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North West: Kim Kardashian & Kanye West's Baby Name!

North West: Kim Kardashian & Kanye West's Baby Name!

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have reportedly named their baby girl North West, according to TMZ.

The 32-year-old reality star gave birth to the baby girl prematurely over the weekend, but the couple has been silent since she has been born.

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The baby certificate has supposedly been filed with Cedars-Sinai hospital and North West is the name on it. The baby reportedly has no middle name.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the name of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s baby?

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  • Rafael


  • .

    North West. Is that the full first name or is the latter part the last name?

    If this is true, the baby’s name could be North West West.

    North West: Some people just know how to fly. Free flights for life?

  • Forgetting someone Kris?

    It sucks.

  • Asdf

    Hahahahaha oh god. Poor child!



  • Missy

    lol i feel bad for the kid

  • Pressly

    Wow….just when you cant help but feel sorry for the girl…this has to happen…Welcome to your life of ridicule… :(

  • Pressly

    Whats the middle name? “South East?”

  • LaCroix

    I think this takes the cake of most ridiculous celeb baby names.. smh

  • alejandro

    wtf!!!! they are crazy

  • bohiko

    dumbest thing to do

  • what??

    That is even worst than Apple. I actually thought the name Kaidence Donda West was really pretty and unique.

    This hopefully is a joke.

  • the name is …..

    The babys name is Kadience Donda West .

  • http://jj person

    If this is true I find it a lame choice of names! There is really nothing redeeming about it that I can see at all. A girl and someday woman named North? I hope it is a false rumor!

  • Susan

    This has to be a joke.

  • Leokas

    KADIENCE you dumbos

  • notputtingmyrealname

    1.Lets not forget to keep the baby itself in our thoughts because for all we know, she was born weeks before she was due.
    2.Hopefully this is just a joke; I don’t think they’re both THAT stupid. Doubt they’d name the poor kid that.

  • Dd


  • Laura

    Nah, it doesn’t fit with the retarded ‘K’ theme they in in that family.

  • mrst

    It’s definitely different. God bless baby Kimye no matter what her name is…=)

  • Candi
  • Dani

    What about? KOMPASS West

  • okidoki

    What would you expect from two idiot morons who think only of themselves instead of their child who has to be saddled for life with such a stupid name; Kash Kow would have been my guess.

  • Marie

    In TMZ’s article it said her and baby were out of the hospital and in hiding. The baby is 5 weeks premature and is out of the hospital already? Hmmmm.

  • okidoki

    What would you expect from two idiot morons who think only of themselves instead of their child who has to be saddled for life with such a stupid name?? Kash Kow would have been my guess….

  • melissa

    dumb mom + dumb dad = dumb kid

  • DailyNightly

    Jeez, Kwassant would have been preferable. Wasn’t that a line in one of his new songs? “Bring me my damn kwassant!”

  • Carol

    No, it’s Binorth.

  • Wait

    There was a report the other day that a nurse had released the name Kaidence or Klementine…Fingers crossed this is a joke and a cover for her not being able to keep a secret and stay professional. And I doubt she’s hiding off on an island like everyone else thinks. If they aren’t at Cedar-Sinai, I guarantee, they’re somewhere else under professional care.

  • Jessie

    If this is true, the poor child is already slated to be beaten up on the playground. What silly parents she has.

  • Bree


  • destiny

    I hope TMZ is wrong.

  • Gp

    so stupid

  • Liz

    Because the name South West was already taken! Lol

  • kris

    she’s definitely going to legally change her name when she’s older

  • constant_tork

    Do these celebrities realize that they are all just trying to outwit and outdo one another with how “original” their baby’s name is? Do they ever consider how the child will become an outcast because of it?

  • Pam

    Bwahahaha! They made my day!
    That’s the kind of name I wanted them to choose! Their girl’s name is in the same category as Pilot Inspektor and Jermajesty. I can’t wait to hear the jokes. LOL!

  • Ginger

    PUAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!! HAHAHAHAHA!! hahahahaha!! puahhaahaha! Excuse me… PUAHAHAHAHAHA!

  • Starfire

    When I worked at a hospital, there was a baby born whose mother’s last name was Morningstar, and the father’;s last name was Fishbaugh ( or the other way around). They took part of each one’s last name and named the baby Eulalia Mergetroid Starfish. I KIDD YOU NOT!!!

  • Spot

    North really? They really are just idiots I’m thinking it’s probably true it’s something dumb Kim would think is cute. Can’t imagine what her nickname will be?

  • kami

    i’m assuming this is a joke. here are some better options:

    north by north west
    wild wild west

  • nutcracker

    I feel even more sorry for this kid now.

  • nicole

    OMG!!!!!!! Stupid name. That kid gona get bullied

  • LooseLipz

    Kim had a planned C – section. The whole thing is lie. Plus I heard she starved herself the last month so she wouldn’t gain nymore weight. I heard she just drank a lot of shakes.
    Trust me, Kim won’t even change a diaper for this baby. She will be raised by nannies while Kim pimps herself out some more…
    And the young Kendall is becoming the next Kim tweeting selfies all day long and posing in provacative positions. Good job Kris ….you’ve turned your children into fame whores.

  • Olivia

    Show me her birth certificate!
    Seriously naming your child isn’t a joke or a competition for the dumbest name, it’s a huge part of your identity, if it’s true they really messed that up,shameless selfish people. Poor baby that’s not even a cute name.

  • tia

    This is ridiculous. It should not even be authorized. In France that would have been refused because it could harm the kid. Poor little girl with such stupid parents.

  • http://twitter shanice

    well if u pronounce it slowly (with an ascent its not that bad, the baby’s nickiname Nori saved her

  • CM

    Oh. no way. ???? really??? WHY WHY. Poor little baby girl. I hope this is just a hoax. The first gift we give to our children is a beautiful name, but this is like a comedy or a play on words. Fingers crossed this is just a hoax, that is all.

  • Court

    @Marie—my daughter was 5 weeks premature and we were home in 4 days. It’s very plausible.
    Who care what the name is.

  • V.

    What can we expect from two idiots?