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Kristen Stewart: 'Camp X-Ray' Sundance Film Festival Premiere!

Kristen Stewart: 'Camp X-Ray' Sundance Film Festival Premiere!

Kristen Stewart rocks some braids in her hair as she arrives for the Camp X-Ray premiere during the 2014 Sundance Film Festival held at Eccles Center Theatre on Friday (January 17) in Park City, Utah.

The 23-year-old actress was joined at the event by her co-stars John Carroll Lynch, Peyman Moaadi, Lane Garrison, Ser’Darius Blain, Tara Holt, Joseph Julian Soriam and writer and director Peter Sattler.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kristen Stewart

Earlier in that day Lane, Peyman, Kristen, and Peter all posed for portraits together at the festival.

FYI: Kristen is wearing James Jeans.

15+ pictures inside of Kristen Stewart at the Sundance premiere for her film Camp X-Ray

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  • leah

    Lol she’s trying too hart ” to be cool” . Fail !

  • L

    right this lil try-hard, grown up girl.

  • L

    oh comment fail. GROW UP, not a teen anymore.

  • nina

    She is wearing Alicia’s shirt and Alicia’s necklace! Not the tags, the one that looks like a catholic pendant! I think Kristen is looking super happy lately and it’s obviously because she is newly in love! Good for her! I hope she comes out with grace like Maria Bello did. There is a thing called bisexuality you know!

  • talia

    @nina:what is your obsession with her sexuality and why do you presume she is wearing somebody else’s clothes when she is probably wearing her own clothes.

  • gay

    she wants to tell us what the shirt collar and Alicia
    That they are a couple?

  • Lind

    she is wearing Alicia’s shirt and necklace, and she seems to do this with the people she dates.
    If they were Rob’s, her fans would be saying they are still dating, even is they haven’t been seen together in months, and spent the holidays one in each side of the country.

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  • talia

    @Lind: nobody thinks they are still dating and haven’t since they broke up in may. how do you know its alicia’s shirt and necklace?

  • gay

    @talia: apparently they excite photos or Alicia wearing the shirt and the chaplet.
    On gossip cop


    Traditionally, I never make it to Sundance until midweek, starting in 1986.

  • nina

    @talia: because there are pics of Alicia wearing them. I don’t presume, she has actually worn them. And what is this obsession of yours to prove she might not be dating her? jeez louise!

  • Chloe

    Actually the shirt kristen wear is not Alicia’s. I saw the pic of Alicia’s shirt, but the buttons and the front whole are totally different. You can google it.

  • talia

    @nina:i have friends who own the same things but all it means is that we have similar taste in clothes/jewellery.people just seem to be making a big deal out of nothing, kristen breaks up with rob and suddenly people are claiming she is a lesbian or just seems a bit over the top

  • talia

    @talia: *who own the some of the same things I have

  • Julie


  • Julie

    this is Robert’s coat!

  • Meg

    @Lind: Not that is actually matters whether she is dating a woman or not, because it doesn’t, but just to correct you on something: the shirt she wore at the airport yesterday (the tee) belongs to Tamra Natisin (look it up, she wore it to the Saint Rocke concert) who is Katy Perry’s assistant and a friend of both Kristen, Robert, and all of their mutual friends. The vest she was wearing belongs to her friend Suzie, and yes, the necklace belongs to Alicia or at least Alicia wore it at one point in an instagram pic…doesn’t actually make it hers. She’s also wearing rings given to her by her makeup artist before she launched her designer line. Kristen use to wear things from Rob as well as other friends. She wears “tokens” as she calls it from her friends so that she always feels close to them. I don’t know for a fact if she’s single, dating Rob or dating Alicia, but I do know that wearing Alicia’s necklace doesn’t mean anything when she’s wearing items from two other girls as well. Last week she had on Rob’s IRIE t-shirt but the two haven’t been seen together since October. As for the buttoned shirt she’s wearing, that’s hers as far as I know because no one else has ever been pictured with it on…unless you have a picture to prove otherwise. She wore it a few times over the summer while walking her dog and filming a movie. Like I said, I’m not saying she’s not gay or she is gay, but… hey… if wearing the clothing of another person I spend a lot of time with meant I was dating them then I’d be dating two of my best friends who I constantly share clothes with, one of their brothers, a guy I work with, and my boyfriend. Sooo…

  • Meg

    @Julie: That’s not Rob’s coat btw. He has a similar one that he was pictured with and a blue one, but Kristen also has a green one with plaid too. She got that jacket right before she went to film Sils Maria. I don’t meant to squash your bubble though. I wish it was his.

