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Gerard Butler & Mel Gibson: Bromance Continues!

Gerard Butler & Mel Gibson: Bromance Continues!

Gerard Butler and his new pal Mel Gibson enjoy the sunny weather during an afternoon stroll on Saturday (February 2) in Miami, Fla.

The 43-year-old actor previously hung out with Mel while having dinner with a big group of friends a couple days prior at Zuma in Miami – check out the pics!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

Last week, Gerard attended the after party following the premiere for his most recent flick, Movie 43.

25+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler and Mel Gibson strolling around town…

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gerard butler mel gibson bromance continues 01
gerard butler mel gibson bromance continues 02
gerard butler mel gibson bromance continues 03
gerard butler mel gibson bromance continues 04
gerard butler mel gibson bromance continues 05
gerard butler mel gibson bromance continues 06
gerard butler mel gibson bromance continues 07
gerard butler mel gibson bromance continues 08
gerard butler mel gibson bromance continues 09
gerard butler mel gibson bromance continues 10
gerard butler mel gibson bromance continues 11
gerard butler mel gibson bromance continues 12
gerard butler mel gibson bromance continues 13
gerard butler mel gibson bromance continues 14
gerard butler mel gibson bromance continues 15
gerard butler mel gibson bromance continues 16
gerard butler mel gibson bromance continues 17
gerard butler mel gibson bromance continues 18
gerard butler mel gibson bromance continues 19
gerard butler mel gibson bromance continues 20
gerard butler mel gibson bromance continues 21
gerard butler mel gibson bromance continues 22
gerard butler mel gibson bromance continues 23
gerard butler mel gibson bromance continues 24
gerard butler mel gibson bromance continues 25
gerard butler mel gibson bromance continues 26
gerard butler mel gibson bromance continues 27
gerard butler mel gibson bromance continues 28
gerard butler mel gibson bromance continues 29

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • so predictable

    @popcorn: She better get that photoshoot in quick.

  • leave eggy alone

    lyla …… jerk

    like someone says we don’t have to all hate mel because you said so…grow the fuuck up

    eggy presented an article to which you acted like a 5th grader

    perhaps you may be surprised at how many of us can seperate the actor / director from his antics, drunken slurs and bad marriages.

    because jews own and control many studios and talent agencies in hollywood doesn’t make us all bigoted

  • Crapola


    Busy going through her little black book seeing what rumor she hasn’t fed the Romanian tabloids just yet!

    Seriously she seems involved into working for Roberto Cavalli and I say good riddance to her!

    Mel and Gerry could be discussing movies and it would be a good thing as Mel is an award winning director, producer and actor in spite of messing up his personal life big time and if somebody can give advice to Gerry about how to get rid for good of a golddigger is Mel.

  • Sick of PC

    The sad thing is they aren’t Hasidics they are Talmudist and possibly the most bigoted “religion” on Earth.

    Google Talmud and read that hateful stuff, and most of them quote the stuff word for work when they talk about themselves. The bankers are destroying this country, and we don’t dare insult the ruinous thieves by upsetting them by pointing it out and fearing repercussions. So who are the real haters here? People that point out facts, or the people that blacklist and threaten people for point out facts. Hmmm….

  • Lyla J.

    Wow, big eye-opener….so many who dislike Jewish people. Judaism is much more than a religion in the common sense of the word. It is a HERITAGE. A beautiful one at that. Sad to learn so many still dislike this particular heritage so much.

  • Lyla J.

    Incidentally, the POP-UP ad in the lower right corner has changed from the OHF trailer to Gerard’s Movie 43 thread pictured with Ryan K. Still annoying and now peculiar….hahaha….

  • Party

    Poor girl, I hope you got out while he getting was good.

  • popcorn

    Maybe MG is planning on wearing Cavalli to the Oscars with Gerry (if he gets a presenting gig).
    Elisabetta Canalis wore Cavalli when she accompanied Clooney to the Oscars. She would also often wear Cavalli to Clooney’s film premieres.
    Is this an indication that MG will be part of the OHF red carpets?

  • Xanadu

    I guess pissy Lyla had to go flag anyone that dared not speak in glowing terms of her kind, which is exactly what everyone is talking about.

  • Xanadu


    She is not going with him. I think he’s done with her and that’s good.

  • Lyla J.

    @leave eggy alone: Thanks for the reminder, Mommy, on how to relate to mankind. NEWSFLASH, Mommy, the world goes far beyond your tiny little orbit…..expected more from a sophisticated sock, but then again….

  • popcorn
  • HUH!!??

