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Leonardo DiCaprio & Kerry Washington: 'Django Unchained' Press Conference!

Leonardo DiCaprio & Kerry Washington: 'Django Unchained' Press Conference!

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kerry Washington sandwich in their Django Unchained director Quentin Tarantino at a press conference for the film held at the Ritz Carlton Hotel on Sunday (December 16) in New York City.

The two co-stars were joined by cast mates Jamie Foxx, Christoph Waltz, and Jonah Hill.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Leonardo DiCaprio

Django Unchained is set to hit theaters on Christmas Day!

10+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio, Kerry Washington, and more at the Django Unchained press conference in New York City…

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leonardo dicaprio kerry washington django unchained press conference 01
leonardo dicaprio kerry washington django unchained press conference 02
leonardo dicaprio kerry washington django unchained press conference 03
leonardo dicaprio kerry washington django unchained press conference 04
leonardo dicaprio kerry washington django unchained press conference 05
leonardo dicaprio kerry washington django unchained press conference 06
leonardo dicaprio kerry washington django unchained press conference 07
leonardo dicaprio kerry washington django unchained press conference 08
leonardo dicaprio kerry washington django unchained press conference 09
leonardo dicaprio kerry washington django unchained press conference 10
leonardo dicaprio kerry washington django unchained press conference 11
leonardo dicaprio kerry washington django unchained press conference 12
leonardo dicaprio kerry washington django unchained press conference 13
leonardo dicaprio kerry washington django unchained press conference 14

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  • x

    i love that leo is wearing sneakers

  • BKM


  • Ro

    That bunch of class !

  • Leo Fan

    What I always appreciate with Leo D. is that he shows up wearing an elegant jacket for official public events. Unlike the Django director who looks dirty, sloppy and neglected, Leo looks elegant. Casually elegant.

  • Leo Fan

    …Actually, only Tarantino looks neglected and sloppy.

  • Lydia

    Kerry looks so bored and unhappy to be there. Maybe her heavy ridiculous wig is straightened hair is killing her.

  • blode

    wow Leo looks goooooood

  • Dasha

    Leo i love you

  • CanadaGirl

    Coolest cast. You’ve got to admit it.
    Can’t wait for this film to come out. Tarantino is a good director and an excellent screenwriter. It’s refreshing to see a movie that assumes that the viewer is intelligent rather than letting the CGI and explosions numb the brain *cough Mike Bay cough * It’ll be nice to have dialogue and acting and actual plot progression.
    We’re almost at Christmas, Leo-fans. Hurray! No snow on the ground here and it’s 10 degrees C, but I can’t wait for holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • CanadaGirl
  • think this took place yesterday, Leo was spotted filming wolf today but anyway he looks GREAT cannot wait for Django……I can almost smell that Oscar!!

  • Jenny

    I think they all look great.. Kerry is gorgeous. I’m pretty sure I wont watch this movie though, it sounds too scary for me..

  • XYZ


  • What’s next?

    The press conference was this morning

    Cristina Gibson ‏@CristinaGibson
    Up early on a Sunday, all for Leo DiCaprio! At the Django Unchained press conference…questions for him or Quentin Tarantino?

  • LoriLori

    Kerry looks Great, when they aren’t speaking they just look like they are listening,not bored
    oh well haters gotta hate.

  • @14

    On Thursday or Friday I read a tweet about a Django press junket on Saturday. There could have been more. Also there was a tweet about WOWS shooting in Queens today.
    Anyway I like Leo`s casual look. I`m not so sure about Quentin. Kerry looks pretty but how about a smile? Such a pretty girl promoting a movie with big names. I would be so excited in her shoes…

  • CanadaGirl
  • Leo Fan

    Here is a cute photo of Leo taken on Friday – with article below:

    Stewart Rahr & Leonardo DiCaprio Partner On Piano As DiCaprio Chain Smokes Logic E-cigs
    Gregarious billionaire philanthropist Stewart Rahr just loves giving – with recent gifts to the Israel Cancer Research Foundation, Hurricane Sandy Victims, and others – and yesterday Rahr partnered with world-famous actor Leonardo DiCaprio to buy the iconic piano which was used in the classic Bogart film “Casablanca.”

