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Beyonce & Andre 3000: 'Back to Black' - Listen Now!

Beyonce & Andre 3000: 'Back to Black' - Listen Now!

Check out this first listen of Beyonce singing a cover of Amy Winehouse‘s track “Back to Black,” featured on The Great Gatsby soundtrack!

The 31-year-old singer is joined on the track by Andre 3000.

DJ/producer Mark Ronson, who co-wrote the original song, premiered the track, featuring Beyonce‘s vocals, during his East Village Radio mixshow.

In case you forgot, The Great Gatsby soundtrack will be available digitally and as a 17-track deluxe edition exclusively at Target on Tuesday, May 7.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Beyonce and Andre 3000′s new take on Amy Winehouse’s Back to Black?

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Credit: Larry Busacca; Photos: Getty
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  • Emy

    Jesus NO!!!

  • Lynne

    Absolutely NOT!

  • micute

    Beyonce’s part makes me wanna dance naked

  • tk

    just… no

  • Jiselle

    stop. please.

  • Mama

    This sounded wayyyyy better as a snippet in the trailer
    Can’t beat Lana n Florence sorry B !!

  • paige

    All I heard was East Village

  • Franson

    The same Beyonce that wants to approve of all pictures of her that end up on the internet.

  • Joey

    well this guarantees i’ll never go to, was that their intention?

  • Avery

    I don’t know I might have liked the song might not if that f-ucken EastVilliage.Com did interrupt the song every 2 seconds, shit that was annoying, but this sounds nothing like the oringal, better people then can say if that’s good or bad.

  • RJ

    Beyonce’s voice sounds much more smooth. I like it.

  • Lizz

    This is offensive to Amy WInehouse’s memory, her fans, everyone. No, just no.

  • ann

    What the hell is this? I guess it’s supposed to have a sound that fits the movie so it’ll probably come off a little better when it’s used in the filmed scenes. But on its own, it just sounds horribly stilted and disconnected. Andre and Bey are talented with their own stuff, but they aren’t a good fit for this song.

  • nguyen tran gia linh

    I Don’t Like…PLSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sdf

    @Lizz: @Lizz: uh, I think there are more things offensive to Amy’s legacy out there, than beyonce and andre rerecording her song.

  • coco

    I hate andre 3000 style everytime I see him in featuring with a singer I like He always ruined the song

  • Moniyumyum

    Mark ronson how could be a part of this is Amy was your musical soul mate?? You betrayed the fans… Most of all Amy. sell out.
    This blows- big time b.l.o.w.s.
    SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!! Flattered and honored????
    I don’t think so…
    That’s what we do on authentic s***
    Your commentary on the song is s***!!

  • elene

    I like beyonce’s part!!!!

  • cindy

    No wonder Amy Winehouse dad hated this verison he said that in inerview it’s crap from both parties! I’m glad Amy doesn’t have to hear this crappy verison.

  • luis

    People that say this to stop, and its a offense to Amys fans… YOU should stop.
    This is a cover for a film, of course the original will always be better than the covers, and if you dont like it you dont have to listen to it, you still have the original one… Does this cover make you be awakened during nights?? Come one, show some minimum respect to other people’s work…
    That’s not bad at all, it’s just a very different way to sing it, that’s all

  • carldeltoro

    @luis everyone can say and think what you want about the song …. it’s really bad .. I made ​​the ears bleed

  • janekay

    i like it…Bey sounds fantastic…i would have left out Andre…

  • Arron Thomas

    Well i don’t think we are going to forget which radio station it was played on LOL

  • ladyb

    What did I just listen to? They butchered the song. I love Amy Winehouse’s music. Please, don’t ruin it.

  • ladyb

    Ok, I just listened to Beyonce’s part. It was good. Then Beyonce should have been the only one to sing it. I heard they did not even get permission from Amy’s Winehouse trustees to use the song. But I think everything is settled now.

  • bethany


    I actually think Beyonce is the worst part of the song. She has a good voice but it simply doesn’t suit the song even with all her vocal acrobatics. The lyrics are so personal to what Amy Winehouse was going through at that time in her life so that she sang it with real emotion. Beyonce is simply singing the lyrics & not feeling them.

    I guess Mark Ronson co- wrote & produced the original so he has a right to play around with it. And the production on the track is incredible. It’s just a shame that with this many talented people together they didn’t create something new.

  • Cozma


  • Tiana

    Didn’t really care for Amy Winehouse music but I literally had to go listen to the original before I made judgement but I honestly don’t like either one I just don’t get in this type of music.

  • Ellie

    well i like it

  • mimi

    Great song I’m not sure I like this newer version. I love amy’s better because it is so haunting and so soulfoul. Maybe Beyonce wasn’t trying to be soulfoul because it was for a movie that depicts a whole bunch of rich people who were not into souuuuuuuuuuuuul.

  • LaCroix

    wow they just ruined that song.

  • Jessie

    What fresh .hell. is this? NOOOOOOOOOOO! There are some songs that should not be covered, this is one. Amy lived this and it had heart because she was in pain. RIP Amy.
    You can argue a lot of things, but not OPINION. People don’t have to like this slap .crap. because you do.

  • loise

    I hate it, hate it, hate it…If I were Amy, I would be turning in my grave. Absolutely terrible.

  • Kim

    Don’t like this version.

  • halli

    They sucked the heart and soul from that song

  • cryssy

    So….maybe it will be good with the movie…..alone…unimpressed

  • BeyonceFlop

    Why is this bitch trying to sound sexy??? This song is not about sex, it’s about pain. Stupid bitch always taking the soul out of everything. I HATE it.

  • lots

    They need a high five right in their faces

  • Toni

    I can only assume there’s a reason they had to make it this way, because this is a great song that I think Andre could’ve really excelled at with B.

    Must be a reason, something about where it was going to go in the movie..

  • DC Arnold

    This is as lazy a cover as I’ve heard in quite some time. Real lack of imagination on Andre 3000′s part. Seems those vocal lessons Jay Z bought Ms. B. may be panning out after all.

  • Wendie Dox

    people are way to hateful and judgemental.

  • Maria

    So funny Amy stole form the Motown sound for Back to Black but people are mad at Beyonce?

  • Taylor

    I like it!!!

  • http://mamajen73 Jennifer A

    AWFUL! Amy’s was so awesome and heartfelt, this is just noise.