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Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson: Coachella with Katy Perry!

Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson: Coachella with Katy Perry!

Kristen Stewart and her boyfriend Robert Pattinson spend time together while watching Jurassic 5 perform during the 2013 Coachella Music Festival on Friday (April 12) in Indio, Calif.

The 23-year-old actress was joined by gal pals Katy Perry and Tamra Natisin.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kristen Stewart

On the same day, Katy was spotted attending Harper Bazaar‘s Coachella Poolside Fete, where she hugged DJ Mia Moretti.

Earlier in the week, Kristen and Rob reportedly celebrated her birthday at Malo Restaurant.

“They celebrated with Mexican food, beers and margaritas. Kristen was in a great mood,” a source shared to People. “She and Rob seemed great too. They were a bit affectionate, but mostly mingled separately.”

FYI: Kristen is wearing a Fall 2013 Jonathan Simkhai skirt.

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  • TheDudeAbides

    Word is, Kristen, Bob, and Katy are pretty tight…

  • Rupert Sanders

    stinky people :p

  • Jessie

    I hope he doesn’t become a drunk trying to stomach being around his ‘love’. Some guys just like public humiliation. There is a song called What a fool believes, Pattinson should own that song.
    That ‘they mostly mingled separately,’ does that mean this is just for show to repair HER reputation. Hell. of a good idea.

  • Ally Mataj
  • jill


    Jessie, stop being ridiculous, and stop telling Rob what he should do. He’s a grown up, he loves her, he’s happy. Go get a boyfriend because he is never going to be yours. xxx

  • Melanie

    Aw, cute couple! And i love Katy and Kristen being friends. Rob is sweet!

  • L

    Even though they’re superduper private, Doormat and the infamous Home-Wrecker wouldn’t miss pap heaven coachella for the world; they look like they just belong uk, with the rest of the Tryhard HW hipsters and D listed celebrities. Their irrelevancy is around the corner, I can already smell it from here.

  • Diana

    Kristen is gorgeous

  • Tru

    Robert Pattinson and KStew always look like dirty, filthy hipsters so they must be in heaven at Coachella.

    What does Kristen Stewart even do anymore? Aside from turning up looking and acting like a hot mess at the Oscars all I ever see or hear about her is going to bars, clubs, gigs, parties, walking around LA with Pattinson and their group of nasty looking friends?

  • Diana


    HAHA ‘L’ is on here throwing a tantrum again. Joy! :)

  • amee


    I’m sorry but most of the freeloading, publicity seeking hipsters at Coachella are yanks – Paris/Nicky Hilton, Kate Boswoth, Vaessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, Lynsey Lohan, Whitney Port, Katy Perry, Kirsten Stewart etc. America invented these kind of people & LA is a city full of them. Most of the people that go don’t actually buy tickets – they’re all so-called ‘VIPs”.

    You can give me Glastonbury or Bencassim or the Big Day Out over this so called “art” & “music” festival any day of the week. Most of the attendees wouldn’t know what either of those things were even if it hit them in the face.

  • L


    lol am I famous?? hahaha nah just here to laugh at the delusions of their stans who think doormat and homewrecker are getting anywhere; and at the talent-less stinky irrelevant hipsters of course ;)

  • Diana


    Yes, because it’s been so long since Kristen was working on/promoting a film

    ahem… December! She’s just spent the past 5 years shouldering a massive franchise! Why can’t she stay in the one place for a while and enjoy her money and hang out with her friends! You are just jealous that you can’t do that. And honey, don’t worry, Kristen has plenty of things in the pipeline. If you only knew! HA!

  • Diana


    lol Oh really? This is a sighting of them just minutes ago –

    ‘they were walking with each other and friends they were holding hands and he was drinking a beer as well. kristen is so pretty’

    Poor L, so bitter, so pressed. Meanwhile, multi millionaires Rob and Kristen are out living their lives TOGETHER. Are you going to spend the night on here insulting them? Nothing better to do on a Saturday night? Thought not. PATHETIC lol

  • L


    Absolutely agree, most of these Dlisted celebrities were given free VIP tickets and are there just to be seen than the actual music.
    Coachella 2013 has the worst lineup in years, the only notables are Nick Cave and the bad seed and stone roses but that’s about it, and lou reed even This festival is just too HW and to cater its attention-who res.

