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Miley Cyrus: VMAs 2013 Performance of 'We Can't Stop' - WATCH NOW!

Miley Cyrus: VMAs 2013 Performance of 'We Can't Stop' - WATCH NOW!

Miley Cyrus hits the stage in a bear-themed leotard for her performance of “We Can’t Stop” on stage at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards held at the Barclays Center on Sunday (August 25) in Brooklyn, N.Y.

The 20-year-old singer twerked alongside dancing bears for her performance of her hit song.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miley Cyrus

In case you missed it, check out Miley‘s red carpet look from earlier in the evening.

Be sure to tune into the 2013 MTV VMAs right now – the show is still going!

Miley Cyrus – “We Can’t Stop” at MTV VMAs 2013

FYI: Miley wore a bear costume and custom made shoes by Simone Harouche and a latex bra and briefs by Atsuko Kudo. She was joined on stage by Amazon Ashley and the little people in the Teddy Bear outfits, all from Beachers Madhouse in LA.

10+ pictures inside of Miley Cyrus‘ performance…

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Credit: Kevin Mazur, Charles Sykes, Rick Diamond; Photos: Getty, AP/Invision
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  • mariana

    im sorry but her “im not on disney anymore” image has reached to a point where she’s making a fool of herself. its cool she doesnt care. not even selena and demi who arent on disney anymore either. there are way classier ways.
    she doesnt have bad music but her manners and attitude ruin everything.

    this was so embarrassing to watch im sorry.

  • Shame

    I guess when you have no talent you have to strip to get attention.

  • Georgia


    I’m all for having a more grown up image or whatever but that was just embarrassing… too much tongue. not enough booty to twerk with. bad singing. bad dancing. just…bad. really really bad.

  • Sayer

    Almost felt bad for her. It was laughable and desperate.

    The costume–a shot at Mickey Mouse/Disney?

  • Candice

    i dont know why but i liked it.

  • katie

    wtf was that ?

  • David

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  • Asha

    I am embarrassed for her. We get it Miley, you are an adult now. Her antics are getting old. You sure don’t act like an adult when you are parading around the stage with no clothes on (for no reason), sticking your tongue out, and trying to twerk (which you suck at by the way).

  • sasha

    ewwww. damn…………

  • amanda

    I’m embarrassed for her, she’s making a fool of herself.

  • nyob

    She is trying way too hard.

  • Lola

    Well judging by the size of her pupils I’d say she’s having too good of a time to care what people think.

  • Shayan

    i agree with all the comments. She IS making a fool of herself now. If by doing this stuff, she’s trying to prove she is an adult now, well then she doesn’t know what the term “adult” means. Being an adult means being mature and knowing that all this being naked and twerking and whatnot is stupid. Wow

  • Shayan

    And.. what happened to the fact that being naked in front of people was an embarrassing thing? I don’t even know. This is like flaunting the fact that you don’t know how to do anything else so this is the only way you can survive. So embarrassing.

  • Samantha Sophia

    I am so embarrassed for her!

  • Jennay

    she is such a mess omg

  • just being real

    I like miley but she made a fool of herself. And I’m ashamed for Robin Thickes wife. Geez get off her husband disrespectful

  • alexandrina

    “sorry. we unable to offer this video to users in your region..”

  • yup

    OMG! For someone who wants to be seen as an adult, she needs to start acting like one. This is SUCH horrific behavior that has me asking where are her parents in this? Didn’t anyone teach her any better? Clearly no one did

  • Jimmy

    Liam is really engaged to that?

    I don’t think so. I didnt see him there proudly cheering her on.

    What a total embarrassment .

  • Jimmy


    I think she thinks we actually LIKE it.

  • alex

    hahahahahah this isn’t hott, what is she thinking?? this is really embarrassing to watch. I liked her but this just yells out “im desperate for attention!” …. dam Miley is going down hill

  • Sammy

    I get that Miley is growing up and moving on, but this is just really desperate….. I’m embarrassed for her.

  • Alexandra

    This performance was really uncomfortable to watch!!… she is trying so hard on being hot and sexy but dude!! it’s trashy and gross

  • Monkia Watch Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke’ MTV Video Music Awards performance

  • Mertoyk

    Miley Cyrus VMAS 2013 Performance Full Video Here:

  • Caitlyn

    @Jimmy: Liam called off the engagement….thank the Lord.

  • fdsf

    Her performance was so disturbing to watch. It felt so desperate

  • Rosalie

    Her new confidence is cool, but like really???? That was WAAAAAAAAYYYY too much. Please stop trying so hard Miley!

  • Dee

    LMFAO, so bad & desperate. WORSE VMA PERFORMANCE EVER. Sad & pathetic.

