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Jennifer Lawrence: 'Great Gatsby' Premiere in New York City!

Jennifer Lawrence: 'Great Gatsby' Premiere in New York City!

Jennifer Lawrence rocks a sleeveless outfit while attending the premiere of The Great Gatsby on Wednesday (May 1) in New York City.

The 22-year-old Silver Linings Playbook actress is wearing a Viktor + Rolf dress and carrying a Valentino bag.

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Jennifer was spotted taking a flight from LAX to JFK the day before, just a day after she was seen having dinner with her ex-boyfriend Nicholas Hoult.

Jen and Nicholas will soon start filming scenes for X-Men: Days of Future Past.

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Credit: Dave Alloca; Photos: Starpix/Just Jared
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  • raven


  • Emily

    Ewwwwww she looks so ugly without makeup BARF

  • Cc

    looks better without make-up

  • Paddy

    She looks like a man-child gone horribly wrong. Where are her standards? Indeed, where are the standards of the academy? Give back that Oscar and crawl back into Mother Earth, man-child, before they all find out you’ve been faking all along! Good gravy!

  • anna

    she looks very beautiful without make-up

  • linda

    i like her dress )) She looks stunning

  • funny witch

    To all of her admirers from the depth of my heart: your JLaw never will be legengary artist like Meryl Streep, Cate Blanchett or Kate Winslet because she decided be peice of pop(trash) culture – famous, rich, overexposed. Look, she win (lol) Oscar and whats her next role – very supporting character Mystique in B-list comics!!!!!!!!!!!!! Smart move for Academy Awards winner! NOT! But, yeah, of course, she got 3 mil, so good for her. Not long time ago Hally Berry too did Catwooman after Oscar – and become launching stock of Hollywood. I wish your idol only the best on that way. Real actresses-future of movie art like Rooney Mara, Mia Wasikowska, Carey Mulligan and even Emma Stone (who lined up project with best directors – Woody Allen, Cameron Crow, Iñárritu) do smal but very decent critically acclaimed movies, while JLow trapped into franchise which give her nothing but a money. Oh and there is David ORussel, of course, who btw has creepy crush on her.

    ps let’s bet why she drop Nick(again) and run to here
    -chasing after Leo
    -chasing after Jake Gyllenhall (was there too)
    -chasing after director Buz Lurman (begging for work)
    -stole attention from Carey Mulligan
    -you option

  • linda

    Her next role Serena and American Hustle

  • Mia


    you are nuts. go back and take your meds and go away.

    she has an Oscar and is starring in the most acclaimed franchise role this decade for a female. Emma Stone has been down the barrel this year, had a flop with her last few movies ( American Gangster) and Carey Mulligan looks like a man, Mia is not going anywhere either . Same as Rooney.

    She is doing X-MEN because she is contractually obligated to, but she has Serena and American Hustle coming up, plus a very critically acclaimed franchise. After these are over she will do more small movies, she already has the respect o the indie world with Burning Plain, Winter’s Bone, etc. go away you ridiculous creature.

  • name

    She reminds me of a koala.

  • Mia

    she looks gorgeous without makeup a natural beautiy= unlike Carey who looks like a pug.

  • MiaLauara


    what the hell do her looks have to do with anything? Her acting ability is beyond reproach at this point. what do her looks have to do with an Oscar?

    WHat made you such a disgusting human being?

  • Clara


    you a sick, nasty individual. Not only did Lawrence deserve her oscar, she looks beautiful here . i saw her in person- she looks like a doll. beautiful, even if she doesn’t alway photograph well she is stunning in person and on camera in motion. her acting ability , talent, charisma, and personality are what makes her unique. i don’t need any more china dolls in hollywood.

  • adriana

    She ‘s a talented actress and she proved It!!!!

  • Amanda

    Gorgeous ! love this chic, simply, classy look on her.

  • f


  • Moreen

    such a classy young lady! Can’t wait to watch Serena.

  • Huh

    What are you all on about with “without makeup”!? LOL are you seriously thinking she is makeup free!? Wow.
    She is at a premier and is clearly wearing makeup, just not as much as she usually wears and before you call me a “hater” – I’m a fan so chill.

  • funny witch

    I mean next role to shooting after Oscar win…
    And about Serena – recently was announced that distributing movie will be Magnolia Pictures which is a bad! sign – its mean that no major distributor that can put money in promo and ads didnt by movie from Production Studio – forget about awards.

    and before her fans started attacking me – Im average onlooker who just has opposite opinion to yours, but totaly equal, so even didnt try me ask didnt wrote my comments. not gonna happens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Amanda

    love this look. so much better natural.

  • Amanda

    funny witch,

    you are on every JLAW post trying to prop up your favorites. you look like a giant pathetic loser making up a narrative on this girl who is lovely and talented. Stop wasting your time on people you don’t like . Also, you can’t even speak English properly or construct a decent sentence. go spew your filth in your own country.

    The actresses you mentioned before all had their dumpy and shitty movies, and I am sure JLAW will be no exception, but they all have done blockbusters. Lawrence is balancing big movies with indies, just like Leo , and will stop after Hunger Games, which is the most coveted role for a female in recent years.

  • Patricia

    cool beans . love it and glad she is out and about.

