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Tom Cruise Honors Ben Stiller at Hand & Footprint Ceremony!

Tom Cruise Honors Ben Stiller at Hand & Footprint Ceremony!

Tom Cruise is all smiles while attending Ben Stiller‘s Hand and Footprint Ceremony at the TCL Chinese Theatre on Monday (December 3) in Hollywood.

The 51-year-old actor helped introduce his Tropic Thunder co-star Ben, who is also one of his close friends.

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“I was looking to do a parody for MTV, so I called up Ben to see if he would help me with it because he’s such a brilliant comedian. And he and Christine [Taylor] were on their honeymoon. He so generously came off his honeymoon to help me,’ Tom shared during the ceremony. “First of all, Christine, thank you. It’s something I’ll never forget and I’m sure you won’t either.”

Tom Cruise – Ben Stiller Hand and Footprint Ceremony

25+ pictures inside of Tom Cruise attending Ben Stiller’s Hand & Footprint ceremony…

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tom cruise honors ben stiller at hand footprint ceremony 01
tom cruise honors ben stiller at hand footprint ceremony 02
tom cruise honors ben stiller at hand footprint ceremony 03
tom cruise honors ben stiller at hand footprint ceremony 04
tom cruise honors ben stiller at hand footprint ceremony 05
tom cruise honors ben stiller at hand footprint ceremony 06
tom cruise honors ben stiller at hand footprint ceremony 07
tom cruise honors ben stiller at hand footprint ceremony 08
tom cruise honors ben stiller at hand footprint ceremony 09
tom cruise honors ben stiller at hand footprint ceremony 10
tom cruise honors ben stiller at hand footprint ceremony 11
tom cruise honors ben stiller at hand footprint ceremony 12
tom cruise honors ben stiller at hand footprint ceremony 13
tom cruise honors ben stiller at hand footprint ceremony 14
tom cruise honors ben stiller at hand footprint ceremony 15
tom cruise honors ben stiller at hand footprint ceremony 16
tom cruise honors ben stiller at hand footprint ceremony 17
tom cruise honors ben stiller at hand footprint ceremony 18
tom cruise honors ben stiller at hand footprint ceremony 19
tom cruise honors ben stiller at hand footprint ceremony 20
tom cruise honors ben stiller at hand footprint ceremony 21
tom cruise honors ben stiller at hand footprint ceremony 22
tom cruise honors ben stiller at hand footprint ceremony 23
tom cruise honors ben stiller at hand footprint ceremony 24
tom cruise honors ben stiller at hand footprint ceremony 25
tom cruise honors ben stiller at hand footprint ceremony 26

Credit: Kevin Winter; Photos: Getty, Wenn
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  • hello

    This is off topic but I was reading how all of Tom’s splits with wives happened when they were 33 but I don’t see where anyone mentioned that P cruz although not a wife – was 33 too when they split in 2004 too.

    anyway- Its clear the K Holmes was a set up from all the evidence of how they met and the COS trying to get him a date…but I don’t buy the gay rumors.

    I think the set up and hunt for a wife was not to hide him being gay but to find a wife that would play along with all the COS stuff.

    If he was gay that would mean Penny Cruz was a beard and she isn’t the type to do that…Neither is Nicole for ten years….
    Unlike John T there has been no proof of him with other men- only rumor

    and lets not forget Cher said he was GIB- Good In Bed.

    Oh and Katie primary custody- that doesn’t mean she had something on Tom- its usual for one parent to get that- and it makes sense with Tom’s schedule it would be hard to have a 6 year old girl around all the time. So that rumor that she and he slic dad got the upper hand and won custody is just bs.
    Not saying Tom doesn’t have issues– but Katie knew full well going into it what he was into.

    He is weird and way too deep into that “church” and probably has other issues due to taht but gay isn’t the reason for the wife issue.

  • Missy

    It’s normal for the mother to get physical custody of the children, but Katie also has sole legal custody of their daughter. That means that Tom has no say in Suri’s education, medical decisions, or religion. He has confirmed that Suri is not a scientologist anymore. Kinda of surprising that someone as controlling as he is would give up so much control so easily.
    Btw, I believe Penelope Cruz was 30 when she and Tom broke up not 33.

