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Jennifer Lawrence & Bradley Cooper: 'Abscam' Project Set!

Jennifer Lawrence & Bradley Cooper: 'Abscam' Project Set!

Jennifer Lawrence wears her hair in an updo while heading to the set of the Untitled David O. Russell/Abscam Project on Monday (March 25) in Boston, Mass.

The 22-year-old actress was joined on the set by her co-star and former Silver Linings Playbook collaborator Bradley Cooper.

Christian Bale, who has been sporting a combover haircut for his role in the flick, was also spotted on set that morning.

Last week, Bradley and his rumored new girlfriend Suki Waterhouse were spotted walking around Boston.

FYI: Bradley is wearing Dolce&Gabbana jacket and Red Wing Heritage boots.

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper on the set…

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jennifer lawrence bradley cooper abscam project set 01
jennifer lawrence bradley cooper abscam project set 02
jennifer lawrence bradley cooper abscam project set 03
jennifer lawrence bradley cooper abscam project set 04
jennifer lawrence bradley cooper abscam project set 05
jennifer lawrence bradley cooper abscam project set 06
jennifer lawrence bradley cooper abscam project set 07
jennifer lawrence bradley cooper abscam project set 08
jennifer lawrence bradley cooper abscam project set 09
jennifer lawrence bradley cooper abscam project set 10
jennifer lawrence bradley cooper abscam project set 11
jennifer lawrence bradley cooper abscam project set 12
jennifer lawrence bradley cooper abscam project set 13
jennifer lawrence bradley cooper abscam project set 14

Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline, FameFlynet Pictures
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  • Star

    Emma Stone was also there to meet jennifer and bradley. All 3 had lunch together. She also met with the director Cameron Crowe with Bradley for the new movie which is going to start shooting soon.

  • Callie

    Jennifer is too young for him at 22, but he’s dating a 20-yr-old? Disappointed.

    It’s good Jennifer turned him down. Now she has to cut her ties from Harvey Weinstein…wait, that connection got her an OSCAR.

  • Toni

    Her hair in this movie is amusing me :P Lol, I dont know if they are going for some really eccentric look, or if it can look really pretty when you see it with the right clothes and settings :P

  • Alaia

    Isn’t her character supposed to be a fortysomething? Quite strange, but I hear the film is only loosely based on the events that happened.

  • Katie

    Can’t wait for this movie!!

  • Laura

    this movie is gonna be sick!

  • Michael

    She’s so overrated!

  • dont hit i’m belgium

    when will we see Cooper’s perm hair(curly) hair? the hairs in this movie are epic

  • Pember

    She was deemed the frontrunner and probable winner since the film premiered at TIFF, when Harvey was immersed in the campaign plans for Django and The Master. He never thought SLP would become such a big player, and would be so embraced by the public. Harvey didnt have to do anything but promote the film, make sure it was seen by everyone. How about you look into what the Lincoln guys were involved in to get a sense of what real dirty award politics is. Harvey doesn’t dominate the game anymore, everyone’s playing and improving it.

  • samuel

    @Michael: find another comment lol, ant to be overrated like her and be in the same movie with christian bale i dont have problem to be overrated, so mcuh jealousy get a life and for someone who didnt like her well y have time to check every post about her and comment, apparently y life sucks

  • AG

    @Callie: The majority voters of the Academy gave her the Oscar. They know more about cinema than you do. Apparently the Screen Actors Guild and the Hollywood Foreign Press (among others) thought her performance was better than all others.

  • funny witch

    #1 Star, how did you know about lunch and met with the director Cameron Crowe?

  • NICE

    i cant wait to see this movie, im glad she will be with christiane bale in another movie, he is great actor, nice to see her in challenging role and different, its great…..CANT WAIT for catching fire and serena,and apparently this movie will be also released the end of the year


    jerremy rener also in this movie!! why we never seen him on the set with others, is he still in this project, anybody know about that?

  • emanuella

    @Star: yeah its true some fans on twitter yesterday post the picture with them in the same restaurant in boston, emma watson and bradley will star shooting their new movie this summer

  • Star


    it is emma stone not emma watson.

    @funny witch
    there were sightings all over twitter and a fan also posted a pic of him in boston with emma.

  • funny witch

    Please!!! Give me a link on photo, I’m endlessly love Emma. Did Jen was there too?

  • Star
  • funny witch

    Thank you!!! But from where info about lunch with Bradley and Jen?

