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Justin Bieber: Robin in 'Batman vs. Superman'?

Justin Bieber: Robin in 'Batman vs. Superman'?

Justin Bieber just posted a picture of himself with a copy of the Batman Vs. Superman script on Instagram!

The 19-year-old singer simply captioned the pic, “#robin ??.”

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In case you forgot, Batman Vs. Superman is the sequel to Henry Cavill‘s Man of Steel, with Ben Affleck set to star as Batman.

On the same day, Justin was spotted hugging a gal pal while arriving at the studio to film a Funny or Die skit with Lil Za and Lil Twist in Hollywood. We smell a Funny or Die sketch coming with Justin playing Robin!

25+ pictures inside of Justin Bieber shooting a Funny or Die skit…

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justin bieber robin in superman vs batman 01
justin bieber robin in superman vs batman 02
justin bieber robin in superman vs batman 03
justin bieber robin in superman vs batman 04
justin bieber robin in superman vs batman 05
justin bieber robin in superman vs batman 06
justin bieber robin in superman vs batman 07
justin bieber robin in superman vs batman 08
justin bieber robin in superman vs batman 09
justin bieber robin in superman vs batman 10
justin bieber robin in superman vs batman 11
justin bieber robin in superman vs batman 12
justin bieber robin in superman vs batman 13
justin bieber robin in superman vs batman 14
justin bieber robin in superman vs batman 15
justin bieber robin in superman vs batman 16
justin bieber robin in superman vs batman 17
justin bieber robin in superman vs batman 18
justin bieber robin in superman vs batman 19
justin bieber robin in superman vs batman 20
justin bieber robin in superman vs batman 21
justin bieber robin in superman vs batman 22
justin bieber robin in superman vs batman 23
justin bieber robin in superman vs batman 24
justin bieber robin in superman vs batman 25

Photos: AKM-GSI, Instagram
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  • JoJo

    They’ll be an even BIGGER uproar if this little dweeb is even in the theatre watching the movie. Let alone be in it! I’m a huge fan. More of Superman than Batman, but if this little girl is in the movie……I’m done for sure!

  • living in the box

    dear god, this little girl with pubic mustache love looking for some trouble.

  • Dude Where is my car

    @JoJo: Amen brother

  • Hell no

    LOL! He wishes. Go back to your crib kiddo. We still have to deal with the Affleck prank. How the f*ck did he get his own copy of the script?

  • Candice

    Okeyy… What was that????

  • is this another bad joke?

    WB should cancel that mess of a sequel already! It’s gonna bomb big time! JGL could have been a great Robin to a Bale Batman versus bland Cavill.

  • FAKE

    Yeah, seems pretty fake. The script isn’t even done yet. But it’s amusing to watch this little girl troll the entire world out of desperation and lack of attention.

  • Me

    It’s for Funny or Die. Jeez, chill the hell out

  • My Eyes!!!


  • Jake

    Listen, I have nothing against Bieber, I think he can actually sing pretty well. He just needs to learn how to dress, my god dude. Get shirts that fit and pull up your jeans. As for the Robin thing, it’s obviously going to be some sketch or something, or even just messing around. My first thought was him trying to put himself on the map in acting, I highly doubt that’s the case though.

  • epic lulz

    Obviously not true. I doubt the studio would let him post this so early on.
    Either way, I’m down for Bieber to flop in front of that big of an audience. Bring it on tbh. Maybe it will make him disappear sooner. I’m eager to sit on the sidelines and watch neckbeard comic fanboys vs. braindead tween Beliebers fight ’til death.

  • Because his acting is so A+

    Dream on little bitch.

  • It better be silly trolling

    Since they’re hitting rock bottom now, why not go all the way and cast Selena Gomez as Wonder Woman and Miley Cyrus as Catwoman?

  • Kresto

    Oh, I get it. It will be a parody then?

  • Tama

    Well everybody knows that Robin is a GUY.. Not a GIRL!! Right??

  • http://yes EAST ASIANS CAN READ MINDS!!!!

    They can hear, and see what you’re visually thinking.
    THIS IS NOT A JOKE OR A MEME! This is the absolute complete truth!!!!!
    The reason a lot of Asians have completely expressionless faces is so they don’t accidentally show facial expressions when people think things they don’t like, find funny, astonishing, etc, and Asians segregate so their not nearly as susceptible to that happening.
    Asians also segregate, and are untalkative to avoid accidentally saying things that are similar to what people are thinking and going to say.
    Try thinking, and visually picturing things that are as wild as you can when you are around Asians, and look for Asians who give people dirty/particular looks for what appears to be for completely no reason.

  • Monae

    Wait lmao Waitttttt….. Lmaooo is this serious? I can nott!!!!!! I think imma cry of laughter if I keep reading.

  • DV8

    JUSTIN BIEBER OVER JOSEPH GORDON-LEVITT?! Hell noooooooooo! I’ll never watch a movie again if he gets cast.

  • James

    He ain’t going to be Robin that’s for sure. Maybe he’ll play himself in the movie.

  • Singer732

    Just a note for the producers; If Bieber is in. I’m not going to watch it not in a theater not on DVD, NEVER!

