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Keith Urban Premieres Urban Guitar Collection!

Keith Urban Premieres Urban Guitar Collection!

Keith Urban is all smiles while announcing the world premiere of the Urban Guitar Collection on HSN on Friday (October 4) in Tampa, Fla.

The day before, the 45-year-old country singer was spotted being interviewed while attending the auditions for the 13th season of American Idol.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Keith Urban

“I’ve watched some of the greatest guitarists in the world perform and I’ve seen people just learning how to play,” Keith recently shared to HSN. “The looks on their faces are almost always the same and the connection with the instrument is genuine.”

Also pictured: Keith celebrating his number one song “Little Bit Of Everything” at Aerial In Nashville on Monday (October 7) in Nashville, Tenn.

20+ pictures inside of Keith Urban promoting the Urban Guitar Collection

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keith urban urban guitar collection premiere 01
keith urban urban guitar collection premiere 02
keith urban urban guitar collection premiere 03
keith urban urban guitar collection premiere 04
keith urban urban guitar collection premiere 05
keith urban urban guitar collection premiere 06
keith urban urban guitar collection premiere 07
keith urban urban guitar collection premiere 08
keith urban urban guitar collection premiere 09
keith urban urban guitar collection premiere 10
keith urban urban guitar collection premiere 11
keith urban urban guitar collection premiere 12
keith urban urban guitar collection premiere 13
keith urban urban guitar collection premiere 14
keith urban urban guitar collection premiere 15
keith urban urban guitar collection premiere 16
keith urban urban guitar collection premiere 17
keith urban urban guitar collection premiere 18
keith urban urban guitar collection premiere 19
keith urban urban guitar collection premiere 20
keith urban urban guitar collection premiere 21

Credit: Rick Diamond; Photos: Getty
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  • Oh dear

    Technically these cheap guitars should be titled the “Urbanski Guitar Collection”

  • Sara

    I’m so happy for Keith! This is a win/win for everyone.

  • Keith is the best

    Wonderful! Keith is donating a portion of every sale to The Grammy Foundation and Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation!

  • Gaz

    Keith is carrying on the tradition of musicians like Buck Owens who sold his famous red white and blue Buckaroo guitar to fans. James Taylor has made instructional videos too. A great way to share the music which is what it’s all about.

  • MIS

    Santa, I’d like the green electric please!

  • Not buying it

    To help sales, will he throw in a bottle of his goddam awful man scent ‘Phoenix’ with every purchase?

  • curious

    You might be unlucky and get a free copy of Fuse with every guitar because he’s got to get rid of the excess stock somehow.

  • Eve

    This is going to be great for Keith. He’s inspired so many. A banner week for him; Little Bit of Everything has gone gold and he had his #1 party today too.

  • Carolyn

    He is such a genuinely good guy. He just donated $300,000 to the Navy Seals, all his royalties from “For You.” I hope the guitars sell well. They look great!

  • Derek


  • RuthAnne

    Keith Urban is adorable. One of his guitars would be a great gift for my son who’s been showing some interest in playing.

  • Karen

    @Not buying it: u so crazy, LMFAO!

  • x

    Urban is an above average guitarist at best. Not listed anywhere in Top 200 guitarists. This could be a hard sell.

  • maclen

    Yeah…I’m sure these guitars will “sell” as well as his new album. I’m frankly “impressed” by the wide “varitey” of guitar bodies…”one” for the acoustic and “one” for the electric.

  • skeptics are stupid

    The truth speaks for itself. Keith Urban voted top country guitarist for 2012 from Guitar Player magazine. He’ll have no problem selling his brand.

  • skeptics are stupid

    So are Mary and Taralea going to play tag team? Bahahahaha!

  • molly

    Love Keith… never met him personally, but I’ve heard from those who have that he is a genuinely good guy. Good on him for donating a portion of the proceeds to charities for young people.

  • Jada knows

    There’s some women who have no life posting nonsense about Keith Urban. His talent was never in question till about the time Faith came along. Too much happiness and loving marriage set some obsessed fans off into crazy town.

  • maclen

    @Oh dear:

    Yes, “cheap guitars” is the optimum description. These “affordable guitars” for up and comers are no doubt the bottom of the barrel in quality. You also get, “a custom amplifier, coated guitar strings, embroidered guitar strap, guitar picks and more” with each purchase. So, HOW affordable will this “21 piece package” be exactly?

  • esplanade

    I love this! Music is such a wonderful gift.

    @Jada knows: I think the haters that are left were the ones that never even cared about the music. They drooled over his behind and cute smile. If Keith’s talent and music meant something to them his personal life wouldn’t be their full-time obsession.

  • Louise

    Truly a fantastic talent and a fabulous human being. There should be more Keith Urban’s in the world……luv, luv the man.

  • sorry

    @skeptics are stupid: nobody pays any attention to the lame “country” guitar list and nobody will buy guitars shilled by a hasbeen “country” guitarist.

  • Sheri

    Awwwww – there’s my gorgeous Keith! I’d buy anything from him :)

  • Sheri

    @x: I think you are totally misinformed; Keith is considered in the industry to be one of the top 5 guitarists in the world!! Have you ever seen him in concert? He is amazing!!!!!

  • ..

    Are you out of your mind @Sheri? Seriously, what planet do you live on. Like x said, Keith Urban doesn’t even rate in the official top 200 guitarists. Sure, he has talent and puts on a good show but he is no guitar hero.

  • eve

    Does he think he is Eric Clapton? Well, he is not.