  • xax

    @funny witch: my option is you are pathetic and just wasted like more than 5 minutes writing that crap paragraph of yours out of hate/jealousy lol

  • genna

    I love her ) She looks beautiful .

  • Alana


  • Rose

    i have never found her to be beautiful with or without makeup but she sure looks 10 years younger without it.

  • Madeline

    Her face is unique, those that don’t find her pretty don’t understand real beauty. sorry.

  • I don’t think she has beautiful features, but she looks cute and fresh here, this natural makeup suits her.

  • Pippa

    These may not be her best pictures, but Jenn is beautiful, naturally beautiful. Saw her myself. she was taking pics with fans after the premiere ! super nice and sweet.

  • Tanvi

    @Funny Witch

    No you probably didn’t mean that, and found out when someone else mentioned she was contract-bound. I’m a HUGE fan of Emma Stone, Mia Wasikowska, Rooney Mara and Carey Mulligan – brilliant actresses.
    And you’re dissing on Jennifer because?? Your opinion isn’t “opposite”, your criticism isn’t constructive, you just hate her trying to be a hipster. I’m Jennifer fan, but there are somethings she says that I don’t find too good in taste THAT DOESN’T MAKE HER A BAD ACTRESS OR A BAD INDIVIDUAL.

    Yeah, reading comments on the internet does you no good, seriously.

  • Alaia

    She looks better with less makeup. Makeup is so overrated especially when people look so much better without it.

  • Pippa

    she isn’t a model & so so she shouldn’t be judged on her appearance. she is an actress & what is important is how she is able to use her face to convey emotion. your comment only serves to make you sound shallow & vapid. you should stick to watching films with megan fox or rosie huntington- whitely if you only care about how somebody looks.

  • jed

    why the hell are you people saying that she looks beautiful “without makeup”?! Please, look at the photos again, she is wearing makeup! can’t you see the eye shadow?

  • Pippa


    nobody said she is n’t wearing any makeup at all, she is wearing obviously some lipstick and mascara, perhaps a bit of shadow, but its very neutral and minimalist for her than what she usually wears. she looks lovely.

  • anne

    Meryl Streep is not the most beautiful woman in the world, but probably the best actress. All actresses of her generation except Glenn Close does not make movies anymore. Because Meryl Streep and glenn close have shown their talent more than their beauty, and the fact that they are not very beautiful, they can play different type of role.
    I’m sure Martin Scorsese, christopher nolan, Terrence Malick engage actresses if only they dressed well. Lol. asks Jessica Alba

  • pris

    first of all, if you think jennifer is ugly, you don’t understand beauty. she’s not conventional but she is definetly beautiful.
    second, why the need to bash carey mulligan? she’s just as gorgeous and talented. and i love that they’re both doing the minimalist makeup thing

  • Amber

    Not a big fan of the look, but she still looks nice.

    Lmao at the top idiots who think anyone goes without makeup to a premiere.

    And, funnywitch, you’re a laughably obsessed, uneducated, completely-consumed-by-hatred imbelice. Go find a life out there, buddy. This is just sad.

  • Cate

    She is wearing make-up just very subtle make-up. She looks good this way-younger and more freshfaced. Simple make-up and not overly fussy dresses are the best look for her I think.

  • name

    i agree. no need to bash carey mulligan, she’s different. she’s a classy and sophisticated girl plus a great actress! jennifer’s great too though she’s less “classy” compared to carey. i mean with the things she says. rooney is different as well, she’s more of the introverted and mousy yet edgy type. great actress again. while emma stone is more on the comical commercial girlfriend type and mia wasikowska’s more on the whimsical thematic one. again, all of them are great actresses just in different ways.

  • Misty

    i like jennifer lawrence. It’s just that I hate the part where she’s always sucking up to harvey weinstein that it looks creepy already. I saw a picture of her pinching harvey’s face/cheeks whatever and it looks soooo creepy and weird. I mean if that’s the way to succeed and win this business then i’m sure a lot of people might do the same…?

  • Toni

    @funny witch: Whats scary here is how much effort you put into that comment. How do you know the future? Lol

  • Pippa


    they are allowed to like one another you know. He sees her as a daughter, if anything.there isn’t anything creepy going on there. they will be working on another soon , To the Ends of the Earth, so its ok.

  • Brando

    What she’s doing there? It’s not her premiere. Attention seeker.

  • LKL

    Ugh, put some make-up!!! Don’t try to be like some stars who really are gorgeous without makeup!!! You fail ….

  • Larysa

    Looks like she went to Premiere, but didn’t walk red carpet. Maybe just wanted to see the movie. Or invite from Leo perhaps?

  • Pippa


    Yes, she is an attention seeker she didn’t even walk the red carpet, didn’t put on makeup , black simple dress, only got photographed at the bar. Unlike Nina Dobrev, etc. who are really there for no reason.

  • Leonara

    soo stunning, natural beauty!

  • Mary


    you suck.

    see ya!

  • LKL

    @Mary: Because I give my own thought? Beauty is behind the eye of the beholder, I prefer her with make-up, the girl has ZERO beauty potential without make-up, just insipid … Deal with it my dear. Yes, see ya!

  • Freestyler

    What the hell is she doing there? Another one who wants a multiple night stand with Leo.