Jimmy Kimmel Reads Kanye West Tweets Live on His Show!

Jimmy Kimmel Reads Kanye West Tweets Live on His Show!

Jimmy Kimmel has spoken out about his phone call with Kanye West that happened minutes before the rapper went on a Twitter rant blasting the talk show host for a spoof of him.

Kanye West called me about an hour, hour and a half ago in my office and he’s very angry because of a bit we aired this week. He gave an interview to the BBC and we had a kid actor take the words and reenact it. We just had the kids say the stuff Kanye said and apparently this upset him,” Jimmy said during his Jimmy Kimmel Live show on Thursday (September 25).

“He called me. He said a lot of things. He told me I had two choices: number one, apologize publicly. And that was really the only choice. The other choice he gave was that ‘your life would be much better if you apologize,’” Jimmy added. “And then he started tweeting today.”

Jimmy then read all of the tweets that Kanye had sent out while the show was still taping.

“He told me on the phone, and I swear to god this is true, he said, ‘I am the most powerful voice in media. I am Pac.’ He said ‘I am Pac’ a few times to me,” Jimmy later added. “He said ‘you’ll never be able to show yourself at a fourteen-year-old’s high school football game and be cool again.’ He really is Pac. I mean that’s right out of the Tupac playbook, isn’t it? So, I don’t know. I don’t understand it. I don’t know why he’s angry. The bit was pretty innocuous.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Jimmy Kimmel’s response to Kanye West?

Jimmy Kimmel Reads Kanye West Tweets Live on His Show!
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  • morgan

    “I am Pac” lol Kanye what an a$$ I’ve never been a fan of Kimmel but am on his team Kanye is so self-centered that both pisses me off and cracks me up at the same time

  • Muffin man

    I expect nothing less from Kanye he is a douche who thinks he is better then he really is wish he’d step back for awhile.

  • paula

    hahaha my.. kanye is just and clearly an idiot haha poor if he think what he said…the powerful voice haha idiot hah

  • Tom

    Seriously I think Kanye needs medication the guys hot a couple if screws lose.

  • sarah

    Omg. Kanye really has a warped idea of himself. He really thinks he is some sort of untouchable sacred god. LOL
    In actual fact, he is an idiot with no sense of humor. He seriously needs to get his head out of his own a**. What a loser!

  • S

    Kanye is an idiot. An egotistical idiot. Any credit he had developed as a musician has been drastically reduced with all his recent antics.

  • Christy

    What a douchebag! Kanye is such a jerk! who do u think you are, the God?! you’re the son of a bitch, do u know that? I feel so sorry for the person who marries him. Oh, wait, Kim, GOOD LUCK WITH THAT JERK! Once a douchebag, always a douchebag! a person like him shouldn’t even be a musician! He should be in hell..

  • Adrienne

    I think I speak on behalf of America when I say that he is NOT ‘PAC’ and not a ‘powerful voice’. If he thinks the public view him positively and powerful, then he’s got another thing coming. Many people do not like him because he rubs people the wrong way. This isn’t an opinion, it’s a fact.

  • Asha

    I have always said that when Kanye dies and he goes to meet God outside the gates of heaven, the first thing out of Kanye’s mouth to God will be “you’re welcome”.

  • Marvin30

    any man who names his child North West can’t be taken seriously… EVER!

  • NYC

    I can see why Kanye is angry. The BIT was mocking him.
    Cheap Shot by Kimmel, though I love Jimmy’s show and think he’s great.
    He should have told Kanye about it before he went ahead with it.

  • Sheyenne

    Okay I’m a fan of some of Kanye’s music but he is a complete asshole. He can say whatever he wants about people and it shouldn’t be a problem . But if someone makes a joke about him he has to blow up like this. Maybe Taylor Swift should have acted like this when he got on stage and embarrassed her. I mean this dude really thinks he’s king or something.

    Kanye West please take several seats!!!!!!

  • Lovesexy13

    When Kanye walked into that sign a few months ago, I think he knocked a few more screws loose. Amanda Bynes, meet your new roommate, Kanye West.

  • Lovesexy13


    Are you serious? Jimmy Kimmel makes fun of a ton of celebrities. And Jimmy doesn’t need Kanye’s permission for anything. Kanye’s reaction was even more ridiculous than his interview. Kanye is a talented man, but that’s no excuse for lacking a sense of humor or common sense.

  • cynthia

    Kanye is talented however he has not been the same since his mom passed he is desperately crying for help, seek it rest a while and make a intellectual comeback.

  • N

    Kanye is just an idiot!! He’s proven it over and over again

  • Telley

    The more ridiculous West sounds, the more material he gives Jimmy to tell jokes about him. That’s what comedians do.

  • Spot

    Kanye is just an idiot who has no sense of humour he was exactly the same before his mother died. That is the most stupid excuse to behave the way he has for the last few years. Gosh Kim is one lucky woman can you imagine what it is going to be like when they split? LOL Kanye has no real power too many people think he is a douche he has no respect from most people because of his actions and his big ignorant mouth over the years. Get a sense of humour and is threatening Jimmy Fallon really a good idea? Guess Kanye forget he has a international television show. I’m sure Jimmy is shaking in his boots. Someone needs to give Kanye a reality check he is dating a porn star and has a kid with the worlds most stupid name and he thinks he is this huge star what were his last record sales? Pretty poor from what I remember.

  • Greg

    He should be in the new Wizzard of oz. The wicked ass hole of the WEST

  • SharpThanSharp

    Kanye West sounds like a crying 12 year old boy , every time he opens his mouth it’s like can he sound any less intelligent than the last . Kanye is a live reflection of the real Kim K. we don’t really ever get to see !

