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Paula Deen: Contract Not Being Renewed at Food Network

Paula Deen: Contract Not Being Renewed at Food Network

Celebrity chef Paula Deen‘s contract will reportedly not be re-upped when it comes time to at the end of the month due to her recent controversy with some derogatory language, according to TMZ.

The 66-year-old chef released a video to apologize for talking about her usage of the inappropriate language in the past.

“I want to apologize to everybody for the wrong that I’ve done. I want to learn and grow from this. Inappropriate and hurtful language is totally, totally unacceptable,” Paula said in the video.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Paula Deen getting fired from the Food Network??

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  • Leokas

    She is literally so dumb. White ppl think they can do anything

  • pika

    that picture is scary wtf

  • PATA

    With all the problems in this country, who even cares what Paula Deen has to say or what she said. Just the media trying to make another problem! STOP!

  • Dooley

    A lot of people in the world would lose there job tomorrow if they were ask if they ever use that word at any time in there life…In anger or as a joke.That word has been given Way To Much Power.

  • queenbee2u2

    I think it’s a crock of crap that they didn’t renew her contract. I am sure everyone in their life time has said the “N” word or some other racist remark. She is in her 60s and from the SOUTH and it was a different time back then. Also, she was under oath to tell the truth and she did, good for her, better than lying. And if everyone on here says they’ve never utter such a racist remark about anybody, that is also bull. I’ve read several white people this, what the heck, I know by the person saying that this person has also used racist slurs. It’s a bunch of crap and all this political correct stuff is also crap. The media blows everything out of proportion and tries to make more than it is for sensationalism.

    I will nik watching The Food Network because I know anyone that was involved in not renewing her contract has used a racist remark in their lifetime. Let The Person That Never Say A Racial Remark On Any Race Throw The First Stone.

  • cruizin596

    The Food Network is wrong and she should sue them over this. The woman was born in 1947 in Georgia – she grew up hearing this sort of language. That it may have been part of her vocabulary in the past is not a surprise. The question is – does she use this sort of language now or in the recent past? That has not been proven. Until such time that it is, the Food Network is in the wrong. I grew up in the 60s before the PC police. I grew up calling African Americans Negroes and black people and Native Americans – Indians. Get over it already.

  • queenbee2u2

    the worst kind of racist is a racist too ignorant and callous to know she is a racist

  • kelli


    agree, and they say it to each other all the time!!! I hear it from teen to teen and adult male to adult male. and yet when anyone other than black says it… it’s racist

  • queenbee2u2

    she wanted to host an event where the servants were exclusively old black men, because that would be a true Southern-style event. She wanted them dressed in short pants and bow ties. Like lawn jockeys.

    read her entire deposition

    there’s more there than the occasional use of the N-word

  • Kart

    YOU get over it. The Food Network has every right to decide who they do business with, and they don’t want a fat old racist on their network any more. You act like Paul Deen has some sort of ENTITLEMENT!!! She has NO ENTITLEMENT to be on TV. If they want to kick her to the curb for this they have every right to. And well they should.

  • Donnie

    Her dumb Ass needed to be released.

    Because she born in the Georgia in 1947 in the SOUTH and she grew up hearing this sort of language that dose not give her the privilege to call people the N word. She felt due to who she was she could get away with it and no one would say anything…. Now she’s lacking her show and will be tarnished.

  • rj

    cruzin596, what did you used to call yourself? the key word here is “progression”. just as you said, if what you used to say/heard has negative connotion, then the word should not be used, regardless of how old a person is. often, the words by themselves are not bad but their connotation makes them improper. we all should progress. this is what sets us apart from the rest of God’s creation. I agree. the networks often react quckly. but it is an example they have to set so the rest of us don’t repeat the same mistakes. paula enjoyed her time in front of camera, but it is her time to exit. as matter of fact, it would have been better if she exited two years ago. so, ladies, don’t get upset over paula’s business. she will do just fine. a lot better than you and me.

  • http://justjared saira

    How can she sue them? The didn’t pull the plug on her show in the middle of her contract. They are just not going to renew it when it runs out. She should have kept her mouth shut until they renewed, and then showed her true colors.

