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Behati Prinsloo: I'm So Laid Back About Adam Levine Wedding!

Behati Prinsloo: I'm So Laid Back About Adam Levine Wedding!

Behati Prinsloo is smashing while attending the Victoria by Victoria’s Secret Fragrance Launch at 620 Loft & Garden on Thursday (July 18) in New York City.

“I forgot I slept with [the ring] on last night, and I woke up and went, ‘Oh, hello!’” the 24-year-old supermodel shared to Us Weekly at the launch about her recent engagement to Adam Levine.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Behati Prinsloo

She added about wedding plans, “I’m so laid back — my mind has been going but we haven’t talked about anything! We’re just so excited in this moment! I’m like, ‘Yikes!’”

Earlier in the day, Behati posted a pic of herself in a white dress and wrote on Instagram, “Loving @lover_thelabel @victoriassecret press day.” Check out the pic below!

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behati prinsloo im so laid back about adam levine wedding 01
behati prinsloo im so laid back about adam levine wedding 02
behati prinsloo im so laid back about adam levine wedding 03
behati prinsloo im so laid back about adam levine wedding 04
behati prinsloo im so laid back about adam levine wedding 05

Credit: Jamie McCarthy; Photos: Wireimage, Instagram
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  • bethany

    I think her & Adam Levine make an odd couple. She looked so much happier when she was with Jamie Strachan – but I guess he’s with Dakota Fanning now so it’s too late.

  • nn

    she has lost so much weight. I remember when she was walking the runway on VSFS and she actually looked normal weight.

  • Yeppp

    She always sounds like an Adam’s creepiest Fan..I’m SCARY about this news really.
    a man wanna marry an woman when he’ so alone and sad
    with who stalking around him and his fam like a behati?

  • wonderful

    That means no more sex with different girls. Aw what a hell…

  • Martha

    She is emaciated. Look closely at her collar bone in the one shot. She is posed so her extremities are “hidden”. In one photo her left wrist appears to be photoshopped larger. And, her skin is mottled….not a healthy sign. On he other hand, that is the most attractive facial shots, of her, I’ve seen. And really, VS, can’t you afford a mani for this awful nicotine stained fingers?

  • dfhcvnxcnser537

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  • Maddie

    @Martha..I agree, she does look pretty here. In a lot of her other pictures
    she looks all messy and sloppy. I always thought Anne V was so much prettier!

  • don

    I’m pretty sure these two only got engaged just so they could talk about it.

  • Elle

    Poor girl.Adam will never marry her,and i even doubt this ‘proposal” was his idea.He’s not exactly…faithful to his girlfriends and never seemed to be interested in Behati.She’s being delusional and she’ll be embarassed when they split in few months,or when he gets tired of her,dumps her and picks the next model in the VS catalogue to “date”.
    He never loved her and never will,that’s why few people believe they will marry and last.I can’t stand Anne V.,but at least he looked happy with her,his body expressions and his smiles were genuine.But with Behati,looked fake,forced and staged.

  • Josie

    @don: They no,HER.She’s the only one talking about it.This engagement is a farce to promote Behati.For a man who apparently proposed to her,he looks very unhappy.She’s the only one “celebrating” it.Adam doesn’t need more attention,but Behati needs.

  • james

    she sounds like an airhead to me

  • Tinker

    Shouldn’t the happy couple be doing interviews together? Where is Adam to tell the fake getting down on one knee story? Perhaps looking through the VS catalog!

  • H

    [i]one two[/i]

  • Cari

    There appears to be some fans in denial. She seems like a sweet girl. I’m happy for Adam.

  • @Elle

    Wow girl, poor you. Talk about delusional. You don’t know what Adam thinks and feels. People grow up and apparently Adam has. You should do the same.

  • ???

    What’s the matter with her? We can see each and everyone of her bones… She is so skinny, it’s scary.

  • Elle

    @@Elle: Really?And how do you know he grew up and what he feels and thinks?Oh,you must know him,since you think you’re right and i am wrong.Yeah,talk about delusional…in this case,we’re both delusional,right?Before dissing me,dear,think before writing,ok?lol
    Have a good day…:)

  • heidi

    i do love Behati but i doubt there will be a wedding everything sounds so fake and forced

  • italian girl

    I am happy they are back together. Beautiful girl and beautiful couple.
    She looks so sweet and like a very nice person.
    She’s always been in love with him, even while he dated Anne V.

    Hope they will get married soon. Congratulations Behati.

    p.s. I hope I will not break her heart after marriage.