    @Lyla J.:

    Please explain where anyone has expressed hate or a racist views against the Jewish Heritage or Religion??? It seems you stated to deny someone’s earlier post that HW was run by majority Jewish descendants and they and others have pointed out that it is true. Now, pertaining to one post by someone else – let’s be real business is business (especially when it’s billions of dollars) and these studio heads are not running things by being bunny rabbits.

  • Lyla J.

    @leave eggy alone: And in case you haven’t been reading here for the past year…Gerard’s haters have topped an all time high BECAUSE of his ANTICS, actions, choices, insults, blah, blah, blah.

  • cmac

    It was that horrible tape of Gibson ranting at his ex-girlfriend that was the last straw for me. As a woman, I don’t see what women find attractive about either of these guys.

  • so predictable

    @Crapola: unfortunately most photoshoots last a day or two at the most then what?

  • @ Lyla J.

    the pop up isn’t nearly as annoying as YOU!

    you’re reaching to keep an arguement going here
    reading comprehension isn’t your strong suit

  • fashionista

    @popcorn: No she was borrowing/wearing Cavalli before GB entered into the picture, being that MG is based in Milan, she seemed to know Mr. and Mrs. Cavalli before. You know that dress she wore at Cannes that was a do over from last year, Cheryl Cole wore it in 2011. That was from Cavalli. I’ll give the win to MG though however she wore another Cavalli dress that week which another Brazilan model Ana Beatriz Barros wore at Cannes earlier the week and sorry Ana gets the win there.

  • popcorn

    I know that. Elisabetta was involved with Cavalli before Clooney, too. But it was after George that she got her biggest and most lucrative contract with Cavalli and in return she wore his gowns to awards and premieres with Clooney. Cavalli is very likely striking the same bargain with MG.

  • Loch Ness Monster


    7.063 BILLION world population

    The worldwide Jewish population is 13.3 MILLION

  • betty

    Those two bromancing… makes total sense. Douchebags.

  • so……………..

    guess there are tweets halle berry and bradley cooper have joined this weird can of mixed nuts

    didn’t halle have a dust up with gerry over some comments about his package being bigger than olivier’s and it got pretty heated?

    plot thickes…not sure which stars here have the most baggage but let’s hope it is a movie deal in the works that actually gets made.

    mel isn’t my favorite guy, but sober he is a talented director, and gerry and mel know jodie foster…maybe she is trying to help them both?

  • Broomhilda

    Mel is still poison in Hollywood despite Jody Foster’s good intentions, and rightly so after his rants about blacks, Jews and gays. Despite his many talents, he is a first class bigot. I’m sure he’s trying to rehabilitate his image but he can’t take back the things he’s said.

    Butler attracts women and that’s why Gibson is hanging with him. it also probably makes him feel good and more relevant to be around younger guys like DiCaprio, Cooper and Butler. No way A. Vromen can be happy about it. He’s the saving grace for Butler in these photographs,

    If I were Butler I’d create some distance. He’s a fool if he doesn’t.

  • Time to ask ….

    @Sick of PC:

    I understand you are trying to make a point, however, adding terms could cause a big problem, especially here where….shall I say….there is so much passion? We have spent pages and pages arguing about
    minor things like who is Gerard going to marry or weather he has a nice soul or not. I can’t imagine adding religion or politics. Did you read the other day someone from Scotland telling us how bad it gets between the two major soccer teams due to religion?

    I’m not sure what’s the real situation with Mel and Hollywood, maybe someone here who is in the business could tell us that. However, I’ve seen how Ger has been criticized relentlessly,and I don’t think he can afford any more.

  • Roobee

    Gerry has a nice pair of legs! Would look even better hanging out the bottom of my bed! :)

  • goodgravy

    First John Mayer and Kanye West. Now Mel “The Holocaust never happened” Gibson! Oy Vey!

    Who’s the next pal going to be? Chris Brown?

    BTW, Mel’s got some serious cankles going on.

