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Tom Cruise Is A Fantastic Jack Reacher, Says Writer Lee Child

Tom Cruise Is A Fantastic Jack Reacher, Says Writer Lee Child

Tom Cruise scopes out a helicopter before filming for an upcoming scene for All You Need Is Kill at The Oval Cricket Stadium on Saturday (December 1) in London, England.

After checking out the ride, the 50-year-old actor changed into his costume and got ready to film.

Tom‘s Jack Reacher screenwriter Lee Child recently spoke about his excellent performance to the Herald Sun.

Cruise is a fantastic Jack Reacher”, Lee said. “He always tries to stay out of trouble and yet he can’t walk away from something that needs fixing. He shows up, he solves that problem, and he moves on,” he added about the character.

25+ pictures inside of Tom Cruise on the set of All You Need Is Kill

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  • Krix

    Lee Child [TIME, entertainment] – ‘Cruise is a character actor. He really gets into a role. He can understand the role. He can project the vibe. But the only real answer is go see the movie.’

    Read more:

    Tom usually delivers in his action movies. Although, I don’t see JR being on the level of the MI franchise [could be wrong], but it looks fun – I’ll catch it in the theatre – Dec. 21st.

  • carrie

    i have no doubt that Cruise will be good but when i think Jack Reacher,i don’t see Tom Cruise!
    Aaron Eckhart or even Christian was a better casting idea

  • Elle

    Jack Reacher is a rough tough anti-hero. And he is a very GRITTY character. Tom Cruise is the exact opposite of Reacher!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • janekay

    That’s why its called acting…

  • Cinemastooge

    Amusing to hear Lee Child try and justify this terrible casting choice. The exact opposite of Reacher as stated above so well, and Tom Cruise is about half the size of Jack Reacher. What a joke.

  • launa
    Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher? Really?
    If you don’t yet know who Jack Reacher is, you will. Reacher is Lee Child’s cross between Rambo and Kung Fu, a former military policeman with an insanely accurate memory and a mind that can figure out any mathematical equation on the fly. Since mustering out of the military, he’s traveled light, typically with only the clothes on his back and a toothbrush. Reacher is a formidable opponent, sleek and powerful. And massive.

    So when word got out that Tom Cruise would be playing Reacher in Jack Reacher, coming this holiday season to a theater near you, Child’s fans were irate. Tom Cruise is a fine actor, they figured, but Reacher is a big guy. A big, strong guy. A linebacker. Tom Cruise is more like a shortstop.

    For the record, the movie’s cast includes Cruise and Robert Duvall, so there’s a decent chance it’ll be good. But Cruise is the last guy most people would have figured for Jack Reacher. According to Lee Child’s website, the author is “thrilled and can’t wait to see the final cut.” Of course, even if Child thinks Cruise isn’t quite the right guy, it would be bad form (and a contractual violation) to publicly argue.

    If anyone can overcome the difference in stature, it would be Cruise. Crazy as he is, he’s a hell of an actor. And honestly, without going the Vin Deisel route, no one better immediately comes to mind. But from the time I see the movie, I’ll see Reacher differently.

    Which brings to mind other actors who were cast for parts based on book characters:

    Robert Urich as Spenser. Urich was a prolific actor and his body type was right. But he wasn’t hard enough to play the character. Put James Caan in Robert Urich’s body and maybe you have something. Joe Mantegna played the part better, but he made Spenser look like he’d been really sick for a long time.
    Avery Brooks as Hawk. Avery Brooks was Hawk. His casting was perhaps the most perfect I’ve seen in an adaptation of books.
    Michelle Monaghan as Angie Gennaro. Gone Baby Gone was an incredible book. Now when I read any of Dennis Lehane’s Kenzie and Gennaro series, I see Casey Affleck as Patrick. Amy Madigan was perfect as Bea McCready. But Angie is feisty and often ready to mix it up. Monaghan played her much more passively.
    Kathy Bates as Annie Wilkes. Cock-a-doodie perfect. (Of course, I have to say that, or she’ll make me cut my thumbs off with an electric knife.)
    Robert Redford as Roy Hobbs. If Redford were ten years younger, this would be dead-on perfect. Still, it’s the best baseball movie ever made, based in no small part on Redford’s work.
    Pretty much everyone in Harry Potter. All the major characters fulfilled my imaginary vision of what I thought they’d be. Though I think Patrick Stewart would have made a fantastic Dumbledore.
    Jodie Foster as Clarice Starling. Jodie Foster is a great actress, but by the time Silence of the Lambs came out, I thought she was in her mid-thirties (she was actually 28). I figured Starling for younger than that and had a hard time getting over the difference.
    How about you? Who would you have play Reacher? What actor nailed it as a book character and what actor do you think was horribly miscast?

