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Leonardo DiCaprio Watches Rafael Nadal Defeat Novak Djokovic

Leonardo DiCaprio Watches Rafael Nadal Defeat Novak Djokovic

Leonardo DiCaprio watches from the stands as Rafael Nadal takes on Novak Djokovic for the men’s singles semi-final match as part of the French Open held at Stade Roland Garros on Friday (June 7) in Paris, France.

The 38-year-old actor, who was joined by his BFF Lukas Haas, witnessed Rafael beat Novak 6-4, 3-6, 6-1, 6-7 (3), 9-7.

The day before, Leo and his rumored new gal pal, Victoria’s Secret model Toni Garrn, 20, toured the Palace of Versailles together with a group of pals.

10+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio and Lukas Haas watching the French Open…

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leonardo dicaprio watches rafael nadal beat novak djokovic 02
leonardo dicaprio watches rafael nadal beat novak djokovic 03
leonardo dicaprio watches rafael nadal beat novak djokovic 04
leonardo dicaprio watches rafael nadal beat novak djokovic 05
leonardo dicaprio watches rafael nadal beat novak djokovic 06
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leonardo dicaprio watches rafael nadal beat novak djokovic 08
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Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • #1

    The real couple of Versailles!

  • facepalm

    I saw this coming. Leo all day everyday Jared?

  • liev



  • belgium woman

    @#1: @liev: LOL


  • Mama

    Leokas <3 I don't get why that Toni girl with them tho

  • #6

    @5: Rent-a-beard!

  • silly

    I feel sorry for Lukas. He’s always behind Leo’s as* and Ive never ever seen him with a girlfriend

  • sexyback

    @1 @3 @4 @5 @6 Hahahaha

  • sj

    seemes like Leo is most comfortable with Haas than with any model in this world. thats a pity. he needs to grow up already or coming out, you know

  • shaki

    You are so mean. I bet your sexual lives are poorer than his.

  • clothes

    i don’t like their clothes… this look doesn’t look good for him. and they both (him/lukas) look like they are in their 50′s like this. not attractive to me! but funny once again they are together.

    it’s always the same scenario around this time…. he goes away – vacationing runs into a VS model (or model in general) and then they get pap photos of them touring around europe and he always looks bored in the photos… i would say he hasn’t had a real relationship with a woman since gisele….if that wasn’t staged too-

  • crazingly

    @clothes: There are men who just fall for one person once in a lifetime

  • #1

    D-listed headline:

    Leonardo DiCaprio and his forever soulmate went to Versailles. Oh, and his latest blonde Angel was there too

  • C/G

    Lord, he looks mis-er-able.

  • also

    @14: When was the last time you saw him happy or at least not miserable? Kinda depressing sight of a guy at the beginning of a new relationship.

  • C/G

    @also: A few years. With or without the possible GF rollout, I think it’s good he’s taking some time off.
    I personally would be fisticuffs with the paps though. The man is patient. I’ll give him that.

  • also

    @C/G: I have to agree with the `few years`. Unfortunately. Just like you I was happy that he took a long break but I hoped for some change. Not hitting the replay button and scooping up another 20 years old blondie for another meaningless romance.

  • vagabond

    Celebitchy has an article on Leo from Star.I have to lol.It basically talks about him sleeping with seven woman while in Cannes.Then it says that he is telling friends that he wants to settle down,and he has his eyes on Toni.(huge eyeroll)What did i say?

  • also

    Yeah, it starts early this time around… If it wasn’t for Star and its less than stellar reputation I would even give the Cannes part credit. I think that number was higher… lol

  • @18

    another PR plant to make Leo look like a ladies man. honestly, you never see him affectionate with any women these days.

  • C/G

    @vagabond: The 7 women chain and then a (possible) GF roll out. Coincidence? I don’t know. Who knows what goes on in the minds, hearts, and machines of celebs.
    to me he’s looked sad AND lonely for awhile. Even when caught unawares socializing, he looks sort of filled with malaise.

  • also

    Well, the story is from Star so I doubt there`s any truth to it. Maybe it`s just their take on the Toni rumor ( before the possible roll out photos ). Celebitchy is worth reading for the comments not the stories really.

  • C/G

    @also: They are the best comment. I get a laugh at what people comment – it is b*tchy to be sure.
    A couple years back, the gals there totally outed Phillipe’s people for commenting on his threads. It was pretty funny.

  • also

    @C/G: I know. I love those comments. Even if the stories are BS the comments are good. I still have to finish the ones from today`s post but I already saw some good ones.

  • Anon

    Leo, your forehead is getting bigger by the minute

  • @

    Is it just me? i can’t get it! peole mag said he was with toni in grand pix car race watchin’ plus in ibliz while we know it wasn’t her for sure, even that cars’ watchin’ with her is fals cause she was in nyc at the time and workin’ accordin’ to her twitter! besides the article said they got to be connected in cannes’ amfar while if this article was true or even from pr they gotta know she was in his art auction in nyc before! on the other hand it’s strange for me page six hasn’t said nothing since then up to now with all these pix which every one took it so fast even people mag but page six no, while with adam levin and his gf, it got the news immediatly with no pix! know maybe they say somethin’ tommorow or later just still… while they printed out cara’s gossip accordin’ to style mag! on the other hand look at the gossip cop, it said leo took model toni to the palace with no words about if she’s his gf or somethin’!

