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Gerard Butler: I Love to Dance!

Gerard Butler: I Love to Dance!

Gerard Butler is dashing while enjoying a three hour meal with friends at the upmarket Locanda Locatelli restaurant on Tuesday (April 2) in London, England.

Earlier in the day, the 43-year-old actor promoted his new film Olympus Has Fallen during a Q&A session at the Apple store.

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“This is how sad I am: after watching This Is It about Michael Jackson, I went to a hip hop one-on-one class. It was just me and this top-notch choreographer. I was running late. I was in the middle of getting ready for Chasing Mavericks so I was this white guy with long hair,” Gerry recently shared about his dancing skills.

He added, “The guy was like, in the nicest way, ‘Why are you here?’ [laughs] I was all right. People always used to say I was born with black in my soul. I loved to dance when I was younger. Any other way of changing it up, you feel like you were almost born again.”

20+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler in a suit for dinner…

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gerard butler i love to dance 01
gerard butler i love to dance 02
gerard butler i love to dance 03
gerard butler i love to dance 04
gerard butler i love to dance 05
gerard butler i love to dance 06
gerard butler i love to dance 07
gerard butler i love to dance 08
gerard butler i love to dance 09
gerard butler i love to dance 10
gerard butler i love to dance 11
gerard butler i love to dance 12
gerard butler i love to dance 13
gerard butler i love to dance 14
gerard butler i love to dance 15
gerard butler i love to dance 16
gerard butler i love to dance 17
gerard butler i love to dance 18
gerard butler i love to dance 19
gerard butler i love to dance 20
gerard butler i love to dance 21

Credit: Will Alexander; Photos: Wenn
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  • Manny

    Let’s hope he was on time this time.

  • kelly

    Gerry is looking hot tonight nice suit and looking happy he sure cleans up well good luck on the rest of the ohf tour Gerry loved the movie looking forward seeing it again hello to all the regular poster aka supporters I have been reading all the comments from the previous post hugs to all

  • KissThis

    I don’t understand why my comments are being moderated and then not posted… I’m not cursing, there’s no hate. What. the. crap. Jared.?

  • Sharon

    What? No 18-25 year old bikini, lingerie, and/or porn model by Gerard Butler’s side? Not even that one from Romania? Madalina Ghenea? Maybe the Sugar Daddy has lost his sugar. Or maybe he just plans to order it up his young and easy tail du jour for room service?
    Only starry eyed girls and desperate old women relegated to fantasy land find this man attractive. If even if only half of what people say about him is true, particularly what girls in HW say about his use of the casting couch, self-respecting women merely find him amusing to watch. Kind of like a clown. No way a woman with any sense of pride would touch him with a 10 foot pole. After all, he’s the guy who brags on Howard Stern about shagging women without even learning their names.

  • Bubba

    Hey Butler, I worked with Michael Jackson. I knew Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson was a friend of mine. Butler, you’re no Michael Jackson.

  • TUT

    Last contact Feb 25
    Last “amazing” comment March 13

    Not clubbing, just promoting.

    I am wearing Chanel. Will I ever see you again?

  • Shelley Poteet

    Looks like his coke-fingernail might be making a comeback.

  • it will never happen

    gerard butler’s fans should just accept what he is when it comes to women. you’ll never see him in a relationship with a woman who —
    a. is less than 10 years younger than he is,
    b. has not been seen by most of the world mostly naked in photographs,
    c. is not seeking fame or promotion in the entertainment industry,
    d. is highly educated,
    e. is accomplished in a career outside the public eye,
    and f. has a body that is merely slender instead of skinny, and on which anything other than her breasts jiggles.
    gerard butler will always take surface level enticements over depth. always. so don’t be pissed at madalina ghenea or any other girl like that who gives him what he wants, what he intentionally seeks out. if it wasn’t them, it would be someone other girl whose assets are fading by the day. it’s his choice, not theirs. he’s going to make the same choice for the rest of his life. the admirable woman his fans want to see him with will never ever happen. that girl will always be in his ‘friend zone.’ brunette buxom barbie will always be in his bed.

  • Connie

    Looking very good Mr. Butler.

  • Buxom Barbie

    @Bubba: Butler, you’re no Michael Jackson. Thank you God!

  • DocP

    What I want to know is why did JJ emphasize it was a three hour meal? Reminds me of Gilligan’s Island, ‘It was a three hour tour”. Also how do they know it was a three hour lunch? did they sit outside the restaurant for 3 hours? And these were the best pics they took?? Talk about waste of a good life, that photographer must be one bored soul. I’m surprised they didn’t post what Gerry had to eat. then again perhaps they’re not reporters, they don’t do investigation just spying.

  • Trying to figure it out

    So he likes to dance? I had Chelsea Handler on tonight and wasn’t really paying much attention to it, when all of a sudden I look up and there is Gerry dancing on a table on some video clip she had. She said it was about 3 months old and was just showing it now. Anyone else see it?

  • The Noise In The Walls

    Looking good Mr. Butler. Glad your movie is doing good too!!

  • cupcake

    Nice suit Gerry.

  • cackling witches

    @Bubba: Butler, you’re no Michael Jackson.
    Thank God for that.

  • Jomi

    Gerard, you are gay. Get out of the closet.

  • Bubba N Boa

    Butler makes my gaydar ping off the walls. He should call me.

