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Gerard Butler: 'The Great Gatsby' NYC Screening After Party!

Gerard Butler: 'The Great Gatsby' NYC Screening After Party!

Gerard Butler takes off his jacket to pose for a photograph at The Great Gatsby screening after party held at The Lambs Club on Tuesday (May 7) in New York City.

The 43-year-old Scottish actor was joined at the party by the film’s director Baz Luhrmann, Miranda Kerr, Zachary Quinto, Rachel Zoe and her hubby Rodger Berman, Karolina Kurkova, Abby Elliott, and Rachel Roy.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

The day before, Gerard looked handsome dressed head-to-toe in Dolce as he attended the 2013 Met Ball.\

FYI: The party was sponsored by Brooks Brothers and Town & Country and guests drank Caliche Rum cocktails.

15+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler and others at the The Great Gatsby screening after party…

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gerard butler the great gatsby nyc screening after party 01
gerard butler the great gatsby nyc screening after party 02
gerard butler the great gatsby nyc screening after party 03
gerard butler the great gatsby nyc screening after party 04
gerard butler the great gatsby nyc screening after party 05
gerard butler the great gatsby nyc screening after party 06
gerard butler the great gatsby nyc screening after party 07
gerard butler the great gatsby nyc screening after party 08
gerard butler the great gatsby nyc screening after party 09
gerard butler the great gatsby nyc screening after party 10
gerard butler the great gatsby nyc screening after party 11
gerard butler the great gatsby nyc screening after party 12
gerard butler the great gatsby nyc screening after party 13
gerard butler the great gatsby nyc screening after party 14
gerard butler the great gatsby nyc screening after party 15

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  • G?

    the obligatory ‘he looks hot!’ first post.

  • ButlerforPres

    Schmoozing again and a hot yet disheveled bad boy back in the game. Looks like he just got out of bed after a busy 24 hours.

  • Here!

    The same handful of posters will bump this thread into the hundreds within the day as always. Here! Here! Do your psychoanalyst babble!

  • GFW

    I just want to know if he liked the movie? Is it well done? Worth the build-up and hype? How was NYC back then, authentic? Was Tobey annoying? Was he well cast? Who all showed up at the after party? Did Love is Blindness show up in it?
    who loves white shirts on men, fly button jeans as well (blushing)
    who will see this soon when it comes to town
    who knows Leo is on GMA this morning promoting it
    who is a big Carey fan since An Education
    who thinks it is easy to get sucked into the lifestyle
    who read the book ages ago but it feels like yesterday because it is a contemporary story

  • Delilah

    So where’s Leo? This is his movie. Leo & the director should be making the rounds together.