  • Mis


    Someone on twitter said his/her friend went to a party. Jennifer, Bradley and Jeremy were there.

  • Star

    @funny witch

    there were several sightings on twitter from fans. some people said they were able to meet them. i’m not sure if there pics of all 3 together.

  • AG

    Someone posted this on Bradley’s IMDB message board (regarding Suki Waterhouse): I saw them out at a nice restaurant last week. We were hoping the girl was jennifer but it wasn’t. This girl is actually really pretty when put together. She does have a soft little girlish voice. We were sitting by them. Kind of next to them but the tables are a good distance away from each other and I was (awkwardly ease dropping which is rude, I know.) He talks a lot and she looked a little bored. But again this is all speculation based on little observation. There wasn’t much touching and not very much flirting, but who knows. She didn’t speak much, but all i heard her say was she missed london and talked about some modeling thing she is doing in April I believe.(?) He said he wanted to be there and she replied that it was probably best he couldn’t make it. The subject then changed. They must have either just seen a movie or going to a movie. Thats all I caught. They didn’t look weird together but it seemed like he was more into it then her, but that could just be is personality? He has a very loud laugh lol and she looked around when he laughed (the 2 times I noticed) Nobody bothered them that i saw and when they left there wasn’t like hand holding or anything (atleast from the restaurant). She looked older than 20 but with very thick eyebrows. It was a cool surprise to see when visiting Boston though!

  • funny witch

    Guess Bradley using this Suki Waterhouse to make jealous Jennifer)

  • TRR

    @AG: Thanks.
    Not surprised that he’s into her more than she’s into him.

  • mamancita

    Does anyone here believe Jen and Bradley are dating? I personally think they are, but I’d love to hear other people’s opinions on this. :)

  • Nivky

    @AG. Ah because a girl that flys across the alantic when a guy summons .. Sure wouldn’t be into the guy, especially when he’s working probabely most of the time and she just a boody call And she screwed him on the first night the met, so she ain’t a challenge.

  • RK

    Alaia–Actually Marie Weinberg was fifty at the time of her death. She had come forward (as had others) about Weinberg’s nefarious activities (see the online clips). After being publicly intimidated and harassed by Weinberg, and with reports that she would have her son taken away, she chose to take her life. Now she will be portrayed as crazy and trashy, keeping in line with the plot line (that Weinberg is also involved with) of being a “likable” con man.

  • funny witch

    27 RK, where can i read more about this? Isn’t ridiculous that her character will be portrayed by 22 y.o.?

  • Sam

    Thanks JJ , she is my celebrity obsession, which is weird cause I’m never into celebrities, they’re all liberal loons …. But what I really find interesting about movies and celebrity are the back stories not the bullshi! they say in front of the camara, and the back story on SLP is interesting. With Anne Hathway, Mark Walberg, David and Mark had a falling out because of this movie, about money and David really not wanting Mark for the part especally when he turned into a Italian family instead Irish , can you imagine JL with a Mark, he’s not bad but I find him a little to touchy with his female co star, especally in scenes probably would have been all over JL. …… And I hope JL in real life isn’t the usual starlit slut, that reasionlizes banging half the Hollywood men, and instead sticks to dating guys like her last boyfriend, and not guys like DiCaprio, Cooper and especially not banging their directors like KStew. Think that what makes all the celebrity girls start to lose themselves and become insecure when they treat their sex life and bodies like nothing special.

  • Sam

    @ Samuel… What movie is Jennifer doing with Christian Bale besides this one, so it’s true this is a trial run for that Harvey movie about the oil tycoon that Jennifer’s signed onto And didn’t Bale and Hathaway screw around on the Batman set, that’s what I mean about girl actresses sleeping around so much, texting naked pictures of themselves, using thier naked body and sex as commidities and then they all become insecure neurotic messes, look at Hathaway, even the ones on the outside who look great like Charlize, who’s actually a neurotic mess and it happens to the best of them especially to girls like Lawarnce who were brought up with a different moral compass, then a lot of Hollywood. Hope she some how doesn’t but that fu-king town beats the best of them, but since she has a Oscar already and got enough bank from Hunger Games movies, she has the best odds I ever seen.

  • Binga

    @TRR: why do you think this?Do you think that Bradley is a boring man??…I was just wondering..

