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Behati Prinsloo: 'American Hustle' Screening in New York City!

Behati Prinsloo: 'American Hustle' Screening in New York City!

Behati Prinsloo shows off her smile on the carpet at the American Hustle screening held at the Ziegfeld Theater on Sunday (December 8) in New York City.

The 24-year-old model was joined at the event by Patrick Wilson, Taryn Manning, Carla Gugino, Louis CK, Jack Huston, Nasim Pedrad, Archia Panjabi, Kelly Rutherford, and designer Prabal Gurung.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Behati Prinsloo

American Hustle hits theaters on Friday (December 13) – be sure to check it out when it comes to town!

30+ pictures inside of Behati Prinsloo and others at the American Hustle screening…

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behati prinsloo american hustle screening in nyc 19
behati prinsloo american hustle screening in nyc 20
behati prinsloo american hustle screening in nyc 21
behati prinsloo american hustle screening in nyc 22
behati prinsloo american hustle screening in nyc 23
behati prinsloo american hustle screening in nyc 24
behati prinsloo american hustle screening in nyc 25
behati prinsloo american hustle screening in nyc 26
behati prinsloo american hustle screening in nyc 27
behati prinsloo american hustle screening in nyc 28
behati prinsloo american hustle screening in nyc 29
behati prinsloo american hustle screening in nyc 30

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35 Responses to “Behati Prinsloo: 'American Hustle' Screening in New York City!”

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  1. 1
    Adiane Says:

    Why is her name above the cast of the film? That is so disrespectful Jared. I get that you are friends with her fiance and James and his gal pal, but do you have to sink so low? It’s a shame such talent has to be overshadowed because of this girl. Give it a rest Jared, even Perez wouldn’t have been disrespectful like this. Even for a gossip site, this is an all time low.
    Speaking of which, wondering when her so called fiance going to realize what an idiot he is being by being engaged to her. At least her career is taking off a bit more. Can’t wait for more interviews done by his future mama in law.
    Wish him all the best, but until he wakes up and get his head out of his behind, he will just loose out in the end. Not hating, just a fact. Even you fans know this. It’s a given. Come back to earth Levine, get therapy, and deal with your fears. Only then will you find happiness and your true soul mate.

    Hey if Jared can stick her name up there before real talent, which the only reason she was there was to kiss up so she can get into the film industry. Not happening Prinsloo. People can see right through you, except for Levine of course.

  2. 2
    Huh Says:

    Not sure why she would be getting so much attention for attending a film premiere, especially when there are actual stars at the event to cover. However, I do appreciate JJ letting us know that she and her fiancee are not together.
    @Adiane Well said!

  3. 3
    Oneday Says:

    I don’t understand why she would be doing the red carpet at a movie premier – and why it’s worthy of a story. Without Adam does anyone really care who she is? Another VS payoff Jared? Or a favor for your friend? Whatever. Not newsworthy – except to note that she isn’t with Adam.

  4. 4
    Huh Says:

    Oh, it looks like JJ has several articles on the film premiere focusing on different people at the event, so its not like they ignored the stars. That makes more sense.

  5. 5
    Adiane Says:

    @Huh: although I did notice it, but she isn’t news worthy by herself, and even at that JJ should have put the stars in one category and Behati and another attendee as a post separate from the actual stars in the film. Like he usually does. He is doing it that way so certain people can be noticed aka his friends or people he is kissing up to. Like the VSFS post. He posted models by models until he got to her and he posted Adam on the same post. JJ gives her most of the time separate posts and just in case no one knows she exists, they add her fiance.

    No I am not attacking, being aggressive, or hating, just pointing out the favortism for Behati due to Levine. Just wanted to say that because writing something rather than saying it can seem aggressive or rude. :-)

  6. 6
    JustAThought Says:

    That’s because no one cares about Bee unless Adam is standing next to her. I’m not sure why Jared even gives Bee her own posts. They don’t generate as much traffic.

