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Katie Holmes & Suri Crave Doughnuts & Cupcakes!

Katie Holmes & Suri Crave Doughnuts & Cupcakes!

Katie Holmes is cute and casual while grabbing doughnuts and cupcakes with her adorable daughter Suri at Doughnut Plant on Saturday (September 21) in New York City.

The day before, the 34-year-old actress rocked a fedora while her seven-year-old daughter wore sunglasses that matched her arm cast.

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A few weeks ago, Katie was spotted working on the set of her upcoming film Miss Meadows, which will have its international film rights sold by Myriad Pictures. The flick has not set a release date, so stay tuned!

20+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes and Suri satisfying their doughnut craving…

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katie holmes suri crave doughnuts cupcakes 01
katie holmes suri crave doughnuts cupcakes 02
katie holmes suri crave doughnuts cupcakes 03
katie holmes suri crave doughnuts cupcakes 04
katie holmes suri crave doughnuts cupcakes 05
katie holmes suri crave doughnuts cupcakes 06
katie holmes suri crave doughnuts cupcakes 07
katie holmes suri crave doughnuts cupcakes 08
katie holmes suri crave doughnuts cupcakes 09
katie holmes suri crave doughnuts cupcakes 10
katie holmes suri crave doughnuts cupcakes 11
katie holmes suri crave doughnuts cupcakes 12
katie holmes suri crave doughnuts cupcakes 13
katie holmes suri crave doughnuts cupcakes 14
katie holmes suri crave doughnuts cupcakes 15
katie holmes suri crave doughnuts cupcakes 16
katie holmes suri crave doughnuts cupcakes 17
katie holmes suri crave doughnuts cupcakes 18
katie holmes suri crave doughnuts cupcakes 19
katie holmes suri crave doughnuts cupcakes 20
katie holmes suri crave doughnuts cupcakes 21
katie holmes suri crave doughnuts cupcakes 22

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  • Shame

    Casual? The kid is wearing a bathrobe.


    This is why I try and only comment on K-FLOPS “professional” endeavors.

    Oh well, Buckeyes Won (OSU vs FAM)!


  • mirror

    Doesnt Suri tell her mom that she looks weird with pijamas in the street?

  • Lilly

    Suri seems so happy for the past few days. I like how Katie lets her walk outside in her pajamas.

  • Sincerely concerned

    Pajamas in NYC. That is just wrong.

  • rubyz

    Pimping her kid in pajamas out on the street where she knows they will be photographed? Holmes has no sense at all: no fashion sense, no acting sense, and obviously no COMMON SENSE.

  • Lauren

    That kid eats a lot of junk.

  • Poopy

    Can’t she put some clothes on? And why do we always have to see photos of her, she’s not that exciting.

  • Sincerely concerned

    @rubyz: These must have been the Midwestern values that she was talking about

  • Dee

    @Rubyz, yah, because I’m sure her most important concern about her child is how the pap photos will look. Lol. Shit happens, kids go outside in weird stuff sometimes.

  • diane

    Trifling mother lets her child come out in the streets in pajamas and a housecoat.

  • Anne

    Crossed the line. In divorce Kate said that Tom did not put limits on Suri. Scientology says that children are little adults. Looks like she did not know how to put limits. How to let a child go out in NY with bathrobe? Katie knows that Paps are around. Suri has friends at school, can laugh at it. Poor girl. These two crazy daughter for fame.

  • Anne


    What do you mean? BUCKEYE STATE????

  • Lilly

    I love her robe. So colorful.

  • http://islanddiva Blondie
  • ginny

    Katie is from Ohio and Ohio is the “Buckeye” State. You must not be from the US. No offense intended. I once had someone berate me on a blog for referring to Queen Elizabeth II as the Queen of England instead of GB. I care about royal titles about the same as Europeans care about American sports.

  • 2×4

    Sorry, but I don’t think any sensible mother would let her child walk around Manhattan in pajamas and a bathrobe.

  • Sincerely concerned

    Now how is she going to explain how she didn’t know Suri was in her pajamas to Ellen (like she did about the p**** gummy bears)?

  • annie

    What cute pjs and robe. Little kids can get away with wearing anything.
    Complain if you see Katie wearing hers in the street, not Suri.
    Remember seeing Jen Garner doing the same thing with her daughter!
    You guys take things too seriously…..much too seriously.
    Why this, why that, why is she wearing this or that, why why why?

    @ rubyz
    Don’t you get tired of bagging Katie all over the place.
    I get it you don’t like her, but why spend so much of your precious energy tracking her down to criticize her…….all over the internet!

  • http://computer Gun

    Suri’s MOTHER is next to her, what business is it of yours, what HER CHILD wears.
    It’s NYC, you can wear what the hel l you feel like, if she wanted to go out in a bikini, big fcuking deal.
    There are so many children out there that would be glad for someone to care about them, but that would involve caring, and you just like to b itch and whine without contributing to Society, a know nothing, do nothing drip.
    Katie keep on smiling and making decisions for your child, let the bitches
    keep on looking at you they can’t help themselves.

