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Taylor Lautner & Marie Avgeropoulos Holding Hands as New Couple?

Taylor Lautner & Marie Avgeropoulos Holding Hands as New Couple?

Taylor Lautner and Marie Avgeropoulos hold hands while talking a stroll through the streets on Monday (July 29) in New York City’s Soho district.

The 21-year-old actor and the 27-year-old actress were spotted taking a picture together before he took a call on his cell during a day off from shooting their upcoming film Tracers.

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Over the weekend, Taylor and Marie shot some romantic scenes for Tracers.

FYI: Marie is wearing a Junk Food Clothing tee.

10+ pictures inside of Taylor Lautner and Marie Avgeropoulos holding hands during a break from filming Tracers

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taylor lautner marie avgeropoulos holding hands as new couple 01
taylor lautner marie avgeropoulos holding hands as new couple 02
taylor lautner marie avgeropoulos holding hands as new couple 03
taylor lautner marie avgeropoulos holding hands as new couple 04
taylor lautner marie avgeropoulos holding hands as new couple 05
taylor lautner marie avgeropoulos holding hands as new couple 06
taylor lautner marie avgeropoulos holding hands as new couple 07
taylor lautner marie avgeropoulos holding hands as new couple 08
taylor lautner marie avgeropoulos holding hands as new couple 09
taylor lautner marie avgeropoulos holding hands as new couple 10
taylor lautner marie avgeropoulos holding hands as new couple 11
taylor lautner marie avgeropoulos holding hands as new couple 12
taylor lautner marie avgeropoulos holding hands as new couple 13
taylor lautner marie avgeropoulos holding hands as new couple 14

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  • aquarius64

    If this is a showmance these two are working it to the hilt. I don’t recall Taylor being this open or attentive, even with Maika. Still calling this a “location-ship”, but we’ll see after the film wraps.

  • gabe


  • sothy

    wow. they both look like Llanmas

  • lol

    lol are they taking a selfie?

  • Rose

    Awww, how cute! Taylor has a new beard! And it’s another co star too. How convenient.

  • Adriana

    Mannnnn 2 girls in 2 months. Taylor is getting sloppy. Lol

  • Mkhay

    He dates everyone who he stars in a movie with.


    he is gay. ,,

  • marie

    his management said it was a good idea to hide his gayness

  • Teri

    I have a great idea. These two should double date with Henry and Kaley! It would be a double beard!

  • Marco M

    he’s got one hell of a nice ass tho, most guys don’t have one

  • movieloverusa

    @aquarius64: yeh, but thats when he was dating “children”…Marie is 27, she is old enough to know how to keep a hot 21-year old guy like tay attentive

  • nardl

    when did he become mexican?

  • aquarius64

    @movieloverusa: Dating Marie helps Taylor get a mature image. He wants a career as an action star; and he wants in on “Fast & Furious 7″. He has prove he can hold his own on screen with guys like Vin Diesel and the Rock, Abduction certainly won’t prove that. This movie is suppose to do that (if done right). To get his macho bona fides he has to show he can catch women in their mid-20s and older. Dating the likes of Swifty, Selena, Maika, and Sara can’t convey that.

  • aquarius64

    @Adriana: Yeah I know, but Taylor has an out. He’s on record saying he’s not dating anyone seriously, so no recriminations. I’m not so sure about Sara. She always takes him back and she was with him one week before Maika was rolled out. For those of you claiming he’s gay, I’m still waiting on you to produce the proof.

    @Mkhay – he couldn’t go near Mackenzie Foy (Breaking Dawn 2)because that’s a felony in many states.

  • movieloverusa

    @aquarius64: point taken there, but its already known that he can pull women from every age bracket. im in my early 30′s and i have a school-like crush on this kid when i had already written guys off as nothing more than a hook-up when needed, and had not been this excited by one in years… i’ve heard of women in their forties and fifties being smitten with him… guess he still has to prove his appeal to vin though, you’re right there, before he can get in on ff7

  • Adriana

    @movieloverusa: There’s no way a 27 yr old is going to handle a 21 yr old guy. He’s not going to stick around and I’m sure they both know that. The 6 yr age differnce isn’t the real problem, the problem is that Marie is 6yrs older than a guy who is only 21. If Taylor were in his 30 or older maybe it could work but only 21? Ha!