  • Sheri

    @..: No, I am not out of my mind. You need to learn some manners. We are all entitled to our opinion without throwing insults. You need to grow up!

  • ..

    @Sheri: How about you consider basing your opinion on facts next time to avoid the ridicule.

  • truth

    How about you stop lying and posting as multiple people. You’re posting that he’s not a top guitarist because he’s still married to Nicole. You want to be that stupid then so be it. You’re a dumba$$ too.

  • Gifts

    Guess what all of the family members and friends of the lunatics will be getting this Holiday Season – whether they want one or not?

  • Becca

    Love love love Keith Urban! Whoever thinks he’s not a fantastic guitarist has never seen him in concert. @eve – Eric is one of the best blues guitarist but their styles are COMPLETELY different. The call him ‘Slowhand’ for a reason. That’s like comparing Etta James to Kelly Clarkson. Both terrific – both different. @..@ – You’re basing your “facts” on a list compiled by who? Exactly. It’s all a matter of opinion. You need to chill. This is a gossip site. Nobody needs to be “ridiculed”.

    Great that Keith’s donating to such great musical organizations. I think it’ll be a hit especially with Christmas just around the corner. @maclen – Obviously these are starter guitars. Great for the kids (or adults) who want to start playing guitar.

  • http://Comcast Joni

    The Crazy One comes out when anything is written about Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban. The Crazy One can not stand the success of these two very talented couple. Congratulations KEITH on your new album Fuse going # 1 in USA, Canada and Australia. Also #1on Billboard 200. We’ll deserved.

  • Landy

    How come Keith looks prettier everytime I see him? I wonder if it bothers Nichole her husband’s almost prettier than her? Ummm… wonder what’s Keith’s beauty secret.

  • http://Comcast Joni

    Crazy One–Try using one name instead of your other 30 names. What a bunch of lies you spit out, yes you are the crazy one. You do make it fun to read all of your Jealous, Sick remarks, it makes you wonder what happened in your life that makes you so hateful ??????? KEEP BEING HAPPY NICOLE and KEITH, it drives the crazy one even crazier.

  • http://Yahoo JoBeth

    FYI, if any of Keith’s fans haven’t heard Keith’s collaboration with Buddy Guy on Buddy’s latest album, you might like it. I did. Please no criticism for my taste in music from all you connoisseurs. Who I listen to is my prerogative.

  • Eve

    JoBeth I hope you have heard Keith’s duet with Jimmy Webb. Jimmy did a whole cd of his songs, each one with a different singer. Keith, Marc Cohn, Joe Cocker, Justin Currie, Amy Grant. Keith sings Where’s The Playground Suzie which is so fantastic because he said years ago he really liked some of the deeper cuts from Webb/ Glen Campbell and that’s one of them. The cd is called Still Within The Sound Of My Voice. Excellent excellent music.

  • Eve

    The Crazy One – good call on the name. I think we all should use it to address this loser.

  • Oh dear

    “Once I was ready to FAIL and had NO fear of FAILURE…then that liberated me to make this record.” We’ll done Keith, Fuse is indeed a FAILURE!.

  • Skeptics are morons

    The only failure is maclen who can’t stand that her board is such a bomb she has to come and defend skeptic lies! What happened maclen to your statement you were through arguing with fans who told the truth? Bahahaha!

  • Skeptics are morons

    x posted: Believe me Vickie, I personally couldn’t care less if Keith were gay or not

    x posted: No doubt our debate will continue in the future because I intend to keep digging until I find more concrete evidence of Keith’s gayness :)

    Dig away freak. You won’t find anything but more manure to spread! bahahaha

  • Stick a fork in, Keith’s GAY

    “People in Keith’s circle know full well he has been with men”

  • Skeptics are brain dead

    @Stick a fork in, Keith’s GAY: This person on a hate board who is a Keith Urban stalker would have to be in said circle to know this. EPIC FAIL.

    You contradicted yourself with your own comments x. You are a complete fool.

  • x

    It is not a contradiction. I don’t care that Keith is gay just like I don’t care that Cruise is gay. They both have talent and yet, they are both gay.

  • Skeptics are brain dead


  • Skeptics Rule


  • http://Yahoo JoBeth

    Keith was a hell raiser and womanizer before he married, and also heavily into drugs and alcohol. Unless you’ve been through rehab and know the struggle it is to stay sober, you have no idea what he’s going through. He’s trying hard to be a good father, and if he doesn’t seem to be as rough and ready as you like, maybe it’s because he’s having to babysit two little girls while mama gets to play dress-up. I hope you all get at much food for thought in passage below as I did.

    I’m borrowing this from the book “And the Mountains echoed” by Khaled Hosseini

    “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing,
    there is a field.
    I’ll meet you there.”
    Jelaluddin Rumi, 13th century

  • Oh dear

    @Jobeth, Kidman is too busy being totally selfish and leaving her children for long stretches of time to meet anyone in that field.

  • Sonora

    As usual, The Crazy One has no idea what she’s talking about.

  • http://yahoo jobeth

    I love Keith’s music and I love his latest album. Whether anyone else does, that’s their business. I think ‘Come Back to Me’ is a very touching love song and I think a couple of other songs are so soul searching, that they’re painful to hear. I also think he can strum pretty darned good, but I don’t expect those who don’t care for him personally to agree. So if you get your jollies from destroying people, I hope you realize everyone isn’t buying it. We know what’s going on.

  • bahahaha

    “I hope you realize everyone isn’t buying it”. Actually @jobeth, NO ONE IS BUYING IT …. FUSE!