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Jessica Chastain Lost It During 'Zero Dark Thirty' Filming!

Jessica Chastain Lost It During 'Zero Dark Thirty' Filming!

Jessica Chastain flashes a smile while stepping out of the stage door at her Broadway show The Heiress at Walter Kerr Theater on Tuesday (December 18) in NYC.

The SAG and Golden Globe nominated actress was spotted signing autographs for fans waiting after her performance.

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The night before, Jessica was all dolled up for a screening of her highly anticipated film Zero Dark Thirty in the Big Apple.

Jessica recently chatted about the emotions she felt while filming the movie.

“There was a 10 minute break while I cried. I had to go hide behind a building. I just lost it and started crying,” Jessica said. “I know I’m playing this woman who’s supposed to be – it’s her job – to be unemotional, but I still feel things. And I wasn’t going to be able to do the scene again without letting out, without having a good cry.”

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  • Sarah

    I’m crying too.
    Please, you’re not fooling anyone you racist bltch! you only cares about the oscar, nothing else,

  • Just Facts

    Remember when everyone thought The Social Network was a movie to promote Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook? A trouble easily clarified.

    “Zero Dark Thirty” is not having the same luck: is being accused of promote violence and have a military agenda

    I read somewhere that the opening of Zero Dark Thirty show scenes of the attack on the Twin Towers, with all screaming and suffering, and these scenes and audio are intercalary with scenes and audio of abuses committed by U.S. troops, the effect is something close of a big hell, and don’t exactly looks like something that “promote” violence at all, or even promote U.S. Military

    Torture doesn’t bother when Batman is committing against the Joker, U.S propaganda doesn’t bother when Captain America is using his “power” and “positive moral values” to save the world from evil in The Avengers

    The “early hate” for this movie has political motivations that have nothing to do with its violent subject, it’s misogyny as its best

    This culture of fanboy killed the movies, in Imdb is obvious that people give a score of 10 for “The Hobbit” before watching, give a score of 0 for “Zero Dark Thirty” before watching too, that’s why there’s a discrepancy between reviews and audience opinion

    The Hobbit have 65% in Rotten Tomatoes and started with absurd 9.2 average in Imdb

    Zero Dark Thirty have 94% and started with 6.6 average in Imdb

    This proves my point

  • KonTiki

    She feels things? Apparently not sympathy for the people her film dehumanizes.

  • plant

    @Just Facts: Actually, the first extended sequence in the movie shows a detainee being strung up by his wrists, sexually humiliated, deprived of sleep, made to feel as if he’s drowning and shoved into a box smaller than a coffin. The torture sequence immediately follows a bone-chilling, audio-only prologue of the voices of terrified Americans trapped in the towering inferno of the World Trade Center. It’s set up as payback.
    / Glenn Greenwald for the Guardian

  • Chris

    @Just Facts: Are you really comparing fantasy and comic book movies with this crap who is clearly a government propaganda called Zero Dark Thirty? I’m not defending violence and torture in fantasy movies, but did you know how many innocent people are tortured, raped and killed IN REAL LIFE by U.S. soldiers only because they are muslims? well, this movie shows those things like a payback because of 9/11. And doesn’t help when the actress makes racists comments about the country where the movie was shooted.
    If you thinks the hate for this movie is misogyny, so you really need open your eyes and stop watching fox news!

  • Just Facts

    @Chris: Yes, I am comparing because only a dumb doesn’t realize that super hero movies are, in some way, symbolic representations of reality, if people pay a ticket because they like to see “special effects” and “explosions” making up propaganda, they are dumb

  • Just Facts

    Message to everyone

    The idea that this shows “revenge” come from you

    If the “torture scene” is showed after the “attack in WTC” we could talk about “payback”

    But a horrible scene of torture is showed before it, maybe it’s showing at what point it is different…

    I read a brazilian reviewer saying the movie shows “senseless violence generating senseless violence, which generates torture that generates more carnage…”

    And continues:

    “It is futile (thankfully) search a political agenda in ZDT. Bigelow leads the story as a thriller of which we know the end, but not the trajectory, and his look – the choices of composition, rhythm sequences – keeps balanced, asking that we, the audience, think and put away our conclusions.”

    It’s not funny that I (and this reviewer) think it means something and you think it’s means another completely different? It shows that the film is not making it clear what their points, and it is maybe a merit

    Learn that some films needs to be digested, don’t expect that the film itself chew everything to you

    If you think that films like “The Avengers” and “Transformers” has no ideological value because they are “comic book” and “fantasy movies” sorry to say but you are dumb…

  • Just Facts

    You all are accustomed with the manicheans ways of hollywood

    Seems like you think that the film must necessarily be a fight of good against evil lol

    stop watching the Avengers battling alien forces (that offend no one, because like you said, aliens “don’t exist”) and start to watch real movies, people

  • Just Facts

    And just to clarify, don’t tell me to watch Fox News, I am brazilian and a kind of a super-liberal person

    The film shows that torture was efficient in the found of Osama Bin Laden, well, so…?

    The idea itself is troubling liberals and conservatives

    The liberals is thinking this is a conservative idea
    The conservatives is thinking this is offensive to conservatives

    The problem is that people have this idea that everything that a movie shows is necessarily “correct”

    As a Brazilian film I remember the movie Elite Squad (Imdb: ), in which cops torture a 11 years old child during a interrogatory, and thanks to that, capture the “bad guy” of the movie

    There’s no point in the film that are shown it is “rigth”, but is not shown as “wrong” either

    It’s creepy to think here, lot of people support cops doing that, I don’t, but I still liked the movie

    Just a stupid person would think this is the movie’s fault

  • Chris

    @Just Facts: So it’s ok when a movie “based in real facts” (a “real movie” like you said) shows violence and torture (including innocent people) when this helps the good guys/soldiers find the bad guy/muslim, but this is wrong when a fantasy movie does the same thing?
    Who are dumb now?

  • Dan

    @Just Facts: Really? Are you kidding me? As if this movie wasn’t depicting a Manichean portrayal: all the muslims are bad with the exception of the on working at CIA and all the other ones are good… For the ignorant at home it goes like this: all muslims must be or were supporters of Osama. Don’t preach from a moral high ground, if you missed the obvious point that undermines your statement.

  • Just Facts


    Who are dumb now? Well, I’ll try to explain

    The question is that hollywood movies put the things in that perspective “good vs evil”

    But this kind of thing is not NECESSARY in a serious movie like “Zero Dark Thirty”

    It can be a confusing movie for those who are not open to this

    Example: if you get the 2004 brilliant german movie “Downfall”, about Hitler, it shows the “human” Hitler, but NEVER justify his attitudes, and I remember the controversy that this film did

    We had very stupid people that thinks that Hitler is the good guy, “oh, he’s human, he’s not with eyebrows arched planning mischief, this movie defends Hitler” duuuuh

    This type of thing that I think stupidity

    But with you again bringing the “good / evil” question like I was DEFENDING THE EVIL and “criticizing hollywood blockbusters that innocently have ficticious villains” lol

    I took 4 posts to explain my point, that MAYBE THE MOVIE IS NOT ABOUT “GOOD VS EVIL”

    But it’s not enough, you just thinks “good vs evil”, good vs evil”, “good vs evil”, like a movie don’t exists without these perspective, I give to explain