    Friday, at Sotheby’s in New York City, Leo Dicaprio wore a baseball cap and chain smoked Logic e-cigarettes, as he was accompanied by his good friend Tobey Maguire, and Rahr the billionaire wore his trademark yellow sunglasses.

    The piano is an upright studio piano with 58 keys, finished in a viridian green with ivory trompe l’oeil craquelure interior panels. They plan to donate the 58-key upright studio piano to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art


  • Weirdo

    Entertainment Weekly gives pretty solid film reviews. They gave Django Unchained a rating of B- not so good if you ask me. They gave the movie Flight an A and I agree with that, Flight is a really good film. Just goes to show, Django is not that great. Won’t be winning any awards that really matter.

  • vale

    I will watch anything with Leo in it. He is the best actor for me since Bob DeNiro. (would love to see them in a movie together again btw)

  • Will

    Seems like this will be just okay. I hope better, but will wait on this one.

  • ggjhjghj

    @Leo Fan
    hahah Just notice the finger . The picture shows his fun side.

  • : )

    waiting for videos of this :)
    Leo looks so cute
    but I miss his natural hair colour

  • #24

    NY Post is pushing the Leo&Margot romance. Apparently Leo was spotted at Margot’s apartment in NYC and stayed overnight ( Page Six ). Leo’s rep denied it that it didn’t happen and he worked late that night and stayed home ( they were working in Westchester on Thursday and Friday ). Post claims it’s getting ‘serious’ based on this sighting that was denied by his rep. Always an alleged sighting that is denied… I think if they were on there would have been more sightings by now even if they try to keep it low key. It’s always the Post ( no other source ) and it always gets denied.

  • Weirdo

    The source noticed he stayed overnight and no one got a picture? Yeah uh huh. Why is this story coming out? Oh that’s right Leo has a movie being released next week. Gee, I wonder if Margot is his ‘soulmate.’ We better get a psychic on the case to give up the scoop.

  • NY post

    C’mon dont remember reading about Leo sneaking out from Blake’s apartment in the wee hours too? Also after the breakup with Erin Leo hasn’t acted ‘very single’ like he used to.

  • Mix-Girl

    Tarantino can’t make a movie without gratuitous violence and glamorizing guns…. he should be proud of his contribution to our violent nation ….

  • What’s next?

    Yup, Blame Tarantino for creating slavery. *rolleyes*
    Put the blame where it belongs please!

  • ?

    And of course JJ censored my comment about NOT BLAMING movies for violence.

  • #30

    @NY Post: you are right about him sneaking out of Blake’s apartment but that doesn’t mean this is true. Post is the only source from day 1. Sources and spies all end up at Page Six nowhere else. I find that odd.
    The Blake story blew up in the media so let’s see what happens here. Also all this denial from the beginning. It reminds me of Daily News and their spies reporting about Leo & Miranda. Same story so is that true as well?

  • : )

    @24 interesting.. ;)

  • Fan

    Margot just tweeted these words on the early morning of this current December 17, 2012:

    Margot Robbie‏@MargotRobbie

    Last day on set of #thewolfofwallstreet. Going to miss my wolf pack!!

    So wait and see if there is going to be more sightings of her and Leo.. now that her filming part is over.

  • Odd

    @24 Interesting. I believe it. Its quite funny here how some are insisting/wishing/rationalising/ the NY post is full of BS. The Post were the first to mention Leo/Blake flirting at Renner’s party, other outlets did not mention it till much later.
    We’ll see.

  • @26

    Exactly, one source is all it takes. And them denying it might be because his people don’t want it to be known he’s with a co-star or that he was pretty much cheating on Erin since shooting began.

  • @35

    I didn`t say Post is full of BS. They did break stories that were later posted in other outlets with different sources. I don`t see that happening here even though they reported the Leo / Margot thing weeks ago. You don`t see any info about it anywhere else. Just like the Leo / Miranda story in the Daily News.
    @34: It can`t be kept a secret for long especially IF he visits her place in an extremely busy Manhattan neighborhood ( Union Square ) so this denial is stupid if it`s really on.
    I say I`m not sold and I would like to see a sighting from a different source other than Page Six and maybe one that doesn`t get denied immediately.

