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Paris Hilton: 'Good Time' feat. Lil' Wayne - Video Premiere!

Paris Hilton: 'Good Time' feat. Lil' Wayne - Video Premiere!

Check out the premiere of Paris Hilton‘s music video for her brand new song “Good Time” featuring Lil’ Wayne!

“Just wanted to say thank you to everybody! I am so happy that you all love #GoodTime!,” the 32-year-old entertainer wrote on her Twitter account. “I have the best fans in the world! Love you guys!”

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The track is the first official single off her upcoming sophomore album, which is scheduled for release later this year via Cash Money Records.

“Good Time” is available on iTunes NOW!

Paris Hilton: ‘Good Time’ Video feat. Lil Wayne
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  • sillyme

    Wow, seriously? First, the song is crappy. Second, this woman has been caught on tape several times referring to blacks by the N word, and yet she still gets a pass.

  • Farah

    Is this a joke?

  • kelli

    money bought her the song and video but still can’t buy her talent

  • Leens

    Now this is going to be really, really hard. Whats worse, Kim kardashian (JAM) or this one….

  • Mike

    Couldn’t finish watching it. Her talent is fondling herself & pretending to have friends, that’s it.

  • marusya

    trash is always trash

  • Waste of time

    This is the stupidiest video I have ever seen in my life. The title song is really what Paris is in real life so I guess it fits perfectly to her. She only parties and parties and she does not do anythign else than just party and pose like a stupid in photo shoots. Then adding this black rapper made the video even worse. The only nice thing about the video are the 5 shirtless guys posing with her during a scene (lol!!), other than that that video is a complete waste of air time She is talentless another wanna be, another Kardashian type of girl.

  • Butch

    Yay! I’m the oldest bi*ch at the rave! Look at me. I’m rich. I’m barren, dating a gay guy and crying on the inside, but look it’s all sparkly!

    I laughed from start to finish on this. Even Lil Wayne’s rhymes were awful. Just a horrible piece of audio/video.

  • harry taint

    did someone forget to tell her she is talentless and useless?

  • Landy

    Good Lord! Who let Paris out? Somebody lock her back up. With the likes of the Kardashians & Miley Cyrus romping about, the world’s got more than enough twits it can handle at the moment. Trips to Mars aren’t quite available yet don’t ya know.

  • Ross

    Wow….Lil Wayne has lost whatever street cred he had left. Sadly, this crappy song will likely be a hit because it seems that if a song has club beat nowadays then people will listen to it no matter what. That’s the times we live in now.

  • wim


  • tibbydude

    Autotuned to hell … yeo Lil Wayne indeed … he must have had another seizure at the time he agreed to “produce” this dreg..

  • fid

    Did I go back in time to 1992??? She looks so rigid trying to be “sexy” in the video, like she’s thinking “ok, move legs up and down..mmhmm, ok now hair twirl…uhh..then… step to the side”

    I don’t know if either she blew Lil Wayne into submission, which seems unlikely because we’ve all seen her sex tape and she’s as interesting in bed as a lump of coals.

    Or she paid him a hefty sum and he’s in desperate need of money. Or perhaps he’s trying to be like James Franco and doing things to be an “artist” “joke” or “statement”.

    I am proud of myself for getting through at least .30 seconds of this video.

  • Ha

    @tibbydude: HAHAHAHAHA thanks yo, that comment brightened my life!

  • paola

    By the picture I thought she would look prettier but she looks ugly as always. I suppose if you are ugly, you are UGLY and no surgeries can make you look better.

  • can’t even talk to describe it

    Ugly. Regular voice. Well, anybody can sing with a girly voice like that. And it’s not that pretty. Sort of club beat people will like (ugh, people are stupid). God awful song. Just horrible!

  • What tha heeeeelllllllllllllll

    Jee. How could Lil Wayne agree to this!??! Hope she paid him big FAT money $$$$$$$$$$$$$


    Blond Jewish girls with blue eyes are kind of hot….

  • geesgurlie

    without auto tune, this crappy song would make my ears bleed. mmm, no thx.

  • Kookin

    Umm I’m pretty sure Lil Wayne just said something about her being there to suck and f… seriously no talent, and I wouldn’t wanna touch her. I’m disappointed in Lil Wayne! Apparently we can all just say what comes to our minds and that makes a song… case in point “Paris Hilton sucks as a singer and actress and this was just a waste of time and space…” AWESOME SONG, let’s make it!

  • meMeME

    Oh God what is she doing MAKE IT STOOOOOOOP

  • NYC

    Hey Paris I can talk too LOL

  • AA

    @sillyme: She also trashed gays. She’s one IQ-deprived package…and proud of it!

  • Lisa

    She sounds very similar to Britney Spears. Just goes to show you that even Britney Spears voice isn’t all that great.

  • landon


  • nok thailand

    Enjoy party appropriate with this song. เพลงมันบอกอยู่แล้วว่าเป็นเวลาที่ดีกับปาร์ตี้ ไม่ซีเรียสสำหรับฟังเพลง ชิลๆ :)

    No serious for listening this song. Chill

  • alldwen

    Thanks for this. Its let me have an opportunity to have my perspective to the World about all the artists, Actors; Singers in Hollywood. Now a days songs and (artist) (Actors) Singers are almost the same Shit! Paris; Miley Cyrus; Brittney Spear; and go on… Evan a homeless person is Celebrity! Where is the knowledge; educate and Skills!
    They’re all little suck at writing songs and acting. They all act funny to the world too and they don’t know that. It’s a funny world.
    No one better than others at the end. So… Paris Hilton is new I forgive her and we shouldn’t bullying them that hard, but I give you little head’s up; you know, Because I am YOUR FANS! Please practice makes PERFECT! Be free and let it out in the smart correct way, because we live in this world are suck! but some time could be better. So keep practices; Keep banging that what you are banging! Be a good person too. we are human; We need love too!

  • brianna

    Check out Paris’ expert opinion on other music videos similar to Good Time from 2013.