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Rupert Sanders & Liberty Ross: Separate West Coast Outings!

Rupert Sanders & Liberty Ross: Separate West Coast Outings!

Rupert Sanders gets into his car after having lunch with a friend at Vegan Plate Restaurant on Thursday (November 29) in Studio City, Calif.

The 41-year-old director’s estranged wife Liberty Ross was spotted out earlier in the week attending the world premiere of the smart forjeremy Showcar by Jeremy Scott at Jim Henson Studios on Tuesday (November 27) in Hollywood.

Rupert is not returning to direct the sequel to his hit film Snow White and the Huntsman while star Kristen Stewart will reprise her role, according to recent reports.

15+ pictures inside of Rupert Sanders and Liberty Ross out separately…

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rupert sanders liberty ross separate los angeles outings 01
rupert sanders liberty ross separate los angeles outings 02
rupert sanders liberty ross separate los angeles outings 03
rupert sanders liberty ross separate los angeles outings 04
rupert sanders liberty ross separate los angeles outings 05
rupert sanders liberty ross separate los angeles outings 06
rupert sanders liberty ross separate los angeles outings 07
rupert sanders liberty ross separate los angeles outings 08
rupert sanders liberty ross separate los angeles outings 09
rupert sanders liberty ross separate los angeles outings 10
rupert sanders liberty ross separate los angeles outings 11
rupert sanders liberty ross separate los angeles outings 12
rupert sanders liberty ross separate los angeles outings 13
rupert sanders liberty ross separate los angeles outings 14
rupert sanders liberty ross separate los angeles outings 15
rupert sanders liberty ross separate los angeles outings 16
rupert sanders liberty ross separate los angeles outings 17

Credit: John Sciulli; Photos: AKM-GSI, Getty
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  • He looks more stressed now

    He looks way less smug now. He will forever be known as “creepy” now.

  • Skye

    This is the best makeup I’ve ever seen on Liberty Ross. She looks great when she has “warmer” makeup on. Not that high fashion look.

  • Her outfits…

    Her outfits always look so uncomfortable…

  • Iris

    STILL posting about these two? Really?

  • Love The Shoes

    ….and weeeeeee are never ever ever getting back together again……

  • mama

    These guys be cheesing me!
    Can’t wait to never hear from them again!

  • http://hff lawrence taylor

    I miss RuStew

  • sarah

    Was Rupert’s ‘friend’ male … or female?
    Well, Liberty looks amazing at least.

  • Melons

    No wedding ring on Liberty. Good for her, drop the douche.

  • sarah

    @He looks more stressed now: yep. Looks like Liberty wasn’t as quick to forgive as he probably assumed she would be.

  • Joann

    wth is his wife wearing? She definitely has a Kstew vibe about her. She seems to love the attention much more though. Maybe he just wanted younger?

  • Kristen and Rupert

    in the meanwhile Stewart of late has been wearing transparent and revealing clothing ALL FOR Rupert knowing that he will read about her and see her in tabloids and online. She still wants him and he still wants her..Just because they got caught doesn’t mean they STOPPED feeling attraction for each other.

  • Melanie Crowe

    They are back together. Liberty just wants to keep it on the down low to keep public sympathy. She knows all the judgy women will be calling her a doormat and she wants to benefit from it careerwise as much as possible

  • Diane

    the pants on that woman’s friend – LOL! Sometimes i don’t understand these fashion people. They wear the ugliest clothes yet think they look gorgeous.

  • essie

    will Charlize be back for the sequel? i think that’s more important than kristen… there shouldn’t even be a sequel honestly

  • Freddy

    Big deal they had a fling, happens all the time in hollywood and in real life. Don’t understand what the fuss was. It’s their business! Little kids losing their shit over something that happens all over the world. Hell, i bet even 80% of their parents have looked elsewhere!

  • Helen

    I’d feel sorry for him being trailed by paps except i don’t because Kristen has put up with hell all because he should have been old enough and professional enough to keep his attraction under control. He’s been able to hide away while she was public enemy no.1. Of course he sent his dumbass wife out to prance about for paparazzi shots. Whatever love!

  • Diliana von Bork

    Those boots again? I now she loves those boots, but I think she should buy more boots, boots that look like that.
    I don’t think her makeup looks good, she looks old. Strange how a little color on her lips makes she look bad, like that makeup she wore at the premiere of the movie. That makeup was horrible.
    Is Rupert vegan? If he is vegan it is strange, because Liberty wears fur..

  • Anon

    That kind of enabler attitude is really unhealthy and doesn’t help anyone. Cheating is wrong no matter how many ppl around the world have done it

  • Me here

    I kind of feel sorry for Rupert. What did he do? Got some loving , fell for Kristen. I can not bring myself to hater him. I have a soft spot for him for choosing Kristen in her sweat pants and her canvas shoes over some glitzy HW blond. He had seen gold in her, he loved her or such the same way her fans love her(me).She wasn’t his to take and he had family. I don’t believe he was happy in his marriage,his wife is a complainer and a blue blood, rich lady. She can forgive him for choosing a tomboy over her. If Rupert cheated with Miranda Kerr she would have forgiven him but with a little girl? She is a Vogue model> See, all young men thinks they want to marry a model when they are young. When they get a bit older they see women differently. Anyway, sorry to take up space. Passion is not a sin and should be forgiven. Unless there was not love (or passion) to begin with.Peace

  • Helo 3

    If Rupert’ s wife doesn’t love him she should let him go and free him. He might direct Helo3 one day. If given $200 millions for production. He is a very, very, very gifted individual.