  • Gerryworld

    The rides are back open for business, kids. ROFLMAO

  • Tonya

    since it made peeps chat truly before. still think madi should see it. to answer questions, think it means that both madi and GB are gross. he uses fame money to get way too young pootytang. she uses pootytang to get money fame. both terrible examples. i’m hoping they still together so no one else gets stained.
    Madalina Ghenea -
    Do you have no shame? No pride? You’ve done yet another interview talking about a famous boyfriend, claiming that you don’t really want to talk about said famous boyfriend, when clearly, that’s why they’re interviewing you in the first place. You gave the same, “I don’t want to be a famous man’s girlfriend speech” after you got a whole bunch of attention for sleeping with Leonardo DiCaprio. You gave the same “the men I happen to meet just happen to be famous” speech after you started your “beautiful” relationship with Adrien Brody. Now you’re saying it again about Gerard Butler, who you started shagging only months after DiCaprio and Brody. And we’re supposed to believe you? That you don’t really want to be with these famous men? That you just can’t help yourself? That you have no control and it’s happening against your will? Please.
    You also say that you never wanted to talk about your relationship with Gerard Butler and that he’s the one who spilled at the details about your relationship. You’re bloody ridiculous. The only reason that anyone found out that you and Gerard Butler were dating is because you were posting photos of yourself everywhere that he was reported to be (including his hometown in Scotland) on the public Facebook accounts that you know are watched by the tabloids, because the tabloids have been running the photos you’ve posted on your Facebook pages for years. You were doing that cheap publicity schtick for six months before Gerard Butler ever said word one about you in an interview. But you want everyone to think that you never wanted to talk to the media about him and he’s the one who outed you? You’re a moron.
    And what’s this about you auditioning for a role in one of Gerard Butler’s movies and not getting it? Is that supposed to make people think that you weren’t using him for work? Sorry Anna Nicole. The real actresses in Hollywood already outed the dent you put in the casting couch when Gerard Butler got you that part in the Super-Max razor commercial. No one blames the real actresses for being pissed that you got a role that they were scheduled to audition for at a publicly announced SAG casting call by spreading your legs for the star. You should stop insulting those hardworking, self-respecting actresses further by continuing this stupid “I’m not sleeping my way into fame” farce. Of course you are. Thanks to you, Gerard Butler will now forever have a reputation of booking girls who put out, and actresses working hard to get ahead without demeaning and degrading themselves that way have once again been slapped in the face.
    In other words, you need to shut your mouth and grow up. Stop being a hypocrite by saying one thing about your beliefs and values, and then behaving the complete opposite way. If your reputation has been damaged, you have 100% done that to yourself through the decisions you’ve made and the way you’ve acted. Stop blaming the media and the public, both of which you intentionally exploit, for making you look a cheap floozy . You make yourself look like a cheap floozy. If you don’t stop blaming everyone else and start taking responsibility for your own actions, why should anyone in the US film market want to work with you? If you don’t take responsibility for the consequences of your own actions, why should anyone want to do any kind of business with you?
    If you can’t figure all of this out for yourself, which you obviously can’t, then you should stay in Europe and not come to the United States again. Women here have pride, and do not respect women who sell their bodies for fame, intentionally objectify themselves for money, and blame everyone else for the problems they create. Continue to behave like that and no one in the US will be interested in you beyond how you look in a thong. Grow up, try to acquire some talent, and then work hard to obtain some respect for that talent instead of who has been between your legs.

  • pr works in mysterious ways

    Good post Tonya.

    What astonishes me more is her admission several times that the lied to the casting directors of Dom Hemingway to get the role. And she said she could sing when she couldn’t and there was a scene that required it.

    Well not a very smart thing to do because you can bet other casting directors have and will take note especially if her lies meant delays on set or issues filming certain scenes. Time is money in movieland.

    She is just confirming that she will say anyting to get what she wants, ie
    she is not trustworthy.

    Maybe she needs to avoid interviews for the foreseeable future or get a better publicist to coach her for these things.

    So Leo, Haggis and Gerry all at the same party again. Where is Brody these days?

  • Kali Orexi

    One of he crazed stalkers has posted a formal complaint on Gerry’s official FB page:
    ..Dear Gerry.or Gerry’s PA/Manager…who ever does the uploading of photos etc on this profile….
    ..I am officially putting in this complaint..
    …there is a lack of update …alack of new photo’s..
    …it is mainly a few dedicated..devoted fans that are uploading certain photo’s of basicly it is some of the fans that know more of the where abouts of our beloved Gerry..

    Stalker much?

  • GFW

    @Kali Orexi:
    Bossy much? Ungrateful more?
    He said in his first “Welcome!” video that it was a professional page for his projects as they roll out. When they’re announced they’ll be noted. That person needs to get over themselves. He doesn’t owe anyone anything at his FB page. Why? It’s his, not ours… or in this case… oh, never mind. He keeps his Twitter more up-to-date and that’s got more of a personal vibe to it.
    Again, like I said at the last thread, men run on feelings.

  • elvisgirl

    Gerry is too skinny. I am worried about him. Boy needs to eat.

