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Jonas Brothers - 'Pom Poms' Music Video - Watch Now!

Jonas Brothers - 'Pom Poms' Music Video - Watch Now!

Check out the premiere of Jonas Brothers‘s brand new music video for their song “Pom Poms“!

The guys – Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas, and Kevin Jonas are seen showing off their musical talents on the football field.

“Pom Poms” is the first single off the Jonas Brothers‘ upcoming fifth album, out later this year.

The band has been on break for four years, with their last album Lines, Vines and Trying Times being released in 2009.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the music video for the Jonas Brothers’ new single “Pom Poms?”

Jonas Brothers – ‘Pom Poms’ Music Video
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  • C@$VILLE

    Used to be somewhat of a fan (I only like the last album they released in 2009) but this is really stupid and pointless. Catchy for a sec, but then you notice how stupid it is and it becomes annoying. Worse than Justin Timberlake’s attempt at “big comeback’ ………


    They’re nice boys but that was really stupid. Their last album was their best(only?) achievement in terms of music… this song and video are both really crap, sorry to say.


    oh so NOW you post my comment Jared?!?! Wtf

  • Lola

    Weren’t they a Christian band once upon a time, lol?

  • Yep



  • Andy

    This is. TERRIBLE. If this is their comeback they’d better stayed out of business.
    It breaks my heart to see musicians that once i appreciated suck this bad.

  • kami

    i have two comments awaiting moderation.

  • shanghai

    Yes kind of disappointed since I know they are good musicians and had hoped they would produce a more mature sound since many of their fans are now late teens or early twenties. Really hope some other songs from the album are better. Am I the only person who finds the trashy dancers offensive – I may be conservative but don’t consider myself a prude?

  • Some say tomato..

    @shanghai: Lets be clear…these 3 are NOT musicians, they are entertainers. Big difference. They do not really play instruments, only pretend. They have back up musicians to cover them.

  • jane


  • really though


    the song is catchy as hell. and im like you, conservative yet not prude so ill have to agree that i wasnt digging the dancers. i think mostly my problem with this music video is the girls out fits :/ the ass shaking as well to an extent but i can over look that if theyre properly dressed lol
    also, they kind of threw me off with the choir -_- like dont put cheerleaders and gospel singers in the same mix, its like disrespecting a nun.

    i get it. they are going to have more mature content, fine. im not expecting Year 3000 or anything. but idk….this was a little eh…

  • really though

    @Some say tomato..:

    they identify themselves as musicians. and they do play their instruments. theyve done it live several times.

    the entertainers are more like britney and beyonce since they literally have to perform a whole to do whilst they sing.

  • unamed

    Their comeback is ok. I don’t find it terrible or awesome worthy(kinda wondering if it was because of the 5 teasers I watched). Anyway it’s just ok. The music is different somewhat, kinda catchy and truthfully I am wondering about the lyrics. Nick said the line “Put your pom poms down for me “was a metaphor. I see it to a sense. Still I’m grateful that they ae trying

  • Daisy

    LOVED IT!!! I loved this song. Very good!. But I really didn’t like the girls in the video. The song was GREAT!!! :D

  • olga

    @unamed: It’s what he thought would sound like a euphamism. What does it sound like in reality? Just stupid… nothing more…

  • APPI

    The person saying they do not actually play their instruments is obviously not a fan and has never been to one of their concerts. Nick plays guitar, keyboard and drums and Kevin plays guitar. Joe and Nick trade off on lead vocals and harmony and they have a back up band that’s been with them for years. They write all their own music. This is meant to be a fun song and is just one song from the upcoming album. Makes me want to dance and if you find the video offensive, you might not want to go to a major league football game. Those cheerleaders are always putting down their pom poms.

  • talia

    may not be the best song but at least you can dance to it

  • Rachel^^

    Please people who have bad comments about the girls dancing, and dressed.
    Most girls of that age walk around like this and and i mean people who are around twenty years!
    the guys need to go along with their time and age too, they are getting older and all the music styles from before is changing, to the music you hear now. It is new but if you are a fan you get used to it!

  • Helen Walford

    Well I for one loved it! Great to see the guys back again – and actually they each play instruments – I’ve seen them live twice and was blown away. :)

  • Jay

    lol I liked it

  • http://Mosty96 Mosty

    Oh my gosh This song hit it i loved it and congtrars to jonatic that waited 4 years its amazing

  • Stereotypemuch?!

