

  • pragmatic penny

    I think it took him awhile to find the design he wanted to incorporate his sun, moon & rising signs to permanent body ink. and I think there will be a run on getting charted.

    cool tatt.

  • Greenieweenie

    The point of an archetype is that it transcends culture. The hero is an archetype. I’ve never heard of “Greco-Roman archetypes.”

  • Rachel

    Love the intricate tattoo Adam decided on. He said he thinks long and hard before he takes the plunge and commits to new one. Great, and meaningful to him.

  • glamity58

    It is different and has a great meaning to him. Maybe he likes to hide his freckles and plans to cover up more of his arms. I am indifferent. I could take it or leave it. Just sing and I’m happy!

  • Talisa

    Love Adam, hate the tattoo.

  • Kira

    It’s beautiful and complex at the same time, just like Adam. Amazing detail!

  • LMAOOooooo

    shitty tattoo, get a taste lambert as well a career… you don’t have neither

  • madmaninbedlam

    @yea right:

    Baphomet is a product of Christian folklore.

    “…Baphomet has been associated with a ‘Sabbatic Goat’ image drawn by Eliphas Lévi. Often MISTAKEN for Satan, it represents the duality of male and female, as well as Heaven and Hell or night and day signified by the raising of one arm and the downward gesture of the other. It can be taken in fact, to represent any of the major harmonious dichotomies of the cosmos.”

    Adam’s tattoo is, as he described, ram horns symbolizing Aries, not a goat.

  • bea

    @yea right: I agree ago. I love Adam. But I think that pure, innocent Adam from 2009 is long gone. After all, he is the one twitted that he wanted to be a part of Illuminatti. I know I will get lost of thumbs down, but its true. Go and google illuminatti and celebrities and politicians. How they present themselves thru symbolism and such. I will support Adam as long as I know he is not a part of illuminatti. After that, no longer as I don’t supprt other artists ie. J- Z, Beyonce, Rihanna, Gaga etc. Peace to all .

  • bea

    @trannypants: agree

  • mlm

    @bea: He was joking about wanting to be a part of the Illuminati. He joked about it again tonight on twitter. Adam is the same person he’s always been!

  • Allison

    @bea: omg lolololol you’re not very bright are you? You can’t tell that Adam was joking when he said that? Come on now. Maybe it’s time to get off of your computer and read a book or take a class. For the love of humanity please do something to educate yourself because right now you’re just a very gullible, naive, ignorant person.

  • Allison

    @persian221: WHO???

  • Allison

    @bea: Oh by the way, Adam wasn’t “pure and innocent” in 2009 either. Lolllllll I bet you’re fun at a party ;)

  • kelly

    Ugly man? Do something about those pimple scars. Yuck.

  • eek

    so adam has joined satan’s army

  • Rethetat

    Why would someone want a tattoo that looks even slightly satanic or can be interpreted as a satanic image? So dumb and it’s hideous. Oh well, I always thought he was about as sharp as a marble.

  • LOL at the dumbed down

    If you want to sell your corporate music career to take off then you MUST put out the illuminati imagery. I used to think this was all BS too until I reasearched. It is right in your faces and you refuse to see because you don’t want your comfortable world view to crash and feel vulnerable.

  • AlsoAquarius

    A shirt or jacket you can change when you want a change. The work is intricate, but it’s just so common. A singer with a tattoo? Nothing new there. I just hope he doesn’t decide a tattoo would look good on his face. He’s running out of real estate.

  • Mandie

    Maybe that’s not his arm and this is also a joke, like the illuminati comments?

  • Gabi

    Adam is very complex, expressive and deep, and the tattoo resembles that personality trait. I am not a big fan of ink, but I am a big fan of the man who carries the tattoo and I respect him in his personal decisions. As long as he keeps blowing me away with his voice and his performances I’m all good.

  • mm

    I@kelly: Why don’t you do something about the hate you spew!! Adam is far from ugly. It’s what’s on the inside not the surface that counts, which makes him a much better person than you!!

  • http://Yahoo Jane

    It’s amazing….I really like the symbolism !

  • Sandy

    Nice. Astrology is my new thing. been hearing ppl on youtube about it and getting into it. numerology too. new year’s is coming and i want to know what’s coming.

  • Idared

    Tattooing Adam Lambert is like vandalizing a beautiful Rembrandt painting. Should be a law against it!

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