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Leonardo DiCaprio & Hilary Swank: Giorgio Armani 'One Night Only' in NYC

Leonardo DiCaprio & Hilary Swank: Giorgio Armani 'One Night Only' in NYC

Leonardo DiCaprio suits up for the Giorgio Armani One Night Only Event held at SuperPier on Thursday night (October 24) in New York City.

The 38-year-old actor was joined on the red carpet by his good friend, director Martin Scorsese, as well as Hilary Swank, Quvenzhane Wallis, Peter Facinelli and his girlfriend Jaimie Alexander.

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The day before, Leo was spotted enjoying an outdoor lunch with a guy pal.

15+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCpario, Hilary Swank, and more at the Giorgio Armani One Night Only event…

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  • Black sharpie

    @####: I don’t know much about VS. Maybe the list you mentioned are the “Angels” who will definitely walk and the rest of the models have to audition? I am not sure. I don’t think Toni is an official “Angel”.

    Personally, I think it’s kind of ridiculous to refer to women as Angels and have them wear wings. Also, I think Toni is better suited for high fashion and editorial work.

    If she had walked the Armani show last night she could have scoped Leo out from the runway rather than search for him in the crowd!!

  • Ignore

    the condescending troll who doesn’t have to be here if it’s not fun to come here in a place full of crazy stalkers.

  • @252

    well said

  • @Sighting

    I don’t know how legit this is this guy seems to be from TX.

  • ####

    @Black sharpie:

    I don’t know that they were all angels but they specifically mentioned that Cara Delevigne and another model were not asked to walk this year even though they did last year. No mention of Toni. If you or anyone cares they can do a google search for VS models who will be in 2013 show and it’ll pull up some articles.

  • @#249

    although you don’t deserve any response because you are rude and mean,here it is; This is a Leo thread and Leo fans post comments speculating and talking about Leo.So they are not net stalkers and they don’t have issues. If you don’t understand this, then it’s you the one with the issues.Moreover, people have their monikers. If you don’t like some posters here then you can easily skip their comments. Are we done?

  • Leo Fan

    Roberta Armani seems quite fond of Leo. That’s a cute pic of the two of them.

  • also…

    @254: So he could be a tourist staying at the W. Maybe Leo`s dad is staying there and not in his apartment? There are several W hotels in the city and one of them is very close to his apartment.

  • @also #258

    Or maybe he was simply visiting someone.

  • One Night Only

    Derek Blasberg calls Toni “Leo’s lady friend” lol

  • @249

    @Seriously People: What comments are meaningless?? nothing is meaningless
    when you attack posters here is it not meaningless?? lol

  • @260

    Urban Dictionary
    1. Lady Friend
    A person you are seeing, dating, or perhaps even sleeping with, but isn’t technically considered your girlfriend. Somewhere between a casual date and an actual girlfriend.
    Lol. And Toni and Derek are friends. If even a friend says that. That’s pretty telling. So…yeah.

  • ####



  • Lady Friend

    That’s basically what she is. For Leo, press…

  • Lady Friend

    Besides she is only mentioned in the article because she’s a friend of writer otherwise ..

  • @####

    Darling,although anyone is not clear for walking in vsfs till the time,in general all angels are safe to be there,some former angels+major models get invitation for walking and about other models they gotta do auditions. some of models/angels give hints by twitting/.. about being there and always there are name of some angels&models not to be there but then you see them in the show cause vs change it’s decisions even at the last minutes,you know+these rumors are a part of pr/getting attentions(to me).that’s why maybe even you see toni and erin both in this show esp.if leo/toni’s break up comes up it’ll be possible if not they just use one of them,as i’ve saw/heard before.

  • :)

    Ladyfriend :

    1- A person’s girlfriend, in the dating sense. or

    2- A good female friend, with benefits.

    3- A lady who is indeed more than just a friend.

  • MellowYellow

    The great thing about a Taxi Driver sequel is that you could now shot the thing with just an older driver in an independently owned and operated taxi in Seattle. Who only needs some big old pawn shop gun, and drives arount Sea Tac shooting Jewish homosexuals and minorities.

  • laineygossip

    Leo at the fashion show

    I was just saying yesterday that Leo wouldn’t leave Martin Scorsese hanging. But then again, it’s not like going to a fashion show isn’t Leo’s jam. Leonardo DiCaprio LIVES at a fashion show. That’s where he orders his girlfriends from. How much do you love it that he’s sitting next to Glenn Close with his arms crossed. She didn’t meet the age minimum, ok?

    Leo’s birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks. He’ll be 39. He looks exactly his age, non? He looks exactly his age but he’s coasting on 2002.

  • @:)

    I dont know where you are from but im from the US and where I’m from lady friend is def not used in the actual GF sense. The times I’ve heard people use it, it was to imply or point out a casual relationship. The guy, that Derek should know in what sense most people comprehend that term since he’s from the US too. Why not just say GF?

  • MellowYellow

    No.267; Remember, taxi drivers sit around and listen to a lot of talk radio, while waiting for their next ride. One could easily do the indie feature for under $12,000,000.

