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Zac Efron & Ryan Gosling In Talks for 'Star Wars': Report

Zac Efron & Ryan Gosling In Talks for 'Star Wars': Report

Zac Efron and Ryan Gosling are reportedly in talks to join the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII, according to Latino Review.

The film did not make an appearance at this year’s Comic-Con, but it is expected to be featured heavily at Disney’s D23 Expo next month, where some casting may be announced.

Ryan reportedly was seen for the role of Luke Skywalker’s son while it is not clear what role Zac is in talks to play.

Episode 7 is supposedly going to take place thirty years after Return of the Jedi.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Zac Efron and Ryan Gosling joining Star Wars?

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  • True

    Neither is a good actor. They need relative unknowns. No!

  • Alaia

    Ryan is taking a break, not happening.

  • LOL

    I guess after Gangster Squad, Place beyond the Pines, and Only God Forgives bombed. Ryan needs a movie that will at least attempt to make money before Hollywood tires of his shtick

  • Ray

    ???? I love both but Star Wars isn’t there style.

  • Ran

    LOL – no they are not! Little Zac would make a good R2D2 though!

  • zey

    @LOL: ‘Place beyond the Pines’ was good though.. like Really really good.. also I personally liked ‘Only God Forgives’.. The movie was stunning.. Now ‘Gangster Squad. was awful.. Just because a movie bombs doesn’t mean it’s not good.. More people went and saw Grown Ups 2 than Pacific rim.. That should tell you everything about box office numbers..

  • You’re kidding, right?

    Oh, God, no. Not Efron. Way to make the guys stay away.

  • dessy

    No, and no. Try again.

  • frazzle

    man, eff you george lucas. this is all your fault.

  • Erica

    @True: Ryan Gosling is a good actor he got a Oscar nomination one time you know?..the thing hes too good to his movie so no..

  • Is this a joke?

    Gosling perhaps, but Zack Efron?!!! There’s not Disney metrosexuals in Star Wars. Huge mistake, he sucks

  • vic

    latino review huh?

  • Erica

    @True: Ryan Gosling is a good actor he got a Oscar nomination one time you know?..the thing hes too good for this movie so no..

  • IMO

    Yes and Yes!!!

  • James

    I always had a feeling that Zac Efron would be in Star Wars. He just looks very Star Warsy. Ryan Gosling is a surprise. I think he could pull it off though. He’s a good actor.

  • Kim

    This actually would be good I think. Efron’s got the acting chops and he’s good looking. Plus, it would help because it would bring in some people who may not have wanted to see a Star Wars film if he wasn’t in it (i.e. it would bring in his fanbase also).

    Hope it works out for both of them.

  • OK

    Zac would be dream come true in this movie. Hope this is true.

  • BO

    yaaaaay ! Zaccyyyy

  • OK

    To the haters that won’t go. Good more popcorn for me ! Extra butter please.

  • hearteyed

    the two hottest guys

  • Lou

    @zey: Exactly! Sadly too many people in the States do not understand that the quality of a movie is rarely related to the money that it makes, because most people like to watch crap. The Place Beyond The Pines was a very good movie.

    Gosling yes, if it is a good role. The other guy, I do not like him.

  • BO

    I knew it I knew it , when he wandered about wearing that Return of Jedi Tee

  • Pam

    Franchise officially over! Here is an example of two “hot” guys bringing the money. Franchise should stay like it it’s, and if they plan in a new one, neither one is a real option…

  • YAYS


  • twerkin

    I hope Zac plays an Ewok.

  • Red

    Gosling is got off his “iam too cool for franchise movies” bandwagon? If he was a real bad a$$ he will do Only God Forgives 2 LOL….

  • Wendy

    Pines is not a bad movie and it had a decent run in the box office,.. Only God Forgives on the other hand has turned out to be a major flop probably his biggest EVER….

  • Rachel

    I’d love to see them both in it, but it seems like one of those rumours. I don’t think it’s happening.

  • Rachel


    Agree with you.
    Anybody who has seen AAP/Liberal Arts/Paperboy knows that Zac can act. Haters will hate.

  • Rachel

    Anyway, Parkland is going to the Toronto Film Fest!

  • Rachel

    @slashfilm: Those of you who hate Zac Efron should watch At Any Price and maybe Liberal Arts and Me & Orson Welles

  • Rachel

    ^That was a tweet by slashfilm. Not me replying to anyone.

  • AS

    @Kim: acting chops – Zac? LOL

  • poppy

    OH YEAH the jedi tshirt lol. but then again this could be a rumor ive heard quite a few random rumors in regards to the star wars but it would be amazing if this happens

  • rain

    No, no, no!