  • Chris

    TC looks like a creepy human robot, poor Ben.

  • hello

    I think he loves Suri but tbh maybe he doesn’t want custody. He is 50. Maybe he knows its best for her that way.
    who knows My point was just that i don’t see it as Katie has some big secret over him. Its not about gay and we all already know how deep into the COS he is.

    I will take your word for it here because I don’t have the articles but I had read it was just primary – like she lives with mom full time but not that Tom had no right to make decisions.

  • Linda

    If you watched the video Chris you would see that Ben thinks Tom is awesome and is most likely the one that asked him to host this event in his honor. They are good friends.
    Tom looks good for Fifty.

  • Chris

    He is not the biological father of Suri, all the women he married or had relationships with, were beards who were hoping for a career boost by being with him.

  • johncarter

    Nice of Tom

    @Chris Tom is the father, you are crazy

  • hello

    that is your opinion @chris but you have no proof.

    Ten years of her life? No I don’t buy Nicole did that.

    you don’t know he isn’t the real father either- just pure gossip but you state it as fact.
    Actually she sort of has his big nose and we will see more of it as she grows up.

    hate him all you want but at least try and bring facts they were beards. Again both Nicole and Penny are not the type to want or need to do that.

  • shia

    Tom looked so great as always.

  • LOL


    Uhmm if TC is not the biological father why should he be the one paying for her child support? And where is the biological father (according to you) and why doesn’t have a thing to do with his daughter and allows another man to financially provide for his child?

  • Tessa

    OMG – Ben must be a midget, Tom is like 5.5 tops, even with his lifts.

  • living in a box

    no one dared to talk trash to tom cruise, remember when mark walhberg smash an actor who claimed to be doing a tough job than a soldier. later he found out it’s was tom cruise and and everyone to drop it. even mark get scared because of tom cruise.

  • sandy

    @ hello:
    How do you know that Penelope Cruise didn’t want to make it big in the US.
    She got more publicity than ever, being with Tom Cruise. She had it off with every American co star to get her name through the door.
    [Penny is not the type to want or need that] really?

  • hello

    @sandy its all speculation and no proof.
    and sure she did get more pr but that doesnt mean she planned it or that was the only reason she was with him. She is known for being very quiet in her personal life.

    I get it- people hate Tom due to his religion and COS bs but the lies and slander are just that and no one brings any real proof.

    even the rumor about him not allowing nicole to see the kids is bs. Nicole has said otherwise. I don’t care what some ex cos person says they all have agenda.
    Is cos a cult? yes. I wish he would be the next to flee it so i am not making excuses for that only saying the hate and the rumors are just silly.

    People should stick to the things they know and if you hate the COS fine -think he is an fool for being in it but people take it and run with it and make up other lies.

    and yes i know connor posted a pic once and said “my family” that only had him , his sis and tom but that doesnt mean he only thinks of those 3 as family. People read too much into that stuff. If you ever posted a pic and #family or anything does that mean all the family that was not in that one pic you don’t care about?

  • Edna

    Katie only got custody of Suri because she blindsided Tom. Tom never saw it coming and the parent that files first gets more control depending on where they file for divorce. I think Tom knew he didn’t stand a chance legally so he gave up. Plus he doesn’t bother with ex-wives. He just moves on. But, I’m surprised that he rarely seems to see Suri. It almost seems like if he can’t have control, then he doesn’t want to be in her life at all.

  • hello

    Edna, who knows maybe there is some truth to what you say about control but maybe katie is making it harder to see Suri too.
    If she blindsided him and all these things then its safe to say things are tense with them still so who knows what games one or both are playing.

    I think he loves his child but and probably eventually will see her more but it seems his side and her side are still fighting things in the press now about leaks or whatever so there is much distrust and tension. I understand you can say its no excuse to not see your kid but try and understand divorce and all that goes on around it. I think he hinted at some of that during his deposition too.

    Katie isn’t the saint in this. Sure she wanted out of COS but she knew he was a part of it before.

    Tom has issues but I doubt he is a monster she is trying to make him out to be. If so surely others would have said so and everyone he ever works with thinks he is great.