  • GFW

    Someone at the last thread posted a link showing Gerry signing up for Great Scot. Hope that’s true!

  • GFW


    Scourge of the ladies and occasional actor Gerard Butler has signed on to play the role of Manchester United legend Sir Alex Ferguson in Tom Hoopers’ Great Scot!

    Ferguson, who announced his retirement earlier today, confirmed rumours that he was instrumental in casting Butler in the role.

    “They originally wanted an Englishman, Ralph Fiennes I think it was but I said I’d rather put two rabid ferrets up my kilt then have some soft sassenach play me on screen, said a relaxed looking Ferguson.

    I’ve met with Gerry several times and he’s perfect for the part. He’s a football man and knows the game inside and out but more importantly, he’s been trained in the use of fire arms.”

    Butler is said to be preparing for the role by drinking three bottles of red wine a day practising his gum chewing skills.

    “I don’t know how he does it, said an awe struck Butler

    I’ve been drunk and chewing two packets of double mint a day for a week and I’ve already dislocated my jaw twice. The man’s skull must be made of cast iron!.”

    Joining Butler in Great Scot! is a veritable smorgasbord of acting talent. Already confirmed are Patrick Stewart who will play Ferguson’s mentor Jock Stein, Ben Affleck his former captain marvel Bryan Robson and Johnny Depp will take on the coveted role of French footballing wizard Eric Cantona.

    Kind of funny what he says about Ralph. Eek!
    who thinks there might be a new thread sooner than expected?
    who thinks playing alongside Affleck and Depp might be a chance for steel sharpening steel and since Ben can direct and is a good man at heart, I hope the two pal up!
    who thinks Gerry has a wicked sense of humor

    We’re nearly there but there is still a lot of casting decisions to be made, said director Tom Hooper.

    Currently I’m looking at Daniel Day-Lewis for Arsene Wenger, George Clooney for Jose Mourinho and Peter Dinklage is my number one choice for Rafa Benitez. It’s difficult though as I’m getting calls from everyone in Hollywood begging for a role. Last night David Beckham phoned asking if I’d consider him to play the part of Ryan Giggs!. The mind boggles but it would be nice for David to be involved so in the end I made the sensible decision and cast him as Rio Ferdinand.

  • GFW

    Oh, man… I muked up the formatting, sorry.

  • Kali Orexi

    @GFW: I know, it’s ridiculous! Why do some people think they own the actor they like? I like him, but think he has a right to have some sort of privacy too.

  • SeeSawSally

    The “Great Scot” article was not true. It’s all satire.

    Sorry folks, this one won’t happen.

  • GFW

    “The Studio Exec is a satirical website which publishes spoof articles except for the one’s which are real. To be honest we don’t know which is which but we are confident that you are more intelligent than us and will be able to work it out.”
    who is not intelligent enough to work it out (slinking away) apologizing feeling pretty embarrassed right now
    who did not read the entire article first (sighs) (wincing)

  • GFW

    @Kali Orexi:
    Right, the two media sites are different. No one owns anyone. With the exception God owns our souls.
    who wishes there were a Delete feature here!

  • Too true unfortunately

    @Tonya: IAWTP. Young people in America are already being taught that it’s good to get famous by degrading yourself with all of this reality television and sex tape business. I think Madalina Ghenea using her personal life with leading men in Hollywood to get known is the exact same thing and really worse, since people look up to the leading men and that gives her demeaning behavior some legitimacy in the eyes of young people. We don’t need another example of someone climbing a ladder to Hollywood that’s made of well known johnsons.
    I totally agree that Gerard Butler is just as bad too. He spins a very pretty picture of being a good guy, just a little naughty, boys will by boys, so on, in interviews. Anyone who goes along with what Madalina has been doing isn’t a good guy though, and he has to have been going along with it. He doesn’t strike me as dumb and he would have to be dumb to not know what’s going on. Also things that come up over the past year like his very public diss of Brandi that he tried to justify by saying he didn’t learn her name when he had sex with her, like that makes it better. The really really really manipulative charity photo ops that have been so well timed for PR. It all just makes it seem like everything that’s been said about him through the years about his womanizing and disrespect for women that his fans have all said is wrong is actually right. I don’t think it makes him a bad man through and through. But it does seem like he views women like objects to be used as he pleases.
    There are some fans that will never accept that and that’s fine. Gerard Butler is just there for entertainment so it doesn’t really matter what anyone thinks of him personally. But young people have a hard time distinguishing that stuff when they look at these celebrities and its a shame when they turn out to be really bad role models. They can say that they’re not trying to be role models but when you’re getting paid huge sums of money because of how the public sees you, that’s just part of the job and it’s fair for people to judge them for it I think.