  • dena

    seriously who cares
    he is a bad actor and the only thing he will be able to do is supporting stuff

    and yes I also think he “plays for the other team”

  • aquarius64

    @movieloverusa: You’re saying women in their forties and fifties are turned on by Taylor, but he has yet to sell that on screen. His love scenes so far have been tame make out sessions because those movies were during the height of Twilight and he couldn’t risk alienating the tween/teen fan base. In this movie I think his and Marie’s characters are going to be hitting the sheets, again to convey a mature image and get away from Twilight.

  • jordan

    hes gorgeous, but i really wish he’d just stop wearing that hat and those glasses. cute couple btw

  • Maire

    he moved on so FAST!! he is such a player!!

  • Paulie

    Taylor has two beards!

  • Leokas

    How is he gay, what are the speculations , don’t know much bout him

  • Bonnie

    He is becoming the male version of Taylor Swift indeed. That’s all people are saying on twitter. He had 3 girfriends this year, and it is just july! He has just hold hands with Maika, and now…this? I’m confused as his fan and also disappointed, because he dates every co-star. It is not normal, not even from a guy that is 21. He just proves he’s not professional and can’t work next to a beautiful woman.
    By the time he announces a new movie to shoot and the lead female is chosen, we’ll already know for 100% sure they will be dating.
    I know I’m just “one more” fan of him. But he lost a lot of fans already, when Twi was over. Then, he didn’t work much and lost even more fans. Now, he’s proving he will date every co-star (it’s not wrong to date, and I’m not saying I want him to be single forever, but I don’t aprove his behavior now) and a lot of fans are like me, disappointed. I really think that going to all the wrongs directions will lead his career to no where.

  • Lana

    They are beautiful.

  • Lana

    @Bonnie: His real admirers remain with Taylor, wait his movies. Movies – it’s important! His girlfriends it’s his private life. Your blackmail (“he lost a lot of fans already”, “going to all the wrongs directions will lead his career to no where”) it’s disgusting. Taylor isn’t obliged to correspond to your ideas about Lautner, your desires. He is an adult, the clever young man, he lives as he considers correct. Accept it.
    His girlfriends and his movies always peacefully coexisted. There is no problem.

  • eve

    Another showmance for Gaylor Lautner… That guy is so ugly, with his pig nose.

  • Lulu

    @Lana: I’m sorry, but I agree with the other girl said earlier. His fans are not enough to make his movies hits. It didn’t happen with Abduction and will not happen with Tracers, as everybody knows. I’m not his fan, so I won’t exactely take sides on this, but the other girl was right, at least in parts, he is almost forgotten in the industry and all I hear is that he’s been seen with different girls all the time and has almost none projects. This does not sounds good to me, sounds the disgusting one is him. But those are just opinions, I respect yours and the others. It’s his life and we can say whatever we want, based on what he shows to us.

  • movieloverusa

    @Bonnie: ahh, Bonnie…take it from someone from l.a. who works in and around hollywood and has seen lots of dirtbags–taylor seems like a genuinely good guy. yeh, he’s young, so he is gonna find himself experiencing life; and girls of all ages are constantly throwing themselves at him, so its okay to be friends, hold a hand here or there, make relationships and spend time with different people. thats the best part of being in your twenties, and its never the same after that, so i am glad he is having the time of his life now.

    here is a link to a visit he made to the orange county children’s hospital in l.a. just before he started filming “tracers.” taylor def loves his fans and they will always be a priority to him second only to family…

  • movieloverusa

    cant imbed a link here :( but it can be found on youtube, under “ryan seacrest taylor lautner”

  • dina

    Lol Just Robsten fans call him gay, it’s obvious!

  • Ana


  • VERA

    @Bonnie etc…live your life. all of you are crazy! keep calm.
    he’s only 21! If he wants dating her or some any else it’s his business.only.

    Taylor and Mary look great together and damn HOT.
    enjoy adult life, dude!