    I don’t think he will abandon the kid and that is why he is having this law suit. People say “why did he make such a big deal over that one issue that they said he abandoned her” . Well, his own dad did that to his family so it hit a nerve probably (my guess ). He has been a good dad to C&I and I am sure he wants to be a good dad to Suri and having anyone say he would walk out and just leave her was very insulting to him. That is also a big reason I think he will be with Suri and wants to be with her- he doesnt want to do what was done to him. He knows how that feels.

    I think Katie and her people leaked stuff to hurt him too- and they probably try and control the message boards to damage his image but I have to wonder if she is not making it harder as well.

  • Macbeth

    Do you actually believe he gave up on his own daughter, #15? She simply lives on the other side of the country.

  • Donald C Aguilar

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  • Casey

    I also don’t believe Tom is Suri’s biological father. Bet there is DNA proving this to.

  • george

    Actually yes! You must be blind or you belong to the COS!

  • Yikes

    Truly some crazies in the world! Some of them might be those who actually pay to see this film. The trailer looks awful. Stiller should stick to kids’ comedy like Night at the Museum. His ‘I’m a cute loser’ films are dreadful. Something about Mary started it all.

  • annie

    @ hello
    Must have missed where KH is going around saying he’s a monster. he makes himself out to look like one. Look what happened to that Naz girl, not very gentlemanly of tom.
    I for one have issues with that, nothing in that article in Vanity Fair was denied, seeing his lawyer comes out all the time and denies everything,and I have a real issue with wife auditions, and I have issues with people who think they are big beings, and everybody else are small beings.
    And yes, he knows everything that goes on in his precious religion that he is so defensive about.
    And most fathers do have a say, in their childs life.
    And I do think that Suri is his.
    And I do think he looks nice in those pics.
    And I do enjoy his movies.
    And it’s pretty hard not think of him as an AH.
    And maybe KH wanted something more for her daughter, and herself than a life of Scie.
    And I believe that everybody has a right to choose their religous beliefs, but doesn’t mean that it’s a good choice, and I don’t have to agree with it.
    And I am a little sorry that their marriage didn’t work out.

  • ANNE

    # 1 It’s quite a coincidence all marriages finish when ” wives ” is 33 years old . P Cross ” dating ” all his co -stars , Mathew Macnoughy ….
    Cruise # 2 fought for their adopted children would not fight for BIOLOGICA ?
    # 3 Tom is beautiful , but artificial.
    # 6 you ‘re totally right .
    # 7 is the father Wuilliam Mapother , Suri is his face . Katie threatened a scandal . Tom had the most to lose from it .
    # 8 Nicole is ambitious , make more $ $ $ $ $ with the 10 years.
    # 10 was in the contract . William Mapother is his cousin .
    # 12 No one is afraid of TC . Walberg wanted to be diplomatic.
    # 13 PC was starting in USA . The PR with Cruise was great for her. Not married perhaps because she did not agreed to do what Holmes did . Sell ​​the uterus .
    # 14 Nicole if she wanted to , would have fought by children. She had money and fame for this.
    # 15 Control is too insecure . Surprised? They were months apart . Katie in NY . The surprise was her request to have full custody of the girl. Jumped off the boat. He has no contact with Suri . A trip to Disney was fired. Read his testimony in the prcesso Bauer .
    # 16 Katie Tom drove the life of Suri . Problems? Tom has many, the principal is the father’s abandonment .
    # 17 Tom has a private plane.
    # 19 I’m sure . Rogers , nothing Kidiman , adopts …
    # 22 What is AH ?

  • Fact vs Fiction

    “Look what happened to that Naz girl” – This was reported in a magazine and proven in court. Also, the report presented no supporting eyewitness or other evidence other than hearsay or one persons account.
    Where’s the proof? “Allegedly” and “knowledgeable sources” are used throughout the report, even in regards to Nazanin Boniadi story of what happened.
    VF, “According to Orth” – Was she there during Nazanin and Tom’s short dates? Was anyone she included in her report beside Nazanin there during that time? Are there pictures, gift receipts, travel receipts anything substantial to say that the story happened at all, let alone the way that Nazanin via Orth reported it?

