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Adam Levine Proposed on One Knee to Behati Prinsloo!

Adam Levine Proposed on One Knee to Behati Prinsloo!

Adam Levine stops by a local Starbucks for an iced beverage before heading to his gym on Thursday morning (July 18) in New York City.

Earlier this week, the 34-year-old Maroon 5 singer revealed his engagement to model Behati Prinsloo!

“I am so happy and excited and still can’t believe it’s true!” Behati told ET Canada (via People) about how Adam popped the question. “It was a one-knee thing! It was serious, it was very old school!”

The couple has not started planning the special day, they are currently “just celebrating with our friends and family at the moment.”

Congrats again!

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819 Responses to “Adam Levine Proposed on One Knee to Behati Prinsloo!”

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  1. 601
    Watchtower Says:

    @VS Devil: thank you very much. I think I must say something on this mess of an interview.
    First and foremost, Behati is not a supermodel. She hasn’t landed any contracts and she doesn’t walk in shows othe than BS an that is because she is contractually obligated to. VS only has three supermodels, and none are named Behati.
    Second, see how she holds the ring. So careful to make a passive aggressive attempt to look at it.
    Third, jump right into VS. Promotion is more important than anything, right?
    Fourth, there is no privacy because this is a case of reckless BS.

  2. 602
    vs devil Says:

    @watch tower

    The term supermodel is thrown about too casually these days . Behati isnt one by any stretch of imagination. There are other VS models who do high fashion campaigns too. Like Doutzen and ADriana did Miu Miu recently. I cant recall the last time Behati walked a runway for a show other than VS. Let alone bag prestigious campaigns.

    We have always maintained that Adam and Bee are anything but private. Private couples do not let family members and friends actively engage stans by posting suggestive pictures. Cough ” private thanksgiving pictures” cough. …

  3. 603
    vs devil Says:

    And get set for more promotion.

    She is part of a VS meet and greet event in NYC on Tuesday. More painful interviews to follow.

  4. 604
    Shannon H Says:

    @VS Devil: That girl is as about as private as a private investigator. It took Adam all but three days or possibly four to find a ring and propose to her after his Cabo trip with Nina. Nina and he may not have dated at all but you know he had a piece of her while there. What’s skivvy is how he got on bended knee less than a week to pop the question to his insecure yet groupish girl.

  5. 605
    Shannon H Says:

    @Watchtower: What occurred at the VSFS? The only thing that stuck out to me and I didn’t watch it was how Adam wasn’t even there for it. I heard he was at both shows when dating Anne making it a point to support and be there, but made sure he was busy when it came to Miss Bee. I also read on here in the past that Adam was huge supporter of anything that Anne did work wise sending out a tweet here or there with support but not one shout out to Bee? Oh but wait that would mean he would be breaking his privacy by showing others what he feels about her am I right?

  6. 606
    Watchtower Says:

    @Shannon H: they had a segment about love in their life and Behati and Erin (when Erin was with Leo was when it was taped), and Behati started laughing very obnoxiously and said, “Dating…oh we love dating.”
    With Anne, he came out so honestly and sincerely. He supported her for everything, yet Behati lands the biggest fragrance campaign in VS history and not a word. I’ve been on the VS website since then and I’ve seen nothing about this magical fragrance. Lets face real facts here:
    Last year, three of the angels were pregnant (Miranda, Adriana, and Alessandra) so they obviously had to go bottom of the barrel to use Behati.
    Last year’s VSFS was taped not only on a Wednesday, but while knock out rounds were going on. He did not show up, shout out, but he still mentions performing at the 2011 VSFS on his Shop Your Way page.
    The IG photos of her with Blake and Miranda make her look like she’s just photobombing.
    Gene hasn’t said anything about it, and I imagine he’s incurring the wrath of his model girlfriend about why Adam dumped her friend.
    Everyone has made such a joke out of it that the only person trying to look serious is Behati. Doesn’t that say something? Doesn’t it say something when not many people have anything to say but a very sarcastic, mostly disrespectful joke?
    Nothing would be said if he found the right girl.

  7. 607
    VS Devil Says:

    @Watch tower

    Will you marry me? No… seriously… Will you marry me?

    Wonder why very few fans on Twitter are able to see what we are able to? They seem intent on projecting this as the Reunion romance of the Century. No one seems bothered that he would even promote a friends acting debut but not his fiancee’s fragrance.

    I dont understand how a supportive tweet would mean breach of Privacy. After all, it isnt a secret girlfriend that he would reveal by tweeting . Even the animals in Africa have been informed of the impending “wedding of the Century”. This girl has done umpteen interviews over the last week and shown off her ring from all angles. Who are they trying to fool?

  8. 608
    KSB Says:

    Lmao the animals in africa

  9. 609
    Well... Says:

    “he would even promote a friends acting debut” no that what he wanted to say he is “acting” engagement….telling to someone who….hmmm

  10. 610
    E&N Says:

    @VS Devil: Who’s tweet was that under?

  11. 611
    Watchtower Says:

    @E&N: It was a tweet from Rick Ross that Adam retweeted.

  12. 612
    Cheri Says:

    First, @LOL Please pass some of that popcorn! Also, I almost choked to death laughing at your last post regarding punching Adam.

