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Bradley Cooper Set Up On Dates by Jennifer Lawrence!

Bradley Cooper Set Up On Dates by Jennifer Lawrence!

Bradley Cooper flashes a peace sign while heading out for the day in a cowboy hat on Friday (March 1) in Los Angeles.

It was recently reported that the 38-year-old actor has been set up on dates with his Silver Linings Playbook co-star Jennifer Lawrence‘s friends.

“I feel like all I’ve been doing lately is setting him up,” Jennifer told MTV. “I was like, ‘You know what? I’m gonna save time and just get you a booklet with pictures of my friends. You just go through and pick them out, because this is getting exhausting.’”

FYI: Bradley is wearing Red Wing Heritage boots.

Jennifer Lawrence Talks Setting Up Bradley Cooper on Dates

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  • Kay

    I’m the one who wants Bradley and Jennifer as a couple? They have a lot of chemistry, I just can’t with their cuteness!

  • Sasha

    How old are her friends???
    In my opinion 16 years is a lot of age difference!
    Usually Bradley looks good, but in these pics no, just no!

  • Insidescooper

    He’s so gay. It won’t be a woman he ends up with. Can’t stand this guy.

  • pickles

    Bradley’s 38 and Jennifer is 22-23? I hope the friends she’s setting him up with are older than she is. Honestly, this guy hangs out with Leo and he needs to be fixed up? I don’t think so.

  • Ruth

    Yes, he really needs someone to fix him up with a date! What a load of BS.

  • LOL

    Sooooo, she has a lot of male friends who want to be set up with Bradley?
    Cuz that’s the only dates that he wants. Silly girl.

  • Juicy Lucy

    If Bradley didn’t want to date Jennifer because of the age difference, I can assume that he’s more interested in dating women who are closer to his age (early to mid 30′s) or perhaps a bit older. Funny how she failed to mention if the dates are male or female. Personally, I think Brad is bi leaning towards being gay.

  • oo99

    I think he’s pretty arrogant,that’s why he is still alone.

  • Cheryl

    That is NOT a cowboy hat!!

  • Lee

    The girl doing the interview asked to be set up with Bradley… Not that Bradley needs to be fixed up, and Jennifer responded , that all her friends, probabely show buz ones ask her to set them up with him and that she is getting tried of it… God people love to twist Shiz so they have something to criticize .

  • Sweetness

    I like the idea of Bradley and Jennifer as a couple..but hey setting up her friends on a date is rather cute..People going on dates is not a commitment to an arranged marriage..Who wouldn’t like to go out with a handsome movie star….I wish I had a friend who could do that for me…

    of course Jennifer will have to be careful that her friends don’t take advantage of her connections with Cooper!

  • TRR

    I assume her friends are her age. Doesn’t Cooper date women his age? That doesn’t make sense. And why would he need to be set up? I’m sure he can get women on his own.


    @LOL: yes, this is the truth and one day he will come out and be happy

  • blackheadshine

    Why in the world would a almost 40 year old man need a 22 year old who really has not lived enough to know about relationships, set him up.

    I think they are working too hard to keep these two people connected. Sorry not interested in a romance nor them in another film together.. move on already.

  • Tom

    You people do know that every girl Leo DiCaprio dates is 22 ! 23 and he dumps then around 25 … And he and Bradley are the same age… So go to the Leo posts and whine about how he shouldn’t date 22 year olds… Annoying f– king people. Or the Geroge Clonney dates women 16 years younger then him… People be constant with your so called moral outrage.

  • Anne

    God, I would love to see him with Jen, their chemistry is amazing in the movie, and in interviews, I wanted them to win awards so I could see them kiss and hug.

  • Donna

    Jen looked so beautiful that day, she’s my one celebrity crush, the chick is hilarious.

  • Lucy

    Jennifer and Bradley should so date, hot couple .. Don’t know if they would be doing it or joking around more.

  • Ula

    @Kay: No, You’re not, I think the’re just cute together !