    “nothing in that article in Vanity Fair was denied”

    “The Scientology Church sent a scathing letter to the magazine’s publisher in which they call the journalist a bigot and dismiss the allegations in the article as defamatory.” –

    Cruise # 2 fought for their adopted children would not fight for BIOLOGICA ?”

    What fight? “Cruise and Kidman, who were not present in court, will share the custody of their two children (Connor, 6, and Isabella, 8), both of whom were adopted at birth”. –,,622928,00.html

    If you look back on past JJ reports Isbella and Connor were photographed with Nicole and Keith all the way up to 2008 (her marriage, visiting on the set of her movie, etc). That is after 2005 TomKat hook-up, after the birth of Suri, and at that time Connor would have been 13 and Isabella 15. Well after Tom and Nicole’s divorce.

    Katie will have what amounts to primary physical custody, but Tom has significant custodial time with his daughter. (TMZ)

    Tom and Katie will have joint legal custody together but she will have primary physical custody of Suri, although Tom will have very liberal visitation rights.” (RadarOnline)

    The custodial provisions of the agreement are extremely detailed, and religion is one of the topics. We’re told there are restrictions on what Tom and Katie can discuss with Suri on the subject of religion, including Scientology, however, those restrictions are eased the older Suri gets. (TMZ)

  • Fact vs Fiction

    @Fact vs Fiction:
    Correction – “Look what happened to that Naz girl” – This was reported in a magazine, BUT was it proven in court? Also, the report presented no supporting eyewitness or other evidence other than hearsay or one persons account.

  • hello

    @fact vs fiction: Thank you!! That is the point- so much slander and so little proof.

    There is this one poster here i read on the old threads that goes by “sincerely concerned” or something like that- and claimed to know KH’s parents. Her comments were a bit too personal – it makes me think its KH or one of her people maybe i don’t know. But it wouldn’t surprise me if her team or close friends/family did post on the boards- just like the anti tom posters accuse everyone who likes him as being part of cos- it goes both ways-
    They made the comment that “KH was just star stuck and Tom took advantage of that”. Please- that sounds like how family or friends would view it- to relieve any guilt or responsibility to her for her part in this relationship that went south

  • hello

    Katie threatened a scandal? don’t believe it. Besides IF any of that was true about it not being their child (but its just gossip) then Katie is just as ‘guilty” too so no way would she threaten some scandal as it would bite her in the butt too.
    If that was true then she went along with it.

    You have no proof of Katie “threatening” that or anything else- just speculation and gossip.

    Once again- so much talk and no proof. The child is theirs and as someone else said above to believe its not you also have to believe not only them but the real father sat by and watched it happen.

  • fg

    @living in a box:
    Everybody know Tom never said that!

  • ANNE


    I never said that KH is innocent. She wanted to grow up fast in HW. Maybe on the way repented and did not renew the contract for another 05 years like Nicole. Which of the two, Holmes and Cruise, had most to lose from the scandal? Holmes is a c-list actress. Cruise is consolidated with its status. Has $ $ $ $ $ for the rest of his life. Would only demoralized HW and worldwide. Suri is the only innocent in this story. But, as Holmes mother was better than Nicole. Tom has a screw loose.

  • hello

    @Anne, all your speculation Anne, If you have some sort of proof that she had something over him than bring it on…but otherwise it’s just gossip.

    who cares who had more to lose- she still would feel the shame of it – if she was involved in it and suri was not tom’s. That rumor does not hold water- its only GOSSIP with NOTHING to back it up.

