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Chris Pine Reveals Political Affiliations in THR's New Issue

Chris Pine Reveals Political Affiliations in THR's New Issue

Chris Pine is super sexy in a partially unbuttoned shirt on the cover of The Hollywood Reporter‘s latest issue.

Here’s what the 33-year-old Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit actor had to share with the mag:

On working with Lindsay Lohan in Just My Luck: “It was a real cyclone of insanity, like being around The Beatles. It was fascinating to watch, and in hindsight it’s really a distinct moment in someone’s life when you see what’s really wonderful about what we get to do and what’s really dangerous about it.”

On if he’d ever sign up for Twitter: “No, f” no. What am I going to tweet about? My sneakers? Or, ‘I have 140,000 friends on Facebook.’ What does that even mean? I find it to be a waste of time. The Internet is so caustic; just a place where people get to spew nonsense and bullsh*t.”

On not liking left-wing politics: “The head of our government can assassinate anyone, including an American citizen. We are striking countries with drones – sovereign countries. What if Mexico decided to bomb San Diego because there was a drug cartel there?”

On the Hollywood bubble: “Hollywood is like living in a weird bubble. A bunch of people take care of you and get you stuff, and you’re the center of that little microcosmic world. You start believing that it is real and … you deserve it.”

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  • HanyCathy

    Love my job, since I’ve been bringing in $5600… I sit at home, music playing while I work in front of my new iMac that I got now that I’m making it online(Click on menu Home)

  • Ugonna Wosu

    where does it say he doesn’t like Left Wing politics? Or has any party preference?

  • jen

    he sounds full of himself

  • LOL!

    Do idiot celebrities who put down the internet.. do they even realize that most of the marketing for their films we chose to see comes from the nonsense and bullsh*t that people chatter about regarding their films?Does he think everyone is buying that magazine because people are desperate to hear his POV on politics or anything. Because of the internet we have just read excerpts of his “thoughts” and he comes across as totally arrogant and why should anyone waste money on seeing his nonsense films?

  • Red Head

    Stick to acting.

  • someguy

    FWIW, some interesting parts you posted, thanks.

    Totally right about the internet thing. Can’t remember (of course) what I read on JJ exactly on year ago but I keep coming back daily, at least once. It’s just… a thing. :/ :)

  • Elena

    @LOL!: Celebrities should all share his sentiment about the internet and just stay away from social media entirely. All of the celebs who use social media come off as empty heads. I was interested in his POV on politics and, personally, walked away from the article with even more respect for him. Maybe you should just shut your yap and go back to reading the pointless Twitter of whatever vapid celeb you love best. I’m sure he/she has a new post about their sneakers or a half naked selfie you can fap to.

  • anonymous

    That’s misleading. If you read the actual article he say’s the left and right are interchangeable… By and large, there are two political camps in Hollywood: rah-rah Obama fans and the taxed-enough-already minority. Then there’s Pine, who finds the whole left-right identification to be moronic. To Pine, Republicans and Democrats are interchangeable. He’s quick to point out the erosion of privacy and the strengthening of the Patriot Act under President Obama.

    “The head of our government can assassinate anyone, including an American citizen,” he says. “We are striking countries with drones — sovereign countries. What if Mexico decided to bomb San Diego because there was a drug cartel there?”

  • eh

    I think he’s cute, but I need to know he’s straight and not gay. Him being gay would certainly burst my bubble a bit. He sounds like your typical son from a middle-class or upper-middle class staunch Republican family. Kinda like Elisabeth Hasselbeck who is now on “Fox.”

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    Asians all together can hear, and see what you’re visually thinking.
    THIS IS NOT A JOKE OR A MEME! This is the absolute complete truth!!!!
    Asians hide their mind reading abilities by having completely expressionless faces so they don’t accidentally show facial expressions when people think things they don’t like, find funny, astonishing, etc, and Asians segregate so their not nearly as susceptible to that happening.
    Asians also segregate, and are untalkative to avoid accidentally saying things that are similar to what people are thinking and going to say.
    All Asians are keeping their mind reading abilities a secret, they don’t want ANYONE to know they can read minds! They value hiding it more than their own lives!!!
    Try thinking, and visually picturing things as wild as you can when you are around Asians, and look for Asians who give people dirty/particular looks for what appears to be for completely no reason, it works if you try enough!!!

