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Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev Joke About Their Breakup at People's Choice Awards 2014!

Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev Joke About Their Breakup at People's Choice Awards 2014!

Ian Somerhalder gives his former girlfriend Nina Dobrev a kiss on the cheek while accepting their award at the 2014 People’s Choice Awards held at the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on Wednesday (January 8) in Los Angeles.

The 35-year-old actor and the 24-year-old actress won the award for Favorite On-Screen Chemistry for their work on The Vampire Diaries.

“Can you believe this almost five years in the making?” Ian said while accepting the award.

“You’re right, yeah. But you know what’s crazier though Ian?” Nina replied. “At the beginning of the show, Elena actually hated Damon.” They then went back and forth saying: “And then we started dating on the show. And then we started dating in real life. And then we broke up in real life. And yet our characters are still dating on the show. It’s a good thing it’s not awkward… Well it’s a good thing we’ve got chemistry!”

Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev Joke About Their Breakup

15+ pictures inside of Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev accepting their award…

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  • assman

    were they ever really together? they were outed as a fake couple?

  • Blake Quellette

    Everyone is shocked when the Report know is totally joke even all the fans are happy .

  • Natalia


  • Sara

    Congrats to them! They have the best chemistry on tv for sure.And I love that they are still friends.

  • pup

    Even with some scruff Ian is still gorgeous as ever.

  • PR stunt to me

    Ok first to comment. That was a very awkward scene for both of them. I dont know but even f they joke about it, they felt uncomfortable when they speak about their breakup.. Seeing that scene made me realize that was a pure PR stunt. I mean From the show they were the only ones attending as they were the only ones nominated, but even if the show was nominated, just them attended.

    Also what couple like to speak about their breakj up in front of millions of people on national TV? If the break up was hard, the least they want to do is to speak about it on national TV for people start gossiping. It for sure looks like a PR stunt to me as weeks before everyone was talking about Nina in Australia and nt with Ian and Ian all alone somewhere else. PR needed something to draw attention to NIan once again as the obsessed Nian fans needed somethjng to watch of them.

    That was a PR stunt to me. They did not lookl natural all set up. And besides since they are the most famous former TV couple that the media loves to talk about everyday of course they have to win so they can go on stage and see how they behave as a former couple I dont but I I found that scene on stage very staged.

  • PR stunt to me

    @Sara: I found that scene PR staged

  • Amy

    @PR stunt to me:

    The only people who attend the PCA are presenters and people who have won. The producers let the winners know in advance that they won.

  • alexandrina

    People’s Choice Award is a joke….

  • Clare

    That was so planned. What a shame Ian and Nina had to do that in such a large and public forum. I believe it was due to hate and harassment on them, their friends and family by people not allowing them to move on. Enough is enough. After eight months, it had to be done. Hopefully now the “Nian” fans with accept and move on. Congrats on their win and all the best to them personally and professionally in the future.

  • AJK


    Sadly some Nian fans still can’t move on even with Nina and Ian confirming the breakup tonight on stage. Some think they were just ”joking” and ” trolling.” No, they said it so disturbed fans will stop sending them and their friends and family inappropriate comments via Twitter. And so that people will stop with the Nian nonsense. They are Ian and Nina, two separate individuals who still must work together and attend certain events together due to their show. Other than that, they have gone their separate ways. Real fans should respect that. Long overdue!

  • um

    she refused to talk about their break up previous to this but willingly make s a joke of it while accepting that award…

  • Sue

    Broken up or not you can’t deny they do indeed have chemistry. Classy way to calm the crazies Ian and Nina. What a gorgeous pair.

  • Vivian

    @alexandrina: When they pan the audience at the beginning of the show, you know who won just by seeing who’s there.

  • Alice

    It’s their life, if they are comfortable with joking about something the clearly hurt at some point, than it’s their problem. We don’t have a say in what personal issue they can or not joke, it’s their life and if they agreed to speak like this in public, so they are free to do it.

    The fans are so obsessed that probably it was the only way to deal with the rumors and put and end on the doubt. It’s been almost a year and people still find excuses to think they are together.