  • Beth

    I just think it is quite weird that she already talked 3 times in 5 days!!!! about the engagement to different magazines. that’s unusual

  • halley

    he won’t stop cheating
    these kind of guys should just stay single

  • cee

    Honey, of course “you haven’t talked about anything” because nothing is going to happen !! lol !

  • Scad

    Aw she’s a cutie! Best wishes to Adam and his bride to be!

  • SIGH

    @nn: yeah I noticed that as well!

  • Debra


  • SoMean

    Behati is like a Herpes flareup. You think it’s gone, but then it turns up unexpectedly. It’d be great if an anvil fell on her head. I’m tired of seeing her mediocre a** everywhere. Thanks Adam for bringing that dirty butthole back into the picture.

  • Jinx

    @Martha: Agree wtih you – she is a posterchild for anything and everything unhealthy. She has several pictures where she looks downright malnourished.

  • Ye Gods

    She is so laid back because she knows it will never happen. Sham engagement.

  • Jenn

    P!mpslutty Sh!tsloo

  • @Jenn

    Aww…it must suck to be so jealous. BTW, Blake tweeted …. does that mean he’s on the payroll too? Bhaa!

  • Jenn

    @@Jenn: Yes. I’m so jealous of Bee. A girl Adam used as a rebound to get back at his longtime ex-girlfriend, was never publicly acknowledged by Adam as his girlfriend (and now “fiancee”), and then was dumped for a much younger model. I’m so depressed. I really wanted him for myself.

  • Jenn

    @@Jenn: Also I guess you didn’t notice that Blake has tweeted that as Adam before. Oh, and he didn’t congratulate Adam on his engagement. Oops. I guess that makes you look stupid, Mermaid.

  • @Jenn

    Sweetie, it’s pretty obvious you wanted him for yourself. Sucks to be you in your fantasyland. Oh yes, Adam “used” her to get back at an ex because that’s what grown ups do. Oh wait! No, that’s what high schoolers do. And sure, Adam “dumped” her because he really wanted a younger model. That’s why he went back to her and proposed on bended knee. It’s ok, honey. He wouldn’t have wanted a internet troll like you anyway. Not sure what a “Mermaid” is suppose to mean but they’re imaginary so best guess it’s just one of the many voices in your head. Have fun reading about the wedding and pretending it didn’t happen! xox

  • This is just weird!

    After spending his vacation with Nina Agdal in Mexico and Las Vegas rumor has it Adam broke up with her and told her he was engaged to Behati via text message. This engagement smells like a sham.


    @ @ Jenn

    Arent you even clever enough to have a name for yourself , instead of using @jenn.

    Thats what “grown ups” do? who ever said he was a grown up? That either of them are grown ups over here?
    As for the bended knee proposal, we only have her version. Her story has more holes than story in it!
    Oh, and Blake’s tweet. Rehash of something he already tweeted in December. He couldnt even bother to think of a new one for Adam. As “second handed” as that ill fitting ring Adam gave Bee.

    Oh Snap ! Sweetie…….


    ALL in your imagination, sweetie. And in your dreams. Denial is dangerous to your mental health and since you don’t know either of them personally, you wouldn’t know the true story if it bit you in that fat a$$ of yours. Be sure to take a couple Valiums before you weep over the wedding pictures, darlin. Oh Snap….

  • Jenn

    I’m going to go cry because of a Beedam stan.


    ohh so its @ Lolling now…
    So i guess you know them personally… Oh Snap, i guess you dont !
    Or were you there when he got down on one knee, either before or after he called her father?

    Maybe you were the waitress at the high end burger joint they celebrated in!

    Why would i weep over the wedding pictures. Neither of them are Catch of the Day! Unless its Herpes you are talking of catching…. Snap

    Double Play on Herpes and Fish Parlance!

    @ Jenn
    These Bee stans are so easy to bait… I wish more of them would turn up. Its so much fun!


    And yet……you still follow them, stalk their every move, read every tweet, analyze every picture. Mmm, you love him. Poor you. If only you were an attractive VS model.
    “Denial is a psychological defense mechanism that helps a person avoid a potentially distressing truth. It can also be looked at as a form of “avoidance”, which is another psychological term that indicates a person is doing all they can to not deal with a given situation; in other words, fooling ourselves into thinking that we have control over a situation that we really are helpless to affect. Recurring negative themes (e.g.: blaming another, obsessive and addictive behavior, turning against or disregarding the truth, creating alternative reasons or possibilities) are good red flags for denial.”
    These haters are so easy to bait…Snap.