  • fan no more

    Once again I have no idea what the heck he’s babbling about. Long hair, Michael Jackson – WTF? He’s obsessed with MJ.

  • CHLA
    One more pic. of Jasmine. Childrens Hospital LA. Lollop theatre

  • dweeb

    sorry, but since I heard the movie sucked, i’m not wasting my time to even per view this hot man…esp if he’s in a bad, crappy movie. Ger-ARd, no more action movies for you!

  • sorry too

    @dweeb: Sorry too that you wasted your time telling the world that really doesn’t care what you think.

  • GFW

    I love this movie’s press junket for one reason more than others: suits.
    Seriously, have we ever seen so many suits on this man? No. Not at all in such a short span of time. He looks well pulled together, and together entirely as in body and mind are connected, and making a major comeback. I’m so happy for him.
    Kind of fell this much needed hit, topic matter, and attention to detail (mostly filmed in CGI) have given him a reprise and he feels really good about it. In control, happy and very proud.

  • truth Great to chat to Gerard Butler
    Gerard Butler coming to IGN’s London office to answer your questions in a Hangout that we’ll be livestreaming to the internet.

  • truth
  • GFW

    There’s his scarf. I like that one. He is looking European again. Me like.
    But putting Gerry on the show WITH the super star (Tom Cruise) is the message. Gerry has arrived. Tom is in good company.

  • GFW

    It’s an Italian restaurant for starters. They eat, then talk business. My guess is he wasn’t alone but left alone. Hard to explain.
    Gerard Butler is not Gay or a homosexual.
    He is saying he booked a dancing session with a top-notch choreographer and this tall white dude showed up with long hair and threw the guy. Why? To add more to his dancing repertoire he went after being inspired by Michael in This Is It! to learn some new steps. Daft, much?

  • Can’tGetEnough

    Mary Ann Zeigler FosterGerard Butler
    Gerry love your Mom she loves to drive that Golf Cart! I almost ran into her! that’s when I recognized who she was! Gerry Butlers Mom! She drives your Step Dad, he didn’t say a word,
    She did all the talking! This was at the Villages in Florida! That’s my Sister Bev with your Mum! We still can’t get over it! She and I just the night before watched 2 of your movies, had a Gerry Butler Marathon! We love you Big Fans!!

  • JS


    I think his poor dad can’t get a word in edgeways!

  • JS

    @Shelley Poteet:

    What are you talking about?

  • May I point out


    Michael Jackson was weird!

  • May I point out

    @it will never happen:

    “brunette buxom barbie will always be in his bed.”

    MG is hardly buxom!

  • May I point out


    I have a gay friend who claims he and a couple of his friends can tell a gay man a mile off and get vibes from them. All three say they get nothing at all from GB.

  • GFW

    Right. That’s because he isn’t Gay ye the has Gay friends. He isn’t insulted being called Gay or having them attracted to him.
    No, her husband is her copilot and she’s the pilot in their relationship. A happy wife = a happy husband. Gerry needs a woman much like his mom, his first love.

  • GFW

    I’m not too sure why Gerry always appears anxious here at first. It is more or does he appear as if he’s uncomfortable being in the spotlight? I like this. Could it be he doesn’t trust it? Lacks interest in it? Could be fed up with it too? Either way he’s making the right choice of being professional now, and it’s paying off. I just don’t want him angry that it is too much too late. No. For everything a reason. Sometimes we need criticism to grow.
    Many could have wanted him to stick to action-type films all along? Who knows. Whatever a spell or hex or curse has been lifted and he is getting some much needed respect.

  • JS


    He has said that he doesn’t really like interviews and I think he is quite shy. You can see that when he enters a room and always seems a bit lost at first.

  • Gerryfan

    @May I point out:

    “MG is hardly buxom!”

    No, and what she does have isn’t even real.

  • yates

    Looking good…really good…GB!!! <3

  • Sunshine Daydream

    Looking so forward to seeing OHF this weekend. He seems so peaceful just now. These last few threads have revealed a happy man, in my opinion. I am quite excited if the chat about a movie on Robert the Bruce is true.

  • Ria


    And even with implants she doesn’t measure up to his ex.

  • I think


    He does come over as shy at times and I think it’s very endearing.

  • Hatesuckups

    @I think: Ya sure and the fact that he’s hot has nothing to do with him being “endearing” If he looked like the elephant man he wouldn’t appear so endearing to you.

  • GFW

    Oh, I’m well aware how shy he is. Just making conversation here is all. Thanks!
    who thinks your mate should be your V8

  • GFW

    @Sunshine Daydream:
    “I am quite excited if the chat about a movie on Robert the Bruce is true.”
    Me as well but didn’t we read that a “villain” is his next role he’s considering? That, this? Or is that this, that? LOL I am myself.

  • Sorry if repost
  • GFW

    If he was a manager at Home Depot he wouldn’t have been so appealing to Ms Hiroshima either.
    To me, his looks and talent are there in equal measures and equally attractive.
    who wouldn’t still be around if he were just a good looking lug for as long as I have or still championing his work like I do

  • lol

    @cackling witches: He may be more like Michael Jackson that he’d ever care to admit.

  • GFW

    Shut up. That’s foul.

  • Whatever?

    Why when I come to this site it I feel that I am watching an episode of The Bachelor?

  • @gfw

    Waiting for Rome, and your responses when he’s reunited with her.

  • wild, young and free

    30 days apart is too long for me