    Nina is dating Derek Hough (spent Thanksgiving with his family and also Christmas and they were in australia together now) and I’m sure she is tired of everybody saying she still dates Ian even after tons of magazines and declarations of the opposite. So of course she would want to take the opportunity and address this for once and for all. Now Ian is also free to date again and not be crucified by the fans.

  • Alice

    If they had to say it in national TV is the fan’s fault. Because of crazy fans that cannot accept they are broken up, and keep harassing their family and friends on twitter to the point that is unbearable, than Ian and Nina had to go to the embarrassment of share their personal lives and said it out loud so it can stops and they can breathe again.
    It’s sad what their fans do to them. And even they saying it like this, they can’t move one. It’s not enough that they are professionals and still friends. They keep deluding themselves with ridiculous theories. It wouldn’t be a problem if they keep it to themselves but they annoy Nian’s family and friends, send threats and talk all kind of nonsense.
    Nina wants to come public with Derek but she stepped back after the first try when all hell broke loose and it was a PR disaster. Ian probably is scaried shitless to date again.
    You guys need to see that you’re causing a negative impact in their life. Let them be happy. Let them be free. Support their work and causes but let them breathe and have a personal life.

  • Audrey

    haha, it was fun, I like them

  • isa

    Not really natural the way they act …
    La parenthèse Enchanté

  • Bearding

    Guess she got tired of bearding for him…

  • Amy


    You need to read Blind Gossip. Nina was bearding for Derek. Everyone in Hollywood knows he’s gay.

  • Staged

    I think their romance was a PR Stunt aswell. Sorry Nian Fans….

  • K

    wow, this was well-written, actually!)

  • @staged

    PR stunt? Nope try again. Something tells me YOU would like it to be. You can see that natural chemistry can’t you? Bugs you huh?

  • PKL


    The more extreme Nian fans won’t accept it though. They will continue to think Nina and Ian are together until TVD is done and these two have moved on publicly with others. I don’t know what else Nina and Ian have to do or say to get people to believe they are no longer a couple. It really is sad how delusional some fans are and how they can’t let go of a couple they don’t even know. It is horrifying and embarrassing.

  • Could have been pr


    Unfortunately, I am beginning to think the same. It is the only thing that really explains how comfortable their families still are with them and how ok they are with one another. I think the reality is their relationship was probably a little bit of both, meaning it was probably genuine to a degree but was also nurtured out of a pr relationship and they were not as serious as people thought.. Remember, they are actors and they were working to promote a tv show. Also their characters are involved onscreen and it is very hard for many fans to separate fiction from real life as the lines overlap.

    I think they are ok with things now because their relationship was never the fairytale that most people thought it was. If you look at things that way everything that has happened since May when the break up was announced or even before May makes a lot more sense.

    People need to leave them alone and let them live their lives however they wish to and not constantly harass them if they are seen with other people, it is pathetic.

  • Could have been pr


    They have chemistry but they clearly are no longer a couple in a serious relationship. They did not spend any of their holiday time together in the past couple of months. Time for you to let go.

  • Paul


    She was definitely bearding for Derek but the question is was she bearding for Ian too? Lots of rumors about him over the years so who knows.

  • Sam

    @Could have been pr: I agree! I believe Nian were never that serious as People thought. Because it makes no sense with what happend during Summer and how happy and comfortable they act around eachother now. Nian was a fairytale created by Fans, they wanted them as a couple so bad…and they only see what they want to see! For me its been clear nian was just PR.