  • Tru

    WTF? Am I supposed to give her cookie for performing promo that is a contractual obligation? I’m talking about actually filming a movie. She’s allegedly an actress and acting is allegedly her job but looking at her resume she hasn’t worked on a new movie since 2011 and has nothing coming out in the near future.

    Anyway RPattz and Taylor Lautner were also ‘shouldering’ the same franchise and they have both worked and promoted stuff since.

  • L


    hahahahahahha omfg that right there.lolol you stalker effing loon hahaha
    nah is still early here, we don’t go out till midnight around here.
    I hope you do go out tho, so you can rest from stalking and stop daydream and living vicariously through these two multimillionaires beauties~ go out it might cease the desperate need to be them or part of them lol :D

  • Diana


    ‘This festival is just too HW and to cater its attention-who res.’

    Is that why Liberty Ross, a washed up model and non existent actress turned up??????

    haha! You said it!

  • L

    Of course you wouldn’t know how to read.. Bye :)

  • Diana


    You just said she hasn’t worked. Promoting is work! Actors say it’s harder than filming. Why are you so obsessed with her work schedule if you hate her? She’s been signed up for 2 big studio films and an indie. You are making out like she can’t get a job. Do you realise how dumb that looks?

    Rob didn’t film for more than a year either, did you shit yourself then? No.

    Run along!

  • Victoria

    I think Robert doesn’t realise how idiot he looks playing Kristen’s PDA game, i actually think he feels sorry for her because she has no job.

  • Diana


    lol it’s 1am in London, i’ve been out! Poor you, im happy for them. You are the loser internet poster spewing crap!

  • Markk


    lol what? PDA game?no, just no. just stop it. Really, stop

  • TinyPixie

    Kristen’s career is on the skids. The movies she’s signed up for are awful. Ask yourself if Emma Stone or Jennifer Lawrence would be offered something called ‘The Big Show.’ Yeah, no.

    She’s over, whether her superfans admit it or not. So her and Pattinson have to get photographed together every day and become one of THOSE couples just to remind the public they even still exist.

    When it comes to Hollywood they are already irrelevant. So now they just wander LA calling the paps, documenting their fake relationship as they have absolutely nothing better to do.

  • Tru

    @Diana: @Diana: Are you being deliberately obtuse or misreading my posts on purpose? I specifically said in my last post that she she hasn’t worked on a movie since 2011. Obviously when I ask what she does anymore I am asking about her acting. She is supposed to be an actress and her job is to act. Promo is part of the job but it’s not her career. She’s not Kim f***ing Kardashian whose career is promo.

    And are you trying to make her worse by comparing her to the Pattinson dude because you just proved my point as according to you he was unemployed for less time, was also shouldering the same franchise and has worked since.

    I don’t know why you are so defensive anyway. It’s blatantly obvious that she’d rather spend time hanging out and getting high with her hanger-ons. That’s her prerogative and she’s rich enough to do it. I was just curious as I’ve never cared for her but a few years ago they were touting her as the next big thing but her career seems to have petered out in comparison to many of the actresses in her age group.

  • Jeffrey Sean Keith

    @TheDudeAbides: There is a word for it the French call it a Menage a Trois(threesome)

  • Guest

    @Tru: She wrapped OTR in 2010 even though it is listed as a 2012 film on her imdb and it has only just come out after endless promotion, so you are right she wrapped SWATH in 2011.

  • rob fan

    Nontens delusional. Stop the excuses PR. Twilight ended. There is no studio that paid PR for 6 years for players, families, fans, reporters … Stop being stupid.
    What studio would pay so much money for such a thing?? You are really dumb, or not do math?
    Summit?? LOL Promo for THE HOST, BD 6??
    Rob is with Kristen because he loves her. There is no gun pointed at his head, a man who will turn 27 years old, not a baby.

  • Lena


    You clearly do not know how the business works, part of THE JOB is promoting, she was working all of last year, between Snow WHite, BD2 and OTR plus the balenciaga stuff. She has signed on for films, they are in pre production. Idiot!