  • kikarikabg

    is she on drugs?how is liam guy with her?this doesnt look like i am grown up kind of behavier …….

  • Devon

    She so desperately wants to be seen as an adult, but she’s acting like a child. It’s like she’s going through the rebellious phase several years late… at least I hope it’s a phase. I really like Miley, but she’s so trashy now.

  • Mm

    Me and husband were watching Miley’s performance with our 20 year old daughter and all felt she was disgusting. I don’t think she realizes how stupid she looked with tat bear outfit and then the beige one that was not flattering. She is trying way too hard to change her persona but is totally going about it the wrong way. I believe she believes she is a trend setter but I bet you can see a similar performance a a dive strip club. she looks like a tramp. How proud her fiancé Liam must be more but my money is embarrassment for her like as every one watching. I’m sure she quit pleased with her disgusting performance because everyone is talking about but in this case it’s all for the wrong reasons. THAT GIRL NEEDS HELP!

  • marnie

    so ridiculous

  • Ana

    I think we all agree this is awkward, ridiculous, desperate, stupid, blablabla. Seriously wtf is wrong with her? With all her fame she should really be trying to deserve her success. Instead, she´s apparently trying to prove that you could really be of no use in this industry and still make it? I don´t think she will have respect from any other artist after that performance. Really I would´ve felt insulted.

  • MM

    It’s funny how everybody is judging her, but many do the same damn thing inside their bedrooms and other places where people can’t see them; you just hide what she’s willing to show. She’s not crazy, she’s not trashy! Let’s get real here and stop overreacting to a fun and carefree performance. Miley is just awesome.

  • Manuela

    And tbh Miley doesn’t deserve half the hate she’s getting bc if it was Rihanna or someone doing what she did on stage there would be no problem

  • U can’t Handle the Truth

    One word “No.” First off Miley we get you’re not a jailbait Disney star anymore. So you don’t need to act out anymore. I felt like I was at a run down strip club seeing an exhausted mother with six kids letting her little girl up there to play. Plus whose bright idea was it to put Miley and Robin together? I know it was supposed to hot but it was just disturbing. I kept thinking where is Chris Hansen and the catch a predator crew when you need them?

  • kutty

    Miley Cyrus vma 2013 beautiful hairstyles..

  • foley

    went back and watched britney spears’ 2000 VMA performance to recover from that horrid miley performance. my eyes were burning. seriously, she just needs to go away…

    if you’re going to strip mid-song into a nude colored bikini and gyrate on national television, you’d better be a damned good dancer and performer

  • anthony

    GO Miley Cyrus. Teach all these boring women who stare at their smartphones all day and have lost all ability to be fun and socialize. Turnt UP!!!!

  • Sage


  • citmyway

    she’s not even drinking age and she is doing live porn that kids are watching. This was SOOOO BAD that I can’t even pic one thing to go on about. EVERYTHING about it was just ewwwwwwww. She looked ridiculous!! AND her mom stood up and clapped all smiles like she was actually proud of this kind of nasty a** bid for attention. She got attention alright but I’ve yet to hear or read a positive one. So so so bad! I couldn’t even watch all of it b/c it felt wrong, like child porn.

  • Seeking morality

    It is really sad that Miley has stooped so low. She is a talented singer and doesn’t have to do the things she is doing to succeed. She has become exactly what we block our children from watching. Is her self esteem so low that she has become desperate? I too am embarrassed for her and for the few people that say they “liked” what she did. She is turning her shows, and any sjow she is on, into a vulgar atrocity.

  • Seeking morality

    @Manuela: Seriously??? If it were Rhianna or any other actor/singer acting the way Miley did my opinion would be the same. Your attitude is exactly why the morality these days has virtually diaappeared.

  • http://facebook lesley

    This was just pure disgusting. Is it the good girl gone bad??? I have lost all respect for her. I really use to think she was a good role model for the girls coming up but THAT IS NO MORE. SHAME ON YOU MILEY!!!!!

  • Jimmy

    Worst thing she did?

    She left early! And even tweeted about leaving early. Really classy Scary Cyrus, all the trash moves AND you’re a sore loser, too.

  • starr

    and they talked about Lindsey Lohan.
    Miley is SCREAMING out for HELP!!!

  • moshe

    She has a great body and what she did was not bad but how she did it was awful. I don’t know who told her she looked good doing some of those things but she didn’t. Again, she is nice to look at but those moves were just embarrassing but then again what passes for dancing these days is pretty stupid anyway, especially what comes out of rap. She was kind of wild and that was hot but damn, fire your choreographer immediately or never show up to the vmas again. LOL

  • April

    That was a complete train wreck with one super untalented conductor.