    Second, is everyone missing what I’m seeing? Only People said that his rep reported the engagement. Every other site says when they spoke to his rep to confirm, the rep refused to comment stating they do not speak on Adam’s personal life.

    Third, In the interveiw where Bee received the flowers and successfully used this news to promote the new fragrance, he said he knows Adam very well. If all these people speaking to Bee about the engagement know Adam so well then why are they asking how it went down and how happy is Adam? Why the hell do they not just ask Adam?

    Fourth, if they are celebrating with family and friends, why are they not celebrating together? She’s currently in NYC and he is currently in LA.

    Finally, Watchtower, I LOVE you!!!!!!!! I thought I was the only one that mature at 21. Please don’t grow up and lose that good head you have on your shoulders!

    PS: Adam, if you’re reading this, as I know you have a tendency to go searching for yourself on the net then post the links on twitter, please shave! PLEASE????? I love you but you look like the mountain man!

  13. 613
    KSB Says:

    I agree , that makes sense, why go to a source when you can go to levine himself.

  14. 614
    Shannon H Says:

    in the current US Weekly it says Adam’s friends are dumbfounded by the news because they were sure and certain they broke up. That could be thr reason no outright congratulations from them.

  15. 615
    Watchtower Says:

    So I received my VS catalog today and flipped through it. It’s all about the new Body by Victoria line and guess who is magically heading it? Behati. This is a girl that practically wrecked their Valentine’s Day shoot because she looked like such a hot mess. And what do I see smack Dan in the middle of the mag? The new fragrance. Anybody who knows anything about photography knows that those pictures take weeks to edit, as do the catalogs. That new fragrance isn’t so new if the catalog took them a good month to finish. She’s even in all the clothing. She’ll get the Bridal campaign too because only engaged angels can get it. It’s an excellent marketing ploy. This is a girl that still can’t make it out of PINK. That’s not an angel. Barbara Palvin has pretty much shown her up by not only taking over the lingerie, but taking a seat with the bombshells (originally run by Adriana). From what I’ve seen, Adriana’s new shots are going to blow everyone out of the water.
    Behati has one leg to stand on, and that is her big mouth. It’s also her double edged sword. Adam is soon to be doing press for his movie, clothes, and The Voice. If he brushes those questions off like it’s whatever, we’ll know. Silence can only go so far when you’re a celebrity.
    Maybe, and it’s a massive maybe, Adam got sick of being asked about marriage and Behati really needed the work. So they decide to get engaged so they can have the best of both worlds. Adam can go on tour and cheat all he wants while Behati makes her paper back home.
    Adam finally shaved. For tour. The stage is sick in a good way, but this is going to be a telling time.

  16. 616
    you'llbelieveanything Says:

    How do you know he shaved? Is there a photo?

  17. 617
    Watchtower Says:

    @you’llbelieveanything: Yes. The Maroon 5 FB page has a picture of their final rehearsal for the HC tour. If you look in the middle you can clearly see Adam with a smooth face.

  18. 618
    huhhhh Says:

    just because theyre “dumbfounded” doesnt mean they cant say congrats, how did people mag only get the rep’s confirmation? isnt that weird? watchtower u make a good point , thats prob what it is, for ppl to get off adms back about marriage and bp to get work but then if it were to fall apart how dumb will he look??

  19. 619
    Jenn Says:

    I have nothing of substance to add at the moment, but I’m loving the increased number of levelheaded fans who’ve been posting on JJ. You’re all the biggest reasons I returned to posting here. Please, don’t leave.

  20. 620
    huhhhh Says:

    i dont even think he went on “bended knee”, sorry but that sounds like part of the story to me, you know like calling her parents? whom nvr met him??? who wanted to punch him in the face? ill join u!!!! maybe he’ll get some sense that way…..

  21. 621
    Jenn Says:

    I am, however, enjoying the fact that when you Google the “Adam and Behati engagement,” the Nina text breakup is the first story to pop up.

    Adam doesn’t have to worry about Anne “stealing his thunder” again. Nina took care of that herself and in the best/worst possible. I actually think it’s hilarious.

  22. 622
    Jenn Says:

    @huhhhh: Definitely not. I don’t see nontraditional Adam becoming traditional, if and when he decides to actually marry. The “on bended knee” part sounds like it was ripped from a romcom or romance novel storyline and that doesn’t seem much like Adam.

  23. 623
    HMMMMM Says:


    Please I don’t believe it at all and I also don’t believe he called her parents. Now she may have called them after the deal between the 2 was struck but I don’t believe he initiated the call. Oh and I was totally right about the ring I posted being Behati’s it is now gone from the jeweler’s website. I am sorry but you don’t see many top celebrities proposing to the love’s of their lives with a 2 carat $14,000 ring that doesn’t even fit. This whole thing was rushed for some reason though I am not sure what it is. But didn’t her stories change during different interviews??

  24. 624
    lol Says:

    oh my goodness, i go away for a bit and come back to these normal posts. watchtower, lets be friends. jenn, you too.
    i’ll be more than happy to punch adam multiple times next week for those that want me to. ;) (jokingly, of course! knock some senses in his as s)

  25. 625
    lol Says:

    @Cheri: popcorn passed.

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