  • Truth

    Alicia wore a shirt like it while out with Kristen a few months ago (Kristen had on a Stussy sweatshirt), but Alicia’s has some black tag logo on the front pocket which is clearly not on this shirt Kristen is wearing at Sundance. Soooo close, but no cigar. Here’s what I want to know, why does dressing like Alicia mean she’s dating her? I’ve never wanted to look like my boyfriend lol. It’s one thing to dress similar to share clothes, but it looks like Kristen wants to BE Alicia, which is diff from wanting to BE WITH her.

  • JLAW

    Poor sad woman. After Twilight and Rob, she is no longer relevant. Goes to show you that she is only popular because of her twilight association and her personal life. I remember a Vanity Fair cover with her, Jennifer Lawrence and some other actresses calling them Young Hollywood. Now, they are not in the same league with Jlaw cause Jlaw has talent and is the biggest movie star in HW while this girl will be forever known as that twilight girl who hooked up with Rob for fame.

  • Ummm

    @JLAW: There’s a reason why they call it 15 minutes of fame, and while you’re right about Jennifer and her talent and she will more-than-likely have a long lasting career…she won’t always be as “hot” as she is now. Once “The Hunger Games” is over, she will just go on to be a talented actress who makes good movies. She won’t be the name on everyone’s lips. It happens with everybody, not just Kristen. Jennifer luckily has the awards and reputation to keep her name on the movie offer table (she was nominated for an Oscar once and no one hardly had ever heard of her until she did THG and then won an Oscar for something else). 5 years from now there will be another batch of young Hollywood and in that batch will be a new Kristen and a new Jennifer. It is what it is. But, I’ll tell you this…Kristen and Jennifer ..despite their different paths in the industry, they both have millions of dollars and are seemingly content in their own lives. So if Kristen wants to be no longer relevant and making indie movies that no one sees (she had nearly 20 movies under her belt before she even did Twilight and didn’t expect the fishbowl success that she didn’t even like btw), she’ll still be sitting on over $34 million dollars before she’s 25. Exactly what do you do?

  • Ummm

    @JLAW: B.T.W. …there’s nothing “poor sad woman” about a girl who made nearly $40 mil before she was 23, traveled the world, has a close group of friends, keeps her life as low key as possible, and still has the opportunities to make movies she loves whether you’ll watch them or not…it’s more like “poor sad person” to those who comments about her life instead of living their own. I highly doubt Kristen wants to be the center of relevant attention. it’s never interested her before.

  • please !

    You people are getting to be so f@cking redundant with this rubbish . Aren’t you tired of writing the same crap day in and day out ? Nobody relevant cares the only ones that think you people are interesting are these other idiots that chime in when you morons write your diatribes . Please do the world a favor .. go take care of your fat husbands or dumb boyfriends ..LOL.. that is if you actually have someone that actually care about you all . From the look of this i’m guessing you people must not have any friends . right now you all sound like a bunch of jealous hags !!!!

  • Warren

    Oh sexy Kristen! I’d kiss her hot lips. What a desirable woman!

  • Lida

    She looks gross. She should be thankful for any attention she gets now, because w/ Twilight over her career will go downwards. She has no acting ability – unlike Robert Pattinson who was actually amazing in Remember Me and has real chops, not to mention class.

    The way this girl speaks, (equating being photographed to being raped), flips off the paparazzi every chance she gets, and how she presents herself is disgusting. I understand you are not a girly girl and are a rocker – totally cool and it’s great to be yourself. Dress like this then:

    That shows you are an individual and are staying true to your style but still being dressed up. This is like she could barely manage to get out of bed. Looks do matter – if you don’t put any effort in it looks as if you don’t care about your job at all. Hopefully she comes down to earth and realizes how lucky she is to have a career at all and will stop flipping people off every chance she gets. YOU ARE NOT MERYL STREEP, calm down and it’s not the paparazzi’s fault that you blew your relationship with one of the most talented, handsome, and seemingly nice and down to earth actors in Hollywood.