  • Can’tGetEnough

    Good Morning JJer’s. Looks like the partying and the Gerry/Mel bonding is continuing in Miami and Halle has joined the pack. What a mix!
    Have a great day and enjoy the Super Bowl if you’ll be watching it.
    Something important is going down. He has his man bag with him:
    Christina♕Russo ‏@christina_haiti
    Omagaah Halle berry, Mel Gibson and Gerard butler (is even hotter in person) having diner right behind us. Arghh
    The models are joining in:
    Anna-C. Schwartz ‏@AnnaCSchwartz1
    Partying at delano… Gerard Butler and Bradley Cooper coming soon…

  • Can’tGetEnough

    Christy Wright ‏@ChristyBWright
    @SarahKirkland: Having dinner next to Mel Gibson, Halle Berry, Leonardo DiCaprio & Bradley Cooper. No joke. #miami//you forgot Gerard Butler
    Manuel Munoz ‏@Manuel_Munoz
    Mel Gibson, Halle Berry, Leonardo DiCaprio & Bradley Cooper Gerard Butler and Leo dicaprio at @scarpettaMiami #MIAMI

  • eggy

    @leave eggy alone:

    Cheers! :0)

    @ Lyla J. Let me help you with something… click on the below link and hopefully THIS photo will help you out, with regards to understanding perspective and media manipulation. Look beyond the smoke and mirrors, don’t be force fed with just one news story, picture, video or film. Read or watch the exact same news story from different sources…research agendas behind the organization and people behind the reporting, look at the different angles of the same thing. If you wish to believe in untruths, then so be it, but if you are willing and able to think outside the box, and be better informed, then kudos out to you.

  • eggy


    Mel never said the holocaust never happened: Here’s a snippet from the New York Post, January 30, 2004

    Q: You’re going to have to go on record. The Holocaust happened, right?

    Gibson: I have friends and parents of friends who have numbers on their arms. The guy who taught me Spanish was a Holocaust survivor. He worked in a concentration camp in France. Yes, of course. Atrocities happened. War is horrible. The Second World War killed tens of millions of people. Some of them were Jews in concentration camps. Many people lost their lives. In the Ukraine, several million starved to death between 1932 and 1933. During the last century, 20 million people died in the Soviet Union.

    Hm…where in this “snippet” does Mel say the Holocaust never happened? Oh what? What? Yeah…he DIDN’T say that…OMG! Wow.

  • eggy

    Sorry…another interview link Mel did that is candid and refreshing:

    Some good discussions here in the comments section. Of course all my postings make me look like I am on team Mel… I am for a matter of fact, but it is my opinion that Mel has been totally mis judged in all matters of what transpired in his personal life that day he got arrested for DUI. We are human, we all make mistakes, we all have humbling experiences that will knock the stuffing out of us. What happened with Mel was a moment frozen in time, and the man has to keep repeatively living with that bad moment in time. I like Gerry, obviously or I wouldn’t come here and post stuff and drool at his photos. LOL! But seriously…this “union” or bromance or what ever you wish to deem it as, I just hope it’s a sign of good things for both men.

  • Kathy

    A thread opened so it wasn’t just a clandestine chance encounter. My lug looks incredible. I love that fedora! (swooning)
    On the down side he’s an underdog homophobic, anti Semitic, Holocaust denying, drunken bigoted overrated idiot. On the upside he owns Icon Productions, is incredibly powerful underdog, talented, highly-skilled and a devout Catholic whose in personal recovery.
    Gibson is a powerful man. He’s just a man too with warts and flaws as well. But he is loaded, insightful, very talented and a visionary. If I were Gerry I’d watch, listen and take notes. I’d pay close attention and simply answer when asked for input but be open and honest. He’s with Butler for a reason too. Don’t forget that. Despite his past, no one should be judged by it (or by the company they keep). Gerry will not be guilty by association. Nothing bad about Mel will rub off. Actually the opposite as I believe Mel can be a good mentor in many ways. He’s older, wiser, and been around The Industry. He’s got good taste and apparently an original film idea. My opinion? It’s all good. His association with Gibson won’t harm his career. Like I said, it’s time to get back to work again!

  • Kathy

    Oh, and yes, he does look a tad nervous but a camera is following them for Christ’s sake! But (to me) no one should be judged by the company we keep. Why, just look at Jesus?! He hung out with prostitutes (not the Romanian kind though). And frankly, Gerry is the least of all to hold that opinion of being judged by company (if he did).
    Watch, listen, learn.

  • What now?



  • Kathy

    Thank you. Plus Mel was in a long-term 31-year successful marriage and a father of many children. He fell of a wagon. Being fuxd in the ass by a cold blank face the Russian women wear, I can’t say I blame him but DO in his responses because he couldn’t believe how she acted (so cold). Not to turn this into all about Mel, but this perfect storm happened for a reason! Leo, Mel and Gerry? C’mon… more than business.
    They’re both underdogs right now thanks to the same situation (if Gerry hasn’t wised up and [prayer hands] and God I hope so) so getting back to work is the perfect recipe for recovery for Gerry and Mel. But Ariel could be in need of a new project too? Could co-direct? He’s coming into his own as well.
    who is very excited by this who doesn’t see anything but confidence in Mel who feels proud he’s gotten his stride back and I say move away from Hollywood and create some place where the three could work, create, talk and break new ground at no one knows… away from prying eyes!

