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Leonardo DiCaprio Flyboards in the Air During Ibiza Vacation!

Leonardo DiCaprio Flyboards in the Air During Ibiza Vacation!

Leonardo DiCaprio tries out flyboarding on the water while yachting on Wednesday (August 7) in Ibiza, Spain.

The 38-year-old actor was joined on the yacht by his shirtless pal Vladimir Doronin, who he is reportedly staying with while on his vacation.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Leonardo DiCaprio

The day before, Leo was spotted with his bikini-clad girlfriend Toni Garrn as they soaked up the sun on the deck of a private residence.

10+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio flyboarding in the water…

Just Jared on Facebook
leonardo dicaprio flyboards in the air during ibiza vacation 01
leonardo dicaprio flyboards in the air during ibiza vacation 02
leonardo dicaprio flyboards in the air during ibiza vacation 03
leonardo dicaprio flyboards in the air during ibiza vacation 04
leonardo dicaprio flyboards in the air during ibiza vacation 05
leonardo dicaprio flyboards in the air during ibiza vacation 06
leonardo dicaprio flyboards in the air during ibiza vacation 07
leonardo dicaprio flyboards in the air during ibiza vacation 08
leonardo dicaprio flyboards in the air during ibiza vacation 09
leonardo dicaprio flyboards in the air during ibiza vacation 10
leonardo dicaprio flyboards in the air during ibiza vacation 11
leonardo dicaprio flyboards in the air during ibiza vacation 12
leonardo dicaprio flyboards in the air during ibiza vacation 13
leonardo dicaprio flyboards in the air during ibiza vacation 14

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  • paula

    that must be amazing ! i wanna do it :)

  • HAHA

    Lol Zzzzz predicted it! That looks like a lot of fun. Too jealous right now

  • HAHA

    I have to say now that we know Toni and Leo are officially together, is anyone else bored of this now? It was way more fun to speculate and argue if they were serious or not, if he even likes her, etc than to get pics of Leo and/or Toni vacationing with both of them looking washed up and bored. Like I’d rather not follow them and wait until September or October and come back here and see if they’re still together. I guess it just all feels so tedious now??

  • Anonymous

    He looks cute here.

  • LOL

    OMG!! I would LOVE to go on this kind of ride on water. Very Iron-Man esque!

  • shir

    Funny how when toni is not in the picture he’s all of sudden cute LOL

  • Zzzzzz

    @HAHA: How funny is that! When I saw the photos on his godson’s account – I was thinking are we going to see pictures of Leo and Toni doing the same thing. Although I don’t see Toni doing it. That looks like so much fun!
    @V & @person from the other thread: re caring for the environment & not being shallow – He tells evryone they need to cut back on their carbon footprint – as he is on a yacht that probably spits out more carbon dioxide in a day that a person does in a year.

  • also…

    It looks like his friend, Ethan is there. Is the grey hair guy his mom’s boyfriend?

  • Zzzzzz

    IT looks like his mom and her boyfriend have joined him Ibiza. I think she is the lady in the spotted one-piece.
    @shir: he does look relaxed when he is hanging with the guys. I think Toni is the girl in the white hat and pink bikini top.
    re Popsugar photos: Leo actually looks pretty good in their photos. He doesn’t look as bloated and his gut looks a lot smaller: and Maybe getting a good night sleep and he’s cut back on the booze?

  • also…

    I don’t think he looks cute here. His hair is weird. I like the ponytail but only when I can see it… But this looks like fun for sure!

  • sdsfs

    what is his godson’s account? link?

  • Zzzzzz

    @also…: Good eye – that is Ethan in one of the last photos. I think he looks very happy and relaxed. Definitely enjoying himself. Interesting how he is smiling at the camera – although it would be difficult to have towel over over your head if your flyboarding!
    @shir: I was wrong. That is definitely NOT Toni in the white hat and pink bikini top. The girl is way to toned in the stomach to be Toni. She kind of looks like Nikki E – girlfriend/wife of Leo’s friend Chuck.
    @Ruth from Leo’s last thread: Your comment is so true: “He cannot commit and luckily he knows it, hence he runs from young model to young model. He gets fresh sex and they get publicity. I think that if we all return to this board in 20 years time we will see an older Leo, nearly 60, with yet another 20 year old model!” Ugh, I certainly hope not! Another James Wood in the making!

  • Sarah

    Wasn’t the guy supposed to take a break from filming because he wanted to look after his environmental commitments??
    Instead of that, he encourages the petroleum companies by burning fuel through yachts, jets …for his pleasure.
    And after he eants the people to believe he cares

  • Zzzzzz

    @sdsfs: it’s his instagram: @milanojohnson. He use to have photos of Leo on the site, but after the debacle in July with the whole instagram leak (a model posted a picture of Leo, Toni, Milano and her having dinner and put his name and his account in her comment) he deleted the photos.

  • Zzzzzz

    oops several typos in #7 *everyone & in #12 *too toned!
    @Sarah: agreed! Although he did say he wanted to relax and hang with his friends.

  • #8


    I thought that looked like his mom’s boyfriend too. Also is that his mom in the leopard skin one piece taking pics? I couldn’t see her face but there was a tweet maybe at the beginning of this week when there was all the speculation going around about where was Leo going Ibiza/Mallorca, etc. and I guess his mom was at a wedding in Scotland so it is possible that they hopped over to hang with Leo.