  • lia

    that was not funny – And they DID break up on the show ? Haven’t they “seen” the last episode ? They don’t even know what they’re filming … But maybe damon and elena will go back together AGAIN ! I’m so over this show it’s always the same plot , a love triangle . As if there’s only 2 vampires and 2 brothers out there ! I highly suggest you to watch The Originals way way better

  • So true

    I am so proud of Ian, that even in this situation HE didn’t say he was dating Nina. (And he never did in the past and will never do in the future, bc he never was romantically involved with her and is a honest man)Nina was the one who spout that BS, so when in time it will pop up that Nian was only PR from A to Z, and it was made bc of crazy Nian fans who couldn’t separate reality from fiction and wanted fairytale so bad that they literally physically attacked Ian’s real gf and pushed Nian so much that CW used fans creation and made a great promotion for the show and hit two stones with one bird: the safety of actors families (and actors themselves) and sold leading actress to fans bc unless Nina is linked with Ian ppl do not like or want her and we can see this pattern till this day!
    Sad thing is that Nian fans are THAT crazy that they wont let go, they already wrote a volumes of excuses and “proof” that Nian is still together and will end up married.
    But i am glad that a lot of fans opened their eyes and saw what a lot of ppl who posted here through the years saw from the very beginning- Nian is PR and only PR for TVD. And now they can shut the Nian fans up and may be one day Ian can walk on the streets with the woman he loves and not be afraid for her safety.

  • @could have been pr

    Lol, There’s no need for me to let go. I am not attached to these real life ex’s. I was simply implying I don’t think either Nina or Ian would be so PR hungry to publicly admit their breakup on live television for PR purposes only. I sincerely think they did it so the crazies (who r attached) can move on.

  • FYI

    The crazies includes those who are obsessively in love with the idea of Nian and those who believe 2 adult individuals along with their families would partake in a PR sham for over 3 years. Both fall into the category of crazy.

  • Grey

    their families has a good business benefits from Nian, prices for the paintings created by Nina’s mom raise along the Nian, Ian’s family pizzeria and BOB have a lot bc of Nian.
    This thing called promotion. If fans are bat shit obsessed why ot to use it?

  • Staged or not?

    So what do you think was taht scene staged or not?

    I bealive it was staged to shut all the obsessed NIan fans up so they let them move on with their lives as individuals and see and hear from their own words that they are not longer together. I guess taht scene was staged in order to give a message to the obsessed fans that still want Ian and nina to be together that let them go NOW.

    They are coworkers so in a way they have to get long for WORK Reasons otherwise they will make each other job miserable. But as individuals off work they are not a couple anymore and NIan fans should and MUST understand that. They fell in love on set many years ago, well is ok taht happens in the Hollywood life, but they broke up as a real couple, so pliz stop the obsession of these obsessed fans and let them move on with their personal lives.

  • Now rumors are flying

    That Ian and Nina speech has really stir things up on the internet. Now I heard articles saying that Ian told Nina that he loves her after the PCA sweet speech and they will be getting back together.

    Everything is a PR stunt or I dont know what the heck this is

  • http://justjared ana

    @alice Its so true i have seen so many crazy teen kids who still have believe on nian,nian fans should accept the reality,
    nina and ian are not together, Ian was seen with a chick kissing at airport, they both did this for these stupid nian fans, they want to show them that they are not together,

  • Sierra


    You never know, it is Hollywood and celebs do crazy things. I think their relationship was a little of both–i.e. genuine and pr. But the relationship played itself out probably long before their breakup was announced in May.

  • http://justjared ellen

    well WTF who wrote the speech and I can hear people laughing on these two ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • PR

    @Sierra: Thats what I think too! They probably broke up in 2012 before Ian went to brazil because he was clearly saying NO to the question if he was dating Nina. I always found that weird. Also I believe that most of their pics starting from December 2012 looked FAKE esp the Christmas shopping pics! I think the had that in their contacts…Nian PR until the Fans get Delena!!!

  • barni7

    @So true: “HE didn’t say he was dating Nina”? ahah you hear another speech?

  • So true

    Nope, i heard exactly that speech! At abut 0:50 Nina started to talk that they start to date on the show, implying on Nian, and Ian said that they start to date real life with out article, in a meaning they faced real life (not so subtle hint on they faced crazy nian obsession) and then Nina said about breaking up and Ian said that on the show their characters are dating
    Ian is true to himself, he never said and i doubt ever will say smth what will link him to Nina romantically, though through the years he subtly or directly did deny that she is his gf.

  • Leonel

    Unfortunately the only way to Nian shippers believe Nian is over, is if maybe Nina leak some sex tape with her wearing a huge strapon taking Derek Hough on all fours. Maybe.