  • E


    You know what he meant. You just wanted to be a brat about it. I don’t particularly like the guy and I think he’s a terrible actor (he’s only in the business because of his family nepotism at it’s finest). He just means signing up for Twitter is a just of BS. People tweeting nonsensical things. What they ate that day. What they’re going to do that day. Sharing pictures of who they’re dating when its just a way for people to be nosy. It goes on and on. He can promote his movies/his brand without Twitter. Titanic broke box office records before Twitter, instagram, facebook, etc were even thought of. As for his thought on politics – I couldn’t care less but he already said his 2 cents.

  • Lauren

    @Elena: You can’t talk about someone being on twitter or social media when you’re on a gossip site.

  • the hypocrisy!

    “The Internet is so caustic; just a place where people get to spew nonsense and bullsh*t.””
    But good enough for him when he wants to let the whole world know of his fake girlfriends? and do his mini movies in Paris? and for DP to use to tweet about her “man”? not to mention Amanda shorty shorts? damn, forgot mungate!!

  • Elena

    @Lauren: I’m not a celebrity.

  • off the grid

    in another interview recently, they said he was far-leaning left. now he’s neither. he sounds a little too right-leaning in this interview for my tastes. i wonder if he did that on purpose, you know to get that crowd in. I recall him mentioning that ryan would probably be republican. so now he’s catering to that audience. i wish pine would figure out who he is because its getting confusing.

  • Caratt

    @ eh : Is he straight or gay ?
    That’s the 1 million dollars question.
    I bet he’s straight, but my gaydar isn’t very reliable
    because I’ve never thought Matt Dallas, Wentworth
    Miller or Matt Bomer were gay – and they openly are.
    But I believe he is a sophisticated educated half snob hetero guy.

  • HeadDesk

    Well, it’s not like Pine is wrong. JJ can’t tell if it’s the right or the left that want government-sanctioned assassinations and drone strikes, and this board is, as per usual, full of caustic BS like “Pine made all his girlfriends post vague comments about him on the Internetz!” (and I’m sure he’d be called a controlling dbag if people thought he’d banned his girlfriends from going online) and “his sexuality is of the utmost importance to my entitlement issues!”

  • Nazar

    @Caratt: Dallas, Miller and Bomer, none of the 3 came out surprised me, I think my gaydar is OK and Pine doesn’t strike me as gay.

  • Poor Reporting

    @Ugonna Wosu: That’s what I was trying to figure out. He doesn’t state anywhere his ‘distaste’ for left-wing politics–sounds more like RIGHT-WING politics, if you ask me. Just Jared need to get their ish together.

    FLOVED the interview and agreed with everything he said. ;)

  • lola

    A (maybe) gay metrosexual, left-wing, born and bred Californian for a Jack Ryan film whose core audience despises all these attributes : No Way!!!!!
    This article is almost risible in the way it is scripted as to negate all of the above almost point by point.

  • lola

    and by the way the article in DM with the Lohan tagline is to create ‘awareness’ for the larger public and endear him with young girls, a key demographic for life$tyle brand$$ if you get what I mean…. His team is really trying hard and it’s all very disingenuous at best.

  • XY

    When you read Chris Pine’s views on politics and the internet it becomes painfully clear that the smartest and the brightest never became Hollywood actors.

  • eye roll

    Pack it up. Your opinions are old and already done to death. sheesh!

  • happy new year suckers_NOT

    -Limit the gay questions with a parade of ‘girlfriends’ since the summer.
    -Get new blondie girlfriend in staged Paris photo-op for internet tumblr/tabloids & young girls for advertisers
    -Change the politics according to what film and themes the studios are selling.
    -Use fake commenters (part of PR team) in English tabloids that ‘moderate’ (censor) comments to create some selling points
    All done. thank you mister Pine!!

  • Diedre

    I’d have to read the article myself to see what he actually says about ‘left wing politics’. Other than that, I love his stance on things like Twitter. Seriously, who cares what people do every second of their lives or want to see the latest selfie? Ridiculous.

  • anonymous

    @anonymous: The Patriot Act really hasn’t been strengthened under Obama, although I agree that the drone program has been increased tremendously, but apart from the Democratic President, most Liberals disagree with the drone program.
    The NSA Programs, from all of the released documents, were all developed and implemented pre-Obama. A former NSA employee has said the changes from when he was there have been to put more safeguards in place.

  • XY

    Twitter is an interesting concept. It gives you world events as they happen. The problem is not twitter. The problem is the HW dimwits who use twitter to tweet about their sneakers and what they ate and promote themselves and their fake images…

  • ness

    Could not agree more about twitter and Facebook, it really is a waste of time.