  • btch

    wow!! Id love to fly over water!!!!! I want to!!!

  • btch

    everyone wants to fly and not by plane!

  • Stifling atmosphere

    Is he scared of being alone with his gfs? I would be tired, especially if the relationship is new, to be always with his friends, family. I don’t see many other actors doing that with their gfs.

  • Ava

    No wonder Leo likes hanging around shady rich guys, look at that boat their on….. gorgeous .. Leo’s rich but not that rich , so he hangs around people like this Russian, and gets to use yach like this, vacation home like this, live the life of a billionaire , and invite his mom, friends, girlfriend of the month while some other guy foots the bill…. And if he talks about Global warming or whatever they call it now to give it relevancy, I hope people laugh in his face, really in the last 2 months Leo’s Carbon footprint just his life of leisure is what most people use in a life time, oh but he’ll plant a tree somewhere and that will make it up.. Stupid masses and the liberal media the hoodwinks them.

  • Zzzzzz

    People wonder why young models go out with Leo: Publicity! Publicity! Publicity! US Magazine has an article about the wind blowing up Erin’s skirt/shorts. In the article they mention how she famously dated Leo. Do you really think they would have given her, not only a photo but an entire article if she hadn’t dated Leo? Of course NOT! AAhh, the power of Leo!

  • Im so beautiful

    @Zzzzzz: LOL Celebrity wannabies are ridiculously obsessed

  • LOL
  • Zzzzzz

    @stifling atmosphere: IMO he probably has nothing in common with his young model gfs, so maybe he has his buddies around so he has someone to talk to. You’re right, I don’t know of other actors that do what he does. I also, think he is insecure, so he probably likes to surround himself with people he feels comfortable with and who he can trust.

  • Message

    Holy $hit. That looks like so much fun! I seriously need to do that some time in my life!!!

  • TMZ

    This is what TMZ posted along with a couple of pics of him on the flyboards.

    Leonardo DiCaprio’s annoying perfect life just got more awesome — dude got to try that really cool water jetpack thing for your feet … as if we needed more reasons to be jealous of him.

    The pics were taken Tuesday in Ibiza — and in case you’re wondering, yes, Leo also had a yacht filled with beautiful women just a few feet away.

    He’s like the adult version of the “Blank Check” kid.

  • Zzzzzz

    @LOL: LMAO! I still can’t believe they misspelled her name! Doesn’t anybody proof the articles before they upload them? That’s just bad journalism!

  • Emma

    That fact that his mother is ALWAYS with him it’s a huge question mark. There’s nothing wrong hanging with your mother and girlfriend, but she comes across as very possessive, like no one is good for my son, i have to always be with him, he needs my approval, but she allows him to have a girlfriend form time to time…I know I wouldn’t be comfortable always having my boyfriend’s mother around…

  • vagabond

    They spelled her name right this time.I agree it’s def a two way street when it comes to pr.
    Looks like they are having a good time,on these pics.That does look fun.

  • Stifling atmosphere

    @Zzzzz 24 : right. I was just thinking this is weird, not normal.

  • Pics

    The model that’s with Toni and I guess did the flyboard yesterday with Milan who goes by JamJamro, under her instagram pic of her doing the flyboard, someone posted “I’ll watch for this in the tabloids.”

  • Zzzzzz

    @TMZ: He actually looks pretty good here:
    re the boat full of babes – actually it looks like there are more guys on the yacht than women! Oh and his mom is with him, again!
    @Emma: Can you say “mama’s boy”!

  • #32


    TMZ mentioned it was a separate yacht a few feet away but I don’t see it in any of the pics.

  • cnt

    looks fun.

  • Rachel

    That looks like so much fun :) and he looks cute when he smiles.

  • cnt

    looks fun

  • Baby

    What a life leo lives i wish i could be apart of it…

  • not so

    It looks like a freakin blast

  • ………..

    I’m sure the marine life he professes to care so much about enjoyed it. Grow up, dude. Leave the yacht and toys at home and go for a swim. You could use the exercise.

  • aloha–Water-Jet-Packs

    Bob Richmond, a University of Hawaii coral reef expert, told department officials the devices could propel fish and coral larvae through the tubes, killing the organisms.

    The packs and flyboards may also disrupt reef with noise, scaring away fish, he said. People using the devices in shallow areas may also crash into the reef.

    Carl Jellings, an akule fisherman from Waianae, said personal watercraft are already making the ocean a noisy place, which is making it harder to fish.

    “As a Hawaiian and as a fisherman, we don’t go and bother things unless we have a purpose or reason to do so,” Jellings said.

    He said he didn’t want to criticize others, but “we don’t go flying in the air and running up and down the coastline at 30 knots just for the hell of it.”

  • WOW

    Vladimir is hotter.

  • holly wood

    Einstein’s theory of insanity — they kept repeating the same thing over and over expecting different results. Hollywood and DiCaprio.

  • lisa runnels

    there is a poster for sale that was when leo was in the departed film when he was in prison doing some push ups in his prison cell—the amazing thing about that photo of this poster is that he looks like my youngest son who is in prison right now—they look like the could be twins or something—-zack is 23 now—same hair color ,face,everything—-amazing—-looks just like zack—wild—–