  • annie

    @ Fact vs Fiction
    I have always found the wife auditioning aspect slightly distasteful, so did he tell Katie she was a name on a list, just out of curiousity.
    That director guy Paul Haggis, he said he knew what happened to Naz B.
    And she made it clear, in not so many words , but in song , that that’s what happened.
    The thing is here, you are saying that things might not have happened, because of no proof, but you don’t know that they didn’t either.
    Again you are sticking up for Connor, about the pic… that was a telling time, just after the divorce, he didn’t post a pic of himself and his dad, he posted a pic of himself , his sister and his dad, but his dad has another little girl, and C and B also have a little sister, that was not included in ”my family ” shot
    Connor knew what he was doing.
    As for Sincerely Concerened, she changes sides every second, one minute she’s for Katie, the next she turns.
    I’m not altogether sure about turning his kids against their mother, or the reason they don’t seem to see her all that often, but there is something there.
    Do you realise how it sounds when TC is asked why he found time to go to the Scie event, and he said it was” important”, yet the case is about him not seeing his daughter for over 100 days.
    I also realise that kids once they go to school , aquire busy weekend social calendars.
    I have never said Katie is blameless, but using the fact that she knew about Scie, when she married him, seems wrong, because as time went on , maybe she didn’t like it, but it is truthful to say, that he would not allow her any other option either.
    I’m sure the age difference played a part as well, as she was probably tired of following him from movie set to movie set, plus the age difference .Suri looks so much like Tom, have never believed she wasn’t his, but other things are quite believable.

  • hello

    they might be believable to you but that doesn’t make them true. Still rumor and gossip.

    about the connor pic- again, we don’t KNOW that was on purpose. I looked at the picture and saw it one way and you saw it as he was trying to make a point. I post family pics and “hashtag” family and not all of my family is there- it isn’t a offense to the rest of the family. And if anything i doubt he would make a slight at a little girl…to me that doesn’t add up. To insult suri is to insult his dad. he wouldn’t do that.

    About naz, i have no idea and if any of it is true did tom know at the time…you can assume yes if you want to because you don’t like him. To me it doesnt seem like its in his character.
    I do not like COS at all and think it is a cult but i was a part of a christian sect once that was accused of being a cult ( i am no longer a part of it- i was brought up in it as a kid) but the pt is- the “rich members” were not seen the worst of the cult and didn’t really know just how others were treated.

    So we don’t even know IF that story is true and if any of it is- did tom have a hand in it directly. I know your reply will say yes because he is friends with the main dude- but to me from my own experience i know in things like that they sheltered some from the bad…but again, we don’t even know what if any of that story is true.

    I think the worst thing about TC is that he got hooked in that church/cult– and i would love it if rumors are true that he distanced himself from it- and leaves soon.
    But like Naz and the guy that wrote that article for her- and left after 35 years- they were both in too…so there must be something about it that makes people believe it..and especially people like Tom who are shown the royal treatment. But is naz and paul saints now that they left? there is so much we don’t know here.

    anyway- you addressed this to someone else but the reply was directed towards my comments so i answered as well. I am not ‘fact vs fiction’.

  • annie

    I don’t hate Tom, I actually spent a lot of time defending him a few years ago, and I am sorry their marriage didn’t turn out, but it’s wishful thinking on your part if you think he has distanced himself, if last week was anything to go by.
    I do believe that they are sheltered , sort of, but he has people who know everything, and respond, altho , a few years ago he did say in an interview that he didn’t allow Connor and Bella to watch TV, his words..
    Tom is very Scie minded.
    Have a nice day , and I say that in a good way.


    Nicole is not part of Tom’s life anymore, so…
    PLEASE, leave her alone. She’s married now
    with another man, a healthy relationship.
    Peace and Love for all.

  • Fact vs Fiction @ Annie


    “wife auditioning” – proof? is there a list? has any actress come forward? outside of the 2 ex-scientologist (with no evidence), who else?

    Paul Haggis knows this how? he was there? where’s his evidence besides he believes Nazanin (fellow ex-scientologist)?

    So she made a song which makes it fact? :-/

    The lack of proof that it did happen is my point. My comment didn’t say that it didn’t happen, only that there is no proof that it did. All reports are hearsay or conjecture and should be labelled as such. That is why I state that even Ms. Orth in VF piece extensively uses “allegedly” and “knowlegeable source” to walk the fine line of stating her report as fact; only opinion or herstory (Nazanin).

    “Again you are sticking up for Connor” – when did I stick up for Connor before? I made no comment of Connor and the “family pic” I believe you are confusing me with someone else. But, if you want me to go there I will – - – - Connor didn’t include cousins, grandparent, aunts or uncles, but I would venture to guess that he considers them family. My opinion is only conjecture because I don’t know Connor and he made know further clarification of the pic other than the caption “familia”, but I believe he did know what he was doing (never a doubt in my mind) and would venture to guess that if he were making a statement it wasn’t against Suri, but against Katie.

