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Alexander Skarsgard: Swedish Singing Hunk!

Alexander Skarsgard: Swedish Singing Hunk!

Alexander Skarsgard dons his favorite cap while visiting an art framing shop with a gal pal on Monday (April 22) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 36-year-old Swedish actor recently showed off his singing chops while promoting his new film Disconnect. Check out the video below!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Alexander Skarsgard

Take a look at some newly released stills below of Alexander in his upcoming film The East, hitting theaters on Friday, May 31.

Alexander Skarsgard – Singing in Swedish

15+ pictures inside of Alexander Skarsgard dropping by an art framing store…

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alexander skarsgard swedish singing hunk 01
alexander skarsgard swedish singing hunk 02
alexander skarsgard swedish singing hunk 03
alexander skarsgard swedish singing hunk 04
alexander skarsgard swedish singing hunk 05
alexander skarsgard swedish singing hunk 06
alexander skarsgard swedish singing hunk 07
alexander skarsgard swedish singing hunk 08
alexander skarsgard swedish singing hunk 09
alexander skarsgard swedish singing hunk 10
alexander skarsgard swedish singing hunk 11
alexander skarsgard swedish singing hunk 12
alexander skarsgard swedish singing hunk 13
alexander skarsgard swedish singing hunk 14
alexander skarsgard swedish singing hunk 15
alexander skarsgard swedish singing hunk 16
alexander skarsgard swedish singing hunk 17
alexander skarsgard swedish singing hunk 18
alexander skarsgard swedish singing hunk 19

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  • snooze

    oh yay another post about this boring person.

  • Bubu

    @snooze: Are u talking about yourself?

  • essie

    he is pretty boring.

  • maria

    hot hot hot but WHO IS THE GIRL???

  • Anne

    Looks like his type

  • ladybug

    A framing shop? If you go to the website helpfully listed on the door it’s an art gallery:

  • chelle

    Oh crap here we go with the “it’s his new whatever ”

    Whoever she is, she’s pretty.


    my sister has a theory that alexander is gay

  • chelle

    And here we go with the “he’s gay” crap again too….. WHO THE FUKC CARES!!!!! He is a very talented and handsome guy…. get over the “he’s gay ” already!! @

  • Keiko

    She’s completely average and needs new pants, whomever she is.

  • maria

    gay, no gay, single, no single, he is sexy, sweet, and a great actor

  • JMG

    He’s so HOT! And he seems to like the blondes! Whoever she is – she’s got gorgeous hair!

  • ladybug

    @chelle: You mean that she’s not secretly his wife/fiancée/gf?
    I’m disappointed! :)

  • chelle

    @ladybug: .I think it’s his pet poodle

  • Cafélady

    Pretty girl. Can’t wait for the “it’s his new gf/relationship”- trolls and the analyzing of the photo-series in detail. ;)
    And before you trolls will write it: yes, they probably would have beautiful kids…:)

    And btw, love that he sings the fan-hymn of his fav. club! Reminds me on our own fan-hymns, who we have here! :))

    The jeans are cool. Yes, really!


    I do not think he’s gay, I just think you have mental problems

  • maria

    it’s wrong that i have a alexander’s neck fetish?

  • Betty

    I am shocked that he did not open the door for her . I guess i am stuck in the mode of gentlemen would open the door for a women .Regardless who she is especially cause he was with her .

  • Cadulech

    Maybe because was not a romantic date,she looks like be the owner or someone who works there and he the shopper.
    If he was in the gentleman mode then it would get confused.

  • Ginger

    Don’t like his jeans. They do nothing for his butt! She’s got that naturally pretty look to her. Thin, beautiful. I’m guessing she’s Scandinavian.

    Betty – I might be wrong on this but I think that has more to do with his culture. I remember reading that Scandinavian’s are very warm and friendly people when you meet them they often appear cold and distant on the outside..something like that.

  • nina

    @Betty: They don’t do all that stuff in Sweden. Swedish women don’t need men to open doors for them. Nor do Swedish men think women need to be treated like delicate flowers.

  • Say What?

    You can’t tell if he opened the door for her or not. She’s already half way through the door when the pictures start. He could have very well opened the door and held it as he walked out. It’s not like its a wide opening for him to stand in. He did turnaround and wait for her. Looks like she drove since she’s the one with the car keys. Pretty girl!

  • maria

    @nina: scandinavians are a much more feminist culture, open the door, paid in restaurant, are not equal attitude, in sweden men an women are at the same level, some attitudes that are considers kind in america are offesive for scandinavian women.

  • Cadulech

    If so then why he did open door to KB?
    Scandinavians are not so cold,that is all lies plus i found more none scandinavians be more cold than them.

  • Lau


    He is so boring that you stalk his posts.

  • Marlene

    He looks very fit and and yummy…

  • FREAKING OUT!!!!!!

    Just saw on Perez Hilton that rumor has it Alex is being killed off episode 6. Episode 7 is titled the funeral. Please Please Please do let this be true.

  • Slinky the Cat

    @Alexandria You just won the internets.

    In other news, Alex is looking casually beautiful today.

  • Slinky the Cat

    Let’s try that again. @Alexandra…

    Fixed. Yep, and still beautiful.

  • toria

    @FREAKING OUT!!!!!!:

    Do you honestly think that True Blood would kill off the character that gets them the most hits? Whether it was intentional or not, Eric/Alex is the star of this show–not Sookie and not Bill. Do you honestly think that HBO is ignorant about just who is driving the ratings? And seeing as how Bill is now truly evil–I would think he’d get killed off before Eric.

  • Warped

    @FREAKING OUT!!!!!!:
    It’s probably just a ratings ploy. There is no way HBO would kill off the main attraction. It would be suicide for TB. Besides vampires turn into goo. Can’t really see a funeral happening for a vampire.

    The girl is really pretty. It would be nice to see him happy with someone.

  • Jojo

    She might be the manager of the gallery, Tess Parker, who also was on True Blood, she kind of looks like her…

  • Cadulech

    He loves more brunettes probably his next gf turn be brunette.

  • annie
  • Cadulech

    Yes,that is the first thing i saw.She looked be the owner or worker.

  • Cadulech

    correction it was for @ Jojo what i wrote of she be the owner or worker

  • Warped


    I think you’re right! She plays Rosie at the Bon Temps police station on TB so he would have known her for a few years now. They’re probably friends and she’s showing him some art work.

  • Lea

    Alex is so cute!! I love his singing!

  • Pink

    That is a date that’s his GF it’s obvious he is taking her out after work.only natural .

  • http://tohelp beautybarbie
  • glue

    … yeah, escpecially after that when she took him to a place where you can frame a photo/paiting and she stayed there while he went back to his car and drove off …

  • glue
  • ladybug

    @Warped: And Perez Hilton isn’t exactly a reliable source.
    Plus, they always say they’ll be a high death toll and it’s always minor or guest characters, not the leads or even major supporting.

  • toria

    Actually she looks a bit like Brit Marling (The East).

  • Joel Twopeny

    Stop Hating He’s Hot And Ur Not!

  • Strange

    Oh my what a goddess!!

  • django

    looks to me like it’s brit marling who he done disconnect with… could be wrong

  • django

    oopps… I mean The East ;)

  • Keiko

    That’s NOT Brit Marling. God, some of you are so dumb. Another poster has already said who it is: it’s the gallery manager who also acts on TB. Good grief. Can’t the man have friends? AND I find it curious that paparazzi were stationed at a random art gallery and found him exiting with a female. I feel so sorry for Alex that there are very few people who don’t use him for attention by tipping off the paps everywhere he goes. You KNOW someone connected to the gallery tipped the paps.