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Ariana Grande's 'The Way' feat. Mac Miller: JJ Music Monday!

Ariana Grande's 'The Way' feat. Mac Miller: JJ Music Monday!

Ariana Grande‘s new song “The Way” featuring Mac Miller is this week’s pick for and KIIS FM 102.7‘s JJ Music Monday!

The 19-year-old entertainer is best known for her role on the Nickelodeon show Victorious and will soon star in the new series Sam & Cat.

“We’ve made a whole bunch of songs together and I think a couple of the other ones are going to be on the album as well,” Ariana told KIIS FM about working with Mac on the album, due in stores in “late August, September.”

Listen to the song below and buy it now on iTunes!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Ariana Grande’s new song “The Way”?

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Click inside to read the lyrics for Ariana Grande‘s song “The Way”…

(Mac Miller)
Said I’m thinkin bout her every second ever hour
Do my singing in the shower picking petals off of flowers like
Do she love me do she love me not?
I ain’t a player I just….

you give me that kind of something
want it all the time need it everyday
on a scale of 1 to 10 Im on a hundred
never get enough I cant stay away

if you want I got it put that on everything
you can get whatever you need from me
stay by your side Ill never leave you
I aint goin nowhere cuz you’re a keeper

So don’t you worry
baby you got me

I got it bad boy I must admit
you got my heart don’t know how you did it
I don’t care who see it babe
I don’t wanna hide the way I feel when you’re next to me

I love the way x3
I love the way the way I love you.

Oh its so crazy you keep my heart jumping
when you put your lips on mine
and Im the answer aint no question question
cuz boy I know just what you like


(Mac Miller)
I make u feel real find make ya feel real fine
I hope u hit me on my celly when I sneak in your mind
You a princess to the public but a freak when it’s time
said your bed be feelin lonely so you sleepin in mine
come and watch a movie with me
american beauty or bruce almighty thats groovy
just come and move closer to me i’ve got some feelings for ya
I’m not gonna get bored of but baby you an adventure
so let me come and explore ya

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  • http://- Kate

    Love it, and love Ariana! : ) Is it just me or does she sound a bit like Mariah Carey? Anyways, great song! X

  • Marika

    Sorry, dislike.

  • Ego

    @Marika: Agreed! I never heard something so generic and bland in my entire life. I’d rather listen to Justin Bieber or One Direction that this schlock!

  • haters gonna hate

    this is so mariah carey.. great voice! loved the whistle register

  • Isabella

    I’M. IN. LOVE. Ariana and Mac are AMAZING <3

  • Ego

    @haters gonna hate: You’re an idiot for comparing her to Mariah Carey. In fact you’re an idiot in general. Learn a thing or two about real music you moron.

  • auri 3.45

    SO first ARIANA GRANDE is my Idol and i am happy when she sing dance and act i am happy that she is a singer dancer and atress

    i love victorious sooo much and i love cat

    and i am happy that she becom a roll in sam-cat

    i wanna say i love ariana grande and victorious
    ps. i am sorry for my eglisch but i am italian


  • xax

    @Ego: fvck you

  • V

    She has a pretty voice

  • Jay

    I love it! man people are so angry when someone good comes along lol go get some lives

  • Sarah

    This is so good! I can totally see it becoming a great summer hit for her! :)

  • Ego

    @xax: No thanks. I don’t do wh0res ;). Well maybe Ariana Grande

  • Ego

    @Jay: After you get some taste idiot ;)

  • Ego

    @Sarah: Too bad its not the summer and it will fall off the itunes chart after a few days ;)

  • Darui

    Everyone has their opinion its ok, I personally love this song and think it deserves to be #1 on iTunes but that’s just MY opinion.

  • Darui

    ego whats wrong with you, you’re just bashing her and other people’s opinons now, get a life bro and stop hating.

  • Darui

    @Ego: ego whats wrong with you, you’re just bashing her and other people’s opinons now, get a life bro and stop hating.

  • Ego

    @Darui: no s**t I’m bashing her. I thought tht was obvious. And of course I’m bashing other opinions. It’s the opinion of retarded teenagers. Nobody takes retarded teenagers seriously. Next!

  • Kristina

    I personally Love this song! She has a fresh voice and ridiculous talent! Amazing that one song can get all “the way” to number 1 on iTunes in 7 hours. :) I’m excited to see how she develops this year.

  • shiri


    What the hell is wrong with you id you dont like the song why are you here giving your same sucky low opinon of it . You hate the song and arrianna grande okay get hateful bitch
    you gotta be tone deaf anyway

  • Ego

    @shiri: exactly. I’m here giving my opinion on a mediocre underwhelming song you idiot. You use not have a lot of common sense eh? How mentally retarded are you?

  • Sad

    It seems like it’s finally getting to him.

  • Chuck

    They totally sampled Big Pun “Still Not A Player.” The result is an unoriginal song that is also heavily auto-tuned. I don’t know who this girl is honestly, but if she planned on making it big, maybe this wasn’t the way to go.

  • Isabelle

    @Chuck: Wait what?!! Ariana Grande DOESN’T NEED AUTOTUNE. She has an amazing voice. Well her fans are mostly teenagers, but I just get amazed with her funny acting, and her beautiful sound, whenever I see my daughter watching her on tv… You really need to watch videos of her singing live. She has a HUGE voice. She used to sing in broadway when she was younger…

  • Isabelle

    But I somehow agree with some of the people in here, not her best song.. She has a really beautiful voice, and she needs to sing songs which will give to her voice what it deserves.