  • Helo 3

    If Robert Pattison doesn’t want Kristen Stewart and Liberty Ross doesn’t want Rupert Sanders than they should get together. He is sad and Kristen is under a lot of stress.Let Pattison go, too much hate, too many “mothers”, he is a silly man. I hate to see my Helo man suffer too. Can not force youreself to love anybody. That dark lady looks scary to me and not his taste.

  • if loving you is wrong

    Foolish foolish old guy,it really bothers him that he’s not directing SWATH 2 anymore he lost so much weight.He really really thinks Kristen will choose him over Rob,what a fool!!

  • xo

    @Me here: Rupert was in his 30′s when he married Liberty so must have known what he was getting into. It’s crazy to think he loved Kristen. She’s a total mess. Men in their 40s don’t fall in love with girls that young and screwed up. They just try to sleep with them. Plus, directors think they can sleep their leading ladies. Most of them do it, we’ve all heard the stories. Rupert just got caught.
    I wish his complainer wife would go on Oprah and start some serious complaining.

  • xo

    @Melanie Crowe: No way are Rupert and Liberty back together – at least not the way he’d like. Look at him. He looks like shiit and totally stressed out. Poor guy probably hasn’t gotten any action since the mini coop
    Go easy on him, Lib!

  • Ana

    She’s really beautiful and seems like she’s got her sh*t together…why on earth would he cheat with such a common looking piece of trash like Kristen Stewart? Oh well, I hope she divorces him and takes all his money.

  • green

    @Ana: completely agree with you

  • A

    @Me here: Is that you Rupert?

  • A

    All I can say is that Liberty Ross has more self respect then Rob Pattinson.

  • L

    Well well, Alexander Wang, Liberty’s very good friend just got the CD job at Balenciaga lol… Hope he throws out the trash when he gets there.

  • glee

    I hope Kristen and Rupert get back together!

  • thema

    K. will reprise her role because there’s always room for S***s in Hollywood especially when they bring cash in. Rupert should have known better, had a family, kids and ruined his “career”.

  • cute

    Great scott, that man looks nasty.

  • Rupervert

    He looks exactly like Kstew with that sulky face. They were meant to be hahahahaha

  • Terrible Twos

    This was the producers chance to find a replacement for Kristen in the sequel and they blew it. Her acting was just OK in the first film. Chris Hemsworth was amazing and Charlize good too. I’m not so sure the sequel will have the same feel without the same director….
    Also, I thought part of the Liberty Ross getting back together deal was insisting that he didn’t work with her anymore? I’m not so sure they are completely done.

  • aquarius64

    Boy Rupert looks like a sourpuss. Somebody’s not happy he’s not rehired for SWATH2, but his Mini-Cooper partner is. I don’t think the reconciliation in the marriage is working out either. Put him out of his misery and file for divorce Liberty. A divorce could defiinity spell the end of Robsten when all the dirt comes out.

  • passion is not a sin

    Passion is not a crime. Pride is. Liberty has to make up her mind. You don’t want him- set him free. One person garbage become another’s treasure. He hasn’t killed anyone. Just showed some uncontrolled human emotions. He is losing weight, not good.

  • nt

    @xo: Ruprick and old Liberty still have the paps on speed dial and both are big time famewhores!

  • nt

    @A: And it just chaps your ass that Rob still loves Kristen and they both still want to be together!lol

  • nt

    @aquarius64: Nope,Ruprick will hold on to Liberty because her family has money and she would clean him out and even take the shirt off his back,meanwhile Rob and Kristen are still happy and going on with their life while the losers here are still stuck in a time warp and are living in the past!

  • nt

    @glee: Not in this lifetime but keep on dreaming though!lol

  • A

    @nt: No sweetie I don’t have a thing for doormats LOL

  • A

    @passion is not a sin: I hope you will be preaching the same thing when your partner cheats on you!

  • Nance

    There isn’t going to be another Snow White. Universal shelled out more than $300 big ones and they don’t get 100% of what it made. Ted will get a sequel but not Snow White. Rupert is a nasty but so is KSnore. It takes 2 inconsiderate people to cheat. Good for Liberty. It’s only a matter of time before she cheats on Rob again.

  • abc

    I think Liberty should have filed for divorce the week BD2 was coming out. That would have been the ultimate spite for Kristen. It would have brought everything from the summer back to the surface. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

  • Lol

    Did your partner cheat on you? You sounded so bitter. Rob and Kristen moved on. You should too.

  • Lol

    The end of Robsten? Lol. Keep dreaming.

  • jenna

    @aquarius64: No, I think Liberty’s doing the right thing. She’s smart and she knows that if she takes Rupert back too soon he’ll think she’s weak. She should make him work for it, make him prove he can be a good father and husband. It’s only been 4 months remember. If it were me I’d make him stew (ahem) in his misery until at least Christmas. The marriage has a better shot long term that way than if she forgives right away. He needs to really think about what he’s done.
    Saving her marriage obviously means more to her than breaking up Robsten or she would have gone public by now.

  • tulsa

    is it just me or does it seem like liberty’s career has some what been revived as she seems to be out at every event she can go to these days as before july no1 knew who the f**k she was.

  • jenna

    @tulsa: Think it’s the tabloids, tulsa. They’re covering her because of the affair when before she could go to all these parties but the tabs didn’t report about it. This guy Jeremy Scott is supposedly one of her best friends so not surprising she went to his party. Same with the Kate Moss party two weeks ago.