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Kristen Stewart Jets Out of New York City

Kristen Stewart Jets Out of New York City

Kristen Stewart makes her way through JFK Airport on Friday (December 14) in New York City.

The 22-year-old On the Road star was in town to promote and premiere her new flick, which will hit theaters in limited release on December 21.

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Kristen was recently asked if she was done playing Bella Swan in the Twilight series.

“No I don’t take their calls anymore! … Yes, I think I soaked it up. Yeah, it was good. It was so different [promoting Breaking Dawn -- Part 2]… this was pointedly different. Yeah, it felt good,” Kristen told MTV.

FYI: Kristen is carrying a Jonathan Simkhai jacket.

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51 Responses to “Kristen Stewart Jets Out of New York City”

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  1. 26
    Vero Says:

    Kslut was with her GF aka Tamra in NYC lol… hahahaha
    BTW, WTH was she doing at the concert? lol she ruined everything! lol and her dress?!!!! OMG so ugly! lol next time she’ll appear naked… mark my words.

  2. 27
    Maria Says:

    The World is full of ugly people. And I am not talking about Kristen…just these awful comments.

  3. 28
    santa Says:

    ho ho ho

  4. 29
    Lillian Says:

    Anyone who thinks this girl likes the limelight is totally crazy. She has learned to do this part of her celebrity, but I bet you, no one sees her or Robert for a while. those two know how to disapear when they want to. the paparazzi wil be starved to get one picture of them. She loves her acting gigs, but hates the exposure with promoting her films. This girl is definately no fame *****, so stop making her out to be one. If she is overexposed, its because the media just loves her and follows her everywhere. What is she supposed to do to please you haters? Stop living her life. would you do it.

  5. 30
    Lillian Says:

    Vero, I think you may be the truer ****. Anyone who can be that visious needs to look at herself/himself before criticizing others. Or better yet, get a life

  6. 31
    WalnutDrama Says:

    @bee: IA with you this over exposure is not helping her image.She needs to take a break from all this attention

  7. 32
    Intric8 Says:

    This chick has beautiful skin, a gorgeous face, a rockin bod and a fantastic future. LOVE her

  8. 33
    chanel Says:

    Wake up, dude! It’s not like she’s calling the paps, you know she hates being photographed.. She’s just been doing two promotional tour for two big blockbuster movies, it’s obvious that in the past couple of months she’s been on tons of red carpets.. We never see her in times when she”s not doing promotions, she just does it for work..

  9. 34
    Lovely gurl Says:

    Lovely gurl. She isn’t so short. Very slander but tallish looking. I had seen her. Wish her happy Holidays. When will we see her next? Missing them already. Too bad Rob didn’t make any movie in 2012- all those changes- now how long it will take to make a movie and show it? Another year.

  10. 35
    F off repost crazy Says:

    Did that fcker who brings here all vile reposts and delets positive posts come here already? Again SEEK MENTAL HELP! You don’t want to end up like that Conn. mass shooter!! There in one person here who does”copy and paste” of any filth she can find and pretends to be many posters! I suggest that security team on JJ and K’s team get info on her. She is dangerous. Day after day she flaggs ant positive posts. If ypu say”I like Kristen’s glasses”- it will be hidden in 10 minutes!
    That is one sick person.

  11. 36
    saving Says:

    Kristen lives below her means. She will always have money= freedom from debt. Her off work clothes are like uniforms- t shirs and jeans.Same plain jewerly. Many are reused over and over.

  12. 37
    hugica Says:


    Kristen sunglasses-PERSOL

  13. 38
    T Says:

    Kristen needs to marry Tom Cruise

  14. 39
    Guest Says:

    Ruth calls the paps for Kscrew…Kscrew wants to B followed…this girl is pathetic…has her new lover travel with her….just come out of the closet already…it would be good publicity than to continue with Bob as the beard

  15. 40
    Guest Says:

    The paps R called by Ruth, Kskanks publicist, HoWhite is a media *****, trying desperately to hang on…she has a bad reputation & her 15 mins are almost up.

  16. 41
    do it Says:

    “BoB” ? Sick puppy, seek help. Pattsion doesn’t need you, you are NOBODY FOR HIM, NOBODY, useless corpse! Get your fat azz from Kristen’s posts!

  17. 42
    nice bag Says:

    I like her shoulder bag. Nice , good quality leather. Looks new. I want one too, lol

  18. 43
    ///// Says:

    I don’t really follow Kstew all that much but from what I can see, this girl has zero personality and seems to really hate the attention. Why is she even an actress? She hates doing interviews and comes across stiff and inarticulate. She hates doing press and the press. She looks uncomfortable around people period. She needs to get into another line of work.

  19. 44
    Sam Says:

    @CMG: You know if you look at Ryan Gosling you will see that he seldom if ever is seen smiling. To the contrary, he is respected for his seriousness, and he is just one male example. There are many others. Yet, you would not demand that he smile nor would you insult him. Society demands women to smile all the time and make those around them comfortable and happy. People like you perpetuate that unrealistic demand.

  20. 45
    Sam Says:

    @bee: She did not ask for the tabloids and pappz nor the obsessive people. In fact, when Twilight made her famous she complained that it was not what liked or what she expected. She said she had lost her quiet life wherein she could go to the movies and the mall with her friends like normal people. Guess what happened when she said that? People called her spoiled brat and ungrateful. She has been overexposed because she had to promote her work. You will notice that once she is done promoting she is not seen for long periods of time.

  21. 46
    Paul Says:

    This ***** needs to disappear

  22. 47
    R Says:

    already finish the little vacation with her lover Tamra?

  23. 48
    Tracy Says:

    @R: Who is this person Tamra I keep hearing about?

  24. 49
    R Says:

    @Tracy: Katy Perry’s lesbian assistant. She’s always aroud KS; She was in NY with Stew, there’s a photo in tumblr, easy to find. :-)

  25. 50
    Steph Says:

    @R: Tamara works for KS PR team and Katy Perry and KS share the same PR team duhhhh

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