  • Sincerely concerned

    @annie: I have often tried to like her Annie and you know I have. Must be the Leo in her. She creates her own problems. You even said it yourself that she is a walking contradiction so what do you expect? Will be going to New York next summer for US Open. I will be making a conscientious effort to see how many 8 Y/O’s are being paraded around NYC in pajamas and a robe.

  • 2×4

    People on this board are entitled to their opinions; that’s what business it is of ours. Some like the fact that Katie lets Suri walk around Manhattan in her pajamas and bathrobe, and some don’t. Hopefully everyone can state their opinions without getting insulted.

  • Cece

    The child is old enough to understand that pajamas and the streets of New York are not a good combination. Between the pajamas, stuffed animal, and hands in the mouth, I fear she has some developmental issues. Our youngest is the same age, and while all kids mature at different rates, I know of none who would look like this on the street.

    Or maybe she is totally fine but her mom doesn’t understand boundaries and feels her child should do whatever she feels like.

    Either way, it doesn’t seem like a great situation.

  • Alliana

    Wow. I’ve lived in or spent signicant time in NYC, Chicago, London, Paris, Dallad, Washington DC etc and I’ve never seen a child her age walking around in a robe and their Jammie’s. I can guarantee that people would be staring and scratching their heads over this attire even if it was mommy nobody with their nobody child.

  • rubyz

    @annie, thanks for your concern, sweetie, but it only takes a minute to track idiocy, LOL.

  • 55vineyard

    Wish there was a good donut shop in my town. Do not eat them often but although there must be 8 or 10, most of them are pretty crummy. Sure wish the Krispy kreme over inTorrance had not closed.

  • annie

    @ sincerely concerned
    You know the problem here is…not that Suri is in her pjs, but we don’t know the reason as to why she’s in her pjs, why her mother has a bag full of donuts, don’t know the time , where they are going, or anything.
    How do we know, that she’s not going to a sleepover, it could be anything, just anything.
    Why automatically jump to the negative.
    Can’t get over how perfect everyone is on here. Listen to you, one has been all over the world, and hasn’t seen it ( kids in their sleepwear) on the street anywhere. Well come to Australia, and you might just see it… a supermarket.
    Seen it a few times. Don’t think anyone saw it as shock horror.
    Oh my god, you people are so funny, then again maybe us people from Aus are more easy going, and laid back about things.

  • Sincerely concerned

    @Dee: You miss the point. Mom LET’S her dress in the weirdest stuff. No doubt, there are polarizing “opinions”. 2×4 – opinions or just wrong? Seriously, why so much tolerance for what is “provoking” and than the person who is being provoked gets chastised when they react.

  • Sincerely concerned

    @annie: The point is that when you see her on talk shows, she will go on and on about her Midwestern values, how she can eat and eat and not gain weight, comes across as so nice, (from the dinner for 5) so modestly talented, but her actions contradict in every way manageable. I.e., she is skinny because you ONLY see her drinking coffee. She is not so friendly… that smirk says it all. I’m still waiting for her after TC movie. People r not stupid. Ellen probably sees a very easy girl and really enjoyed dancing to blurred lines with her. …sorry, But geez oh Pete. Ok, this is just me, but take Suri, live in NYC but be honest with yourself about who you are, I can only presume she left Scientology because of it’s controversy, well then?

  • Sincerely concerned

    @mirror: NO Suri probably pushed it knowing that her mom SHOULD have said, “no Suri, you don’t go out in the streets in your night clothes.” End of story! But she caved and Suri got her way ..hence the look of Suri getting her way and Katie can either get mad at the paps or say to Suri when they get back from their morning run, “ok Suri, u got me, I’ m human”. And than be ready for holy terror the next time Katie hopefully holds her ground. Kids love and need boundaries!!! Not an opinion, FACT!

  • Sincerely concerned

    @annie: @annie: You can believe whatever you want to. I AM from and still live in Ohio. This is NOT normal. By normal, I am saying pertaining to the norm. I let you look up the defn. of NORM.

  • http://computer Susan

    In some schools they have pajama day.
    I’m going to solve your problem for you, since she offends you talking about her mid-West values, don’t listen to her, BINGO.
    @Alliana: You’re such a story teller, open a car door of a parent dropping off kids at school and the younger kids will still be in pjs and she may make a stop at the supermarket before going back home.
    In NYC you have never seen a kid walking the streets in pjs! what a load of BS.

  • rubyz

    Schools’ pyjama days are usually not on Saturdays.

  • Sincerely concerned

    @Sincerely concerned: @Susan: It doesn’t offend me. Just don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining.