  • Yada

    I foresee her entering into a lesbian relationship – maybe not for the long term, but doing some kind of experimenting thing very soon. I just keep getting the bisexual vibes from her, I have a strong feeling it will happen.

    Besides, what other man could match up to R. Patz?! She was a fool for letting him go.

  • fred4me

    @JLAW: You do know that Kristen was charged with picking out the man for Edward Cullen role don’t you? She picked Rob. It’s because of her that Rob is so famous. Also, she’s been acting at least twice as long as Rob. As far as her becoming insignificant, I don’t think so. It’s a great honor to have a film at Sundance and they rated Camp X-Ray 9.6. Kristen chooses what she wants to do. Do you ever listen to any of her interviews or are you here just to be judge and executioner to someone you don’t know anything about? Actually if you don’t like her then why are you on this blog?

  • Tom

    ugly lesbian

  • Well now

    @Lida: Doesn’t Rob often talk about taking Valium before an audition, jokingly say to k*ll people who leaked BD2 footage, say to cut the appendages off of paps who took pictures, pushed a pap who ended up being a security guard in the face, and call out a blogger for being fat and using it as an insult? i mean. i like the guy, he’s not that great of an actor but he’s hot horrible, but if you’re going to call out how often kristen sticks her foot in her mouth i’m pretty sure there’s enough of him too. annnnnnd i’m pretty sure she doesn’t want to be meryl streep, but i don’t think she wants to be hollywood’s sweetheart either. kristen has never played the innocent card so it’s not like she ruined someone’s cookie cutter image of her.

  • Well now

    on another note… anyone interested is guessing how many fcuks Kristen gives on whether or not she’s relevent? I’ll start: 0. because really, if she’s a millionaire and doesn’t care to change her clothes…i bet she gives 2 sh*ts and 0 fcuks about what you think.

  • Sim

    @Lida: Yay typically hater fans Christ and rob, rob fans are crazy and mad men, rob them of their honey, rob seems to me arrogant, I think I cheated first, it now cares not just alcohol, it is only thanks to the idiot kristen got the role in Twilight, otherwise no one knew, so go rob a madman to rob the plate and not to write such a stupid comments no one is curious, kristen is famous, how much has come of the film and some idiot to write to the contrary, it is seen from’m jealous

  • Sim

    @Yada: Seriously, do not know what happened, and how do you rob insanely fandom, I think Udell great, and moreover made ​​him a poor thing, but that I still flirting with women, and who knows what? mylsim of drive cheated on, but it’s one rob is an idiot

  • just

    @Sim: Take your medicine ! And grow up !!!

  • Lida

    @Well now:

    Rob does those things as a joke. He doesn’t call the paparazzi a piece of $hit and tells them they don’t deserve to breathe the same air as he does. When he shoved that guy’s face, he was a little drunk and made a mistake. He’s not disrespectful like how K.Stew is. Although, she has been looking a little more happy these days so hopefully that will stick. She should be grateful for her life & a career that most actresses would kill for.

  • Well now

    @Lida: You don’t know that she isn’t grateful because all you get from her are scripts in a movie, a picture from a flashbulb taking 100 shots a minute, so if she’s not smiling in that minute that’s what you get (btw, she doesn’t smile often because she doesn’t like her teeth), also you don’t know her because all you get are clipped 30 second intervals of some sweaty nasty men hurling insults at her. The fact that you get bent out of shape and start hurling insults at her on a comment board for a blog makes me wonder how nice you’d be to paps who were doing the same to you as they do to her. It’s funny how you think you have her all figured out when your whole perception of her is based off of photos, video, and assumption.

    Also, Rob may have joked on some things but he was 100% serious about taking narcotics before an audition (he said it several times) and he was serious about poking fun at that blogger (we all know who he meant) by using his weight. The level of the insult or joke doesn’t matter when he did indeed stick his foot in his mouth. Like I said, I like him..but he’s not perfect. Every single interview he did for Dior made it seem like someone made up his answers because he sounded like a stuck up, hypocritical, pretentious fool in all of them and if that’s what I had to go on to get to know him, I wouldn’t like him. In the end, you will never fully understand Rob or Kristen unless you know them so stop trying.