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Gisele Bundchen: Buying $14 Million NYC Pad with Tom Brady?

Gisele Bundchen: Buying $14 Million NYC Pad with Tom Brady?

Gisele Bundchen is eye-catching while doing some shopping on Madison Avenue on Saturday (November 2) in New York City.

“Good morning! #grateful #beautifulday Bom dia!” the 33-year-old Brazilian supermodel tweeted earlier in the day.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gisele Bundchen

Earlier in the week, Gisele strutted her stuff on the catwalk at the Colcci Fashion Show during Sao Paulo Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014 in Brazil.

It was recently reported that Gisele and her husband Tom Brady are buying a three-bedroom condo in the Big Apple for $14 million, according to Page Six.

10+ pictures inside of Gisele Bundchen doing some shopping in New York City…

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gisele bundchen buying 14 million nyc pad with tom brady 01
gisele bundchen buying 14 million nyc pad with tom brady 02
gisele bundchen buying 14 million nyc pad with tom brady 03
gisele bundchen buying 14 million nyc pad with tom brady 04
gisele bundchen buying 14 million nyc pad with tom brady 05
gisele bundchen buying 14 million nyc pad with tom brady 06
gisele bundchen buying 14 million nyc pad with tom brady 07
gisele bundchen buying 14 million nyc pad with tom brady 08
gisele bundchen buying 14 million nyc pad with tom brady 09
gisele bundchen buying 14 million nyc pad with tom brady 10

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  • Gisele

    It’s great to be super rich isn’t it?!!!

  • Jasmine

    I hate when the media gives us a report on how much a celebrity spent or will spend on something. Why do we need to know how much they are earning or doing with their riches? It leaves a poor taste in my mouth when you have people struggling to get by. I worked my butt off to earn a 700 dollar paycheck, but oh but 700 dollars is chump change to the rich and famous. It’s like they report their wealth to rub it in our faces. See poor folks, look at how much i have and so little you have.

  • Mica

    I wonder why she never smiles for the paps.

  • Veruschka

    Old news! But I don’t understand the headline. It’s a question or she really bought it?
    @Mica: Because she doesn’t like paps. She always said it interviews…

  • @4

    So why does she call them so often? No offence but there are many big celebs in NY who go under the radar. Gisele seems to get papped there relatively often. No one gets papped there if they don’t want to. And what about all the pap shots when they are in Costa Rica or the beach in Brazil. Coincidence? Gisele and Tom call the paps too

  • ivy

    @Jasmine: who are you angry with…the reporters or the celebrities or both? I sincerely doubt that any celebrities…excet maye the Kardashians…announce how much they spent for any purchase. Certainly Tom and Gisele did not make the info public. In fact most celebrites purchase property through a some sort of cover to try to keep the infp private. It is the media that does the digging and then publishes the info.

  • Veruschka

    @@4: Why do you WANT to believe she calls the paps? “Or the beach in Brazil”? What pictures? She doesn’t go to the beach in Brazil. And why wouldn’t Brazilian paparazzi take her pictures? Stupid question. She is very famous. You are so jealous!

  • Stewart

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  • @7

    I’m jealous because she’s famous? Is that even logical? Making a point to a pattern of behaviour is because I’m jealous I’m not a supermodel. OK I did not realise I was talking with a crazy stan however I’m not naive, I know how it works. There is a reason why sites like popsugar seems to ALWAYS have exclusive CLOSE UP & CLEAR family pap pics of this family almost all the time in the park either in Boston/NY with few people around or on the beaches in Costa Rica,. But whatever be in denial.

  • Paul

    @@7: Tom and Gisele are like royalt in Boston. We only see pics of them when they go to the park there. and not always. I’ve seen some twitters saying they met them at the park, but no pics to show. They oftehn go to the movie theather there, and we rarely see pics. Gisele always go to NY, and we rarely see pics. She was there two weeks ago, and we don’t have any pap pics. They are extremely low profile. The pics we see in Costa Rica are from people who take pics of them and sell them to these websites. Not real paps.

  • leave them alone!

    they probably make 14 million in a month! That is nothing for them

  • Veruschka

    No, you are jealous because you don’t want to admit she is
    famous. You think paparazzi don’t care about her. What a joke! Oh, you know how it works!? Of course you do. Probably your favorite model calls the paps. That’s why you are so angry.
    “CLOSE UP & CLEAR family pap?” Are you sure? I never see “CLOSE UP & CLEAR family pap”.
    Your comment doesn’t make any sense and YOU are crazy. I don’t want to waste my time with you. Sorry. You PROVED you are jealous.

  • Gi

    Definitely she don’t call the paps, if she called them she would be well dressed and made up. The photos are published in Boston seems she doesn’t comb her hair and she rarely makes a red carpet, she seems to be very simple. I like her and her beautiful family.

  • @12

    And you proved you are hysterical and possibly deranged. Sorry your goddess and heroine calls the paps go check out popsugar, ontd and the comments.

  • @10

    Very True. They don’t sell pics of their kids or things like that. And I did not say they call them all the time but its strategic we get the same happy pics in the same park on a regular basis. The supermodel Christy Turlington is a regular in the park both Boston and New York yet no pics of her.They could change parks or put an embargo if they wanted. It can be done. The fact is even A listers play the game (see Ben Affleck, Cruise,) its not a case of right or wrong/ good or bad its simply a question of visibility and maintaining your brand. Its known

  • Farrah

    She has just finished the decoration of her mansion and now she buys a new super expensive apartment in NYC. Still she dedicates time and money to especial causes. What an excellent human being.

  • Frozoid

    Does she EVER comb her hair?

  • Jasmine


    I’m made at the reporters. I hate how the media feeds us this private information. What are you accomplishing? It’s poor journalism

  • Gi

    @@10: No way, the park is near their condo, why go to another? And I still think they should take more pictures, I wanted to see more pictures in Boston. It looks like the paps are not very interested in Christy Turlington.




    JC Penny Already! Finally one of my FFing wives steps up and buys me a shag pad in Manhattan.

  • What?

    I saw some pictures of Christy in NY…
    They could change park? Why? I agree with Gi (#19).

  • J

    she looks manly in some pics

  • Chace

    Still the Queen. She just got back from San Paulo FW and is going to be on the covers of Vogue Japan and Vogue Brazil as well as US Harpers Bazzar.

  • TS

    She looks like a tranny.

  • Maria


    If you see Leo tell him I say hi!

  • ivy

    @@7: Are you familiar with high definition, long range lenses? The shots taken in Coata Rica are from a long distance…not on their private property. Same is true for the shots in Boston. I have been at that playgrond when T&G have been there. There was no one obviously taking pictures, no cameras around anywhere yet a few days later, the pictures were on a pop news site.

  • No

    They are sooo close… Look at this close up! Haha. @7 is crazy.

  • cute

    She is so beautiful. :*


    No.29 at 6:13; The word ‘cute’ does not even begin to describe those two little billionaire twins who share a Manhattan penthouse shag pad.

  • dani

    Why must the media print how much celebs pay for stuff? It is really none of our business.

  • Shecky


    The angriest, most hate-filled guy I’m seeing on this thread in named Stewart.

  • Frank

    Gisele is always so beautiful even wearing such simple clothes

  • Frank

    @@4: Get a life please !

  • Stylegodis

    OH MY! Love love. <3


    The team