  • LaCroix

    No one should speak any words that are degrading to another’s race, gender or religion. But srsly, all these comments on referring to “white people” is accusatory. You all look just as racist. This whole racist discussion is so damn annoying already..

  • Wow.

    For all of those who say she is innocent, please take a minute to read her disposition. After reading, if you still feel the same way, I feel sorry for you.

  • Ali

    I think no one is perfect we ALL make mistakes. Some times I curse at people when I drive my language would be censored. I think it is unfortunate that Paula is being punished to the extreme. There must be some thing else going on.

  • http://justjared saira


    There are a lot of black people that don’t like that word at all. Just because some of them say it, it still doesn’t make it okay. “They” don’t appreciate it being used in music, comedy routines, or movies, either.

    It’s just like women who call each other b*t*h*s. Let a man call them one, and heaven help him.

  • Donnie

    Read her deposition
    This much more than just saying the N word…

  • PrairieDreams

    @queenbee 2u2. Your comment was spot on. I think ppl who r saying that the food network was too harsh on her didn’t read the full deposition and are only taking her apology into consideration assuming she’s stating all her transgressions. Would also help if (some) media outlets (including JJ) would note the extent of her comments. So I’ll use ur words:
    she wanted to host an event where the servants were exclusively old black men, because that would be a true Southern-style event. She wanted them dressed in short pants and bow ties. Like lawn jockeys.
    there’s more there than the occasional use of the N-word

  • ugh

    It is a big deal. The civil war lasted over 4yrs. We all suffered from that word, obviously African Americans cans suffered a billion times more. Have some respect. Paula dean is filth.

    Though wondering why in a similar case, housewife of orange county ‘tamra’ called her fiancé a bean*r, racist slurs are racist slurs, comes from hate. Why hasn’t she been fired? Instead she landed a TV show showcasing her wedding. Disgusting. Bravo should be ashamed for condoning that behavior. Very sad. No respect.

  • ugh

    And do want matter how long ago it was, she was apart of that hatred then, doesn’t matter how’s she changed, clearly she didn’t, because she admitted to using that word , and the way she admitted it was with pride. How would you like it if you were held against your will because of your race, and whipped over and over til your back skin was peeling off your back. Its wrong. She had no remorse when admitting to using the word. Bad enough she was a supporter to slavery, cause you don’t use that word without supporting it. But now to admit using it with a proud breath. She sickens me.

  • Susie#1

    I taught in St Louis middle and high schools with all-Black student populations. Most staff members were also Black. Not once did I hear a staff member use the N word. The students seemed to think that it was all right to use it when talking to each other, to which I replied that I felt it showed a lack of self-respect for the person speaking and the one being spoken to. The students had also been exposed to stereotypes about different ethnic/religious groups, sometimes using slurs, and their conversations showed that they never heard that those ethnic/religious groups had worked hard, in the deep south, for Black civil rights. They never heard of the deaths of those workers.

    Paula Deen’s age and place of birth are no excuse for what she’s said; she should put her money where her mouth is, and begin working for justice for all minorities.

    There is good reason why Food Network should not renew Deen’s contract!

  • ugh

    She’s apologizing only to save herself. Disgusting.

  • TMNox

    Look, I don’t care where she came from, I don’t care what year she was born in. I don’t care if this was the type of language she was raised around. There is this thing that she clearly lacks; social awareness. OBVIOUSLY, she should have known this was going to blow up entirely in her face. Food Network is trying to maintain an image and clearly, after what she’s said and what she’s being accused of, she does not fit that image and that is their right to not want to work with her.

    But, the public is so damn forgiving to racist white celebrities, she’s not going to even miss a beat without her show. She’ll have cookbooks, she’ll be offered public appearances and the works. Isiah Washington was crucified for calling someone a fa**ot. Haven’t seem him since. Paula isn’t going anywhere. Just a statement of fact, “ya’ll”.

  • well

    I’m Black and I think that’s excessive…the firing. I wasn’t offended by what she said because when people say stuff it has more to do with them than you..

    .I’m sure everyone has said awful things in there lives. If its not the N word its something else…we should work on being more forgiving and less judgmental and I also believe in SECOND chances whether you’re black, blue, white or yellow. I hope she gets back her show.

  • ugh

    @well, okay. If you don’t care we don’t either. Never mind.