  • lol

    Of course these D Listers ALL want to be photographed. What have these two losers got going. Katy Perry will cling onto any other celeb she hopes being photographed with will elevate her in the limelight. Now that Rihanna got bored with her and John Meyer got bored with her …she wants to be seen with Rob and Kristen and she’d be happy to kick Kristen aside…She hopes this will make her look interesting!


    what differentiates emma stone and jennifer fat lawrence, Kristen has been working for 14 years without stopping, so holidays are not bad. Kristen also has 3 projects the big shoe, FOCUS swath 2 and Warner, then shut your f#ck!ng mouth

  • TinyPixie

    Promotion takes weeks. She’s been unemployed since 2011 and all of her so called films (and they all sound horribly bad) are on hold.

    Her fans sound defensive but her career has certainly petered out. Her film offers are really C-list stuff when she was promoted as the IT girl a few years ago. That obviously hasn’t happened.

    And it hasn’t happened for Pattinson either, who looks like he’s been on a 2 year bender.

    Not good for either of them.

  • Jane


    ‘something called ‘The Big Show.’ Yeah, no.’

    either has Kristen. It’s called The Big Shoe you numpty! I guess Elizabeth Banks and Jim Sturgess are on the skids too??

    Focus is a Warner Bros film, SWATH2 is Universal – how are they bad films? SWATH 1 made 400m plus. More than most actresses can dare to make at the box office.

    Just stop


    uhmm, what differentiates Jennifer Lawrence from Kristen Stinkwart are 2cfacts.

    Jennifer Lawrence has TALENT and she has an Oscar.

    Which is why Lawrence is working non stop with A List actors such as Christian Bale and Bradley Cooper and Stinkwart shows up like a dirty rag at a music festival with Katy Perry.

  • Marco

    @LOL LOL:

    Jennifer L is overrated. She’s lucky she latched onto Weinstein. Peopel are already tired of her hype.

    But interesting that you are here on a Kristen post lol



    Oh SURE what people are tired of her? Prove that! Back up that statement with some names or negative reports. She’s the most respected and adored actress in Hollywood..whereas nobody respects Stinkwart who cheated with her very married director. If that doormat Pattinson wasn’t obligated by contract to keep up the fake relationship she’d be completely shut out of Hollywood.

  • Me3

    Very cute couple. I hope they last. So nice to see forgiveness and love.

  • Ben

    Kristen is only known for being Robs girlfriend. I see no difference with her and Kim Kardashian. Pure trash.

  • Jess

    Rob Pattinson’s so gorgeous <3 can't wait for his next film The Rover awesome actor

  • jen

    Wish there were better pics of what Kris is wearing???
    It looks really cute!!

  • aquarius64

    These two have been photographed more than before recently. They’ve never been papped this much pre-Rupert and without a Twilight movie out. Looks like Kristen is still in image rehab and needs Rob around to clean it up. The gossip press is on them more because it was caught napping with the cheating scandal and it doesn’t want to be caught unaware again. And if you heard about the $40,000 ink pen Rob gave Kristen for her birthday (with the inscription “From R.”) Kristen may still be on probation. Nothing say “I love you” than giving a glorified BIC pen, suitable as a graduation present from your nana or your auntie, to your “true love”.

  • Lou

    I love Perry’s coat!!!

  • Tracy

    @Victoria: I don’t know if he feels sorry for her or not but he is the biggest fool if I ever saw one. He really just looks so stupid and hopeless hanging with her. I have yet to see Tom hanging out with them, and where are Rob’s other friends it seems to all was be Kristen and her friends.

  • Tracy

    Katy Perry is so pretty.

  • Tracy

    @lol: Oh please…Katy has been friends with Rob for a while now. Kristen only got to know Katy because of Rob…don’t get it twisted fool.

  • P

    LOL.. You gotta love delusional people .. They are always good fun on a rainy day !!! For so many non fans they sure know how to flap their gums! I guess they don’t know when to shut their pie holes.. After a while all I see is blah … Blah …. Blah .. Blah !!!!

  • Lucy

    I hope he got tested for STIs, nothing like a loving kind faithful girlfriend that gives you HIV!!!

  • http://yahoo diane

    Doormat and Homewrecker Shoo !