  • Aussie

    GB looks old.I actually think MG would look better with a younger partner and GB would look nice next to a woman over 35.!

  • GFW

    Which is why actors need to be more than famous, they need a brand. A cause. Something beyond themselves. Live well but live a meaningful purpose-driven life.
    If your focus is entirely on you (universal you) you’ll never be happy or own a peaceful inner life but experience bits of it with whatever your thing is, that circumstance. Hard to explain.
    Again, like it or not, it leads back to our faith and our relationship with it or lack of it. That faith drives us, whatever that is and lends us a feeling we never have to be lonely, confused, lost, aimless. Not hard to explain but this isn’t the forum.
    who thinks Gerry got a sense of that down in Mexico which is why he extended his stay there and where, perhaps, he did a lot of soul searching

  • Becky

    @Too true unfortunately: “They can say that they’re not trying to be role models but when you’re getting paid huge sums of money because of how the public sees you, that’s just part of the job and it’s fair for people to judge them for it I think.”
    > Well said. If Gerry doesn’t think that people should consider him a role model and take a hard look at his values off screen, then he shouldn’t do the public charity photo ops. He can’t say that people should support a cause because he does on one hand, and then say that people shouldn’t judge his character based on his conduct on the other. If he really does think that he can do it, then that proves that he does exploit charities for PR. Either he’s an upstanding guy who can present himself to the public as an example of what is and isn’t the right thing to do or he’s not.

  • Dear Abby

    She needs to take a breather from hopping from one celebrity to another and disappear for awhile. IMO her reputation is already shot, but if she wants any chance at overcoming the casting couch stuff, she needs to actually work and stop latching on to these new rich celeb dudes every several months.

  • WeHaveAllMovedOn

    @GFW: agree. Having a brand a cause makes sense.

    We have all dated…or married…have kids….have careers……God…..and the do good stuff we represent

    Going it on s%x………selling yourself on that…..through that…and nothing of a higher purpose…..seems like that could be mentally damaging

    if one were in association with someone like that and they know nothing else but that…….that is a cringeing unhappy road

    i think he is doing an overhaul look on life

  • Great Scot

    …this was also the name of a grocery store…used to shop there when I was younger. Oh, and GB looks hot in these pics!!! ;)

  • WeHaveAllMovedOn

    @Dear Abby: ..she does need to disappear…..

    a couple of threads ago……this girl was being referred in HW as

    ….The Hollywood Bicycle….

    …..Prostitute to the Stars……..

    …..for even a prostitute……that would have been the straw for women that broke the camel’s….despite who it is…..your dignity is important

    (true story. not familiar with term but learned of local couch potatoes……..rode to fame…….still in the local area).