  • Olivia

    You people are interesting. Taking so much time dissecting an PCA award speech. I think it was pre-planned since the winners were informed earlier hence the reason why they attend. I also think that Nina and Ian were never really dating since THEY themselves DID NOT actually confirm it for themselves. It may or may not be a PR stunt move. am a Vampire Diaries fan, but I know my boundaries. The only way we can really determine if they are together or not is when the show ends. But other than that, I’m just a fan who really loves the show.

  • Well…

    @Olivia: So you say they never relaly dated for the 3 yrs they were supposed to be dating? What about all of those pics kissing each other otu there or Nina visiting their folks in Canada with Ian or they both attending some events off work. Also they attend many awards together as a couple, and they seem like a real couple back then. PR stung perhaps?

    All of those were PR stunts then to make people believe they were dating fro 3 yrs? SO in those 3 yrs they never dated because they both never really said they were a couple?

    If that is the case what a pair of liars!!

  • http://twitter kimjonathan

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  • Olivia

    @Well…: Maybe they did date at one point of their lives. Maybe they broke up long way before gossip media publicly announced it. All I am saying is that there is a possibilty that they are doing this to somewhat promote the show.

    Kind of like how Robert and Kristen’s relationship went with Twilight series. They dated because some obsessed fans shipped them together.

    The only difference is that Robert and Kristen are movie stars so they got more publicity, and spotlight on them.

    While Nina and Ian are TV stars, so there is a chance that the publicity is going to be less considering the fact that they are on a CW network with a popular show.

    And I have no idea what their personal lives are like, or if they are dating or whatever. This is just my opinion, and observation.

  • Together

    According to information I have read on the internet from several entertainment news. I believe the PCS awkward speech could had been for 2 reasons. 1. For fans obsessed wth them in getting back together a way to shut them off and move on or 2) They are back together but they do not want anyone to know anything so they are making everyone believe they still not together.

    I read that when Ian arrived at LAX some fans asked him if he was dating Nina, ian did not answer the question and just smiled. Thgat tells me he is back with her only he does not want to say it and this time he wans to keep the relationship super low key and intimate, more private than the first time .

    Also I read unless this is a lie and gossip, that after the PCA Julianne Ian and Nina celebrated her bday There is a pic of Nina with a cake and candles, Julianne at one side and Ina behind her, unless the pic is from last year but it looks recent like yesterday. I mean why an ex goes to al the way to celebrate so cozy the bday of her ex and stands behind her smiling with her?? It is stupid and it makes no sense.

    No ex would do what Ian does with Nina in case they are no longer a couple. I mean an ex wont be seen cozying it with his/her ex and tweet abut ur former partner in such a friendly manner very often, unless they are back together and also why Ian be celebrating Ninas bday if they are no longer a couple and Ian always look romantic when he is with her.

    FOr me they are back together but they do not want to say it., even f they do not holidays together, that was jjust a stunt for people to assume they are no longer a couple therefore leave them alone.

    Unfortunately I dont like them as a real life couple only on the show. I like them as a couple. Nina just like to draw attention to herlsef and it is just me me and me..

  • Ugh

    I just love them both.

  • Ri

    Ian still loves Nina. Never seen him like this before. Not even when they were together. Where they go from here will be interesting. I can see them getting back together in the future.

  • Together

    @Ri: So if that is true Ian should be more honestto his fans and stop lying to them. they are acting like a pair of little kids. Be a a man Ian and ell the truth is the only way to end all kind of speculation, ether u are with her or not. But it is a bit awkward that if Ian is dating another lady, this lady is very understanding as to allow Ian to kiss girls on their lips and also let Ian hang out wit her ex to celebrate her bday and there is a pic where u can see Julianne, Ian and Nina together. Ian is standing behinmd her asmiling and like hugging her.

    That is what I said Ian must still love her but does not want to say anything in order not to loose hsis credibility. Ian treat Nina like they are still a copuple and not exes. He pays a lot of attention to her now that they are supposed not to be a couple. Ian is acting odd or acting stupid.