  • HeyDJ

    Really , you all think that BC &LDC are here in Miami together an the media is taking photos of Gerry & Mel ? Really ? What I do know is I’m losing what little respect I had for your precious Mr.Butler. He should have a revolving door on his room with the number young women he has spinning out of there. Alerta Asshole, bloquear el arriba hijas jovenes.

  • Kathy

    I would rather see Butler hanging out with Gibson than Lerner any day.

  • Kathy

    Well that answers the question about whatsherface! (read: there is a God)
    Hey, why judge someone for living their life as he sees fit meeting his needs that could be meatier (pun intended [blushing]) than others? So what? What’s it to you?

  • FYI
  • CeliaD

    It was never Mel who stated the Holocaust never happened; it was his father.

  • CeliaD

    @Kathy: So you would rather your “lug” be a h/orny s/lut with many unknown women that in a loving relationship? It does say much about your true hypocritical feelings. The fact is, you are going to immediately go back into meltdown when he and Mada reunite.

  • goodgravy

    @eggy – LOL Because actors never lie in interviews. Lots of people have blabbed about Mel’s beliefs. I guess they all must be haters. Mel is not misunderstood. He says what he believes when drunk and blames his actions on the drink when sober. An isolated incident is one thing, but Mel has made a horse’s a$$ of himself many times. DUI, rage fueled phone calls , repeated infidelity, racist comments etc…
    If you’re pro-Mel, that’s your prerogative. I would just like to point out where are Mel’s JJ fans? Not fans that are here for Gerry, but fans that searched for Mel?

    I wonder why that is?

  • :-/

    @CeliaD: And what are you going to do if they don’t reunite?

  • CeliaD

    @:-/: Not an issue, but should it happen, I would wish them both the best.

  • Kathy

    What “loving relationship”? The one taking place in her head while he’s got a revolving door of women?
    To borrow your words, the fact is his actions seem directed at her, get it? You think the greedy village idiot isn’t reading here? He’s been away from her, how long? Weeks! For everything a reason.
    “The fact is, you are going to immediately go back into meltdown when he and Mada reunite.”
    Really? Unite? Eh? What kind of woman with any self-respect would do such a thing?

  • Kathy

    Excuse me… “should”? Even doubt is there when you’re real, huh? Don’t hold you’re breath.
    who thinks Gerry is reclaiming his life and taking back control!!!

  • Kathy

    “where are Mel’s JJ fans? Not fans that are here for Gerry, but fans that searched for Mel?”
    What on earth do you mean? Mel is in his, what, 50′s? He doesn’t have a fan-base like Butler does! Get real. Why should any “pro” Mel people be here at all? Actually they are, me! Every saint was once a sinner. Why condemn him (forever)? Why not see his progress? He appears confident. He is powerful and rich!
    It’s as bad as folks bailing on Russell Crowe or Clint Eastwood (for his empty chair thing). Or Matt Damon for being a Republican (blink-blink). But sadly, it does happen. One a personal value is breached, people can be fickle!

  • CeliaD

    @Kathy: There is no revolving door of women and I believe it to be pretty sad that you would prefer that behaviour from him. They are going to have professional separations frequently just as all in the entertainment business do. It’s true we see Gerard with many pictures of fans, men and women. That is a fact of his life. If it makes you feel better that each fan he hugs in a picture is next brought into his hotel room, I pity you.

  • Kathy

    No one is saying that each fan (or they are fans) is brought into his hotel room!? Professional separations? Give me a break. Where’s the profession taking place? He’s partying in Mexico, now Florida… out and about having ladies dine with him. Hello?
    He’s photographed with women far more beautiful than the gold-digger. He’s intimately close with many in the shots too. No man in a “loving relationship” would allow that much closeness.
    I see no wrong for men to have relations with whomever they wish as consenting adults. He’s still single by the way!
    who is curious as to why my lug is with a man he might not personally like for many reasons? Same like Ariel? I

  • Kathy

    From Russia, with love: “Who anticipates being recorded? Who anticipates that? Who could anticipate such a personal betrayal?” (from article above provided by eggy, a poster)
    Dude, every dude out there (male or female), this is your warning. This is something (I think) the greedy Intel-collecting spying mole-nosed ugly black-eyed gold-digger village con artist could and would do. She is hugely disliked, and for very good reason, She is to be feared, not revered.

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