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Jennifer Aniston Continues Bikini Vacay with Courteney Cox & Friends

Jennifer Aniston Continues Bikini Vacay with Courteney Cox & Friends

Jennifer Aniston wraps a towel around her rockin’ bikini bod while lounging around in the sun on vacation on Sunday (December 29) in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

The 44-year-old actress was joined by her fiance Justin Theroux, and her good pals Courteney Cox, Howard Stern and his wife Beth Ostrosky, and Jimmy Kimmel and his wife Molly McNearney.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Jennifer Aniston

The day before, Jen and Courteney both showed off their amazing figures while spending time together at the pool.

15+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston lounging around in a tiny bikini with her friends…

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jennifer aniston bikini vacay courteney cox friends 01
jennifer aniston bikini vacay courteney cox friends 02
jennifer aniston bikini vacay courteney cox friends 03
jennifer aniston bikini vacay courteney cox friends 04
jennifer aniston bikini vacay courteney cox friends 05
jennifer aniston bikini vacay courteney cox friends 06
jennifer aniston bikini vacay courteney cox friends 07
jennifer aniston bikini vacay courteney cox friends 08
jennifer aniston bikini vacay courteney cox friends 09
jennifer aniston bikini vacay courteney cox friends 10
jennifer aniston bikini vacay courteney cox friends 11
jennifer aniston bikini vacay courteney cox friends 12
jennifer aniston bikini vacay courteney cox friends 13
jennifer aniston bikini vacay courteney cox friends 14
jennifer aniston bikini vacay courteney cox friends 15
jennifer aniston bikini vacay courteney cox friends 16
jennifer aniston bikini vacay courteney cox friends 17

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  • Beautiful


  • sarah

    Gorgeous, stunning, beautiful, talented, rich and lives a life we ALL could only wish and hope for. Best of Luck Jen!

  • Obviously

    She seems like a nice lady but boy she’s the dullest star on earth and she and Justin will be perpetually engaged but not married, it seems.

  • fgdg


    Are you on something.? I think you must of wrote this on the wrong thread. None of those words describe this Jen. Lawrence maybe.

    She is not stunning. She is not talented, her lack of nominations for film roles shows this.

    The words to describe her are manly, dull, Rachel, desperate, and leathery.

    Her life is not full, it looks dull and empty. Tanning and hair is all she has. Sad.

  • Jean

    @sarah: #2


  • Nancy

    This Homey is ugly on the inside and even uglier out, insecure, narcissistic, dumb and ever dumber, no talent, Chinderella chin, Phinnochio nose, Chicken lips, thunder thighs, beady fake blue contac, barren, living breathing pity me please, every man dumped her, dog please love dog, I buy you to be my Boyfriend \ girlfriend \ friend .. mother hater called her own mother Cancer while her mother live on trailer park and on welfare.

  • Jean

    @Beautiful: #1


  • sarah

    @fgdg: Why do you Angelina crazies feel the need to put down people who think Jen is Gorgeous? You guys spend hours in front of your computers worshiping a woman who has nannies and call the pap’s to take pic’s so she looks like a good parent. She’s still the chick who sleeps with both men and women. Angie’s given Brad (the few times a year they’re together) wild sex with other chicks. So why don’t you chubby gals wipe the cookie crumbs from your chins and go outside or better yet get a life.

  • Nancy

    Sarah/ beautiful it’s time to take your meds your TV hag / Brad Ex … Yes Brad Pitt who makes her still relevant for this pass nine loooong years said you makes her skin crawl!!!!!

  • sarah

    @Jean: Yeah, like you wouldn’t trade your life for hers. Lets see….live in an apt with your parents….or be filthy rich, gorgeous and do whatever you want when you want. Yeah right

  • sarah

    @Nancy: Maybe you should get outside the trailor park for a while.

  • Nancy

    Hey kettle how about all the pot that hang on to their dear life at the JPs threads 24/7 365 day n night this pass 9 Loooooong years bashing and lying trough their split asses on the JPs heh??

  • Wednesday

    The pictures seem to indicate an obsession with covering herself with a towel. I can see why.

  • yep

    Gorgeous ladies!

  • Beautiful


  • Analyn

    The Brangelina Loons are just angry because there have been so many photos of a miserable Brangelina and kids vacationing all this week. The whole Jolie-Pitt family looks like unhappy bored zombies forced to be together for PR photos.

  • Linz

    @Analyn that had to be one of the dumbest posts I have ever read.

  • http://justjared THX

    Thank you for disproving the JenHens theory about the JPs calling the paps. I sure they would have had their gorgeous children grinning like idiots for the cameras.