  • Englin

    Some celebrities should never talk or give an interview.
    He seemed to be so low profile and
    now he looks and sounds like a pretencious
    George Clooney wannabe !

  • Ann

    To equate drug cartels to terrorism is naive.
    It’s ok to violate the sovereign borders of Afghanistan and Iraq but not Pakistan.
    The debate about “The needs of the many outweigh …the needs of the few,” is one that has gone on from time immemorial
    If he doesn’t like twitter, that’s ok. but to trash the entire Internet as caustic is just petulant and childish.
    So he has no friends in the Industry? LOL remind us of that again when the next Trek interviews begin!
    How he got the part of Kirk keeps changing at every interview. For heaven’s sake write it down somewhere so you remember your story and there is consistency.

  • Irish fifty

    @off the grid: hello, nice to see you again. LOL Guess you were right about JJ limiting his stories about Pine to professional ‘issues’ only.

    Missed the banter with you and a few others from the ‘before time’.LOL

    In this case I am just going to sit back and enjoy the pretty pictures.

    hello Cyn if you happen to drop by.

  • off the grid

    @Irish fifty: hola irishfifty. i think we are the only regulars on here. unless others change their user names in each post.
    I think maybe his pr people only allow professional stuff to be posted here. it was weird that the paris photos never made it here, especially since JJ posts pap photos for the most random zlist celebrities. we’ll see what happens. it does seem like he has kept his personal life on the low lately, letting his work shine instead. i think i might’ve said he needed to do just that several postings ago. :)
    and Ann i agree, he needs to keep his stories more consistent. i dont know if its so much him or what his people tell him to say. after all, he has to sell the movie and if they tell him to sell it a certain way, perhaps he does not have a choice. im only speculating here, i have no real idea of how the hollywood mechanics work. i just find it weird that after being very much left-leaning and open about it, now he’s doing a 180. coincidentally when he’s promoting the jack ryan movie. and i also noticed he said he doesnt have friends in industry and my first thought was but what about QUINTO??!. this interview was a bit odd anyways because its all mostly quotes from other people.

  • Maybe

    Hi, I was just wondering why don’t y’all go to a celebrity forum for your chats? I’ve been reading some of Chris topics on here & y’all are using it like a forum. I thinks it’s funny. But I’m not being rude or anythings that was what I was observing.
    If y’all want I can tell you about one & it has a Chris Pine topic already made you just need to go and search it.
    It’s called Gossip Rocks Forum.
    I’m not a spammer or anything & I didn’t make the forum… It’s just a suggestion. & you can talk about him all you want & other celebs.

  • Spike Ghost

    Thank you! Like, he obviously isn’t even trying to understand what the internet brought to the world (without it i probably wouldn’t even know i wanted to go in cinema, i probably wouldn’t even know half of what i do about social issues, i would be in a shell, inside my home all the time talking to nobody and lonely)

  • off the grid

    @Maybe: im sorry are you the jj board police?? we can comment here as we see fit.

  • Cyn

    What a nice present for the New Year! I must say I prefer the snapshot of Pine reading a book at some dinner table at a function for JJ. LOL

    Hello, Irish :)

    Funny thing about these interviews. We come away knowing even less about Pine than we did before. LOL

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to JR.

  • Irish fifty

    @off the grid: Yes, I think you are right about ‘regulars. Me, you, and Cyn.

    I’m thinking maybe (because I don’t know how things work either in Hollywood) that his people are connecting his name with other familiar names to get the public to associate him, think of him and the nice comments contribute to the good guy image.

    And yes he is keeping his life on the down low and appears happier for it.

  • Irish fifty

    @Cyn: Missed you Cyn. I too am looking forward to seeing Jack Ryan and after the comments in the article about his singing voice, I am looking forward to Into the Woods.

    I like the photo of him reading at JJ’s party because he is caught unaware making for such a natural photo.

    THR photos are entirely different. Some of them give me the vibe of old Hollywood.

    He is going to be high profile this year with a movie premiering on both thanksgiving and Christmas and soon enough new Trek will start filming.

  • Ann

    @off the grid:
    Yeah I thought it odd how ZQ got left out. In 2009 it was thought that Quinto “got him the part” and I remember they were asked about it at a Trek interview. ZQ was also present at the second interview and read some lines with him. All left out. I wonder why? I agree that HW interviews are all about promoting a certain image for a certain movie and as such you can’t really take anything at face value. Glad he’s keeping his personal life on the downlow. Odd that he mentioned AP tho’. That lasted like 2 minutes and was so long ago….

