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Ryan Phillippe: Abs Flashing at Deacon's Football Game!

Ryan Phillippe: Abs Flashing at Deacon's Football Game!

Ryan Phillippe shows off his abs while cheering on his cute son Deacon on Saturday (May 4) in Brentwood, Calif.

Last week, the 38-year-old actor was spotted grabbing dinner at Craig’s after his former wife Reese Witherspoon‘s arrest.

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“To the guy wearing the ‘Can’t F*** With Us’ beanie at Starbucks this morning: Thanks for clearing that up for my son on his way to school,” Ryan recently tweeted.

10+ pictures inside of Ryan Phillippe having fun at Deacon‘s football game…

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ryan phillippe abs flashing at deacon football game 01
ryan phillippe abs flashing at deacon football game 02
ryan phillippe abs flashing at deacon football game 03
ryan phillippe abs flashing at deacon football game 04
ryan phillippe abs flashing at deacon football game 05
ryan phillippe abs flashing at deacon football game 06
ryan phillippe abs flashing at deacon football game 07
ryan phillippe abs flashing at deacon football game 08
ryan phillippe abs flashing at deacon football game 09
ryan phillippe abs flashing at deacon football game 10
ryan phillippe abs flashing at deacon football game 11

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  • Me.Phillippe (Spanish)

    Oh dear!!!, my heart beats very fast! His abs! Yum!
    He is HOOOOT and is close to the 40. Yum!

  • tr

    oh boohoo it’s a free country.
    and if he really felt that way he could’ve told the guy in person rather than tweeting about it. lame.

  • delia12

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  • cammyD

    He is a hottie!

  • Someone

    Ryan Phillippe is SO handsome! swoon!

  • @tr

    Witherdrunkcunt, is that you?

  • Twinkie

    He did tell the guy. Idiot!

  • MnL

    What a great dad and a hottie too!

  • donte

    Ryan is looking good at 38!

  • K

    Still would!

  • Dirk_Reese-Fan

    Of course, Ryans body is Iron like a Lion!
    I think he decided to go to the gym in the past, since someone told him, that he has a Baby-Face! So, I can understand why he is going to the gym period. Ryan pushes up his maskulinity to compensate his Baby-Face!
    That´s OK…and a really intelligent decision! It´s a “must” for Ryan, because he is an actor. I have this big underlip, too. If I were an actor, I would go to the gym, too. (Coz´ only jogging does not make great arm-muscles) Otherwise some people would tell me the same stuff.
    Iron – Lion – Ryan – That´s OK !!! And he´s a good father!

  • Pattycake

    @Dirk_Reese-Fan: Thank you for your analysis. Someone should help you work on your passive aggression.

  • mellow

    OMG Ryan is HOT, looking so sexy at age 38!

    And Deacon is growing so fast! He is just adorable! My favorite celeb child along with Ava.

  • Dirk_Reese-Fan

    I just tried to see Ryan through the eyes of procucers, because too much Hollywood-Movies work with stereotypes, because most they want to make movies for a majority. I do not like stereotypes.
    For sure I am aware of, that not everybody is thinking through the filter of stereotypes. That means, that not every woman would say about Ryan, that he has a Baby-Face because of his big lips.(the overlip, too). AND THAT IS GOOD SO. Stereotypes are the “opinion of a bad majority”, who go around as stereotypes (the same like prejudices).
    But it´s good, that we are not all influenced by stereotypes of a majority. It´s good to keep your individuality.
    For example, Reese likes to see a man with big lips, I think. So I think that Reese is very good in kissing. That was an aspect (for sure, together with several other aspects!) why she fall in love with Ryan in the past. Of course, it´s another question, if this aspect was one of the essential ones! (= a “must”) for her. But Toth has a big underlip, too.
    Therefore it can be also good, to have big lips.
    For sure, visual masculinity (there are other forms of masculinity, too) is the whole of several aspects. And women judge always about the whole of all aspects – including the aspects of the other forms of masculinity, too.
    (And even masculinity is not all they are judge about a man, of course!!!)
    And the “thing” with the lips is similar to the “thing” of the arm-muscles.
    Now, Patty, if I had passion aggression, I would go to the gym! But I do not,
    coz´ I think, that it is NOT necessary. So, you´re turning it upside down.
    For sure, there is another way to explain why Ryan pushes up his masculinity to the top (OK, for sure, without steroids!):
    Coz´ he wants to induce the “guardian-instinct” towards younger women, coz´ he likes to be together with such young women like Paulina Slaghter!
    (At least the women for Ryan should be 5 years younger, I estimate)
    So, Patty, if your secret should be the one, that you would like to be together with Ryan, then you could get passion aggression! Coz´ as intelligent and patient as you are (indeed, good qualities!), I think, that you are over 33 or over 35. Not the age, that Ryan is looking for. So don´t get passion aggression, Patty!
    I TRY to foresee what you want to say now: You say, that I´m projection my “problem” on you. And why you say that: Coz´ you have build up a BIG SHIELD, that protects your heart. Nobody shall now, what your heart is speaking. Don´t make your Shield too BIG, Patty. That´s no good for you, I think.
    However, I cannot really know, that you really want to be together with Ryan
    (as a couple). I am not Dom Cop of the movie Inception, who would dive into YOUR dreams in order to extract your secrets (,if I had the ability). (But I tell you the secret, that I keep constantly diaries of dreams since 2006)
    I wish you some nice dreams, Patty!

  • Dirk_Reese-Fan

    Sorry, I used a wrong word. I wanted to write passive aggression.