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Russell Crowe: I Agree with Adam Lambert's 'Les Mis' Opinion

Russell Crowe: I Agree with Adam Lambert's 'Les Mis' Opinion

Russell Crowe has responded to criticism from Adam Lambert on the actors in Les Miserables “pretending to be singers”.

When a fan sent the 48-year-old actor a tweet saying, “Not sure if you saw @adamlambert’s comments about Les Miserables. He was pretty opinionated,” Russell sent back a response.

“I don’t disagree with Adam, sure it could have been sweetened, [director Tom] Hooper wanted it raw and real, that’s how it is,” Russell wrote.

In case you missed it, read Adam‘s full opinion on the Les Miserables film.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Russell Crowe’s response to Adam Lambert?

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129 Responses to “Russell Crowe: I Agree with Adam Lambert's 'Les Mis' Opinion”

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  1. 26
    Ava Says:

    @Angel: yeah… russel crowe… :/ he wasn’t horrible but I felt like he had the same facial expression the whole time and was more focused on his singing. Someone commented that Joquian (sp?) Phoenix would’ve been better with that character but Crowe did the best he could, I guess.

  2. 27
    Sue Says:

    @Issie: You’re feeling free to express your opinion, yet Adam’s not allowed to? He was expressing it to his twitter feed, who do enjoy hearing his opinion, and do respect that opinion, knowing that it’s based in skill and experience. You have the right to the opinion that you don’t like his voice, though stating that ‘he can barely sing’ shows you don’t have a basic understanding of the vocal instrument. Adam does, and apparently so does Russell Crowe, who was very classy in his response.

  3. 28
    funbunn40 Says:

    @RedRoseQueen1: Well said. Adam was not at all malicious or specifically named Russell Crowe or Hugh Jackman, main characters, just applauded Anne Hathawaysvocal ability. He respected all in the film’s acting ability and spoke positively about the production. He commented as a trained theatrical pro, very familiar with the opera.He also knows many talented vocalists that remain unknown because Hollywood depends on celebrities for box office draw. All of the actors in the film are talented and accomplished. Adam was only speaking of the quality of voice needed for an opera production, nothing more.Those in an uproar need to see the comments for what they were and not read anything more into it. Adam and Russell are class acts and get it. I love the play and will see the movie. I also agree with Adam’s trained opinion and believe he , like anyother has a right to express it. Those familiar with Adam know that he has a good heart and any criticismis meant to help, not hurt and comes from a good place. Thanks RedRose Queen1. You get it. and Thankyou Jared for posting Russell’s response in such a reasonable way.:)

  4. 29
    Pam Says:

    I saw Les Mis and loved the movie, in spite of problems with some of the singing. Even the critics/reviewers deducted points because of it. Adam Lambert’s an incredible singer, so of course the singing would be more important and noticeable to him. Adam’s a class act, giving due credit to great acting performances. Russell Crowe’s a class act, recognizing one: that he’s not a singer and two: that its okay to have an opinion.

  5. 30
    Mandy Says:

    Barely sing? He was hand-picked by the legendary band Queen to stand in for the world’s greatest rock vocalist Freddie Mercury. Do you really think they would risk their reputation on someone who couldn’t sing? And by the way, they got RAVE reviews and were voted top live act of 2012 by Gigwise. If he couldn’t sing, he wouldn’t have sold out concerts (he was 2nd top earning idol 2 years ago earning $6 million) and he would not be on a world tour now with venues as large as 20K.

  6. 31
    glitzylady Says:


    Adam Lambert gave his honest opinion just like so many others who have seen the movie have done, including those of professional reviewers/critics. Some have said the same things. It’s had mixed reviews. Some positives, some negatives. Mr. Lambert has many years of Musical Theater experience, extensive vocal training since the age of 10 (20 years worth for both), and most important here to this particular discussion, he has a right to express an opinion. I suspect he did not think it would be picked up by gossip and news programs/blogs worldwide. Who knew. He probably was wondering the same thing that you asked, to be honest. We all have that option of sharing our impressions of what we think of a certain subject. You yourself did just that in this comment section: you told us all what you think. So I may ask the same question of you that you just expressed here. Mr. Lambert also stated that he had grown up with the musical version of “Les Miserables”, as so many have, (I’ve personally seen it twice as a Broadway musical, with fabulous and well trained voices all around) and he had certain expectations with the vocal renditions, and as a consequence his ability to fully enjoy the movie was reduced at times. Thats all he was saying. It makes sense that he would be disappointed, given his field of work and vocal training. He was not criticizing the actors themselves, only some of the casting choices in regards to singing competence, in his opinion. You stated your unsolicited opinion that Adam “can barely sing himself”. I and many other experts in the field of music beg to differ with you on that. But I do subscribe to the American concept of free speech, so opine away. I suggest you permit Adam Lambert to have an opinion as well. Russell Crowe is indeed a classy and honest man, as is evidenced by his tweet regarding Adam Lambert’s comments, which he said he actually agreed with, and is also a very fine actor…Adam is also a classy, generous, honest, and humble man, with a fabulous singing voice. Here is one tweet from Adam that is not generally included in the reports about his tweets: He also stated: ” ‏@adamlambert I’m so glad we are all discussing this now! Look-I grew up w this musical and so my expectations are quite high. Didn’t mean to b negative.” It all in the expectations. His were not met. And he did say many positive things as well. And in the whole scheme of things, its not that deep. : ))

  7. 32
    waffles Says:

    Crowe’s performance was pure genius and perfectly reflected the character he was portraying, a flawed character but one who has the strength of his convictions. The entire casting for this movie was outstanding. No film has ever moved me as much as this one did.
    Who’s Adam Lambert anyway? Never heard of him.