  • @262

    Number 2 to your number 1

    lady friend
    Commonly used term by men fearful of commitment to refer to the woman that they have been dating. This term is usually used to indicate that while he has no intention of being involved in a committed relationship with said woman she is off limits to all other men.

    WARNING: If you are referred to as a said “lady friend”, do not ever make the mistake of referring to yourself as “girlfriend” or hooking up with another guy in front of the man that considers you his “lady friend” as you will no longer be referred to as “lady friend”, but instead as “slut”, “hoe”, “skank”, etc.

  • From Yahoo

    “Sometimes it means a man who is dating a woman or just has a woman as his friend. Sometimes a man has many lady friends which means he is not particularly interested in a serious relationship with just one woman, but, prefers having many different women to date or have just as a friend. It usually applies to an older man who has never been married or who is divorced and has no desire to be married.
    A girl friend is usually the only woman a man dates with the prospects of having a life-time commitment with her in the future.”

  • Twitter

    Ara Ortiz @dopedout 45m
    Shout out to Leo Dicaprio for buying lunch, I got’chu next time.

  • @:)

    Urban Dictionary of Ladyfriend according to Leo

    1- Bedwarmer during the week but has replacement when she’s out of town.

  • MellowYellow

    No.269; Oh yeah…

  • Dlisted


    “Dear Leonardo DiCaprio, as you can tell from the fact that Quentin Tarantino isn’t pointing a camera at you anymore, Django Unchained finished filming a long ass time ago, so you can stop looking like your creepy character now. Please tell him, Marty. You’re the only trick he listens to. – Lainey Gossip”

  • MellowYellow

    No.272; Close but no cigar. The term ‘lady friend’ means plural wife.

  • This Derek guy is rude. Toni needs new friends.

  • Bottom line

    “Ladyfriend” ? so flattering. Is Derek really her friend? Or is it just that he couldn’t help it and had to add her name somewhere in his article but knows he’s not allowed to use the word “girlfriend” when it comes to Leo and Toni? wow!

  • i wonder

    how come Leo attended this so unimportant event and i know he is friends with Arm. but he snubbed his own premiere..?? How come???

  • ####

    @Bottom line:

    Not only that….she was put in parentheses!!!! LOL

  • @not with toni

    After reading some comments I come to a few conclusions, with the internet and all the tabloids perspectives we can only see what’s happening on the surface. We see twitters, instagrams, news accounts and interviews. We can extrapolate from the current situations of what the possibilities are and what’s going on. Sometimes pictures can only say so much, we look at expressions and at the moment and see it on the surface, but what I think is that there is so much more going on that most don’t know about. The press is used to disperse information to us, some is valid in most instances. But what I really think is that we can only guess, but we cant possible know everything only Leo knows his life best.

    Leo’s Fan Girl


  • POP

    I use the term ladyfriend to refer to my friend that is a lady. It doesn’t mean derek has some inside information, just saying its a pretty general word/fun word. I’ve heard guys call their girlfriends that all the time, and have heard guys call their friends that are girls just ladyfriends.

  • http://@kulsuzi34 ####

    A-Rich (@Just_Andr3w)
    10/25/13, 4:30 PM
    Photoset: Titanic producer Jon Landau showed DiCaprio Titanic 3D footage late last year and, by all…

    Aaawww how sweet!

  • crystal clear

    The SM as she is referred to here, has not given up. If she wanted to, I see that she will be brought back onto her path again and again. In this life her destiny is far greater than Leo. This coming year will be very important for both of them. It may be 2015 before his fans may see as I already see.

  • chelsea

    @crystal clear: shut the fuuck up!

  • HAHA12

    Man..I really dislike the slicked hair on him but I like his suit.
    About the Miranda rumors-I’m not surprised he’s brought up as a potential candidate for cheating with her but I really don’t believe it. I know Leo may be a douche and a practical animal when it comes to women, but would he seriously sleep with one of his friend’s wives and then go see a play of his and continue on like everything is normal?? Hollywood is a shady town, but as bad as Leo is made out to be, I don’t think he’s THAT bad. Perhaps it’s wishful thinking on my part. I wouldn’t be surprised if they flirted at one point and got close but I’m not sure.
    It’s been kind of frustrating these past few weeks, nothing going on with Leo except new rumors of him hooking up with this model, then that model, etc. I do think it’s ruining his image as a serious actor, but not over all. He will obviously always be successful, but he needs to be careful from now on. These models are exposing him for how dirty and shameless he really is in his personal life.

  • HAHA12

    I dunno, when I was watching the Esquire Special I didn’t really interpret the guy implying Leo is a PR manufactured product. To me it just seems like Leo is shy and kind of hard to make open up in interviews and maybe since he takes everything too seriously it’s why he wasn’t joking much or anything. I’m not sure.

