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Nicole Kidman Goes Topless, Shows Toned Body for Jimmy Choo

Nicole Kidman Goes Topless, Shows Toned Body for Jimmy Choo

Nicole Kidman uses a bag to cover her topless chest in these brand new images for the Jimmy Choo Spring Summer 2014 campaign!

The 46-year-old actress also showed off her bare torso for the campaign images, which were shot by iconic photographer Sølve Sundsbø.

“I really enjoyed working with Sølve, he is very creative but he is decisive and methodical in his direction,” Nicole said. “It was fun to shoot new and surprising perspectives, it felt a little bit daring, dangerous. I loved the minimal styling and how the shoes and bags became like a sensual second skin to me.”

Check out a video of Nicole‘s shoot below…

Nicole Kidman: Jimmy Choo Fashion Shoot

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nicole kidman goes topless shows off torso for jimmy choo 01
nicole kidman goes topless shows off torso for jimmy choo 02
nicole kidman goes topless shows off torso for jimmy choo 03

Credit: Jimmy Choo
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  • lillith

    oooohh la la, stunning!

  • JOY

    It is so touched up it doesn’t even look like her. The face is all wrong. Unbelievable.

  • shaniqua bettlez

    go girl )))))

  • cmac

    That was my thought too, Joy. Doesn’t look like Nicole Kidman to me. The combination of all the work she has apparently had done and Photoshop has completely changed her face. Everyone seems to want to look the same these days. There is more than one type of beauty and, heaven forbid, you should age naturally and still be considered beautiful.

  • Toetapper

    She can’t act; she’s jealous of Sandra Bullock’s career ( and Bullock is older than Kidman) and she’s box office poison. Narcissist par excellence.

  • duh

    @Toetapper: Thanks Crazy One for a recap of all the lies your various names have been posting. You are very easy to keep track of being a narcisscist yourself. Same outrageous stories posted by ”different people”? I think not.

    Anyway….the photos are beautiful but yes overphotoshopped. They can’t ruin the short films Nicole has done for Jimmy Choo though. Stunning.

    Don’t remember who it was but a couple of years ago a magazine photoshopoed an actress under 30 to the point of being unrecognizable. Saw yesterday a story online about how much altering photos is the norm even for girls like Jennifer Lawrence. Jennifer doesn’t need it and neither does Nicole. They are photoshopping every womans arms and legs these days for nothing.

  • Private Citizen

    @Toetapper: She can’t act? Watch Hemingway & Gellhorn and see if you still feel that way.

  • Friday

    I’d rather look at pics of photoshopped Nicole than photoshopped Kim Kardashian. At least Nicole looks hot.

  • natalie

    It doesn’t look like her… But I still prefer her to Krapashian 10000 times.

  • reg


  • don’t bother

    @Private Citizen: Don’t bother reasoning with her. She hates on Nicole Kidman like it’s her full-time job. She has no life and is known as the resident troll under the bridge at JJ. All because Kidman married Keith Urban.

  • sincerely

    Nothing against Nic, but Hollywood can probably make anyone look beautiful nowadays.

  • Geneva

    Kartrashians shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same breath with real women of talent and beauty like Nicole Kidman!

  • Curly

    I like Nicole Kidman but it’s true, her acting is extremely overrated. You don’t doubt her heart’s in it and she’s serious about her art but she really has the same range of emotions and movements in every single role. e.g. stiffening her back, widening her eyes. Watched her since her Bangkok Hilton days and she’s like Tom Cruise in acting style. They only do little things different for each role, as Vanessa Redgrave once said of Cruise. Contrast with amazing actors like Christian Bale, Robert De Niro, Nicholas Cage, etc etc, who achieve a total voice, expression, and emotional transformation. The only way I can put it is that she seems to have a very ‘air’ body and physical presence which hinders her ability to really transform. In terms of looks, I think she has an effortless style and she’s great in these campaigns, with or without the surgery and botox.

  • little my


    You haven’t been watching the right Kidman films!

  • no way

    thats not her, thats photoshop

  • Isabel

    Didn’t even recognize her while scrolling through the page.

  • Sherri

    there is so much photoshopo going on there she looks like Kylie Minogue

  • Reo

    @Curly: You really think the characters are the same from Suzanne Stone to Grace Stewart to Devlin Adams to Virgina Woolf to Lady Ashley to Charlotte Bless to Evelyn Stoker? BS.Watch more movies.

  • Toetapper

    @duh: Huh? Are you Columbo? You have no idea what you are talking about. Just because you don’t like it (bizarrely) criticizes a hack actress is no reason to accuse the person of being multiple people.

    Suck it up, shoulders back, and grow up.

  • http://comcast Joni

    I think the other two Jimmy Choo ads where Nicole was dressed and looked like Nicole were sexier than this ad. I think Nicole is prettier than this photoshopped ad. And on another subject THE CRAZY ONE. Couldn’t help getting on here making all of her ugly remarks., take your meds before you start typing crazy one.

  • Toetapper

    @Geneva: At least the Kardashians act more human.

  • Louise

    Feel bad for her husband and children. Dress like this, or lack of dress, is fine on the movie screen, but not in magazines. You have disappointed me, Nicole.

  • http://comcast Joni

    By the way The CRAZY ONE– Nicole and Sandra Bullock are very close friends. I am sure Nicole wouldn’t trade lives with Sandra though, she has Keith, which gets you all stirred up.

  • http://comcast Joni

    Don’t worry about it Louise, I bet Keith loves it !!!!

  • anonymous

    Those pictures have been airbrushed and photo shopped to the extent that it doesn’t even look like her. She knows this when she looks at the pictures. Jimmy Choo could’ve saved their money and hired someone off the street.