    From what has been reported so far of the divorce, Tom is the only one granted visitation rights (along with joint primary legal custody). Nothing has been revealed on Tom’s family’s rights (if they have any) to see, speak or write to Suri. Connor and Isabella are both adults now, non-blood related to Suri and was never legally adopted by Katie. I am thinking Katie’s legally team knew this would be a non-issue and if it was pursued they would base there argument (if they made one) to restrict Connor and Isabella’s contact with Suri based on 1 or more of those grounds. In the end I never brought the pic up, but I provided you my opinion (not fact) anyway (cause you alleged I did).

    “yet the case is about him not seeing his daughter for over 100 days.” Did he say it was not important to see Suri? I read that he agreed with Katie it would be better if he didn’t show up for her first day to avoid a media circus, but if Suri asked for him to be there he would have been. I took that to mean that the parents made the decision, but if Suri had asked him he would have sided with Suri voided his agreement with Katie. To me to take the first six months of Tom and Katies divorce and determine that those 10 days are reflective of their relationship for the rest of Suri’s childhood is presumptuous. Not only were Katie and Suri adjusting to life after the divorce, but I would think that Tom was doing some adjustment too and without a heads up (like Suri’s family and support team). If it was 10 days a year or more after the divorce every year and Suri lived in next county, city or nearby state of CA, then I might see support for making the claim of abandonment (along with no phone calls). But I really don’t see evidence to support the claim within the timeframe that has been reported or with the evidence (10 physical visits, but regular phone or skype communication). Again, my opinion.

    “but using the fact that she knew about Scie, when she married him, seems wrong” – How so? I see many comments on JJ about how Tom’s crazy beliefs makes him non-marriage material for many blog commenters, so what makes them and Katie different? She had the opportunity prior to marrying Tom to research for herself if she could commit to it.

    Katie got pregnant within 3 months of meeting Tom; based on media reports of when they met – April 2005 and when Suri was born the following April 2006 and yet they didn’t marry until November 2006?

    Seems like enough time, 1 1/2 yr, to decide if Tom is marriage material. I mean, she got to visit the church, spend time with Tom’s family and his support team (professional and religious) and she surely picked up a magazine or saw the Matt Lauer interview, along with negative responses to Tom’s jumping on the Oprah’s couch for her, plus her family’s opinion didn’t matter?

    What didn’t she have available to her to make the decision NOT to go ahead with the marriage or better yet not to start a family with Tom?

    Everything I listed above would have been enough for me and many other women to not go there with Tom Cruise. And this is my opinion even though I don’t have an issue with Tom practicing his beliefs, I personally don’t wish to follow them and I wouldn’t have to get pregnant and marry him to know that.

    Katie wasn’t just out of High School, new to the industry or Hollywood, so the “she didn’t know what she was getting into” doesn’t ring true to me.

  • Fact vs Fiction @ Annie

    @Fact vs Fiction @ Annie: Correction: “like Suri’s family and support team” should be “like Katie’s family and support team”.

  • annie

    Just a thought….Leonardo di Caprio is not husband or committed boyfriend material , but does that stop those girls wanting to date him.
    George Clooney…anyone who dates him should know that after a couple of years they are out, doesn’t stop anyone.
    Same with Tom, Katie probably thought , she’ll deal with things as they come.
    It’s easy to get carried away in these circumstances, and anyone who says different , I think maybe they are not being truthful. She was very accommodating to him, would have done anything to please him, at least at the beginning.
    And when a 26 yr old is with a 43 year old, yes she is just out of high school, paticularly when she was 4 yrs with a guy her own age, not with a twice divorced man with 2kids, and 16 1/2 yr age difference.
    Anyway this can go on forever, you think , I think.
    Tell you what , tho, I thought I can write stories, you put me to shame.

  • hello

    so just one of the many false rumors is that Nic had the kids taken away and hardly saw them. She is less followed then Tom but even with that here is a vid of showing only SOME of the times she was with her kids though the years even after divorce and you can see the joy in the kids faces.

    so there goes one rumor….
    lol- so many other false crap said too.