  7. 7
    Adiane Says:

    @JustAThought: to make sure his name gets mentioned, good or bad. The first thing that comes to mind to alot of people is Adam, not VS or being a model. They know it’s not only more publicity for her, but for him as well. Reverse marketing. Use one name that will get people talking about another. Gives the absent one more publicity. When they break it off, if Adam grows a brain and a pair, then she will still be known as Adam Levines ex fiance. At least Anne busted double time and waited for the right time and right guy to date she can get publicity for her work and not so much as an ex, which sadly for Nina, Adams name is still thrown in there, but what’s worst is people aren’t getting the message that certain a articles are putting out there. Basically calling him a cheating douche bag . constantly bringing up how he dumped her. Which to me even if I found Levine sexy, his actions alone for that and any man that does what he did, I would find him to be a disgusting pig.

    Oh and VS wasn’t exactly happy that Levine gave the finger on the pink carpet. Could be why some of the new VS commercials have cut her out where as she had a lot more viewing in it. Their reason, cutting it shorter for time reasons. Got to love how VS covers their butts.

  8. 8
    Huh Says:

    @Adiane: I agree that she’s not news worthy!
    It’s must be really annoying to Max George that his GF is still known as Adam’s ex.

  9. 9
    JustAThought Says:

    @Adiane: Bee’s one of few women who seems happy enough with being “so-and-so’s girlfriend/fiancee/wife.” Add “ex” to any one of those and that’ll be fine with her too. She seems to be too lazy to generate her own fame without the help of a man.

  10. 10
    Red girl Says:

    and to lazy to dress up for the event

  11. 11
    JustAThought Says:

    @Red girl: That’s Bee’s usual look: like she rolled out of bed and grabbed the first thing off the floor. And she’s a model……

  12. 12
    no way Says:

    BOOM!!!!!!! No ADAM! You look hideous.

  13. 13
    Adiane Says:

    @JustAThought: @RedGirl unfortunately she is right. It is okay to look like a mess once in a while but she even looks sloppy, like she rolled out of bed. She could have at least brushed her hair.

  14. 14
    It Seems... Says:

    Some of you just said it the other day on Adam’s page on JJ, that there are “no red carpet pics of her”…you also said w/ Adam…here I think she is just going off what you said about the red carpet pics…also, she looks stoned and drunk to me in these pics. JMO though.

  15. 15
    Adiane Says:

    @Huh: it is a bit annoying, considering the fact that they dated briefly before Adam, and now his name looms over her. What’s crazy is that she was making a name for herself long before either of them came along, but sadly, unless anyone knows truly about her, career wise, both names, especially Adams will hover over her like a dark cloud according to sites. However, I have to applaud US Weekly when they do mention, even Adams name, they throw it in how he was still dating Nina, avoided her calls, and then texted her, I believe the day of the announcement of his engagement to Behati. So not only was he a douche bag for not telling Nina of his plans, but told her via text about a few hours before it was announced. That’s not being judgemental, or hating, that’s pure insensitive, a jerk, a cheater, all around douche. That goes for any guy that pukks that.
    As far as Behati, oh yeah she hit the jack, she wants it handed to her without working at all. She is the one that will enjoy every second his name attached to her, free publicity. But if that’s not bad enough, her parents have it in mind that he will not only help them come over to the states to live, but will be a free loader off of him too.

    Like I said in the past. Unless Adam let’s it all go, be alone. Quit chasing younger models, get therapy and be alone. He will never know true happiness. When this blows up, and it will. That’s when he will be not trusting of everyone, especially women. So unless he turns the tide in his life, then his selfish ways will not do him any good everyone that truly knows and loves adam knows this and will still be by his side when the smoke clears.

  16. 16
    Just a girl Says:

    I’m not convinced the whole Nina Agdal thing even happened…. I saw nothing that would indicate to me that they were in anyway intimate with each other.

    Let’s face it, she has gotten a whole lot of mileage over something that was only ever rumoured, and even more since she came out with the “i found out via text” crap. I personally think her PR manager saw an opportunity, ran with it and in this case it actually panned out for her.

    Now I think it’s time to let it drop because even if she was with him it was for maybe a month, no more than that, which isn’t even a relationship, that is a summer fling, no more no less.

  17. 17
    JustAThought Says:

    @Just a girl: THANK GOD someone said that! I don’t understand how that rumor got so out of control, but hey, it worked wonders for Nina. She was riding the faux-sympathy wave for a while.