  • truth

    by the way guys parkland is headed to TIFF festival along with other films for the usual “oscar bait” fight. fingers crossed it gets a nomination.

  • kasia

    @zey: I LOVED The Place Beyond the Pines, it was really good. Ryan Gosling was good in Blue Valentine too. I even liked him in Drive, even though he barely talked ;-)
    I have never even seen Star Wars tbh and don’t really care about it, but I like both of these actors.

  • kasia

    @AS: Zac has good performances. He was good in The Paperboy and At Any Price. I loved him in Liberal Arts even though it was a small role. He has more in the works too.

  • OK

    “Parkland” is also going into completion at the Venice Film Festival Aug, 28-Sept. 7. This will be the world premiere.

  • Rachel

    YES. Read critics’ review of his work in At Any Price, Liberal Arts or even The Paperboy.
    I don’t think there’s any truth to this rumour but if there is, I think it’s a good chance for Zac.

  • Rachel

    Parkland will be in competition at the Venice Film Festival.

    “Peter Landesman’s Parkland was announced as a competition entry after the initial slate was unveiled. Zac Efron, Marcia Gay Harden, Billy Bob Thornton, Jacki Weaver, Paul Giamatti, Tom Welling, Mark Duplass, James Badge Dale and Colin Hanks star in the film that recounts the events at Dallas’ Parkland Hospital on the day John F. Kennedy was assassinated.”

    Good luck to the entire cast!

  • macguffin54

    @vic: Latino Review has gotten a surprising number of scoops over the years.

  • ann

    latino reviews? lol i highly doubt this rumor now. and fyi leonardo dicaprio wouldnt want to be connected to a movie like this. i could see zac getting far in the future but…not to knock him down but i dont see him being the next dicaprio. i mean yh he is a great actor and although has had his fair shair of crappy movies he manages to make it a good movie. but i mean leo, although had a great amount of stigma attached to his name, managed to have an oscar nomination wayy before zacs current age as well as working with top guys like spielberg. zac has yet to reach that mark. when he does i think he will be in his 30s.

  • ann

    you know what, zacs team = so fking clever. how they have panned out his career is fantastic to the point where if he wasnt talented, people would still love him. i mean he only attends certain things, seen once in a blue moon which builds his status since he is seen as then exclusive and not this person desperate for fame which is true to an extent since he is definitely desperate for success and acceptance in hollywood. he has this drive that can range from perseverance to obsession with the thought of making it big. i mean he nearly cried when there was a long standing ovation for the paperboy at TIFF. now he is 25, he just needs to prove that new interested critics and fans havent wasted their time. he is a pretty boy so a majority of his fanbase are women. the male fans tend to be those weird obsessive gay guys like perez hilton. its rare that he has straight male fans since he hasnt been in movies that have brought such a fanbase. he could easily do this in parkland, if he pulls it off, of course. i think ive watched 90% of his movies, the last one being paperboy (at any price was soo boring i skipped through it). he is a fantastic actor no doubt and interacted very well with kidman and mcconughey. but of course kidman and cusack stole the show so its a matter of time before he can do the same. i want to see him center stage in a movie thats not sappy and lovey like the lucky one. i rather like his raw edge in indies but at the same time he is missing something….and i dont know what. its something that…when you, as the viewer, watch the actor and connect on such a level that you are aware that this is something good. you have a click in the back of your mind where you go “Woah.” or “DAMN” or “oh.” the expression differs but in the mind its pretty much the same response. i havent ever had that woah or damn or oh when zac acts however i am sure you other zac fans have but as an outsider i can probably speak for not all, but some. i want zac to get a role where he really sinks his teeth into it and gets so prepared that he literally becomes that character. i want him to lose himself in that moment and really grasp the art of drama. its not a game. hollywood is a dangerous zone that you are either in or dropped at the highway. i hope he makes it safe whichever destinationhe chooses.

  • kelly martineau

    Hopee Zac get the roll. He is going places in his’s career.V on the other hand is not.

  • rdh

    Star Wars is such an iconic series. Most young actors would love the chance to be part of it…in any role. Zac is a talented young man and would be an asset in Star Wars…perhaps Han Solo’s son???

