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Ryan Gosling & Joe Manganiello: 'Batman Vs. Superman' Contenders?

Ryan Gosling & Joe Manganiello: 'Batman Vs. Superman' Contenders?

Will Ryan Gosling be the next Batman?!

According to THR, the 32-year-old actor is among six contenders for the role in the upcoming Man of Steel sequel Batman Vs. Superman.

The other frontrunners include Josh Brolin, Joe Manganiello, Richard Armitage, Max Martini, and Matthew Goode.

The script is still being written and director Zack Snyder is only just starting to look at actors. He is reportedly looking for someone in their late 30s to early 40s.

Casting should be announced in the next few weeks as Warner Bros. wants to shoot the movie in early 2014 for a 2015 release.

WHO DO YOU THINK should play Batman in the new film?

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    all white?

  • Kitty

    I want Gosling for Star Wars!

  • Nan

    Joe is delicious… but he can’t act!

  • Lucy

    RICHARD ARMITAGE! His role as Lucas North shows he is perfect!!

  • Yohji

    I don’t think Ryan Gosling would do this.

  • Emily

    Jensen Ackles should play Batman
    He’s gorgeous and an excellent actor.

  • Ana

    I’m all for Jensen Ackles playing BATMAN

  • Adrienne

    They should pick an actor a little less unknown. Those tend to always be the best.

  • Nana

    Jensen Ackles is best choice!

  • Fletcher

    What happened with Ryan Gosling taking a break from acting? Not like I’m complaining or anything ;)

  • Elodieee

    None of them.

    Wes Bentley.

  • Martin Haro

    Max Martini is sex on a stick, but not Batman. Really feeling Richard Armitage as an option.

  • ML


  • hella

    Richard Armitage !!

  • joss

    should be Harvey specter….Gabriel macht he plays the bruce wayne billionaire playboy easy

  • mekare

    Hi, nan. Why do you think that Joe can´t act? joe is not looking to play? Just because he makes as Alcide forets insecure:-)?? I Think he can certainly look to play if he gets the right role. He is not only absolutely hot&sexy, has this stunnig smile and those big hands…. I think he can still offer much more than “just” run naked through Bon Temps. It´s right: I´m a big big fan of him!

  • Magic Meatball

    My God, Joe Manganiello is awkward-looking meatball and excruciatingly dreadful actor. Just watch him in those fuking ice cream commercials. Pass.

  • ace11

    Only if Eva Mendes plays Bat girl

  • Deedz

    Nooooo Ryan doesn’t need it. Give it to Matthew Goode.

  • vic

    zefron as robin

  • Thian

    I thought Tyler Hoechlin is one of the contenders… He gets my vote…

  • MrBrooks

    I Think Max Martini would make a great new fresh batman. He’s got a unique gritty look about him and he has the voice. I don’t know how well he acts, but from what I have seen so far, he seems to be a fresh new step in a different direction.

  • teeter totter

    Superman over Batman any time (Batman is too dark for me).

  • Caroline

    Yes to Richard Armitage! he’s very talented!

  • susanna


  • Kshan

    RYAN GOSLING should definitely take this role!
    he would be perfect as BATMAN! remember DRIVE

  • Nicole

    Taylor Kitsch!

  • Jay

    Voting for Jensen Ackles on this one. He’s 35. He’ll be able to carry on the mantle of Batman for about the next ten years. Don’t think it’s a good idea for Batman to be too old in comparison to Superman. They should be peers/equals, not an old, grumpy veteran and a student still learning the ropes.

  • So Swedish

    This project is very risky, I think. Will it be a hit or a miss?
    Couldn’t they just have ended it with Christian Bales charachter. He was beyond awesome! And Nolan…wow, just wow.

    Well, Mr Armitage is my favorite. A true British Gentleman. He’s got more depth and talent than most of his fellow actors. But is he right for this role?
    Hm…. I don’t know.
    Let’s just hope for a very well written script.

  • jj for batman


  • Hot McHottie

    I love Gosling, he is so hot! He knows how to please the Ladies in the Bedroom with Romance and the BEST GIFTS FOR WOMEN at AthenaToysDotcom

  • neil

    Over at Deadline I read an interesting tidbit about George Clooney. Apparently he keeps a picture of himself as Batman on his office wall as a cautionary statement about the pitfalls of corporate tentpole movie making. Ryan would do well to pause and reconsider committing himself to what I think will be a disaster for all involved. He is better than this.

  • berat

    Jensen Ackles no doubt.

  • Yasmin

    Jensen Ackles for sure!!!

  • jay

    I love Jensen Ackles. I dont see him as batman owever. I hope they dont hire someone for the sake of eye candy. i loved the new superman movie, even though they sort of ruined the history. but the more i hear about all these projects, the more they are ruining my childhood. Marvel is doing it just right. DC/WB messed up when they hired Bryan Singer to do the last Superman reboot and they are trying to clean up their mess. instead they are just spreading that mess around. i want a wonder woman movie already.

  • marc

    Ryan Gosling please

  • ffa

    Jon Hamm is the best choice. Snyder cast Hamm stop being a double douche.

  • Mike

    Yes… Batman is white.

  • Ernesto

    Matthew Goode please! but he should shape up for the character

  • kdem

    @SHINE: YES all white, I ain’t ever seen no black Bruce Wayne.

  • Rrhain

    Wasn’t it already established at the end of The Dark Knight Rises that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is the new Batman?

    Yeah, yeah…they pointed out his legal name is “Robin,” but that ending was clearly an homage to Batman Beyond where Wayne has retired as Batman and a new kid takes on the role (Terry McGinnis, in canon) with Wayne acting as mentor.

  • TheEnd8888

    @SHINE: Well since Batman is WHITE yes!

  • amanda

    Joe is a good actor, u shld see him playing the lawyer in himym! Hot and hilarious… I won’t pay money to see these other blokes play Tarzan, Superman or Batman. Joe should be doing these roles.