  • well

    @ugh: dont give a fck what you care about just thought it was a bit too much. Of course not all Black people think the same or White people for that matter! But this is coming from a Black woman who isn’t angry and isn’t angry at Paula. I send her LOVE. Yes LOVE. I said it.
    I think we should be more forgiving and less judgmental. And of course no one is perfect but we’re working at it though… : )

  • http://justjared saira

    @ugh: @well:
    ugh: Thank you. Glad to know someone else is just as disgusted by this woman and her reasons for her ignorance.

    well: You made some good points, too. Paula losing her show may seem excessive, but that is the risk you take when you work for a major network. You represent them, as well. If she wants to hold onto her “deep-South” beliefs and prejudices, then fine, but she needs to keep it to herself. She isn’t the first person to lose a job/sponsor for her behavior, and she won’t be the last.
    Yet, just like the others before her, she’ll just become someone else’s “fck up-waiting-to-happen.”

  • http://wolfdreaming Kay Blood

    Never cared for her and her stupid southern accent and attitude anyway. Whatever…

  • unknown

    I don’t think she should lose her job, “once you know better you do better.” I believe she is a good person… I hope all of this works out….

  • SAKI

    @Kart: Thank you!
    Food Network is looking out for their own business. No one wants that kind of attention.

  • SAKI

    @ugh: I had no idea what a Beaner was and had to look it up.. WTF is wrong with people. If you can talk like that on TV – then I can’t imagine what she does behind closed doors.

  • SAKI

    @well: DEAR WELL,
    Stop being an apologist. This isn’t about the N word only. The woman talks about hiring lil black boys to play slaves at her event. What? The Civil war is over. These are people that still believe something will miraculously change and they will get back to the glory days. Don’t even get started on what the brother BUBBA is accused of (racism, sexism, etc.)
    She was on a Genealogy show (I can’t remember if it’s the one on PBS or NBC.) Her family owned slaves and it was the Civil War that ruined their wealth. Her great great great granddaddy lost everything when he had to pay his slaves. She looked like his downfall crushed her.

    She should have been FIRED ages ago for taking money from drug companies for her Diabeetus endorsements meanwhile using BUTTER like with was water in her recipes. She’s disgusting. Her deeds are catching up to her. But her problems are deeper than the N word.

  • souless wanderer

    I want to hires some black slaves for my next party

  • Hey!

    @Leokas: She said she only said it once! After a black guy robbed the back she was working at and held her at gun point… Spans she went home and vented to her ex- husband. She did nothing wrong, it was aid in the privacy of her home

  • Louise

    No Paula Deen, no Food Network. This is so ridiculous. As if everyone in the world is perfect. If whites got upset every time a black person called them a honky, the whites would be in court all the time. Chill out!! You, go, Paula!!

  • Fynn

    I don’t care if your black, and you think it excessive she got fired, so it must be wrong, because I’m black and I think it excessive, or if you’re white, and think the same. At the end of the day, you conduct yourself with ethics in the work place, but if people think this is okay, than okay!

    I think it should be okay for me too go up to a female coworker, and say she has nice rack without getting fired. When that day happens, than I’ll agree with everyone defending her, and saying it okay, until then, it’s not, and The Food Network did the right thing, end of story.

  • Fynn

    @well You know the world today or the black community in general is screw up in the head, when blacks like you actually agree with racism toward your own race, and try to justified it as being okay. Hilarious!

  • Rocky


    I LOVE YOU!! You are soooo freakin’ right! If Black people are so offended with the ‘N’ word, then they need to start with their own and educate their young that the “N” word should not be tolerated by ANYONE!!

  • Sherri

    Everyone that has made a derogatory comment of her is just as bad… Calling her names makes you the exact same and you should be ashamed, you are no better than what her

  • Alan

    Why can’t our media focus on important things, other than spending over a week talking about Paula Deen’s mistakes of 15 years ago.
    Anyone who has never said something wrong, doesn’t exist. She actually told the truth!!! Acknowledge that!!
    Our government is spying on us, taxing us unfairly, and taking all of our rights away, BUT OH! Paula Dean said a bad word 15 years ago! ZOMG!!!
    wow people, just f’n pathetic. Focus on stuff that matters instead of acting like a bunch of chimps fighting over a banana.