  • truth

    @ann: you viewpoint is very interesting. you clearly are an, like you stated, outsider looking in and that is always great since its more likely that fans will say he is good but what about the public’s response. i had that wow moment in paperboy in the final scenes. i knew he had it, and i checked the reviews and many believed he was very good but it was surprising and irritating to see that a few believed that when he does give it his all, it seems forced and not a natural occurrence which i disagree with. you are correct when you said that zac hasnt really been in the spotlight to showcase his acting chops apart from the sappy love stories which only seem to rack in women and perhaps drag along their partners. at any price didnt receive the best reviews however i believe it is because the critics misunderstood the storyline. it wasnt about the farming it was about the relationships and human interaction, farming was just the background story. but i do agree with critics that the subject was suppose to be about morality and along the lines it got a little lost. i see zac becoming more of a george clooney; aging gracefully, never marrying and getting better with age. its sad but i dont see zac in a real relationship..ever. i hate to say it as a fan but he is a very focused man so once his sets his mind to something there is no turning back. i believe that paperboy was a very raw flick that allowed zac to give his all, but i know that he will continue pushing himself. he is a very versatile actor that is why i cant wait until parkland because i mean being a doctor sounds pretty cool :) he isnt a lead in the movie but i think he is in autobahn, so that is something to look forward to.
    im glad that other people who arent necessarily fans are keeping an eye on zacs progress proving that he is not just an ex disney star. but i am also aware that although it is difficult for men, it comes with its advantages.

  • Revenge-Is-Sweet

    Neither Zac nor Ryan are in talking for Star Wars. The rumor got already busted. Even though I’d like to see Zac in a movie like this one.
    Parkland will be at TIFF (Gala Presentations) and the Venice Film Festival (in competition). The Film Festival in Cannes is the most important one in the movie business, Venice takes the 2nd place. If Zac would be such a bad actor, someone like Tome Hanks wouldn’t want him for his movie and he has more years of experience in the movie business than Zac is old.

    @truth: You’re pretty much right, that he’ll never have a relationship with a wife and kids and stuff. He has other goals in life and his career was always his no. 1 priority, everything else comes behind it. He made his decision and that’s ok. He is human who wants to be free and independent, he wants to see the world and he wants to do what he wants. As soon as you have a family these are things you don’t have anymore and can’t do anymore. And there are way more important things in life than to marry and have kids, not everybody wants that and he is one of the humans who doesn’t want it and it is his good right.

    He has a couple of movies in the line, so he will have enough to do in the next time. The jealousy and hate towards him is stupid and disgusting. He’s working hard and not a lazy couch potato who’s watching TV all day, like a lot of other people out there. It would be finally time that people accept his decisions and the way he wants to live his life. He doesn’t hurt anyone with his decisions. We all have to make decisions for our life and so does he. NOT one single human out there has the right to tell him what he can do or can’t do. NOBODY has the right to judge him for what he’s doing.

    If he would want to base jump from the Empire State Building, it would be his decision and everybody would have to accept it. He is nothing but a normal human being, no god, no hero, no prince, nothing … just a normal human like the rest of the few billions out there.

  • Rachel

    That’s what the tabloids were saying- Han Solo’s son. But I highly doubt these rumours. Ryan’s reps have denied it. I have no idea about Zac’s representatives though.

  • M

    Well, since everyone is giving their opinion about Zac, I guess I’ll throw my two cents in. Zac is inherently a good’s obviously something he loves and has a calling for. But he has unfortunately had a string of bad movies i.e. the movies had issues whether it is with the script, the direction, or other issues. He does somehow always manage to put in at the very least, a respectable performance. When he connects with the material he is stellar and it is almost effortless. He connected with the character in “HSM3″, “Me and Orson Wells” and “The Paperboy”. IMO, he did not connect with the “Lucky One” and to a lesser extent the character in “At Any Price”….his performances in those movies were not his best work. I think at this point in time, he will hopefully hit his stride when he reaches his 30′s like Bradley Cooper. How well his upcoming movies do critically and financially will probably set the tone for how he is perceived. But from what I can gather, his role in Parkland is not that big…it is a piece of an ensemble piece. That won’t make or break his career. Whatever he chooses to do from here on out he will need to tread lightly, it’s make or break time. As for relationships…..I hope he doesn’t become another Clooney or DiCaprio. Those guys are very on dimensional and that’s not interesting. I find men like Matt Damon, Tatum Channing and M. McConaughey much more interesting. They are focused on their work but they have a full life outside of their work. These guys also make very interesting choices when it comes to the roles that they choose. Lastly, I would hate for Zac to be labeled a womanizer in the vein of Clooney or DiCaprio. I do not think that is who he really is. I think he’s actually someone who is better in a relationship, FWIW.

    The Stars Wars thing..not going to happen. It’s just as well. It’s risky. If the movie doesn’t do well and in this day and age that means it makes back twice it’s budget and then some…it’s deemed a failure or not a financial home run.