  • Weirdo

    I’m sorry but this sounds completely manufactured. You expect me to believe that a man like Leo, who can barely be bothered to travel from Brooklyn to MSG for a highly televised event, and a man like Leo who supposedly flies women out in private jets to other continents for some poo-tang, is going to inconvenience himself by sneaking into a woman’s crappy NYC apartment when undoubtedly his is much nicer? Leo likes his creature comforts.
    I have no doubt the Blake stuff was manufactured too. Because that WAS a publicity stunt.
    The timing of this a week before his film release and the fact that someone is on here always asking ‘who is he going to be with for the holidays’ just makes it all suspect to me. They have a script they’ve been going by for years and it all sounds the same.
    On the other hand, Leo goes to art galleries and art auctions with friends like Tobey and Lukaas and attends movie premieres with long time friends and co-stars like Cameron. ALL things that people would normally do with their girlfriends. I say it’s BS.

  • LOL

    New girlfriend. New fights. Same old characters. This gonna be good

  • @Weirdo

    We know. We know. You ARE SURE he’s gay. He’s living ‘a lie’. And yet you can’t stop reading/thinking about him. Yawn. You’re so damn boring. You, Leda and Tinkerbell make these forum so shitty for everyone

  • @LOL

    Sorry but who is fighting? Not agreeing on something and having an actual conversation about it ( without name calling…etc ) is fighting now?
    I tend toNagree with Weirdo on this one.

  • @@LOL

    Of course you agree with Weirdo.
    H/she is saying what you want to be the truth – “Leo must NOT have a girlfriend”, “Leo is celibate” – whereas the NY Post and NY Daily News are full of it right? I wonder if you’ll buddy up when Weirdo starts the Leo is gay mantra again.

  • #41

    If you are a long time JJ Leo post reader you must know that weirdo has been posting here for a long time. She wasn’t posting much but I liked her comments. Then something happened and she turned into this insanely negative Leo basher. Her comments are just too much. She does make very valid points ( even now ) but it’s overshadowed by her negativity and bashing. But the valid points are there. I don’t agree with her on Leo being gay or that this story with Margot was created for PR purposes. That doesn’t sound like Leo at all. But her point about this story being created sounds right to me. To a certain extent I agree with her on this one. Maybe that’s how I should have posted it originally.

  • z

    Well, I don’t know if this story about Leo and Margot is true, I will only believe if I see pics of them together. But at the same time, like others said here, NY Post was the only source that knew about Leo and Blake before everyone and they end up dating, so I wouldn’t think this stories about Leo and Margot are totally made up, and mostly because they are insisting on this, it’s the third time already. Still we know Leo is really working a lot lately, so he could be very well at his home in that day after a whole day working. And it’s the second Leo denied, maybe nothing is happening between them or he don’t to assume this romance now because she’s his co-star. So, I don’t believe totally but also don’t doubt.

  • FAN

    I will watch anything with Leonardo Dicaprio in it too!! I can’t stand the suspense until this movie is releasseedddd agggghhhhhh. and TWOO more coming I feel so greedy and getting what I want he he

  • Butt

    yes, and his girlfriend gets even more crap from all the fans, and so the hating becomes celebrating.. sure we lost respect for him and for his girl, because we are ugly faces ourselves…

  • Great

    I love this cast. Especially Jamie, Samuel and Leonardo DiCaprio

  • sebel h.

    Good to see Jonah hill here!

  • Weirdo

    This Margot story is blowing up. It’s all over twitter. That and a story that Leo was ‘uncomfortable’ playing Calvin in Django. Yeah, I guess now he realizes that saying the -n- word every 5 seconds might be a bad career move.
    I don’t hate on Margot. If I were her I would stay the heck away from that guy! No one gets out with a good rep, except maybe Giselle. They all do get a condo out of the deal though. I wonder if Margot will end up with a snazzy new condo in NYC like Erin did?

  • Jacey

    Leos cherub face <3333

  • cutiebaby321

    leonardo dicaprio i have had my daily fill of beauty

  • maria

    Leo is the best!
    I’m an old lady of 67 and have been following his career since he was a little boy.
    I saw him once in person in a restaurant in NYC.
    OMG he is stunning in person!
    Photos and film don’t do him justice.
    I have a feeling that his role in “Django Unchained” will be his best yet. Tarrantino seems to use his actors in ways that other directors don’t dare do. i’m planning on seeing “Django” on December 29th. Can’t wait.