  • Connie

    Cooper is so hot.. he and Jen would make some beautiful babies, never seen Bradley have chemistry like he does with her, that Zoe girl , not even close and she looks like a clinger.

  • P

    It sounded like she was joking.

  • funny witch

    I already feel sorry for his future girlfriend\boyfriend, his Ego after Oscar nom bloated to limitless point. Ben Affleck 2.0. He useed Reene, Zoe, ex-wife (anybody know why they split after 3 months of marriage?) and every other woman that dated, just like his friend mansl*t DiCap. Jennifer did not deserve be used and dumped. She can do much better than this almost 40 wh*re.

  • http://yahoo da mom is mine

    what happened to that Zoe girl he was dating?

  • princesslh55


    agree with you 100%.
    Sean Penn dates women 25+ years younger than him. Alec Balwin’s wife is like 26 yrs younger than him. Loe’s girls are always in their early 20′s. I don’t see people complaining about those guys.

    if Jennifer and Bradley are in fact dating…so what. they’re both adults, they can do whatever they want. i think they look good next to each other. not to mention the beautiful blue eyes their kids would have.

    in Hollywood, age is nothing but a number.

    Bradley is not gay! you haters should leave them alone

  • funny witch

    And before his blind fangirls started attacking me, look on catalog of famous actress that was dating/ was linked to him at last 3 years Renée Zellweger, Jennifer aniston, Cameron Diaz,Olivia Wilde, Jennifer Lopez, Scarlett johansson, Mélanie laurent, Zoe Saldana, Jemma Atterton and bunch of models. Weird, right?
    JLaw must lost her mind to to join this list.

  • dont hit i’m belgium

    @funny witch: Laurent and ScarJo are only friends and Cooper wants to work with ScarJo on Melanie Laurent directed-movie

    stop to fantasize on Cooper/Lawrence couple!
    they’re only friends and Lawrence is only in the next O Russel movie to test how it works between her and Bale.O Russel is looking the lead actor to act The End Of The Earth and he would like Bale but he must convince the producers

  • Lesley Lauralei

    He is such a good Lover. He loves to kiss Jessica’s neck, and her stomach. He makes love to her passionately and with care. He uses Bedroom Toys to keep the passion alive at AthenaToysDotcom

  • funny witch

    Did Coop and ScarJo are friends just like she was *friends* with Sean Penn?

  • Bradley’s Girl

    I want to be Jennifer Lawrence’s Friend! I’ll be her only friend that is Bradley’s age. I know…I’m shameless.

  • Sammy

    I would think it really hot to see them together , dam those 2 were great together this awards circus that nominees are put through and in SLP, their sh!t was hot, but I wouldn’t want Jen with someone like Bradley or God forbid someone like DiCaprio, Bradley seems nice and really smart, but too much in his own head , and guys like DiCarprio have no respect for anyone but themselves besides the girls they date… Jennifer’s too good and sweet to hook up with guys with so many issues, when it will end up no where.

  • Just no

    What the hell hat is he wearing, Bradley just no, and people why would you want Jennifer Lawrence to hook up with a who7e like Cooper, I don’t want her to be another Hollywood chick that by the time she 25 she’s fu-k half of Hollywood, like ever other starlet, let her date interesting, hot, SWEET men like that Hoult guy and if or when it ends she wouldn’t feel like she just one of many.

  • Frame

    Stop freaking out over their age difference. 16 year isnt that big. Brad Pitt is 12 years older than Jolie, but no one has a problem with it.

  • ashley

    The Bradley haters are probably Gosling fanatics. Always thought Cooper was hot ever since Alias. Maybe not in these pics though.

  • Dani

    I’m a huge fan of his, but that hat is painful to look at.