  • Le pirate

    If hes in it ill pirate all movies you ever produce, and i will dedicate my life to get everyone to pirate your shit. meaning only fangirls of that girl will watch it. Now that would hurt the economy eh? No new big boat for you sirs and misses.


    To back to Canada. Maybe you can get a part up there (like playing one of the Canadian Mounted Police)!

  • BoBo

    Beiber as robin, weren’t robin and batman gay?? just saying

  • cleverusername8

    @Hell no: Easy, it’s not the script. Bieber had someone print one up to stoke the fires a bit… make news which he unfortunately accomplished.

  • Jake

    Can you imagine how the movie would be like if the story turned out to be true?

    We have Cavill.A 6’1″ actor with the most gorgeous face who perfectly captured what Superman is and stands for and gave a great performance in Man of Steel.

    Then you have Affleck.Affleck is 6’4″ and he is a really big guy.I am going to reserve judgment about how he will do as Batman but until then Affleck was quite good in movies like The Town and Argo.

    And then,there’s Bieber ,a 5’7″ talentless “singer” who can’t act to save his life (he tried to pull a prank and it was the most ridiculous thing i ever saw).

    I think it would actually be really funny.Anyway when a movie stars the likes of very good actors(because let’s not forget that the movie,besides Cavill and Affleck,also had Amy Adams,Diane Lane and Lawrence Fisburne)…you just don’t cast Bieber.Maybe in Twilight,where all the actors are wooden.

  • Jason

    Just what we need; a lesbian sidekick saving the town by pissing all over it! Wish this little self-entitled arrogant a-hole would get over himself and just stay out of the news. Forever.

  • Jason

    Also, why is he always hunching in every damn picture? If not that, then he’s making that ‘i-made-poo-poo-in-my-pants-ma’ face. UGH!!!

  • maya anushertz

    relax people

    this is fake

  • RJ

    Is ‘Batman vs Superman’ supposed to be comedy movie?
    Ben Affleck – Batman
    Justin Bieber – Robin

  • amanda

    several things: the WB phone number is wrong. the buildings at the studio don’t have letters. There are no Box #’s at WB.

    Also @ Tama. in The Dark Knight Returns, Robin is a girl. the character of robin has changed many times and several of the Robin’s have been girls

  • Jay


    actually, the script is based on a graphic novel in which they have a female Robin. it makes perfect sense now. but in all honesty, i really do hope it just for a Funny or Die skit.


    Better idea: Make a movie just about Batman’s sidekick Robin; the lady killer. Not joking…


    Better idea: Make a movie just about Batman’s sidekick Robin; the lady killer. Not joking…

  • groundcontrol

    Suck on the batpole, Robin.

  • groundcontrol

    Suck on the batpole, Robin.

  • http://na Lynn

    TELL me this is a joke!!!!!!! If it’s not…I’m going to throw up! Bieber makes me SICK!!!!

  • http://na Lynn


  • roaringHeron
  • the steel bat

    600% fake.
    1. the production company has not decided on an official name yet so the script can not say “batman vs superman” or WB would have announced it.
    2. JB has absolutely no acting experiance so they would not even risk him not being able to keep up with actors of the likes of Ben Afflek and Henery Cavill, also other much better actors would be offered the role e.g. matt daemon, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, rayan grossling (who are all amazing actors) ect.
    3. legendary pictures and syncopy pictures names are missing.
    4. the logo is not official and is a fan made logo from when around man of steel was released.
    5. he would be fired for showing the script (as it is very confidential).
    6. they would not risk such a controversial decision on such a masive movie.
    7. the simple fact that he is a f***ing little asshole fag.

  • selena g

    so if he is robin

    does that mean he’s gay now

  • reeven

    PLEASE NO!!!!!!!!!

  • Jimmy

    As if casting directors are THAT stupid. They’d never cast him.

  • who

    Oh HELL no!

  • http://Facebook Steven
  • Maya

    this is just for Funny or Die! he is making new album, he doesn’t even have time for making a movie!


    Maya at 8:07: JB would make the time and do it for union scale if the script was right. I’m thinking Charlize Theron plays his older cougar love interest mother figure in the major motion picture.


    Candice at 10:28; That was the new James Dean. And he can sing too; think Batman: The Musical.


    No.29: No, it’s no joke. And Wes Anderson would be the perfect director. Who knows how to handle controversial subjects with humor.

  • chez
  • MOS

    The reasons critics panned the MOS film, while movie goers mostly loved it (see the ratings discrepancy on RT,, partly addressed by the RT head) is because a good number of the movie critics are non-Christians irritated by the obvious parallels between Superman and Jesus. They felt this movie promoted Jesus in some not so subtle ways, which, of course, it did! Here are some: both are age 33 when they sacrifice themselves, Superman gives himself up to save the world just as Jesus did, young Supes turns the other cheek around instead of punishing his bullies, the scene in the church, the cross-like pose when Supes exits Zod’s spaceship to save a plunging encapsulated Lois, the Ministry Resources website set up by MOS producers for church pastors, etc.