  • kary

    Nicole is gorgeous… I just don’t understand why everyone is using photoshop in every campaign… I like more the last 2 campaigns. I like the commercial anyway

  • cmac

    My comment has more to do with the idea of women’s beauty and aging that the media has created that most of the public seems to think is gospel – small straight nose, no wrinkles, no fat, can’t age, can’t cut their hair, must be blonde (maybe brunette but rarely redhead), can’t wear glasses.

  • duh

    Oh Toetapper, anonymous, The Crazy One…same stupid lines from you a couple of months ago. Nobody is buying you and your act which is the same cr@pola every troll on the internet spews. Sandra Bullock read comments posted about her on the internet…..

    ” There’s nothing special about her acting, she’s not particularly attractive, I can’t stand her, she’s mediocre, she’s over 40,” she joked, to the audience’s amusement.

    Later in the night, fellow honoree Meryl Streep piggy-backed on Bullock’s ageist joke, telling the audience, “Everything that Sandra Googled about herself, they say about me too, except they say over 60.”

    So Crazy One, where’s the Troll Convention?

  • KayDee

    @JOY: I agree with you, that doesn’t look like Nicole at all. I thought at first it was either Kylie Minogue or Charlize Theron, but neither of them have long red hair.

  • Thoughts


  • Halla

    Just another one who came too close to Tom Cruise.

  • Elliot K.

    @Halla: What the heck does that even mean? It seems to me both of them are happy where they are. Cruise got divorced but he’s gotten to a place where he won’t stand for a wife who doesn’t toe his line so alls well that ends well.

  • Wurry

    Nicole is absolutely lovely and has a beautiful and delicate face.
    But who in the hell is THIS??

  • Christopher Smith

    You can’t even recognize her.

  • anne

    What’s the difference between Nicole Kidman and a mannequin?

  • allison

    Did Jimmy Choo take these pictures when Nicole had not used botox. In these pictures she look hard.

  • http://comcast Jennifer

    The Crazy One don’t you get tired of typing the word Botox ???? Who ever did the photo shopping sure screwed up, Nicole is a unique beauty, this looks like hundreds of other women walking the streets of New York, all looking the same, beautiful but all looking the same.

  • @Jennifer

    The point is, The Obsessed One, Kidman is complicit in this campaign.

    The overwhelming world-wide reaction to this (team) ‘product/effort’ is veiled horror, call it what you will.

    Kidman has the power to determine how she is portrayed (something like auteurship). Trouble is, she has often said she hands over completely to all directors-photographers she works with. She has the right to object to her self being portrayed in an unacceptable fashion. (This is different to the movies). This portrayal of Kidman is troublesome. If you don’t know why, you are part of the problem.

    And please, stop always making these threads about the commenters and STICK TO THE DEBATE ABOUT THE THREAD ITSELF.

  • reality check

    @@Jennifer: WRONG. Read real articles and not gossip trash and no one is blaming Nicole Kidman. How many stories do we have to have for you to get it through your thick head that stars do not have any input in how they are photoshopped? Demi Moore had body parts postioned in an impossible way on a cover. Faith Hill is very slim but they still removed ”back fat” because of the dress she was wearing. Hilary of the group Lady Antebellum was morphed into a different person on the cover of a women’s magazine. Jennifer Lawrence’s hands were photophopped in her last cover. What 20-something needs their hands photoshopped. Every actress that has starred on a beauty campaign has been overphotoshopped – from the magazine ads to instore displays.

    Grow up and stop making it about Kidman and your agenda of portraying her as the worst human being on the planet. It’s petty and idiotic.

  • reality check

    Great article that’s truthful. If you think actresses have clauses in their beauty/fashion contracts for final approval on photos then you have no clue.

  • http://yahoo Lizzie

    Nicole was featured in a magazine a while back revealing very sensual photos; the photographer said she loved posing in sexual positions.
    To get back to these photos – they’re ridiculous; however, are aimed basically toward the Asian market where Nicole has fans. How can anyone look at these overly photo-shopped, air-brushed pictures and not feel sorry for her. Does she have such little confidence in the movies she has scheduled, that she’s fallen to this?

  • Gemma

    Reading through here; you this woman who is leaving so many ridiculous comments, you are obsessed with Nicole Kidman. Kidman is about as much to blame as Julia Roberts. I live in the UK. Did you know Roberts’ LOreal ad was banned it was so overdone? Maybe that fact was not reported heavily but that is the state of where we are. I doubt you care because it was not a Nicole Kidman LOreal campaign.

  • reality check

    @Lizzie: I don’t feel sorry for her – the people in charge of the photos look like idiots. The videos Nicole has shot are gorgeous and she is gorgeous. It is on the industry who have control over the images of their brands and magazine covers. They need to take a step back and look at why they think they need to severely alter pictures of beautiful women like Nicole, JLaw, Julia et al.

    Thanks Gemma for that info. It did make the news here but it came and went. Had zero impact unfortunately.

  • @Jennifer

    @reality check:

    Try and converse like a mature adult.

  • duh

    You mean UK authorities didn’t charge Julia Roberts with fraud? LMAO! The Crazy One would love the possibility of that happening.

  • duh

    @@Jennifer: Try and post without lying.

  • http://comcast Jennifer

    Whatever you say THE CRAZY ONE, you are always good for a few laughs, you and your other 50 names you go by.

  • http://comcast Joni

    @Lizzie–Be honest do you really feel sorry for her ?? If so, save your sympathy for someone that needs it, I think Nicole and Keith don’t need your sympathy. They are doing just fine with their millions and multiple home etc. etc.

  • http://Yahoo Lizzie


    I don’t feel sorry for Nicole in any monetary way, I feel sorry that she, as the speaker of various feminist groups, has allowed herself to be exploited in this manner…..