  • Lauren

    I don’t believe that Bradley and Jennifer are dating, or have ever dated. I think she put him in the friend zone early on and has no intention of moving him out of it.

  • funny witch

    #30 …and then they all become insecure neurotic messes…
    What you mean???

  • TRR


    I used to be her age. (not that long ago) Not that many 20 y/o party girls are into men pushing 40. Trust me. If they are, it’s likely more about what he can do for them…money or in this case, career boosting. If neither scenario is true, then the young woman has a thing for older dudes. Probably why JLaw turned him down. Didn’t need his money nor career help and is not into older men. (latter is jmo. I have no idea does JLaw like older men)
    As for as Bradley, just another notch under his belt.


    @funny witch: woW 3 comments from you ABOUT THE POST LOL, you dont have life? its sucks apparently,many other posts after this and y still here hahahah, sorry for you

  • funny witch

    #35 Did you think, person that wrote 3 comments don’t have a live???

  • funny witch

    By the way, I wrote not 3 but 7 comments, so yeah I’m totally don’t have a live!

  • http://P Rolleyes

    Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawrence and little baby Suki – Bradley Cooper must have be in heaven surrounded by all these young girls. Ewww. What’s up with the likes of Bradley Cooper, Gerard Butler and Leonard Dicaprio? Why do they all behave like they’re prepping for role Humbert Humbert in a new version of Lolita.

  • Dani


    It’s just hard to believe he would be interested in someone that age at all. It’s also weird that she would tell him it’s probably best that he can’t make it to her fashion event. Maybe she’s not that into him. I am a fan of his so I would hate to think she’s using him for attention.

  • http://P Rolleyes

    @ TRR
    I don’t blame her. She should take the money and the pisss out of the stupid Humbert Humbert.

  • Juicy Lucy

    No, I don’t believe that Brad and Jennifer are dating. While she may be young, she has something Brad lacks-common sense. She was probably aware of his reputation for dating his co-stars and decided she’s rather be know for her acting skills than a ho who is just another notch under Bradley’s belt. Not all women in their early twenties want the company of an older man. Suki is obviously so desperate to make a name for herself that she has no problem being known as Bradley’s bedwarmer. I’m sure her parents are very proud of her accomplishment. I couldn’t help but notice that according to IMDB, Bradleys popularity is down a whopping 16% while Gerard Butler’s popularity is up 10% Go figure.

  • http://P Yuck

    GB and BC are creepy guys. Both give off the air of being charming, affable, sincere guy, but then behave in really creepy ways towards women. It kinda makes you shudder.

  • Ash

    Can’t wait to watch this movie!! and Jenn’s other movies as well that are to be released this year, SERENA and Catching Fire.. I do hope after all these heavyweight characters she is doing in these movies, she’ll find time to do a light romance-comedy in the near future.. reading the films she is signed on to do, its some topnotch storylines and acting peieces, like The Ends of the Earth with David O Russel as director, and Cris Terio(Argo) scriptwriter and The Jeannette Walls memoirs “The Glass Castle” which Lionsgate signed her up to do after THG movies are done..

  • Avery

    Do the hairstyling team hate Jennifer why the ridiculous hair, Amy Adams looks like her hairstyle is from 70′ s era but not absurd like Jen’s.

  • lol

    the hair speaks instead of me …. she could not be more ridiculous

  • TRR


    Lawrence’s character is supposed to be in her 40′s. They’re just trying to make her look older.

  • j

    She´s a good actress there´s no doubt about it, but i still think she isn´t a hot woman, she´s just normal girls like her are everywhere.

  • RK

    Dear Funny Witch (#28)–Sorry about the delayed response. Russell and Ellison bought into the latest try of Weinberg as likable con man (1982 being the first), and Deadline just noted that they’re still working on rewrites. Russell must have talked Lawrence into playing Marie, maybe as a way to try and save it (even though she’s thirty years to young). Since you wanted to read up on this, google “Abscam horrors” for a blow by blow of went down back in the day.

  • BooBoo

    Jennifer is beautiful!

  • Mark

    Both Jennifer and Bradley are my favorite actors. They have great chemistry together and they are friends. I would have loved to see them date: I truly believe that there is more to the story, if, Bradley is dating a 20-year old. All I know is that Jen has made Bradley a more serious actor and he would not throw this model relationship in her face, they are both friends. Because of the work they did on silver linings did you see the part Bradley played in the Pines movie – great job.