  • whatever

    regardless of all the cult stuff these two were just not a good match. kate is probably a nice girl but she wasn’t the kind of strong character Tom needed. PC and NK while not perfect both seem to have much stronger backbone then this one.

    Divorce sucks for all but I am glad they all got out of it. The last year or so together was painful to watch and neither had a clue how to raise Suri.
    What a mess.

  • annie

    Tom seems to need other people to make him happy, and keep his image in check.
    That transcript of the phone call between Nicole and Tom, was a little telling, must have been real since he sued them.

  • Fact vs Fiction


    Which transcript of the phone call between Nicole and Tom?

    The one where Nicole mentions Tom not coming to her set, sending her flowers or a card? That transcript?

  • ANNE

    @annie: @Fact vs Fiction:

    Tom is so obsessed with his image that I do not doubt that he make another contract with Katie distancing of Scientology and get back together. The public would love them together again. I think weird, 18 months post divorce and submit any new partners. Must be in the divorce settlement. Katie can only present the public with her ​​new boyfriend, when Tom, presenting his new “girlfriend”. The hearings are not working. Tom lost his star power.

  • wow anne

    wow anne, you just pull this crap out of your butt don’t you?

    lol you sound like a real nutter and you have no idea of any TRUTH to what you are saying only making it up as you go along it sounds like.

  • hello

    Saw this video today it’s TC on Graham Norton. At about the 13:30plus mark he asked him how he feels about rumors and such and he refers to it as White Noise. GN also goes on about how people GUSH over what a great guy he is to work with.

  • annie

    @fact vs fiction
    I think Tom is probably a nice person, and I’m sure is very nice on the set.
    But dealing with somebody on a very intimate personal level, there might be a level of control that he would not show when dealing on an impersonal level.
    And there only needs to be a couple of things that a couple might not see eye to eye with, paticularly your child , and you are in trouble. These are 2 people who view life in a different way.
    And I’ll say it again, there were times when Katie looked very unhappy, but there were times and not only in the beginning when she looked very happy and in love with him. Her face , her eyes are too expressive, it seems hard for her not to show what she’s feeling.
    I still think that it had a lot to do with Suri, paticularly when her lawyer said, that her daughters welfare is and has always been her main priority, or something like that.
    And Tom confirmed that as much as he could, when he said Scie played a part.
    We were not in their house, not privvy to their conversations, or their life, but you can still piece little things together.
    I’ll say it again, I am sorry they divorced, I liked them together, and it’s sad that they couldn’t work out whatever was wrong. They have a beautiful child together, I hope both of them tried at least.

    Yes it was that transcript.
    Hi Anne.

  • anne

    Hi, how are you?
    Look, I’m sorry I sound boring. After I read the testimony of the case against Bauer, I made sure that Disney was the farewell of father and daughter. Because Tom was not photographed with Suri after that? No processing needed, enough photos as existed before, a lot of them. It is more than obvious that Suri is not his biological daughter. After all this mess, it will act differently for life. I’ll wait MI5. Kisses.

  • annie

    @ anne
    you don’t sound boring, it’s hard when English is not your main language, I like your posts. have a nice weekend.

  • Jack Reacher’s back

    Jack Reacher’s Back; Tom Cruise Developing New Bestseller ‘Never Go Back’ –

    Paramount Pictures and Skydance Productions are moving ahead with a sequel to Jack Reacher, the 2012 film that starred Tom Cruise and is based on Lee Child’s bestselling novel series. This one will be based on Never Go Back, which was published earlier this fall. In it, Reacher heads back to his old military base in Virginia to take a woman to dinner who is now the commanding officer. By the time he gets there, she has been arrested, and Reacher finds himself being charged with pummeling one guy and fathering a child with a woman. He can’t remember either transgression but gets to the bottom of it with cunning and sometimes brute force.

    Why are they making a sequel? The original cost around $57 million in production costs, grossed $218 million worldwide and has done well in ancillaries.

    Cruise’s new film, Edge Of Tomorrow, will get its first trailer this week, one that will play this Friday on all prints of the Peter Jackson-directed The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug.

  • Sammy