  • Kelly

    Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher is a joke. Jack Reacher is a BIG MAN and Cruise is a LITTLE MAN. Lee Child sold out his character and I will never buy another book from him. I hope the movie flops.

  • Interview With A Vampire

    Same doubts, apprehension and outcry when he was cast as Lestat.

    Interview with a Vampire went on to earn 3 times it’s budget and although most reviews didn’t see Tom’s performance as groundbreaking, he did exceed expectations (Ann Rice had him in the red from go; but recanted later)/

    Overall reviews – bold risk, but it paid off.

    Jack Reacher might payoff too.

  • Marla


    Ok i have seen a lot of Asians give me funny looks when i think things, this is starting to scare me.

  • RupertSanders

    Cruise rocks

  • Belle

    I heard Lee Child sold the rights to this book/screenplay a long time ago, and they ultimately got picked up by a production company Tiny Tom owns. Child had no say whatsoever in who was cast as Reacher (a mistake he is not likely to repeat when selling rights again). Of course he is going to be supportive of Tom… no choice now. I have a problem with him going to far and actually LYING to fans though. In one interview, he suggested that Reacher’s size is as ‘metaphor’. Well, this is total BS. I’ve read every Jack Reacher book….. and his size is a very big (no pun intended) part of the character… who he is, how he acts, fights…. everything. It’s one thing for Child to be supportive… it’s another to start trying to rewrite his books, and changing the fact to try and convince the die-hard Reacher fans that Tiny Tom is just right for the part. Ugh.

  • Unbiased.

    With his religious beliefs aside, there’s no denying Cruise is an incredible actor. He gives his heart and soul into every project and manages to play a character quite convincingly. It’s unfortunate he didn’t stick to the ‘Don’t discuss religion or politics’ rule. It makes a huge difference on public persona.

  • Sasha

    TC is a legend

  • Jack Dawson

    Tom Cruise is way more believeable in an action film than Brad Pitt, whos a pussy that never does his own stunts because hes afraid he’ll break his nails!

  • Rast

    Tom Cruise doesn’t act in any one his movies, he expresses his true character which is an arrogant, angry, abusive, criminal and thinks he is God. Ask anyone who has been in Tom’s circle. Did you not read the Oct issue 2012 Vanity Fair article, anyone?!!!

  • sO tHaT’s A nO tHen?

    You’re in the NOT seeing it clique then… okie doke!

  • Mike C

    launa has a very good analysis. Jack Reacher is not a small pretty boy. The Producer probably wanted a big name for money draw, since only readers & audio listeners know who Reacher is. There are so many good actors today, there has to be at least one 6’5″, 250 lb, rugged looking, broad shouldered man to do the honors. I’m sure Tom will do a fine job because he is good, but that does nothing for my current dissappointment.

  • annie

    Not so much a Tom fan anymore, but a great deal of the worlds population who are going to see it , don’t know Lee Childs Jack Reacher. But I ‘ve got to give credit where credit is due, and his movies are good, and the previews that we saw, at the movies the other week of Reacher looked really good.
    Just wish I never found out about the other things.

  • SWYW

    Usual Suspects -

    “How do you shoot the devil in the back? What if you miss? ”

    Valkyrie –

    “Look them in the eye. They’ll remember you.”

    Christopher McQuarrie + Tom Cruise =

    Jack Reacher – Dec 21st

  • Rast

    I see a lot of cult of scientology, office of special affair (cult’s legal dept) visiting this page in order to protect their gay “movie star” Tom. Not surprise.

  • toria

    Lee Child has been roundly bashed on his website for supporting this choice. Reacher fans are not pleased. Maybe the movie will make money, but most hardcore Reacher fans feel Child sold out. Ultimately it may be Child who pays the price with people so disappointed in Tom’s portrayal of this larger than life character, that they then no longer buy his books. Tom was a horrible choice for this role. All you have to do is read one of the books and you’d know that. Mr. Childs was sucked in by having an A lister play the part. He even says so–he’d rather have an A lister and all the resulting publicity etc. than an unknown or competent B listers.

