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Jennifer Lawrence Takes Off to London for BAFTAs!

Jennifer Lawrence Takes Off to London for BAFTAs!

Jennifer Lawrence rocks a maroon fedora while heading into LAX Airport to catch a flight to London on Thursday (February 7) in Los Angeles.

The 22-year-old actress is heading to the UK to attend the 2013 BAFTAs ceremony this Sunday, where she is nominated for Best Leading Actress for her work in Silver Linings Playbook.

Jennifer is nominated against Amour‘s Emmanuelle Riva, Hitchcock‘s Helen Mirren, Zero Dark Thirty‘s Jessica Chastain, and Rust and Bone‘s Marion Cotillard.

Earlier this week, Jennifer attended both the Hollywood Reporter’s Nominees Night and the Oscar Nominees Luncheon.

FYI: Jennifer is wearing a Burberry coat.

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  • :)

    This girl calls her self “fat” by Hollywood standards? She’s seems pretty slim for not being “Hollywood” thin. Just saying.

  • Nt

    LA to London is forever.
    I personally would not fly all the way there just for a foreign award.

  • Rupert Sanders

    i thought is was lohan

  • Macy

    i love her outfit!

  • holly

    she’s losing herself to the hollywood game. she’s was always like i’m so cool, real and not like a regular celebrity. but first lip injections & now this outfit for flying to london?really, looks like every celeb out there.

  • Laura


    she doesn’t have lip injections.


    captain obvious

  • manuela

    @holly: wow y seems expert lip injections in your imagination maybe its lipstick idiot I did not know that wearing clothes chic and expensive its called losing herself mlle nolife, well if I had enough money I would wear it the same,coat every day different and expensive too, we live only once, and everyone dresses like he wants tastes are different

  • Anne

    That’s actually a pretty nice coat. But the fedora is too much.

  • megan

    @Lauraif anything was obvious it’s that you missed the awards lunch a few days ago when it looked like she stole lindsay lohan’s lips.

  • marc

    and here are still jealous when they end up with kristen well its logically around jennifer hahahah Now the two have become obsessions for everyone, life is beautiful enjoy them instead of criticizing the poor girls

  • kathy

    it’s funny to read the comments on this site some of you guys are so……you need to just get over yourselves. no one,not any of the people they post on here cares what any of you think.just deal with it

  • ashley

    lip stick really? there’s lots of people out there with little lips, doubt that enlarging lipstick would work on them. oh and the hat is awesome but she needs a better outfit.

  • Anne

    Popularity doesn’t mean quality.

  • emma

    wow she looks beautiful love the coat so stylish Can someone tell me plz what brand if you have an idea thank you in advance!

  • manuela

    @ashley: you need glasses and taste, I wonder what you’re wearing on the street can be as jennifer and other actresses need your advice as you are an expert stylist I’m sure y perfect and do never a bad choice when y out pfffff

  • Vanessa

    OMG! Stop hating, and being jealous. She’s a normal
    person.Let her be, her job isn’t to please anyone, she’s just an actor.oh man…

  • Aa

    JLaw is turning into LiLo. Fire Rachel Zoe now !

  • chris

    @Aa: How stupid comment like you can be seen that you’re a girl without interest and empty for such a thing and I did not know that we also need to a stylist to go to the airport you’re really stupid or you’re just silly like your observation??


    Kristen Stewart is better

  • Laura

    oh wow, the raging jealous bitches on here.

    No quality? No Oscar noms and a blockbuster with stellar reviews.
    Ugly? Voted Worlds most desirable woman by 1 million men in Vanity Fir
    Mean: Known as the nicest person in Hollywood
    Personality/ability to give great interviews on talk shows?

    check, check, check, and check.

    All things that Kristen Stewart doesn’t have?

    oh, also check.

    and to top it all off, Jennifer is actually nice to Kristin.
    Kristin- still a raging bitch.

  • Laura


    or you don’t know about lipstick. idiot

  • debora

    @PRESIDENT-ELECT-ROMNEY: loooooooooooooool let me laugh kristen who washes his Hair for months and who s dressed like a tramp at least if you want to compare jennifer compared with people who are superior and know how to dress properly s as blake lively or eva mendez, miranda kerr,kate beckinsale the people who know how to dress like lady

  • kristen

    @Laura: leaves the poor girl or boy lol with that stupid nick name she or he hahahahah is jealous of everything that moves

  • ^_^

    ppl how called her fat are sick
    she’s no way near fat.

  • p

    This happens to everyone , before all the craziness and paparazzi , obsessed fans in the beginning they would crack a little smile , but now i’m sure it’s getting to be a bit much and annoying to her at times so her attitude is changing , now she’s behaving like every other actor , dark shades , no smile , have a very sullen look in your face . No matter how real she claim to be , she will change with time …….(Hate the hat .. love the jacket)..

  • Katie

    Just so you guys know, the way somebody dresses dosn’t reflect their personality!!

  • Katie

    Oh, or their talent level!

  • alice

    She looks beautiful. I like her coat )

  • Jess

    Love her jacket! Love her!

  • i like it

    @Aa: haaaa that’s very funny but i agree with you.

  • sunnyday_yo

    i can see her double chin and no matter she put a lot of makeup to her face but her double chin still there. i bet without makeup jen just must be not attractive at all. people start don’t like her attitude because she become more annoying. ( btw she almost look like like lindsay lohan on that picture):)

  • LaCroix

    LOVE her coat!!

  • Shauna

    She is the most real celebrity out there. So down to earth and why are people saying she is changing because of what she is wearing, she just wants to look nice and fashionable, most girls do so get over yourselves. And she didnt get lip injections, dont know where that came from.

  • ha ha

    @Nt: It’s not just an award! It’s BAFTAS.

  • ha ha

    diva behavior!!!!

  • Lauren

    Average or not…I still wish I looked like her! Btw I love her outfit. She’s not that dressed up, it’s just a shirt, jeans and a coat, perfect to travel with style and be comfortable at the same time :)

  • maria

    AND another thing: it is a great story told by real life experience, i felt that

  • truth

    shes not overdressed at all. are you aware how cold the weather is in london compared to LA … shes preparing herself and it gets cold on planes. relax people. wearing boots, a peacoat, hat and glasses doesnt make her conforming to all the diva fame celeb life. ive gone to the airport like that many times — doesnt make me any different. so chill and leave her alone shes the most real genuine actress out there.

    AND as for her lips, have tyou ever heard of Lip Venom (a lip gloss from sephora…it plumps your lips) — she may have that on…or just reg lip gloss that makes her lips look more full. She does have thick lips already if you look at photos…so enough with the lip injections. damn , ya’ll major haters.

  • maria

    LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING: WHAT THE F*CK ARE THE ACADEMY MEMBERS / HARVEY WEINSTEIN THINKING OF?! do they want to ruin this girl’s carreer? i mean, the girl is fine in the movies, but i think i liked her more in the hunger games damn f*ck! the girl IS WORTHY of winning an oscar, but just NOT WITH THIS CHARACTER!!! THIS IS LIKE A ROMANTIC COMEDY FOR GOD’S SAKE!!!!!!!! i like the girl, but marketing and all of these lies they try to sale to us are way too f*cking sh*t. anyway, i think SILVER LININGS was a story told by someone who knew that story better than anyone. you could feel that. it is great the way it is told and it’s ending.

  • Argonate

    @Laura: Nicest person in Hollywood?
    Tons of actors are nice and down to earth, more then her.
    I like her but she tries to hard sometimes to be something she is not.

  • Laura


    really? i always just see her being herself.