  • Ann

    Thanks for the info but I like it here just fine.

  • Maybe

    @off the grid:
    It was just a suggestion… I wasn’t trying to rub anyone the wrong way sorry that you took it there. & what it is the “jj board police”?
    Well to let y’all know her or her people told her local news people that her & Chris went to Costa Rica on New Years Eve. Someone posted it on that forum that I wrote about Gossip Rocks Forum on his thread.

  • Ann

    Oh Christ, here we go again… I’m taking back what I said about him keeping his personal life on the down low. Should have known better…fake girlfriends and privacy? no way, nada not in this lifetime!

  • Irish fifty

    @Maybe: I go with her people did because no matter whether you like him or not he is not the type to ‘let people know where he is’ especially when he is keeping his personal life on the down low.

    Also what does he gain from having an Icelandic newspaper print a story about him? Not much. Not even the London papers picked up the story as far as I know.

    Only one to benefit would be her back in her homeland. Jusy saying.LOL

  • Ann

    @Irish fifty:
    CP is the star. She’s a nobody. She wouldn’t dare “let her people know where he is” unless he was okay with it. Isn’t that the case with ALL his girlfriends? I’m amazed at the capacity of his fans to ALWAYS blame the girl for the leaks and let him off the hook.
    The “news” is all over tumbr and already here right? And that’s exactly the purpose. Chris Pine is as straight as an arrow. LOL Just in time for “Jack Ryan”

  • Ah, the internet

    For a article in a foreign language in a foreign newspaper it sure got here fast! And Pine says he doesn’t love the Internet. LMAO

  • off the grid

    at least he managed not to stage a mini movie in costa rica. wouldnt be surprised if pics “leak” tho. yea, for an article thats not even in english, how does the internet know all about it. agree with Ann, the ice princess would not have leaked the info if she didnt first have his ok to do so.

    @ maybe, you say you didnt mean to rub the wrong way, but your initial post was very condescending in tone. if you go back and read all of Pine’s postings on here, people have always used it as a forum. we can chat here or on a forum, what difference does it make. it come down to personal preference and i prefer here. although i may check out the forum just to see what they are saying.

  • Maybe

    @off the grid:
    That was the first time writing on the internet for me. I’m on no forum or do anything like this, I just read. & it’s hard do convey my tone on the net. So sorry you & anyone on here took it that way. I’ve never seen people use the comment section as a forum thread before. That’s why I thought it would make more sense over there & y’all can talk to each other on pm’s since some of you have some kind of friendship going on here, from what little I’ve read.
    But from what I’ve seen it seems like she & her people did that photo op in Paris as well… with or without his consent I don’t know. Well all I can say to her is good luck she seems to want to make it big in her Country or rub it in their face one of the two?

  • Cyn


    No offense, but I think I’ll pass on the other forum. The last time I ventured into a forum unprepared (I think it was the time that Zoe and Chris were in London and got papped), the Pine hate was so overwhelming, I didn’t get past the first page.

  • off the grid

    @maybe, there are other gossip sites like celebitchy or cdan where readers also use the comments section as forums. its quite common. i went over to that forum you suggested and it was pretty dead. there was very little on chris pine. thanks but i’ll stay here. and also, you are now using this as a forum as well.

    so the vibe im getting from the net is that most people agree it was the ice princess who went to the press. but i agree with whoever said that it was with CP’s blessing.

  • Irish fifty

    @Cyn: Feel the same way Cyn so I am just going to stick with JJ where at least there is a mix of opinions and some old friends. LOL

    As for the Costa Rica article eh, it doesn’t say anything in it that people couldn’t learn from a hundred other articles really. Basically the one line about their NYE date and the rest is recycled news.

    It was a harmless article vs. AF tweet about snoring in her bed. So far it also hasn’t been reported that she has signed on with some big modeling agency like Seacrest’s latest girl. Nor basically has anything personal been said about her (at least not that I have read) such as even her birthday.

    Mea culpa on my part that he may have knowledge of this article but seriously if he did my belief is because it is harmless unlike tweets and calling the paps to wait out side a restaurant to catch you when you are leaving.

    Until I hear of some benefit to her career from being with him and alerting the media in Iceland I go with he doesn’t mind because is harmless. No personal information given.