  • GFW

    With time on his hands maybe before this producing project takes seed he could go abroad and work with children. He, under radar, attended an abused children’s fundraiser with Lolita that got zero press. And for the life of me, unless the outfits request, can’t figure out why not? Again, women need to understand things, and men do things based on how they feel.
    We all have a choice in what our footprints are to be. It’s like what does he want to be known for? Remembered as? Is he content with that now? If not, how to tackled that? Then again, does he want to? With my mind’s eye I see a more soulful man than shallow but he’s gotten sucked into a rabbit’s how, which is why habit rhymes with habit, he might eventually wish to climb out of.
    who is going to read Civilization and its Discontents this weekend as I here it is a 90-page book that can open one’s mind…now to what? I don’t know but I’ve got time for 90 pages

  • GFW

    Rabbits hole. (eye roll) What I’m trying to say is to slip out of the environment for a spell. But I’m not ordering it! I just question what does he want to be proud of? Is he meeting his own expectations? Are they too low or too high? He’s got money, fame, yada-yada, but is that (now) enough?
    And if not, what could bring him personal fulfillment? Beyond love and children, which are maybe better achieved if one feels better on the inside? What is his meaning of life? What was he put here for? Scotsmen are driven, soulful and have deep roots in their culture. They see a lot we do not. That part of the country, and even the whole country, have some of the most unique and talented men, and women, on the planet. Is it the soil? Parenting? Education? Faith? What lies within Butler? What’s dying to come out? Give birth Butler, the labor pains are beginning to show!
    Wherever you stand, be the soul of that place.
    ~K, provocative change catalyst
    who by Sun sign is a forward thinker by default
    who has to get back to work [read: you're welcome]

  • italian girl

    He was alone during the Met Gala in NYC. Where was MG??? This was a great occasion for them to show their love to everybody.

    It is obvious that she is not his girlfriend.
    They have surely made an agreement to appear together sometime on the red carpet, but there is no relationship between them at all!!

  • Kali Orexi

    @italian girl: Don’t know where you have been the last couple of days but their relationship has finished, read the posts on this thread and the one re the Met gala.

  • The worm turns

    @italian girl: Catch up, hun. They haven’t been a couple for a very long time now.

  • hump day

    @Too true unfortunately: Actually women using men (or men using women for that matter) to get ahead is as old as the planet. What do you think Anne Boleyn was doing with Henry the VIII or certainly her father was dangling her as bait because the whole family benefitted from a marriage that changed the course of history.

    Now when Elizabeth I became Queen we had the men trying to use her to advance their status.

    The only thing that has changed is that more people think that it is cool to exploit your personal life in all kinds of ways to became famous or rich or both, thinks that would have you banished from social society in days of yore, rather than working hard and being recognized honestly for your achievements. And sadly I am not sure that Butler is not as guilty of the former.

  • My thoughts

    @Too true unfortunately: “The really really really manipulative charity photo ops that have been so well timed for PR.”

    Gerry does charity work to promote the charity not himself. He does a lot for charity that people don’t know about and I, and other people I know, can testify to his kindness and generosity which knows no bounds. He has his faults as we do we all, but his heart is big, caring, and loving and shows the kind of person he really is.

  • My thoughts

    @My thoughts: Should read “As do we all”.

  • My thoughts

    @hump day:” Now when Elizabeth I became Queen”

    Horrible nasty woman who murdered our Queen.

  • dargabriel

    So Where Is The Smokes. Have A Great Day. Love,dargabriel

  • GFW

    @hump day:
    It’s one of the hardest businesses to break into and even harder to come back to after missteps. And Butler has done both. As for how he got in the doors opened to him, that’s his business but how he came back was an honor and pleasure to witness. It took finesse, clarity, determination and what got him through more doors than easy possible casting couch doors the possibly didn’t turn out that well anyways was talent. Take noting nor anyone for granted.
    That said he looks more grateful than in these pictures than he has in a very long time. His eyes never lie.
    who most likely embarrasses Butler very much

  • GFW

    I read where Helen M is playing the Queen on stage and stepped outside to read some loudmouths the Riot Act and they shut up immediately thinking it was her! LOL I adore that woman. See it and say it. Seasoned and spicy, and a woman who plays fair.
    who adored her as Hitchcock’s wife
    who like most women lined up with brilliant men, helped make his career

  • Another One Bites the DUST

    Hmmm…though I do not think Maddie was for him, something disappoints me that it is over THAT fast, damn.
    I mean I knew it wouldn’t last, but after all that public hoopla over her, “She is perfect, she gets me” all that public car/p, for it to be already OVER…Gerry gerry Gerry what are we going to do with you???