  • Sami

    @ @LOLLING i’m sorry but what you just wrote describes behati. instead of fighting the sane here why don’t you go and help your poor bee who is in denial about this whole situation, she thinks she’s the one he wants? well too bad he’s acting out nothing more.

    and are you trying to act all smart? not working because it shows how much you are into adam that you would steal his idea. if you have something to say then say it, don’t take the easy way out and fight your battles with a dictionary.


    @ @lolling

    Yaaaay! The Bee stans learnt to cut and paste from a college textbook. Snap… is this what its like? To not have even a single thought for yourself and you have to resort to using some one else’s words. Tch… tch…
    Keep coming at us little girl… you have to step up your game though. And be ready to have answers.
    @ sami
    if we question logic then it obviously means we are in love with Adam and must want him for ourselves. Ohhh and we are jealous of an anorexic looking,mediocre model. Oh yes!
    Some of these Bee stans were the ones who claimed to have had meltdowns when they broke up the last time. Somehow, apparently, we are the obsessed ones! Laughable.

  • Sami

    @LOLLING you are so right. we are the obsessed ones. they are the sane ones. we should be ashamed of ourselves. can you explain why we make timelines of who adam dates, why we harass his family and friends on twitter when he dates a new girl or break ups with one, why we have split personalities, why are we so fickle (we love a girl only when he’s with her). why are we mad? lol.

  • Move on Mermaid Groupies

    To all of the Mermaid Minions who rather waste their lives creating fraud Bee and Adam facebook accounts; spend time with your children and your families. Bee nor Adam give a f**ck about the pages you create or the videos your head psycho Z creates. And the follows that they gave you? A smooth move to keep track of what pyschotic looks like in words. You look the fool swiping someone else’s handle to protest their love when you have not one ioda of a clue of who they are. Z for one that boasts and toasts about your wealth go do something good with it and cut with the secret wishes that your husband were Adam. You blither more about Adam and his love life itinerary than you do your own but in the process come off like an even bigger faker.
    To the rational and reasonable typists on here that voice their opinions and thoughts in a reasonable manner don’t stop.

  • Jenn

    LOLLING, Sami, and Move on Mermaid Groupies- Hey there! BTW, it’s high time that the Mermaids were all placed into a tank with sharks and eels. So tired of this creepy stalker behavior and them lashing out at the few remaining rational fans.

    I hope that their spouses and children aren’t suffering from malnutrition or going without decent clothes because these a$$holes spend day and night stalking them online and in real life. Pathetic.

  • @Sami

    I’m sure Behati is doing JUST FINE. She’s happy and about to marry the man she loves. Your the one in denial, sweetie. You only wish he were “acting out and nothing more”. Then it wouldn’t hurt so much, huh? And I’ll write however and whatever I please. If you don’t like it, don’t read it.


    Answers to what, old woman? Just thought I’d help you and your other usernames understand what you’re dealing with. Denial is a mental issue and it’s clear you have many. Only a jealous, lonely old troll would bash and bully another woman like a coward on the internet. Let’s see what you look like. I’m guessing you’re no Victoria Secret model and that’s why you’re so unhappy. You’re not a fan. Fans don’t turn because they don’t like a girlfriend. Only someone with fantasies of their own would care who he marries. But hey, I guess you don’t have to tiVo The Voice anymore.

  • @Jenn

    You do know Mermaids are beautiful, right? I mean, if that’s suppose to be some sort of insult………thanks? Creepy stalker behavior? You mean like pretending you know everything about Adam Levine’s personal life and feelings? Rational fans? You mean like saying he’s faking an engagement to get back at a old girlfriend? “Fan” as in bashing someone he cares about on gossip boards? Reality check: There’s not one entertainer on earth who wants a “fan” like you. Ya know, for someone as old as you (who else thinks in terms of spouses and children), it’s probably time to leave the high school mentality behind and just be a fan of the music. You’re embarrassing yourself…and probably your spouse and children. Get off your fat a$$, Mama June. It’ll make you feel better about yourself.

  • Jenn

    Hey seaoftime, how’s life? The Mermaids don’t even include you in their deluded circle. Must suck to be you.

  • No one of any importance

    @@Jenn: You know not all cultures consider mermaids to be beautiful right?

  • Jenn

    I think it’s hilarious that this thread’s trolling Mermaid thinks I’m JennLovesM5. I’d rather set fire to my own face than be her.