    Alright.. so I agree I used to be majorly obsessed with these boys from third grade all the way to my freshman year in high school. I expected more from them although it is kinda catchy. I don’t agree with the dancing or the outfits either especially from a band I used to look up to my whole childhood… but don’t go throwing the word “cheerleaders” around like a cheerleader is some kind of porn star saying you can’t mix cheer and gospel? Really? No one said they were cheerleaders… they’re dancers… I’m a cheerleader at my school and I don’t drink, do drugs, smoke, or have sex. Nor do I dress or act in vial ways. So, just please be careful with your wording next to time. I’m a Christian and this video is a bit disgraceful to me also. I also happen to be a cheerleader and was a little offend by your words.

  • Stereotypemuch?!

    with that being said.. .you guys should have expected this… I mean I haven’t heard much from Nick or Kevin the past few years but did any of you “true” fans listen to Joe’s newer music… “cough” “cough” Just in love isn’t the most moral video ever either… xD

  • sadtimes

    Wow, what happened to those Christian boys?? This video is so low class! I was a fan of them loooooonng time ago and fell in love with who they were more than anything else. Their music was just a bonus. But now they’ve lost their purity rings (we’ll leave Kevin outta this one), got tattoos, writing songs with dirty euphemisms and dancers, have rumours about sex tapes, and Nick is going to star in sex-crazed movie about an extra-marital affair?? It’s so hard to watch these guys… you know “growing up” is not an excuse for bad behaviour. Those very same vows they made as children were to protect them from becoming THIS :(

  • satellite25

    I LOVED IT!!!! I think they are excellent singers!!! I can’t wait for the album to come out!!! BUT, i did NOT like the booty shorts :P really JONAS BROTHERS??? Who is your Audience?

  • Kris


    I found this video to be disrespectful to women, offensive in its use of a gospel choir with half naked gyrating girls….and not a very mature sound at all.

    Really disappointed in this…..

  • http://@SyalinDirection Syalin

    I find the song really really catchy!! Well the boys are growing up and they will try new things. Half of the female singers we have now sings in their lingerie but people just accept it so i don’t get the response to this. No doubt, the JoBros always has been more conservative and all but well they’re experimenting.. and you’ve got to admit, the whole song has such a good vibe to it.. so old school..

  • Mel

    que emocion el video mas lindo del mundo

  • KP

    Pretty catchy. I actually like that they are trying to be more mature. I mean think about it. They just came back. Give them time to warm up a bit and soon they’ll be more popular than ever. They just need time to catch up with todays music.

  • Leah Marodi

    I missed the Jonas Brothers so much!!! So glad they are back<3333 This song is so CATCHY :))))))))) cant get it out of head, i used to like nick jonas i still like him!! Man, I'm so glad there back! yay

  • Yamila

    I’ll comment as a Jonas fan. Maybe this song isn’t so deep, but when album’s single promotional of any artist was?
    The song is catchy. Sound good. Let us enjoy it. Thanks
    Well.. The Jonas Brothers aren’t musicians? Please, I invite you to buy a ticket of any concert of them, you will sure they are great musicians. Kev is amazing playing the guitar and singing his solos, Joe’s voice is very great, inclusive much better of before. Nick is so talented to playing instruments and singing (acting too).
    Don’t talk if you don’t know.
    Jonas I love you.

  • I won’t lie and say I’m not disappointed. I wasn’t necessarily expecting something profound and inspirational as their comeback single, but that atrocity? I don’t even know what’s going on. One shot of booty shorts, the next shot of a gospel choir? What? I can seem the trying to become popular by giving society what they seem to want, but is that the only way? A lot of us liked them before when they were just being themselves and showing what a good job their parents did at raising them.

    By the way, Nick really can’t dance… :)

  • Ricardo Garcia

    So my 19yrs old daughter comes to me and says Dad did you the new Jonas video? It’s disgusting!… Let me explain. I’m one of those fathers who keeps up with music and my taste is mixed across many decades and artists. Most often than not i like a song rather than a singer. In the case of JB I like a few of their songs, like the sound they had produced, like the fact that they were Christian based and were clean cut guys. I even have Love bug in my short list of fab video&song play list. Now this video and song is several steps back from what we would have expected from the Bros. The dancers are ill dressed and trashy, the lirics are offensive and sexual and putting a gospel choir in the middle of it all? It’s bad karma! Sorry guys! My 19yrs and 16yrs old children dislike it as much as I do.We won’t be buying it! Wasted talent is hard to watch!

  • Cinderella

    I loved this song. Very good!. But I really didn’t like the girls in the video. The song was GREAT!!!