  • My thoughts


    I commented on your post in the previous thread but will do so again.
    I was with you all the way on this one until near the end when you said:

    “If you can’t figure all of this out for yourself, which you obviously can’t, then you should stay in Europe and not come to the United States again. Women here have pride, and do not respect women who sell their bodies for fame,”

    European woman do not respect that kind of woman either, that’s one of the reasons GBs mother wasn’t keen on her.

  • hump day

    @My thoughts: Not sure what your comment is referring to unless you are still fighting the war between Protestants and Catholics, in which case you have my sympathies. It’s a bit late and has nothing to do with the analogy. Power is a dirty business and no one knows that better than the Vatican.

  • My thoughts

    @hump day:

    I know it has nothing to do with the analogy and it also has nothing to do with Catholics and Protestants. The bastard Elizabeth, as she is called in Scotland, was responsible for the death of Mary, Queen of Scots and it was just my comment on seeing the vile woman’s name mentioned.

  • Such Arrogance

    To GFW -K
    Reading your posts today you come across like you want Gerard Butler and his fans listen to you. It’s a strange thing to read. You seem to think this board owes you it’s gratitude for your ‘provocative’ posts. I don’t know who you are but you read like someone who is seeking attention from Gerard Butler on the internet and desperate for validation from him. I doubt he reads Just Jared.
    Sorry, but you seem really weird and not insightful at all. It’s like you are copying and pasting from a self-help book and want to teach us. Maybe you are just old.

  • Tanya

    @WeHaveAllMovedOn: “.The Hollywood Bicycle….
    …..Prostitute to the Stars…”

    Ha ha, how very apt.

  • Tanya

    @Suzanne Cummings: In repose to your post on the last thread, you are one nasty, horrible person!

  • Can’tGetEnough

    Jordan_Weller Jordan Weller 3h
    Hanging with @GerardButler at #TheLambsClub #NYC @GatsbyMovie premiere party. @Ivanmbart @GregChanMANAGER @IMGModels

  • Not Happening

    @italian girl:

    If you look at some pictures with Anne Hathaway, there is a very pretty brunette, early 30ies, in a short black sparkly dress who seems to be with him. She’s in several pictures. I think this was his date last night.

    MG blew her chances a long time ago when she couldn’t keep her mouth shut about their relationship.

  • GFW

    @Such Arrogance:
    Advice? Skip me. Last time I checked, my random musings are covered under an Amendment. Have a nice day.

  • Now we know!
  • Not Happening

    @My thoughts:

    Yes, you are right. I only saw recently a picture of him visiting a sick young man at a hospital and that picture wasn’t publicized, no article was written about it and I was even surprised about it and even told a friend what a difference between Gerry who does his charity privately not expecting kudos out of it and MG who wants people to think she’s a saint!

    She even has now a picture of 3 nuns on her wall. I don’t know if this is a hint she’s going to join the convent because Gerry dumped her, lol, or if she paid them to pose for her so she could use them to make herself look good.

    Unfortunately some of the people who are her fans do not seem to see all the B.S. she does and some seem to believe her implicitely even though there might have been signs she was lying during that taped show. There are always signs when somebody is being interviewed if they are lying or hiding something. People who speak the truth do like Gerry did on the Howard Stern when asked if he was going to marry her. He didn’t even need to think about his reply and just blurted out in less than a few seconds that “Nah! Not going to marry her!” This is a sign of being truthful. You cannot blurt out lies as you need to think about them first to see if you can get away with them. Truth no matter how silly or stupid it may sound is something you don’t think about and you blurt out.