  • Greg

    Kanye can be described in one word (LOOSER)

  • donda

    Kanye West is obviously suffering from some form of mental illness. His recent sit-down interview with Zane Lowe just confirmed this. Maybe he’s bipolar maybe he’s schizophrenic, don’t know if his mother’s death which he may subconsciously feel responsible for has anything to do with it, don’t know if the abandonment issues countless black males struggle with is to blame. All I know is he needs help.

  • selena cyrus
  • nemo

    oh, douch-ye…

  • word

    Let’s all just hope that no one gets hurt when Kanye shows up to someones house with a can of gasoline like Amanda Bynes did , hope he gets the help he needs before it comes to that !

  • belle

    Kanye is so delusional. What the hell is he smoking these days? Does he really think he is a god? By referencing himself as Pac, does he mean Tupac? LOL Kanye has lost his marbles.

    As for being powerful, well he needs a straight jacket because that’s crazy talk.

  • alaia

    Here’s an idea, Kanye: if you don’t want the paparazzi taking pictures of your child, don’t create with the biggest famewhore.

  • Diedre

    I used to think Kanye was just an obnoxious a$$hole, but after that BBC interview and this thing with Jimmy Kimmel, I’m becoming convinced that he has a serious mental disorder.
    This goes beyond narcissism and actually smacks of sociopathic tendencies.
    Does he REALLY believe the grandiose sh!t he says about himself?

  • Rebecca

    Kanye has some mental illness. He is very delusional.

  • Alliana

    Never thought I’d say this, but I feel sorry for Kim Kardashian. She, if she has any sense, must be afraid for herself and get poor baby.

  • Mark

    BOO Freakin’ HOO NYC! You need to put on your Big Boy pants, as does the infamous moron douche bag Kanye West.! West is a no talent hack who’s only claim to fame is knocking up one of those bimbo Kardashian air heads….and then the idiot names his kid North West?

  • Sam

    Ok it’s really hard to take the guy who compared himself to a “Wreck It Ralph” character seriously… He thinks he has so much power, like he is Jay Z… he’s NOT. His music sucks, his personality sucks, and for a new dad to talk that way, he’s not giving his daughter anything. Waste of time and attention seeker.

  • Jiselle

    Kanye’s reaction is extreme but I can understand why he’s upset. He was being serious for one of the first times ever and Kimmel is mocking him. NOt everyone knows how to take a joke. Everyone has a different sense of humor. I know that if I’m talking about something serious to me and someone makes fun of it, I wouldn’t be enthused.

  • Deede

    Hes an idiot. Any person whose life partner is Kim Kardshian should never be taken seriously. ” I am Pac”? Tupac must be laughing in his grave at Kanyes dumb claim. Good on Kimmel for airing Kaynes dirty laundry.

  • jenna


  • ML

    Jimmy Kimmel is a comedian. This is what he does. Kanye needs to reel it in and relax a little. Besides, people started making fun of him the second he started messing with Kim.

  • http://orig_disneygirl Paula Downey

    Kanye needs to sit on a can of RAID to kill that huge bug up his a**! His opinion of himself and his “power” are so funny I can’t help but laugh until I cry. I’ll go to my grave laughing over that one! lmao

  • Samantha

    Now that i’ve watched the video i’m laughing so hard dude!!.. Kanye is a total a$s and soft as sh-t obviously we all know he’s insane and has anger issues. He tries so hard to be taken seriously and idk gangster? but it actually amazes me how stuck in his own a$s he is.
    Oh! btw I absolutly loved Kimmel’s answer to the pu$sy tweet. LOL

  • CRSF

    I am not one to post comments or speak negatively about people, but Kanye West is delusional and such a tool. His interview was painful to watch (I had to stop after 15 min). He lacks class, talent, intelligence, humility, etc., Sadly, he thinks he is ‘God’ and it couldn’t be further from the truth. NOBODY respects him and he knows it. He tries to compensate with his over the top ego. It’s just.plain.sad.

    Kanye/Kardashian’s are perfect for each other. They are greedy, lack class/character and will do anything for publicity. PLEASE just go away already! You are NOT role models, nor do you positively impact society. My advice? Take a good, long hard look in the mirror.

    Jimmy Kimmel, you’re awesome and a class act.

  • Markus Arike

    Kanye has every right be annoyed. Kimmel’s ratings are poor so he throws Kanye under the bus? Cheap shot, but Kimmel learned how to be tacky from his best friend Howard Stern for whom no joke is too offensive and no person is off limits.

    Apparently you can say or do anything in the name of a lame comedy bit. But it was mean spirited.

    I wouldn’t watch Kimmel’s show now if it was the last thing on TV. Cheap shot artist. Sara Silverman IS funnier. Much.

  • Jake

    Kanye has no reason to be annoyed. How come Kanye can offend/ hate on other people and its ok for him???? Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake etc
    Kanye takes cheap shots all the time but apparently no one else can touch him. Or else he throws a major tantrum on twitter and phones people with threats of “I am Pac” and “I am the most powerful voice in media”
    Seriously, what a joke. He wants respect?? NO WAY.

  • Oceanriver

    Why doesn’t someone just beat the crap out of that Short, Little Chump Kanye!!! This dude is a JOKE, married to a weirdo Family!! Who are we kidding here. I can’t wait till I read about him attacking someone and getting his little Butt Kicked!!! That will be Hilarious!! Can’t stand this little man Kanye with a big Mouth and Ego!!! Chump change w/ Kim!!!

  • freya

    And now Kanye wonders why people on the top does not take him seriously?

  • Jen

    White folks never do get why the things they say and do are beyond inappropriate in regards to other races. #whiteprivilagestrikesagain

  • Jenny

    I see some comments saying Kanye is talented. Apparently autotune makes you talented these days. Apparently autotune makes you “Pac.”