  • Sia

    this is perfectly normal behaviour! Enjoy the pretty girl, Taylor! Every ‘co-star couple’ Rob/Kristen, Jamie/Lily, blah blah blah, have their doubters, but no-one really knows what goes on behind closed doors in ANY relationship.

  • yesplease

    Lucky Marie! Now, for god’s sake, kiss her, Taylor, shut the crazy so-called fans up !!!

  • what

    I agree with bonnie. He is like Taylor Swift now…3 girls in a half a year and holding hands? lol.. he was just waiting to be 21 to show who he really is, and all of his fans always thought he was different…nope, he’s just like all of the other guys around there and i’m laughinh so hard now, because he is playing the field now lol

  • Lily

    @movieloverusa: Going to a hospital does not make him a good guy. He was there for promoting himself in the radio, every artist does that. I’m not saying he’s bad, just saying that your point was invalid. I like him a lot and will continue to support him, but being a serial date is not good for anyone

  • Frat Boy Andy

    he’s gay. i’m gay and i have a gaydar that is never wrong. he will not fool me by holding a girls hand, or 2 or 3 girls

  • Mari

    I’m really a fan of him, but it is true he has lost a lot of fans. We were talking about it last weekend, his fandom has lost many members and we are worried. Maybe it’s because of Abduction plus the fact that the Saga was over, and his fans were fans of Jacob only, but we are still worried. Being a real fan does not mean you have to aprove everything he does. Agree with the ones that said he should enjoy life, but also agree with the ones concerned about his image and career, youth does not last forever

  • tom

    @Ana: Gay guys also have and love bulges like that . Look at his face, he’s bored in the pics, he wishes she was a he

  • tbh

    tbh eve is the only one right here

  • TaikaLautner

    what happend to Maika? they were so cute together. i Think if you blink, you lose who taylor’s dating

  • cindy

    @Bonnie: agree with u, we’re together on this!

  • Lana

    @Lulu: You don’t own information. He didn’t act in movies two years, it his choice, he told about this break in 2011. Now he brightly returned – Grown Ups 2, Bench, Tracers! It you call “he is almost forgotten in the industry”? Hah. And why you consider his girls? It not our business. 3,5 or 10 girls – they are lucky women! Taylor is the handsome guy, strong, healthy – will be 100 if he wants!
    You are right – his fans are not enough to make his movies hits, but for the neutral viewer not important, who is Lautner’s girlfriend, how many girlfriends. There are good movies, there are bad movies – it’s a subject for discussion, not girls!
    Taylor wants to do good films and he much works for this purpose. Good luck, Taylor!

  • man

    he’s a manwhore now, lol, I saw that coming. Good luck marie to make it last

  • misti

    He would never date an woman in her 40′s and up, even if she were a beautiful co-star. He prefers girls around his age and Marie is really not that much older.

  • Jessy

    @Lana: where did u see him talking about a break, I just try to find it and saw him saying he would start to shoot a movie with Gus Van Sant in beginning of 2012. he didn’t want that break, something failed with his projects.. You can say whatever you want, i think you should know he’s really out of the industry, the guys who should support his action movies hate him. GU2 was the worst movie of this summer according to rottentomatoes, and tracers will be next one. It’s not cool to be a blind fan who thinks all he does is magical, beautiful and right.

  • lol

    I’m laughing at both Bonnie and Lana here, lol, he’s been playing with all of you, “fans”, I really believe his career will be over after this movie premieres. Have you all read the plot? I thought it was a joke at first.
    Two things I noticed and made me laugh – Bonnie and Lana will know deep down I’m right, even if they say the opposite:
    I’m pretty sure Bonnie will not see the movie, because she does not support him anymore, I guess, and does not want to see the love scenes (lol at this)
    And I’m also pretty sure that after the 200 bad reviews the film got (it will got!), Lana will still be here saying how wonderful he is and how tracers was the best film she has ever seen (the second one was abduction) lmao! Get a life, girl, the dude can’t act and everyone who understands about movies knows that – check the respectful movie websites if you don’t believe me.

  • lol

    I meant *get.
    You understand me, Lana. I was laughing so much that it came with typos lol

  • Christina

    I don’t get it. Why do people keep calling him gay? Is there a picture of him cuddling or kissing a guy somewhere that I haven’t seen?