  • jackie

    @janekay: can he act himself into being 6’5”? because that’s how tall Jack Reacher is supposed to be.

  • GOT IT!





    ***DEC 21st ***

  • Rast

    Ok, now Paramount Picture, who is the distributer for Jack Reacher, is scared of another Tom’s failed box office so they decided to change the rating of the movie to “PG 13″ by removing some of Tom’s fighting scenes in the movie. This way it is no longer “R” rated or limited. They are trying so hard to get audience to watch Jack Reacher.
    This is a complete desperation for the Studio and Paramount.
    My guess is, Tom cruise’s fan based dropped in a big way since people are finding out what a criminal and abusive personality he is. TRUTH are REVEALED day after day about Tom and his cult. :)

  • rambo

    I think you’re all stupid, mostly… Who cares if he ain’t 6′ 5?? A little guy can kick your ass just as fast. Bruce Lee was 5′ 5 , and 120 pounds. I’d like jack to try to mess with him… Second, I hear names like The Rock should’ve been cast instead. Who in there right minds would rather watch a wrestler acting rather than someone who is in about 25 great movies? Compare them if you want. Tom Cruise is the third grossing actor of all time for a reason… And as far as saying he’s just a pretty boy lets me know that everyone has forgot what kind of actor he is. In the Color Of Money, he got so good, everyone said he was as a pro pool player. In Days Of Thunder, he broke the track record for race car drivers. And don’t forget, he’s an action movie star too that does all of his own stunts and does a hell of a lot of fight scenes, and if you think he hasn’t trained to be a good fighter too, then that’s just freakin crazy.

  • pr person

    Teeny, tiny Crazy playing the part of a 6’5″ bad a$$…. is actually very funny!!! This movie is going to tank!

  • Dman

    The entire character of Jack Reacher is built around his physical size. No matter how good of an action actor he is supposed to be it’s kinda hard to picture Tiny Tom as 6′ 5″ and 260 lbs.

  • Sincerely concerned

    Do u think he would of taught his ex any acting skills in the last 6 yrs????

  • Sandi

    I can’t believe that any one who has read a Lee Child book can believe that a runt like Tom Curise can play that part. Getr real and read a book before you try to produce a move\ie.

  • rambo

    I remember when people were kinda upset that the first Rambo movie starred Stallone instead of Dustin Hoffman, Al Pacino, or Robert De Niro… Maybe there’s a reason why fans don’t do the casting. lol

  • Jack Fan

    Worst possible choice for a Jack Reacher, Tom Cruise really??!! Big fan here and I wont waste a dime to see this movie because of this choice.

  • Karen Ruth

    Jack Reacher is a big man; Cruise is little. How could they pick him for the part? He is a great action actor, but certainly no Jack Reacher! What a disappointment that they didn’t find someone more fitting! Tom Selleck is more the part, even though he is older! Or what about Howie Long (football analyst and a little acting)-big, good-looking & about the right age? Oh well, I’ll still read the books, but am sorely disappointed in the actor picked. Surely there is someone more fitting out there!

  • Madame George

    “Draw deep, in source, from time’s deep well,
    Upon that silent, terror, – but don’ tell
    Of deep and lasting order, line, and form,
    Though dying instead, to kiss a storm;
    Amidst the linear, chaos bound,
    And cannon’s bark, betwixt the sound
    of coo and thunder, in the wake….
    You’ll know e’en now, what hand to take……xo.”

  • Sincerely concerned

    Would love to know what truly split Mimi, Nicole and Katie from him. ???Do u think the story will ever come out??? U know, like Lindsey Lohan now with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton???

  • Zack

    If you have read the books, suspension of disbelief will never make Tom “tiny dancer” Cruise into Jack Reacher. And Reacher doesn’t drive well, much less ripping a Chevelle SS!!! Child’s endorsement of the movie has closed the book on any further Reacher novels I will ever read. Sell out!!!

  • Jake

    Since I’ve never read Child’s novel, and I like Tom Cruise, this looks like a winner for me.