  • reeven

    Justin´s body looks sooooooo weird, like he is a man waist up but a kid waist down…..that is so….creepy, EWWWW.

  • Karen


    If that’s what you believe then these two just as bore and unhappy. No chemistry between Eddie Munster and the old hag. I thought the little Munster would be all over her so called banging body. What happen?JJ had posted 2 threads with dozen of photos. Have you seen them caressing, kissing, huggings & stare lovingly at each other? Nada. At least there are photos of Angie’s hand on Brad’s and her hand on Brad’s shoulder.

    Guess the old hag forces her pay little Munster to do a PR photos as well. Look at how loving these 2 are. Why no touching?

  • agree with Analyn

    Aye & For Sure

  • rachel

    Ugly pig face woman who has nothing to do with her time but be self centered narcissistic. Midget man is eventually going to find a woman with substance and get all of Anniston money. Ha ha ha ha ha.

  • yep

    Brangelina fans comments same unkind, superficial, boring comments for over 8 years….Jen is still going strong, moving forward……again….best revenge a well lived life …Jen keeps loving, working and giving…..

  • rachel

    she is the definition of a middle age ugly botox man chin dumbo ears ugly woman with no life. She is pig face woman

  • rachel

    Superficial woman who is ugly and has no personality.

  • samm

    My jen, is going through peri- menopause, fcuker is chunky, better ease up on the Alcohol.
    Poor Courtney’s face is melting, and she was a beautiful woman, the other one always look like a horse.
    Gigolo is not enjoying this free trip, bet he is sleeping alone, buy a pair of swim trunks instead of cutting off the legs of old pants, so freaking lame.
    Then, he think he is a trend setter in his gay skinny jeans.
    Courtney is in so Chelsea is out, that Bimbo always need someone to hold her hands, Chelsea know my jen is on C-list now so she must raking through the garbage to pick up some of the b-list stars.

  • shewwy

    stop covering yourself with a towel jen, how obvious, trying to hide her middle aged stomach and flat pancake a$$. and she always comes here, she knows she’s in cabo just to “discretely” show off her body to the paps to prove that she’s still a bs middle aged goddess (in her own mind) yet she’s the only woman to cover herself with a towel, each and every time she’s there in cabo. either she’s not working out enough or the slowing down of her metabolism is finally taking its toll on her. and yes, she does look very much like her age, even after all the things shes done to her face, she isn’t looking any younger like she aspires to. at least angie accepts aging and prioritizes on more important things in life than trying to looking perfect.

  • Karen


    Your comment just as boring as your idol.

  • sorry


    JJ you can spare us of anymore of these same ol year after year pr stunts of Aniston and her hired party.

    Unless you catch this broad hang gliding or something I say save your money. Also, the paid escort couldn’t afford a pair of swim trunks??? Just like last year and the year before that wearing the same nasty cut off jeans. YUCK!

  • rachel

    Whore with std .and steroid face iggy pop elephant ear ugly fat ass barren cow maniston with flabby arms and thunder thighs with nothing going on in her brain. Granny needs to retire in the nursing home and maybe in the nuthouse

  • Joy B Angie

    Nancy, rachel, sarah -
    what are you doing on this thread ?
    Go enjoy your own life
    if you have one ! : )
    Of course you are ‘happy’ with your own life:
    you can spend a time in Cabo with other stars -
    Why not ? :) :) :)

  • Kiki

    Man woman is so rich, vacations same place every year. Go see the world maniston. It’s so true, people with money have no idea how to spend it.

  • Joy B Angie

    Smart people
    keep their money
    for the serious things.
    Jen saw the world.
    Don’t worry about Jen’s money.
    Care about your own money.

  • shay

    I like both Jen & Angie for differents reasons ans seriously I don’t understand this war from Angie’s fans/Jen’s haters if you hate her so much why wasting your time in EVERY topic about her? You don’t have something much better to do? I don’t get all this hate. We can’t love everyone but why hating so much, the girl didn’t nothing to you!

    And I’m on Angie’s topic and I don’t see much hate for her from Jen’s fans.

    Both women move on but their fans don’t…

  • friend

    I am shocked how psychotic these Loonies. Some are really very, very sick.

  • friend

    @Karen No. 20

    No chemistry. Then you look at the pictures on Have fun

  • Diedre

    Why anybody would want to hang out with that @sshat Howard Stern is beyond me.