  • Tom

    They are not that way, I think they’re just good friends, she looks at Bradley like a brother, too old for her , she’s just a kid who wants to have fun, dating Bradley would be too heavy. Bradley isn’t like Leo or George he needs more then just a warm hot ( young) body. I think he’s probably still dating the other skinny actress Zoe don’t know her last name, just kept it on the down low for the spotlight of the Oscar push.

  • an opinion

    He looks stupid with that had on. Makes his nose look longer than it is already.

  • dont hit i’m belgium

    @funny witch: ScarJo and Cooper are friends since He’s Just Not That Into You :even she helped him to find a home in Paris(France)

  • Juicy Lucy

    And just why is it not possible for them to be friends? Not every man wants a younger woman and vise versa. Brad is much to image conscious and knows that if he does date a women JL’s age, he will come off looking like a sugar daddy. I still say that in the long run, Brad will marry a woman not in the business because he wants a traditional family.

  • Douglas M. Taylor

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  • hube

    Love has no age. I´m 35 and my wife is 25.

    My best girl friend is 28 and his boyfriend is 24.

  • Annie

    I dont see the problem with age! But they look like really good friends nothing more. I’m surprised that the difference in their ages cause so much “notoriety”, they are a cute couple but I dont think it happens.
    I hope Bradley find the pair that he wants, or maybe he is happy alone, I just hope not return with the weird chick from Avatar!

  • Seline

    @ Annie Why is everyone hating on Zoe? Is is becos she’s black. So it’s okay for white girls to date/marry black guys but when a black girl dates a hot white guy.She is weird or not a good couple.FYI Bradley likes latinos and dark skin people.Said it an interview .He used to hate his fair skin and blueeyes but now he’s okay with it. His wife was a dark skin Latino and all his serious girlfriend except Renee and Jennifer are women of color.He will end up with a person of color (Latino/Asian or black) much to your chagrin.

  • ??????

    Two things I dont understand!!!!
    Why the prejudice with age? and why some people think he’s gay? have any proof?? photos, videos or something??
    He is a good actor, nothing else matters.

  • TRR

    “I think he’s probably still dating the other skinny actress Zoe don’t know her last name, just kept it on the down low for the spotlight of the Oscar push.”

    Interesting. My thoughts have always been that they’re on some kind of break.
    I won’t believe they’re officially done until one of them dates someone else.

  • ??????

    @Seline: My comment has nothing to do with race, Why I always hear that????
    My boyfriend is black and my mother is Hispanic. I dont hate her but I think she used her relationship with Bradley, to advertise. Perhaps you have not read the news in Spanish, but their publicists puts her as the victim in the stupid stories invented.
    Poor man, people always accuses him “guilty” of failing relationships, I just think he should choose better that’s all.

  • TRR


    You have a link to that interview?

    btw. Esposito is Italian-American. Though I can see why one would think she’s Latin. She’s pretty ethnic looking. Quite tan.

  • Ali

    If she is a real friend then with dudes I assume….

  • Haha

    @princesslh55: You’re so dumb and gross. People don’t care about those old geezers because they are way past making fools of themselves. The mocking is old.

    I’m guessing you’re way too young for Bradley and crushing on him hard so you want to believe it isn’t gross. Keep fantasizing sicko.

  • Traces

    @Seline … Just made that up Bradley Cooper has never said that in a interview, and he’s half Italian and his ex wife Espostito is Italian , and he dated that actress who is blond & blue eyed for more then 3 years , so really your arguments is stupid, he has only dated that Zoe chick a few months, and she looks desperate to hook up with him, dumped her boyfriend of over a decade and she’s so ugly , skin and bones, and a averge face , no great eyes or lips, anything you could point too besides a really wide nose, if she looks that skinny in pictures , imagine in peron.

  • Juicy Lucy

    @Seline: Not necessarity true.He’s also dated Cameron Diaz and Jaimie King (his Kitchen Confidential co star) and both of these women are light skinned. As long as he has great chemistry with someone, he doesn’t care about skin color. Oh and by the way, Jennifer Espisito is Italian and is not as dark skinned as you think.