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Kelly Osbourne Apologizes to Lady Gaga: 'I Acted Like a Child'

Kelly Osbourne Apologizes to Lady Gaga: 'I Acted Like a Child'

It looks like Kelly Osbourne wants to end the feud between her and Lady Gaga, as she tweeted an olive branch out just a few hours ago.

“@ladygaga I acted like a child last night. Just not into publicity stunts call me & we will end this like adults I don’t want 2 fight anymore,” Kelly tweeted at Gaga.

The day before, Kelly responded to Lady Gaga‘s peace offering with the hashtags “Eat my sh-it” and “Hypocrisy” – check out the full rant that Kelly went on.

Gaga then responded telling her fans to not send hate messages.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Kelly Osbourne’s new message to Gaga???

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  • Caca

    They have a lot in common – they both are ugly inside/out.

  • ……suzek…..

    @Caca: Agreed. Gaga was cute in the beginning, but now she’s a pure unoriginal attention whore . And her fans are one of the worst.

  • Diedre

    Why bother having Gaga call her? So she can throw more childish cr@p her way?
    Move on, Kelly, and maybe look into some anger management therapy.

  • brat

    She is only saying that because the public complained about her behavior

  • Nikki

    Thank you! I’m one of the many who has complained. She can admit she was being silly.

  • Mileyssht

    Gaga was born to die alone and well deserved LMAO!!!

  • Anna

    Doesn’t change what she said, but at least she apologized. And yes Kelly, that was a very childish comment glad you can see that now after everyone has told you how immature it was.

  • Kelly

    Good for you, Kelly…take the high road. Gaga may be a bit of a freak sometimes, but she’s a good person.

  • Ava

    If Kelly really wanted to make amends and is sorry, why is she asking gaga to call her? Shouldn’t she be the one? Just saying….

  • hunter

    @Cara,…Suzek…,Diedre, Mieyssht
    why are you guys say such a hateful thing? when ppl try to make our world to be a better place, peace. I just don’t get it? Love is more powerful than hate trust me on this guys.
    peace to all :)

  • Donny FishFace

    Hey little monsters, Gaga needs your help ASAP!!! ♥ Who’s hotter????? Guy or Fish??? :::: Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta a.k.a. Lady Gaga vs. Siluriformes a.k.a. Lady Bonkers. Let’s vote on BADMOUTH and find out:

  • sleep

    I don’t think Kelly should’ve made those comments, but I’m sure reading tweet after tweet of Gaga’s delusional fans telling her to die or shut her fat mouth or worse would probably put me over the edge, so I’m reasonably sympathetic.

  • Pretty Ka

    @Ava: I think it’s probably impossible to get through to Gaga on the telephone.

  • Trish

    On fashion police Lady Gaga made worst dressed list. Fans started sending threatening/hate mail to Kelly O. Lady Gaga whom is a firm advocate against bullying never made any move to ask her fans to stop bullying Kelly. This is when Kelly was turned off by Lady G. Tweets went too far but so did the hate mail.


    @Trish: GAGA The GREAT !! Stop spreading lies Trish about Gaga and her Fans. This started back in 2009 when Kelly Osbourne attacked Gaga like she did Christina Aguilera but it did not work because Gaga’s Little Monsters have her back. Gaga can not control her fans or any popstar at that. Kelly Osbourne does things on purpose to upset Gaga’s fans to get a reaction from them. And regarding the hate mail, I’m sure she gets mail like that from all the fan bases, from the other pop wanna b’s but Kelly Osbourne is jealous of Lady Gaga and wants to be her. Gaga has worked hard to get where she is and is still working hard. Kelly Osbourne got that job on the fashion police because of who Daddy and Mommie is. If she was a regular person on the street, she would not be on T.V. The girl is a highschool dropout and former drug addict. Instead of trashing Gaga, she needs to get her GED and shut up.

  • Stephanie

    Whos is that fat Kelly? What is her talent?

  • nok thailand

    Yaaas! 555


  • Jessie

    I guess Kelly didn’t like all the backlash. She didn’t apologize, she’s still calling what Ga Ga did a publicity stunt. I”m no fan of Ga Ga, but these so called celebrities on social media are a childish bunch. Why doesn’t the no talent brat who is piggybacking on her father’s name like her mother, just admit that she was wrong and let it be. She’s trying to make herself look good, now who’s doing the publicity stunt? I’m sure she could have gotten in touch with Ga Ga without making it public. Looks like the pot calling the kettle black. As for the fashion police that’s entertainment not suppose to be anything else. Those women and that guy need to look at how they dress before dissing anyone, especially that lavender haired dingo.