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Kristen Stewart: 12-12-12 Concert for Sandy Relief!

Kristen Stewart: 12-12-12 Concert for Sandy Relief!

Kristen Stewart appears on stage during the 12-12-12 Concert for Sandy Relief to benefit the Robin Hood Relief Fund on Wednesday (December 12) at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

The 22-year-old actress, in a Jonathan Simkhai outfit, presented a video of Jon Bon Jovi visiting Sayreville, New Jersey after the destruction from Hurricane Sandy.

“A day after the storm one of Jersey’s most famous own went back to his home town of Sayreville to see the devastation first hand. What Bon Jovi – sorry, Jon Bon Jovi – saw served to humble, inspire, and move him,” Kristen said.

Check out Kristen‘s appearance at the 2:30 mark in the video below!

Kristen Stewart: 12-12-12 Concert for Sandy Relief!
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Credit: Larry Busacca; Photos: Getty
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  • Jensen B.

    She could’ve at least brushed her hair, and her outfit is clearly something off the runway- so all the more reason to.

  • diana

    she is so rehearsed. like she genuinely cares for these victims. all a plan to clean up her s-l-u-t-t-y image.

  • Lol

    Well for once she’s doing something that’s for a cause more worthy than promoting her awful movies ..she got her head out her a$$ finally and realizes there’s a world of people who are less fortunate that her narcissistic world

  • Cboxrk

    She’s so Beautifullllllll…..

  • Emma

    It’s a shame because everyone taking part in this event are doing it because they genuinely care about it, whereas Kristen is doing it to clean up her image. Since when has she done an event like this before?

  • Lisa

    What a lovely thing to do!!! Good girl Kristen! Anyone who nitpicks at her for this appearance should search their souls for humanity! She did a very good thing.

  • Jenn

    S´-L-U-T Rob, my darling, save yourself of this ugly and gross bitch

  • Helena

    How dare people question her motives!! You need to question your own motives for bashing her! Not a nice characteristic.

  • Ellie

    Where’s the soccer game?

  • Liz

    @Emma: She attended a restaurant event for Haiti

  • sam

    We all know she is a $lut and bad actress and so on and so on. But the hell is she wearing? she needs to hire a stylist asap!

  • Debbie

    Beautiful girl. I love that she took the time to raise money for these victims. How anyone can begrudge her for that makes me sad. What is the World coming to. It just seems to be full of utter hatred, Disgusting.

  • Cloude


  • Maria

    How people can care about what she looks like or how her hair is just proves how shallow and selfish they are. She was there for a good cause not a fashion show!! Whats wrong with you people?? Get some perspective in life before its too late!

  • hore


  • Claire

    I thought she did very well! I would be shaking in my boots going up on stage like that! I hope they raise lots of money!

  • TheDudeAbides

    “Do you believe in Jesus?”

  • Megan

    I am from NJ and I just want to personally thank Kristen Stewart for showing up and making an appeal for us. She did a great job and I know that just by her being there a lot of people will have been watching and donating!!! Thank you for caring and being so lovely Kristen! The more money we make the better!

  • sam

    I can see all the losers twi hards are here, you fatsos need to get a life!

  • Valerie

    So proud of Kristen for doing something so selfless. Shocked at some people being being so mean spirited about a charity event! Get a life!

  • Jenna

    Sometimes I hate people!!!!! This young girl went to support a charity event and all people can do is moan about her!!! Go do something useful with your lives and stop being nasty sofa critics! There is much more to life than spiteful comments.

  • beauty

    Beautiful girl.

  • Paula

    Love her of hate her the girl certainly attracts a lot of attention!!! Just by her being there it brought attention to the event and probably a whole lot of money! Can not hate her for that…(although some just hate her for everything!! lol) Go Kristen

  • Becca

    Those hating her for a donation appeal really need to look at their life choices! Not cool!

  • Dawn

    Good girl. She will never let loser haters win. Ever.

  • OTR

    @Lisa: She has been doing charity related things for a while, just under the radar. A few years ago Kristen did an ad against rape in college which prompted many to speak up. She also did a run for a charity event. She has also donated her dresses for auction, with proceeds going to charity. I can’t believe people still kick others down, even when they are doing good. Shame on you people.