  • Sincerely concerned

    @rubyz: you can tell me but don’t expect me to buy into it. That’s when I get insulted.

  • annie

    @ sincerely concerned
    I’ve often said that I enjoy your posts, don’t always agree, and sometimes I think you say interesting things.
    This time there are a couple of things, that I can’t agree with.
    First, I don’t understand what midwestern values has to do with Suris pjs and robe, it’s not some sort of crime.
    On the weekend, if you go early to the bakery, you will see kids in their pjs and robes, it’s not a matter of the norm or not, they are only kids. It’s not a crime, why make it sound like it is!
    Once you wrote about washing a mouth out with soap, to me that’s not the norm, ever.
    You talk about values, she was with Chris Klien for years, with TC for years. What she does in the other 23hrs and 59 min of her day, we don’t know.
    You should judge her values, if after a couple of weeks of separating from TC, she hooked up someone else and brought him home, live in, to her bed, and then after a few months somebody new again, and again.
    Her so called smirk, is a half smile usually directed to the paps.
    I’m not defending her, but I don’t see, all these issues that people go on about.
    When I saw a pic of Jen Garners daughter in pjs, going out to breakfast, I didn’t think anything, other that she was a little kid, didn’t think badly of JG why should I?……..when there is no reason to.
    And probably Katies family values made her stay longer in her marriage than a lot of other people would have done. And look, she’s probably not blameless either, I do believe she was in love with an illusion too, at that time nothing was real to her,later when reality set in, she was stuck because of Suri and maybe he was too, don’t say much about Tom, because you don’t know his motives for the whole thing, so it’s harder .
    It’s hard with what he did to NK, and that NAZ girl, auditions, Scie, it’s hard to be imparial with these things staring at you.
    But things get so blown out proportion, all the time, and I find myself asking , what’s the big deal about this that and everything.
    There is no common sense at all in some posts….maybe that’s what bugs me !
    Look , I realise this is the internet, it’s a celeb gossip blog, there’s a lot of hate, not only here, but all over, everybody can say what they wish, make up things to make themselves feel better, it’s a free for all, I get it.

    I heard her say that her hips, or thighs, are her big problem, don’t know whether she said she can eat and not put on weight, she seems to love sweets, and she is thinner than she used to be before TC, and I’m the first to say that she needs another 10lbs or as we say 5kilos.

  • Sincerely concerned

    @annie: Only one issue I disagree with you about, I don’t go around BOASTING about Midwestern values. Technically, I didn’t wash her mouth out, I scraped it on the inside of her bottom teeth as she was letting out every cuss word she knew:( And it was twice and she got the message. I think she was 8 at the time, so I can only imagine what Katie is going through now. My mother in law told me she was just like her when she was her age, “I couldn’t stop swearing enough and my mother couldn’t stop smacking me enough”. It is obvious that Suri is “a handful”. At that age, a child will manipulate if allowed. My dtr. was very successful at manipulating my husband to gang up on me. I am just saying that for once Katie may want to go out of character and use a little fore thought about playing it all out in front of the cameras. Otherwise, this is what she is going to get. Some poster said something about what Caroline Kennedy did with her kids. THAT was smart. It is obvious that Suri is dastardly smart, but she has too much power with the Paps. Take it away! That is what these neutral posters are saying. Yes K-Flop and Karen are B****es, I agree that she has talent and SHOULD continue in NYC if that is what she wants but with a little more class. If you defend EVERYthing, you only dilute her attributes. Just a thought.

  • Sincerely concerned

    @annie: You’re not trying to compare the picture of Jennifer carrying Violet when she was maybe 5???

  • Sincerely concerned

    That smirk represents to me, I am being put off by your presence. Is that what she really wants to be …a victim. Use your head, take control and be happy. Have you read The Art of Happiness Yet? Why that SMIRK doesn’t annoy you, I don’t know but I think that is what a lot of these posters can read very clearly. One person responded, “why go on this site if I have such feelings”? Hence my OCD:). Seriously though, like Carrie Underwood (an Aries), I am of the opinion that the talent is there if Katie becomes a mom and not a friend to Suri.

  • Sincerely concerned

    @Sincerely concerned: google, ” Jennifer Garner daughter pajamas just Jared “. Than go to the site that says pg. 93, the 1st blogger says it all and totally debunks your partiality. With love:)

  • annie

    @ sincerely concerned
    Still friends…..even tho can’t agree on the pjs and robe thing.
    I have seen it quite a few times, maybe it’s not the norm, but it’s not something bad either, considering , maybe she was taking her daughter to a sleepover, and took donuts as a treat.
    People are making her and her daughter, look bad, when you don’t know.the reason behind it.
    Anyway just went over to the Daily Mail, and I reckon they are some of the best pics I’ve seen of Katie. The fedora, the jeans /boots her hair everything.
    A real Sag with a splash of Leo. Loved it!