  • not with toni

    @Leo’s Fan Girl
    Hi Maria! Thank you for your message :)
    I agree with everything you said but i would like to take it even further and dare to say that we know nothing about this beautiful man!
    It’s all speculations! People (me included of course )make speculations based not only on pictures&interviews but on their own mental tendencies and inclinations or even their biases and personal expectations.
    Our ideas a fellow human being show a lot about who we really are
    They are like a mirror actually.
    I know that you love Leo and i know it hurts you to read nasty comments about him , i know that you, Maria, as Leo’s fangirl, you get attacked when trying to defend him and
    people accuse you of “swooning over the sleaze”.The word “sleaze” is Leo’s new sad nickname and it hurts me so much to read all these nasty comments about him just like you…..
    “but what I think is that there is so much more going on that most don’t know about”
    Spot on! And people who bash him mercilessly and call him a “sleaze” should be mature and wise enough to always keep
    this in their minds.
    Most of the time i feel weird or even bad when i try to comment on a perfect stranger’s life here even if it’s something positive.I hate “voyeurism”and it’s like i feel i don’t have the right to have an opinion about him because -even if i hold Leonardo dear and care about him- i don’t know him personally.
    But then again people share their opinions here and i am just a fangirl like you and i love learning Leo’s news and hoping and wishing always the best for my Leonardo .
    Bye Maria xoxo :)

  • not with toni

    typo*our ideas about

  • http://@kulsuzi34 ####


    Where’s our trailer???

  • HAHA12

    No idea :( Maybe next week if we’re lucky? But honestly I’m not sure if I’m even looking forward to it now? I don’t know perhaps I’m being negative but I can’t help but feel things are going to get really bad come WOWS time. The movie is probably going to be very provocative and divisive and the press is going to tear Leo apart. And then you have the people who can’t stand Leo in Scorsese movies or the people that will claim ‘he’s played the same character before/he’s playing himself.’ Even if he gets good reviews for his performance I have a feeling there will be a large camp of people who will detest him in the role. And I know people say Leo’s image hasn’t been ruined, but in a way I think it really has. He’s lost quite a few number of fans/supporters ever since the ‘Oscar desperate’ memes started emerging. This is why I hope his next project isn’t Rasputin or another historical biopic. It’s disappointing because he used to be so liked as an actor but now has become very polarizing. Fassbender, Gosling, Joaquin Phoenix, Christian Bale, etc get way less hate than he does for acting. I don’t know, I hope I am proven wrong. It’s just disappointing to constantly read negative thing after negative thing about an actor you grew up admiring and being a fan of.

  • crystal clear

    @chelsea: Do you have to be hate filled and rude. I feel sorry for you!

  • POP

    @HAHA12 Since when has leo gotten hate for his acting? Pretty sure that most of the major critics and most popular actors out there still have respect for him. This is the only place where I’ve really seen hate for his acting besides a few other forums.

  • http://@kulsuzi34 ####


    I know what you mean. I think a lot of Leo fans are in a funk because of Leo’s funk! If that makes sense…..

  • HAHA12

    If you go on IMDB and another movie sites that always discuss actors/movies the backflash for him was really bad in 2011 after the disaster J. Edgar was and there’s people who haven’t like him since then. There’s also a lot of people at ONTD who don’t think he’s a great actor and is overrated, and other websites/Oscar predicting websites. I mean he is still acclaimed but the ‘Oscar desprate’ reputation has really ruined him I think, now anytime he is in talks for a role people think he is just going for it in hopes of an Oscar or won’t count out the fact he only wants to do the role for an Oscar. He also gets made fun of for his furrowed eyebrows, accents in movies, whiny voice, looking like a kid playing dress up, etc. I see a lot of love for him but a lot of hate too. I hope he can break himself free from the memes and the criticisms one day because I do feel he is misunderstood, he just likes doing serious movies. I don’t think he was begging for an Oscar with Django just because he may have not look thrilled when he lost the Golden Globe. I think he enjoyed taking the role and having fun in a character part and sadly gets mislabeled as only taking roles for Oscars thanks to the internet.

  • HAHA12

    Same, it’s getting boring and frankly disappointing reading the same rumors about him again and again but with different models or more negative comments on him and his debauchery and what not. I was looking forward WOWS for awhile but now I’m not sure I still am as much. I’m sure Leo will do good in the role but he picked a wrong time to play Jordan Belfort in the midst of these new stories like Kat Torres coming out.

  • @HAHA12

    +1 Its hard to be a fan of his lately because there is nothing but disappointing news every day about him and its even harder to defend him against the attacks and trolls because they make reasonable and not far stretched points half the time. We can all hope as fans he gets out of this rut he is trapped in and rises to his true potential some day.

  • Zzzzzz

    @HAHA12 & ####: Hi Ladies! Boy was the thread busy today! Only on for a sec, but will be back later. WHERE THE HECK IS THE TRAILER??!! I agree with you HAHA12, I am getting to the point where I don’t care!
    re Leo/publicity: This is a really bad few weeks. First, he had the young models posting pictures from his house, the Kat debacle and now the M Kerr cheating rumors. I’m like you HAHA12, I know he has been with a married woman (Eva H.), but I really can’t see him with the wife of a friend who has a baby. Then go see watch him in a play as if nothing happened. That is beyond sleazy if he did it.
    re Toni: I have a feeling they might be together longer with all the crap hitting the fan. Imagine if he breaks up with her with all this stuff going on right now? He would be crucified.