  • TT

    I’m so proud of her…….

  • Ryan

    Marry me Kristen!

  • Debbie

    She’s such a good person…

  • Sam

    @Lol: She did not go there empty handed either but she does not publicize her generosity. She supports many other charities but she does not make a big fuzz about it. That is the last thing she wants to do.

  • Nightwish

    @Emma: The hate is starting to fade with Kristen and rightfully so, because everyone is entitled to a booboo or two, but its what we do afterwards that matters most.


    She is a great person…

  • popis

    Well, a few years ago she was in a walk for diabetes, so she’s not a stranger in this events.

  • Catskills

    I have always liked her

  • Moscowski

    Sandy…not that was rough

  • L

    She’s in Ny to promote her movie lbr

  • Jessie

    I am from New York and I appreciate Kristen doing this! She did not have to and there was no mention of any of her movies so promotion talk is ridiculous! I know she has lots of fans and I hope they donate because she was there! She was one of the only young people who took the time.Thank You again!

  • L

    @Emma: agree, she there to promote her film. most of the people presenting have some kinda of connection, born, lives or works in ny, nj.

  • notafan

    I know that Kristen was there for a good cause and I don’t think nitpicking is necessary here, but to those who have been accusing her haters, I would like to speak up since I also sort of hate her.
    I really thought she used to be super-cool earlier, I think until Breaking Dawn part 1. Especially during New moon and eclipse, she seemed like this really cool girl, I wasn’t her fan but I definitely liked her. I always thought she kind of condescended Rob in public, but I am not Robsessed, so I didn’t really care, I thought she must be a good person at heart.
    And then the scandal, and her attitude thereafter. The Kristen who used to be perfectly classy on the Red carpet, remember her Cosmopolis premier dress at Cannes-amazing, and also her appearances the the BD1 RC’s. They were so good. And now we get her in the trashiest possible outfits which she followed up with her trashy act of kissing a married goose. If that is not a sign of attention-seeking, I don’t know what is, its just too blatant.
    So, I cannot help but think she’s here for attention. But its okay, I think its always great for actors to stand up for good causes. Good deed on her.

  • guest

    famewh*re ‘s trying to clean her image…

  • notafan

    That was 2009, she used to be a good person back then. I agree. I really liked her back then, until she changed for the worse into what she is now. I really really miss the old Kristen

  • jen

    I am glad that everyone is helping the east coast…just wondered where they were with Katrina, Rita….no one even thinks twice about Florida and the destruction they endure every year. This need to be a bigger priority.
    For all USA.

  • rikki

    LOL at all these kristen fans pretending to be “new yorkers” and “jersey kids” thanking her. you all sound ridiculous. it IS ranom that she was there when you look at all the other presenters. but it’s not a big deal. she didn’t say anything about herself… she just read what the teleprompter said.

  • sarah

    Kristen has had to endure a lot over the years and she is not natural in the spotlight… I can not understand why oh why anyone would think she wants attention?? She just said in an interview that she always feels like people are laughing at her! No wonder she seems a little different and distant! I think she has done a wonderful thing here. Full Stop. Just wish people could stop projecting their issues on to her. So she wears high fashion dresses (as does every actress…look at Anne Hathaways lack of underwear….was she doing that for attention??) I think she is just growing up and could do without all the judging but that is probably asking too much humanity of people.


    role model

  • Xo

    Didnt she just talk sh!t about other celebs for getting involved for these types of charity events? I just can’t with this girl.

  • Sam in Texas

    Is there any musician worse than Kanye West?

  • Tina

    Kristen has never said a nasty thing about anybody, (except the paps, and with the way they treat her and yell vile comments at her I dont blame her..along with a lot of other celebs) yet some people think it is okay to constantly attack her. Its horrible and unnecessary. I will never understand those type of people.

  • Cassie

    WTF is she wearing…?

  • just me

    If she wants to HELP she could at least donate a portion of her millions$$$ paychecks. That would be priceless.