  18. 18
    Adiane Says:

    @Just a girl: she was with him a lot longer than a month. Just because there weren’t a bunch of photos every where doesn’t mean they weren’t. She actually already was making a name before Adam, but like I said before if Adams name wasn’t affiliated around her at all. No one would think twice. she was at a dinner party with Adam when they were hosting him about the release of his perfume and cologne. Which was about a month or two before it came out about their relationship. It wasn’t until the Hawaii photos of Adam and Behati of them kissing and going out to a friends wedding til anyone knew about Behati. The fact is that not only did Nina and Adam dated, but more than just a month. How many photos we seen of Behati and Adam kissing in public. I’ve seen a video, I think one of the fans posted on here a while back of Adam and Behati holding hands then Adam let’s go of her hand. Im sorry but if Adam is so in love with her why let go of her hand like he was ashamed. And every time one of you fans ask Behati about something or call her out, she posts photos on her Instagram site. What’s interesting is that she posted photos of Adam in the background without the link on twitter, yet the photos were later erased and then one photo was posted. There were quite a few photos of Adam in the background in her pics yet they were taken off. She is a very slick, I said that in the beginning of their relationship, long before he broke up with her the first time.

    As far as Nina, she was So already signed with BeBe before it came out about Adam. Just because we see them now doesn’t mean they were done while she was dating him or at least before it came out. Also, Gene can’t stand Behati, it’s a given. He has been vocal in the past, yet Gene also followed Nina on twitter, and has erased several posts on his page due to Adam giving him the talk. He liked Nina, she didn’t kiss Adams behind. She liked him alot. In fact when he was in NYC with Behati, he would text and call Nina on the DL. All the sudden he is in so in love with Behati that he proposes. Everyone, that actually loves and cares for Adam, not fans. People who actually know him personally all say the same thing. What does she have on Adam, and why is James and Ali have to do with it. Trust me, a lot of people that actually know adam wants to know why? Including family. Especially his family. Now she wants into not only his fashion line, but now wants to be part of the family business. Not as help, or a worker, she was investment in the stores.

  19. 19
    Adiane Says:

    @Just a girl: Also, it never got out of hand, never was a rumor. There were photos, not posted by Nina, but by a friend of Adams. Who also made a comment on her thread. And US Weekly isn’t JJ, if they continue to bring something up, it’s because the writer and especially the editor wants too. They aren’t the one to be told what to print. Also, how bitter is Adam, if you remember when news broke about Behati and Adam dating. They threw in there how supportive Behati was for Adam, and if words are correct, it said unlike Anne. And Behati and her family are loving the attention. At least Nina isba more respected model, where as the only reason Behati is now getting attention, especially after the engagement, is Behati. So to me, Behati is the one riding the train more than Anne and Nina put together.

    Btw, Behati wants her name on his companies as well now, and no prenup too. Which between his family, and several of his true friends are like don’t be stupid. She wants to be a major share holder and partner. Whuch means when it all hits the fan, and it will, she will take him to the cleaners.

  20. 20
    Pulease Says:

    I actually feel really sorry for Nina Agdal, as far as I can make out she was with Adam between the beginning of march and when he announced his engagement. Nina knew about it, proven by her twitter, before the actual announcement was made but that coincided with Anne VS red carpet tour of NY with Matt, so I think he was killing several birds with one stone.
    Nina has lots of work and always has had and I think she has handled public humiliation by Adam and BP really well considering. It was a cruel thing to do.
    @Adiane I agree with everything you have said and I have never understood the engagement.

  21. 21
    pr63 Says:

    very strange that no date has been announced yet. got a feeling that there won’t be one. i hope they’re happy together for now. and that she’s not going to take him to the cleaners down the road.

  22. 22
    Kayla Says:

    @Adiane: Oh right, you know all this private info about them? Not. You just went off the deep end.

  23. 23
    Hmmm Says:

    @Kayla: Everyone has a right to post her. What is your problem?

  24. 24
    Hmmm Says:

    *post here

  25. 25
    No one special Says:

    Agree with Kayla, @adiane can post her opinion and she has the right but she isn’t acting like this is her opinion, she knows it all like what his family truly feels and his friends at that too. If she truly knew all that private info, it would make her look really bad for posting it on a gossip site because all she is doing is spilling crap. Also where is the proof to all this? Nina and Adam were texting on DL while he was with B. I bet Max really loved that one.

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