  • Dirk_Reese-Fan

    JBA is right,
    Cabo is a perfect place for relaxation.
    Perfect climate, friendly mexicans, good food,
    nice ocean, nice sand, nice sun, and so on and on and on.
    Jen´s prior-intention for holiday is relaxation and not adventures.
    Being an excellent actress is exciting enough, cuz´ her job is her passion number 1, yep !
    And Jen is looking gorgeous, yep !
    She has a perfect bikini-body.
    I´m glad, that her back has NOT any tattoos. That would not look nice for a woman. (Of course, that´s just my point of view)
    Have a nice day and some nice lucid-Cabo-dreams of Jen, JBA !

  • samm

    @shay: You are a fcuking liar, go in Angie’s thread now, just to prove how big a liar you’re.
    Are you my Jen’s mother? Can’t be, poor Nancy is in her tiny apartment looking at four walls.
    We have the time to waste, my Jen is a nasty piece of work, she was Teflon Jen for a while, but now the gloves are off.
    What hate, she is too boring, it is plain disgust for this Puta.

  • Sienna

    @Friend: Arent you the one who said that famous couples doing PDAs are only doing it for publicity and that they arent together for real? Now you are using the same pictures to justify the chemistry between your idol? Hypocrite arent we?

    Plus I just read your other comments about Jennifer having friends and the JPs apparently not having any. I dare you to mention one of Jennifer’s so called friends who is not with CAA agency – the same as Jennifer. Courtney has been friends with Jennifer before CAA so that one I will give you but the others?

    As for the JPs – they dont need to throw annual parties and call the paps to show those guests entering the house to prove their friendships. It is a well known fact that Brad and Angelina have several friends both in Hollywood and outside of it. Just to name a few true A-Lister – Gwen Stefany, Clint Eastwood, Matt Damon, George Clooney, Marion Cotillard, Cate Blanchett, Bono, Bill & Hilary Clinton, George Lucas, Mary Louise Parker, Bruce Wills and many many more.

    Unlike Jennifer – the JPs have true friendships that has lasted for more than 2 decades and none of them ever misuses that friendship. Nor do they create show business friendships with TV hosts just to make sure they don’t attack you and at the same time use them to attack your ex and his partner and children. Jennifer is the only one in Hollywood who is so desperate for publicity that she goes to Pap haven Cabo every single year to show of her body, with different men and also goes to her friends TV show to advertise her engagement.

  • wonderful couple

    How sweet are Justin+Jen!

  • Joy B Angie

    I’m not sure Hillary Clinton is Jolie’s FRIEND.
    I heard (and read) Hilary told

  • kelli

    they are both very ugly women; have not aged well, despite the ‘health.’ but they are obviously very good friends and that is nice to see. I remember how Courtney took a single Jennifer all over the place with her and her husband and kid for years, and now Jen has to return the favor

  • Sienna

    @Joy B Angie: Stop with the fake stories. Bill Clinton himself said in an interview that he admired his close friends Brad and Angelina for their humanitarian work.

  • Joy B Angie

    Thanks, DRF !
    I like this song too-o-o-o-o. :)
    * * * * *
    Jen has fantastic body
    and why not to enjoy a piece of sun
    this winter time ?
    Poor Jolie’s fans can’t see Jen’s perfectness.
    Jolie can propose to them just her fake next parts : )
    Nothing to dream about …. : )
    Night dream about Jolie’s tattoo on her back
    especially at the age of 60-70
    is a REAL HORROR -
    (Jolie’s firm genre )
    * * * * *
    But Jen looks gorgeous,
    she is ready to her new great roles -
    everything is good.
    Have a nice day, DRF,
    and HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014 !

  • Joy B Angie

    Bill told that –

  • yep

    I love holidays! TIme with family and friends. Jen looks amazing and glad she is enjoying her holiday.

  • ”’Pity Party”

    I have to give it to Joy B Angie because she called it about maniston throwing a ”pity party” in Cabos this New years. But I wont give her to much credit because Maniston is so predictable and has no imagination. Once again Joy B Angie thanks for helping me picking out my nickname.

  • name

    Brangalunatics are such pathetic creepy stalkers. Leave Jennifer alone and focus on your own lives!

  • what

    @Joy B Angie:
    I’m not sure Hillary Clinton is Jolie’s FRIEND.
    based on bullshit you read in National Enquirer.
    “Not even a world’s stage is big enough for these two women,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

    “Hillary has gotten more and more riled up as she saw Angelina continually trying to steal her thunder.

    “The last straw came when Hillary heard that Angelina was going to get involved with the 2016 (presidential) election. While she hasn’t officially announced her run for the White House, it’s pretty clear Hillary sees herself as the leading Democratic candidate, and she doesn’t want Angie run­ning off her mouth.”
    Only dumb people believe in tabloid