  • Joss Whedon

    just tweet this : I’m disgusted when I see some old guy with a younger woman. Or a younger guy with a younger woman. Just couples. Or groups. Any person.”
    makes me think about Toni/Leo…

  • also

    @26: The girl in the van was misidentified and nobody, even People, bothered to check. KR will remain ‘Toni’. Leo was in Monaco with Cameron Diaz and with the Russian girl afterwards. Toni popped up all of a sudden like Erin in Sydney. Also Toni had a statement that it was always nice to meet Leo at event so clearly they knew each other before. Facts are not always checked. At the beginning all his gf were called ‘rumored girlfriends’ so gossipcop not saying it might not mean anything. Or maybe it’s just a fling… Time will tell!
    I also found it interesting that Page Six didnt say anything. Who knows why?

  • @

    And more important, why he wasn’t sittin’ with toni at this tennis game if she’s his gf while he went out with her at that palace which there r not paps in there like that love bridge local of paris! he even wasn’t closed to her to see at least one glimps of ‘em! he was with erin-gisele-bar all of ‘em side by side while they were known as couple even with erin which we just had a twitt pix of them nothin’ else, so it can’t be just because of ”rolling out” yesterday and they don’t need nothin’!don’t wanna say they’r not datin’ or else! just sayin’ with these things at this position to me, it’s like anna v ”roll out” in front of paps in mexico and then nothin’ ! i still hope he stand up as a single and don’t go with any model anymore! almost 4 months later it’s one yr for him to stay single and i was really happy for him but then this..just nooooo! funny thin’ is jj,3 news of leo in the row just in one day like wanna pass toni news so fast!hehe(just funny)! Wanned to know your opinions about these! xx

  • @28

    Maybe cause it was the NY Daily News gossip pages that mentioned it first and they are rival papers. Just a guess.

  • also

    It could be but the Daily News article was based on a mistake. Maybe Page Six didn’t check the girl’s identity either! Or Page Six just didn’t have sources! Daily News broke the story about Leo and Miranda Kerr and Page Six had a post about it later IF I remember well…
    @29: I see your point. There are some things that are a little puzzling about Leo and Toni. We have to wait and see what it is. If it’s on I somehow don’t see it being any different or longer that the Erin romance. But I agree with you on one thing. It was good to see him single for a longer period and it would have been good if it ends better. With a change and a departure from the 20 years old blondes. But who am I kidding?

  • cleo_dicaprio

    Why are their hands together in the photos?

  • cleo_dicaprio

    (leo and lukas (name?) hands together at the tennis match)

  • cleo_dicaprio

    lol thats his leg I thought it was lukas’s arm hahaha

  • vagabond

    @C/G and @also I agree with you on him not looking happy he hasn’t for awhile,and yes the celebitchy comments are funny.Sometimes the write ups are pretty good too.Sadly,it seems like his defenders are dwindling except for the few on the bellazon site.What I mean by that is the comments all seem to be the same as on here.Anyway if this is the official girlfriend roll out it was pretty lackluster.
    What do guys think about this Rasputin project?

  • C/G
    Uhh…he’ll be great, of course, but I am lukewarm about the subject. That said, it would be another chance for him to push boundaries in the material he chooses. I’m still hoping he’ll do “The Devil in White City” – creepy, dark.
    So much for me going out. I fell asleep. So exhausted. Guess I’ll flake out some more.
    Nite, all.

  • Mama

    Why is this story at the top now wtf ?!?!! Just like the Versailles , fishy things be gwanning …

  • Madre

    @26: Because they are not dating. This has been just one corn thats turned into an acre field of rumors just because of him being without a female for such a long time, and then suddenly if someone pops up…. “aaah, it gotta be her”!!!! ….. *shakes head*

  • Madre

    @29: Exactly. What is Toni and Bar doing on the other side of the same arena and he sits with his buddies Lukas +++. Just doesnt add up

  • Madre

    @28/also : That is the other point here. People Magazine is not always right. We usually count on them, but neither should we be this shallow to think they ARE right in every single situation. just that missing correction of the girl in the van tells it.. Its a mag, like every mag even if they got associations.

  • @39

    Where do you see Toni and Bar sitting together on the other side of the arena?
    Your ramblings are making you hallucinate

  • Madre

    @41: ah you ramble. I never said they sat together, Bar and Toni was at the same PLACE, but not sitting next to Lukas and Leo. They were at a totally different seating. Get my point will ya!

  • @42

    Bar and Toni at the same place. Huh? You always demand pics to prove something so please pics to prove this fact then. There is an instagram pic of Toni at tennis, Getty pics of Leo and Tobey at tennic, so where are pics of Bar in this karmic traingle? Talk about a conversation that makes one drop IQ points

  • also

    @43: I have not seen photos of Bar this year but she has been there before and as far as I remember she plays tennis as well so it`s not hard to believe she was there.

  • @44

    Her being there before is neither here nor there. You guys keep saying you need proof of this or that. The poster stated Leo and Lukas were on one side while Toni and Bar were on the other to disprove the relationship very odd to me. I mean she was there and no one else saw her? No pic agencies or her own tweets? Its interesting how you lot demand pics, timeline of this or that to dsiprove/prove Leo and Toni’s dalliance but when asked for pictures of your own claims and conspiracies that sound equally wtf say well “she plays tennis ergo she could have being there, I believe it”

  • also

    @45: READ MY COMMENT! I never said I believed it I said it`s not hard to believe it because she is a tennis fan. What does it matter? The point was that Toni was not sitting with Leo and who cares about Bar? I don`t even understand why she was brought up even if she was there…

  • @46

    : Right!

  • kelly

    The only GF Leo ever loved in Gisele. Bar fans can blindly believe what they want. I feel kinda bad for him that he lost her because he couldn’t commit.

  • kelly

    Bar is a has been- she might have been there but not one noticed/cared enough to photograph her.

  • LOL

    I see Bradley IS still dating Suki. Pls let get double date pictures preferably on an NYC bike ride!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO