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Dakota Johnson: First 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Scenes!

Dakota Johnson: First 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Scenes!

Dakota Johnson looks over her shoulder as Anastasia Steele in these first on-set photos while filming Fifty Shades of Grey on Sunday (December 1) in the GasTown District of Vancouver, Canada.

The 24-year-old actress was joined on set by her co-star Jamie Dornan, who was also spotted looking dapper as Christian Grey earlier in the day.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Dakota Johnson

It looks like they are filming the scene where Christian asks Ana out for coffee and finds out if she’s single. We can’t wait to see the film. Don’t forget – it hits theaters on February, 15 2015!

15+ pictures inside of Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan filming Fifty Shades of Grey

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dakota johnson first fifty shades of grey scenes 01
dakota johnson first fifty shades of grey scenes 02
dakota johnson first fifty shades of grey scenes 03
dakota johnson first fifty shades of grey scenes 04
dakota johnson first fifty shades of grey scenes 05
dakota johnson first fifty shades of grey scenes 06
dakota johnson first fifty shades of grey scenes 07
dakota johnson first fifty shades of grey scenes 08
dakota johnson first fifty shades of grey scenes 09
dakota johnson first fifty shades of grey scenes 10
dakota johnson first fifty shades of grey scenes 11
dakota johnson first fifty shades of grey scenes 12
dakota johnson first fifty shades of grey scenes 13
dakota johnson first fifty shades of grey scenes 14
dakota johnson first fifty shades of grey scenes 15
dakota johnson first fifty shades of grey scenes 16
dakota johnson first fifty shades of grey scenes 17

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  • Iulia

    I have to admit, I’ll watch the movie just for the extremely attractive Jamie Dornan even though I know it’s going to be shit.

  • bech

    She looks older than him

  • go go

    no, just no! worse than i thought

  • Cutiestaynz

    She looks way to old and so does he when he shaves

  • L

    he’s hot as F. bummer he is starting in this tho. even if this Sh!t is gonna make a sh!t ton of money.

  • Yikes

    The whole film looks boring.

  • Grace

    They look nothing like the characters! Ana has long and full bodied brunette hair. Dakota’s hair is atrocious. Ugh! The only emotion I feel seeing these pictures is sadness. They are killing the books. Jamie is handsome, but no Adonis and well Dakota is worse for wear. Why are they making this movie again? Oh, yes…. Greed.

  • A

    Oh boohoo stop whining about the casting they’re not going to change!
    I have noticed despite all the criticism this book and movie is getting, there are more than a handful of fans who are happy with the everything so far on social media. I’m not saying I’m one of them. I didn’t even like the books. But I’m not going to rain on their fans parade either. This is coming from fan in a completely different fandom. But hey it’s not like as if staying anonymous and stating your opinion about something you don’t like matters, right?

  • Maddy

    Looking at these scenes, I’m questioning whether or not I really want Fifty Shades of Grey to be a movie. They’re not going to be able to do it exactly how the book is so why bother?

  • A new way to drive a new car

    I like this app and I look take to your future posts on further development. Good luck!

  • RIP

    I don’t think they are attractive enough to bring in large box office. Very plain looking, both of them.

  • lili

    omg this is awsome finally it’s going ahead 50 shades, i’m very excited this christian grey is so handsome i can’t wait ’till feb 2015

  • RIP

    Just checked the pics. To me the costumes look cheap, the dude doesn’t look like a rich guy, that jeans? meh…And he looks too short, in pic 6th where they’re both sitting especially. The girl is too large comparing to the guy, old looking with loads of makeup on. Not hot at all.

  • clare

    She looks older

  • Sara

    LOL. What’s Jamie doing with his mouth in the 3rd picture?

  • Ashley

    They look horrible! Nothing at all like the characters are described in the books. And if she’s 24, I’m a friggin supermodel. She looks SO OLD!

  • Samantha

    Ugh she is not pretty at all, looks old and too experienced to be playing Ana, and he has super thin lips, weird nose, and is meh!

  • SJ

    AWFUL! Definitely not seeing the movie. Christian wears a white linen top and flannel pants in this scene, and he’s wearing a suit jacket/vest and jeans! Dakota has moto boots on which Ana would never be wearing! Not to mention their looks…she looks super old (what’s new) and her hair is atrocious! Ana’s hair is supposed to be long, beautiful, and dark chestnut. Dakota’s is a nappy color, length, and all around looks hideous especially with those bangs. She is not a pretty girl at al. Ana is alluring and beautiful and natural, she is small and has gentle and delicate facial features. Dakota butchered that description. Jamie isn’t even that attractive either and he is small, especially next to Dakota. They didn’t even give him Christian’s signature dark copper hair…wtf. Not wasting my money on this film! Sticking to the books.

  • sana

    omg i can’t belive the choose dakota to play ana. She is nothing like ana. Jamie still looks ok as CG but thats all.

  • Taylor

    She looks old….too old to play Anastasia

  • Carol

    Ana is supposed to be a “Wal-Mart” type of girl in terms of clothing. This outfit of hers does not look like its coming from WalMart. Does not look like what a poor college student would be wearing.

  • kim

    Dakota Johnson looks so old and unattractive in these pictures. She IS NOT Anatasia at all. I don’t think I’ll go see the movie with them starring in it. It will ruin the entire series. I’ll keep my own images to myself, they are 100% better than Dakota Johnson. I just don’t feel it with her in this role…she looks 30 years old, awful hair and big chin, not so skinny and beautiful as Anatasia is suppose to be.
    He looks good but to small for Christian (especially compared to Dakota, the tall woman that she is).

    This already gets my vote for #1 a Razzie Award!!!!

  • WHY

    There are alot of BROKE, NON PUBLISHED, UN-FILMED critics on this post…. you think you can do better then….DO BETTER…until then shut up! SHEESH! Freaking whiners! You do know that you have a CHOICE as to whether or not you see this movie right? Goodness gracious, they just started and the naysayers have already shot everything down! SMH! Get a life or a big enough bank account that you can film your own movie!

  • FGOS Fan

    Yikes! Dakota looks like death warmed over! If she looks that bad sipping tea, what’s she going to look like drunk, hungover and vomiting??? Ewww!

  • FSOG Fan

    (oops…I meant FSOG Fan)

    Yikes! Dakota looks like death warmed over! If she looks that bad sipping tea, what’s she going to look like drunk, hungover and vomiting??? Ewww!

  • Amy

    Ana would not have that nappy looking hair and be wearing moto boots!! Nor would she be wearing LIPSTICK! And Christian is supposed to be wearing a white linen top and flannel pants. He should have dark copper hair and not look so scrawny. WTF ARE THEY DOING!!!

  • Umm…


  • LOL

    @Grace: grace, you coundnt have said it better!! the whole cast are a bunch of hand me downs. jamie and max martini are perhaps the best they can get in such short notice but dakota and the rest are laughable. dakota admitted to wanting this part before even reading the books, thats not artistry, thats desperation for fame! they can spin this all they want, this cast is less caliber and more CW network!

  • pup

    Still annoyed Matt Bomer isn’t CG. -.-

  • Ladyjan

    what I seen so far the movie is going to suck, To me none of the character that they have for Christian and Ana does not meet the book character. And Christian did not asked her out for coffee until later on. If they are jumping around, I hope they put the scene together the way the books are. True Dakota looks too old and the clothes that James is wearing is not like Christian wears in the books.

  • Kara

    Oh my god Dakota nose is so long, she looks like a witch, why they put this actress that look so old and tired

  • your mother

    Seriously…?! They look horrible? You guys have got to be kidding me. Sure Dakota Johnson isn’t the prettiest girl, but she isn’t horrible. Jamie Dornan is sexy as all hell so I think these exaggerated comments are a lil too much for day one of production. Who knows what scene this is…there were a few times they went out and got tea or whatever in the book(s)…lets not get our panties in a twist if wardrobe isn’t exactly the same as in the book. We should also note that this isn’t the first remake of a book…its not…I repeat NOT going to be book like the books. Get over it people.

  • And so we begin….

    Well, I’m not going to sit here and call these people “ugly”, but I will say they do not appear anything like the characters in the books are supposed to. Those jeans he’s wearing? Christian would never look like that. And he’s supposed to be a larger muscular guy. Dakota doesn’t inspire the thought of Anastasia either, who is supposed to be petite, and she looks larger than Christian.

  • Lada


    Movies are almost always filmed out of sequence, mostly for costs and convenience purposes. Even though this is the first scene they have filmed, that doesn’t mean it will go first in the movie.

    That said, I really hope these actors have tremendous chemistry. Jamie looks like a good enough fit for Christian (although he could have beefed up a BIT more), but I don’t think Dakota is suitable for Ana at all. Plus, I don’t think she has bangs in the movie? I think they did that on her to try and make her look younger, but it has the opposite effect: I think it actually makes her look older. Hopefully they realize this and fix her hair. Crossing my fingers that she turns out to be a fantastic actress and really brings it to this part… I think they cast everyone well, except for her, but maybe I will be proven wrong.

    That said, it’s awesome to finally see this thing come to life! Can’t wait for my on-set pics/costumes, etc :))

  • Lada

    @your mother:

    Dakota Johnson is definitely not horrible. She’s an attractive girl – but Anastasia is described as this innocent, angelic looking girl (think Lucy Hale or Emilia Clarke). Alexis Bledel during the beginning of Gilmore Girls would have been PERFECT looks wise, but she’s too mature looking for it now. Definitely doesn’t mean Dakota is ugly or unattractive – in Hollywood it just means you don’t have the right look. But who knows, she could have been the best actress out of all the girls who auditioned. Hopefully it comes out well – it would be awful if they had no chemistry!!!

  • Ava

    @Lada: Actually she got the part because she’s always been the director’s personal favourite. Sam Taylor-Johnson favoured her even before Charlie Hunnam was cast. I think it has something to do with her looks, that long face, long forehead, point-down nose…Dakota looks like the director herself!

  • v

    I thought they could do some miracle movie magic with Ana supposed to look young cute fresh innocent, but apparently Dakota still looks exact opposite epic fail as Ana with her hobo junkie haggard looks, bags under her eyes, gross hair.

  • erin

    @Ava: I read Dakota’s mom is also friends with the director so that and the fact that they look alike has to be the only reasons why she was favored. But you’re right they do look alike and maybe STJ cast her because she looks just like her and people would associate that. Pathetic.

  • Sara

    @Lada: I think she’s very homely, which could be translated to some as unattractive. She has these witchy facial features that are elongated and pointy. Her nose specifically points down which is not a good look. She is nothing like Ana Steele at all. Emilia Clarke is a fantastic real life representation of what Ana would look like.

  • Dan Burress

    A really nasty and perverted book written by a warped mind .scenes/comment-page-1/#comment-28302709″>Iulia:

  • nesquick

    Really I can’t believe they chose this girl. She clearly looks like 40. What 21 year old looks like her??? Am I the only who see this. I’m just not feeling her as Ana. Where is the cute adorable young innocent looking Ana that I read about in the books. She looks old enough to play Elena.

  • Annie

    @nesquick: No you’re absolutely not the only one. The only thing she embodies of Ana is being slender and pale, nothing else about her body, face, hair, etc is Ana Steele. She looks old enough to be playing Mrs. R or Christian’s mother, Ella.

  • Marta

    I’ll be exhausted by the time they hit the 50th shade of grey!

  • nesquck

    @Annie: I’m just wondering how old she will look by the second and third movie. Or How old is Leila going to look since she is suppose to be older than Ana. Mrs. R is in her 30s in the book, and dakota already looks 35. So how old will Elena look.