  8. 33
    Lea Says:

    @Sam: I’m not American, and let me clarify you that no one outside the U.S. knows who Adam Lambert is.

  9. 34
    Mandy Says:

    @Lea: That’s funny because he had a 99% sold out world tour right after Idol of more than 110 venues (first Idol to do so on first album) and he is touring now in Asia, Russia, and Europe with venues as large as 20K. He has gold and/or platinum certifications in many countries including US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Finland, Germany, and Denmark. He just fronted Queen for 6 concerts and got rave reviews, even voted top live act of 2012 by Gigwise. Just had a concert in South Africa with 16K attendance. What country do you live in? He has fan clubs all around the world.

  10. 35
    Sue Says:

    @Lea: Actually he’s got a large following outside the U.S. He just put on a NYE performance at a luxury resort in Bali,and is currently in Viet Nam for a performance. He fronted for Queen this past summer, and will be performing in Finland, Russia, and China, among other locations this spring.
    He commented on his Twitter feed, he didn’t demand an interview to state his opinions. He has no control over the fact that more than 65 media outlets picked up his comments all over the globe. Obviously, someone thinks what he says matters, or this wouldn’t have happened.

  11. 36
    Mandy Says:

    @waffles: You must not get out much. What country do you live in? He was hand-picked by the legendary band Queen to stand in for the world’s greatest rock vocalist Freddie Mercury. He got rave reviews and was voted top live act of 2012 by Gigwise. Have you heard of Queen and Freddie Mercury? He also has a successful career of his own, selling over 2 million albums and over 5 million singles world-wide in just a couple of years. He was the 2nd highest earning idol the year he did his world-wide tour earning $6 million.

  12. 37
    an opinion Says:

    Movie star Russell Crowe and probably most people going to see the movie could care less what a loser from American Idol thinks.

  13. 38
    Mandy Says:

    @an opinion: The actual winner sold less than half of what Adam sold and was dropped from his label. Meanwhile, Adam just toured with the legendary band Queen and is now touring on his own in Asia, Russia, and Europe. Earned $6 million on his last world tour. Not too shabby for a “loser”. Do you make that much money?

  14. 39
    an opinion Says:

    Sue @ 01/02/2013 at 12:50 am

    Thumb up Thumb down +2

    @Lea: Actually he’s got a large following outside the U.S.
    —So does David Hasselhoff. But does not mean he is now an expert in doing musical films.

  15. 40
    Mandy Says:

    So funny when people are claiming that Adam is not successful when he was the second highest earning idol in 2011 earning $6 million. He probably makes more than any of the people here making the ignorant comments. And to be fronting the legendary band Queen in place of the world’s greatest rock vocalist, Freddie Mercury, for 6 shows, including one with a 250K audience. That trumps anything that any reality show singing contestant has ever done. He probably got paid a lot for that too.

  16. 41
    Mandy Says:

    @an opinion: @an opinion:
    There were so many reviews by critics that the singing was bad. So what credentials do they have to judge singing? At least Adam has been singing in musicals since age 10, was classically trained, and sang in Wicked, Hair, and The Ten Commandments. Russell Crowe (as well as a lot of movie critics) already agrees with Adam, what more do you want?

  17. 42
    cristy everywhere Says:

    Adam’s comments were taken out of contest. Russel Crowe gets it. They are both gentlemen. Love Adam, and now, I love Crowe too.

  18. 43
    Kelly Says:

    Just my opinion, but I didn’t think what Adam Lambert said was that bad. He wasn’t cruel or demeaning in his comments; he just stated his professional opinion. And Russell Crowe responded with grace.

  19. 44
    cristy everywhere Says:

    I meant context… ☺

  20. 45
    mlm Says:

    @an opinion: Actually David Hasselhoff is popular in Germany. Adam is popular in Asia, Finland, NZ, Russia, Australia, Germany, Denmark, Canada and the list goes on. You don’t like him so you think the world doesn’t either. Well your wrong!!

  21. 46
    Mandy Says:

    @an opinion: If that is true then why are there so many comments on the 65+ articles on what he tweeted to his followers? Last I heard, one site had over 8K comments. Obviously they do care.

  22. 47
    BS Says:

    @NYC: suppose you feel that way about Crowe as well…. he knows it all too!! LOL!!!!

  23. 48
    BS Says:

    So awesome Adam expresses his opinion and Russell too with knowledge and intelligence , take that nutjob haters… pleasing the peasants….

  24. 49
    Amanda Says:

    I saw Les Miserable for the first time on stage in London, December 1986 and fell in love with the show. I have seen dozens of productions and have been waiting patiently since 1986 for it to be made in to a movie and I was not disappointed. I loved the movie and cried many times. I thought the cast was wonderful and even Russell Crowe was o.k. (although he did have the weakest singing voice). I also bought the movie soundtrack but for some reason I just can’t get into it. I much prefer hearing the original London soundtrack because they are actually singing on it and as a fan of the music, that is what I want to hear. The film is a much more intimate interpretation of the songs and when Hugh, Anne and the others “sing” their songs, it is with so much emotion that the singing becomes secondary which is what the director wanted to portray by having them sing live and with this film I think that it did pay off.

  25. 50
    WT Says:

    Lambert WHO?

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