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Alex O'Loughlin Bares Hot Shirtless Bod on 'Hawaii Five-0' Set!

Alex O'Loughlin Bares Hot Shirtless Bod on 'Hawaii Five-0' Set!

Alex O’Loughlin shows off his hot shirtless body while walking through the water on the set of his show Hawaii Five-0 on Monday (January 20) in Honolulu, Hawaii.

The 39-year-old actor’s home on O’ahu was damaged earlier this month after a fire broke out in the garage and threatened the rest of the home.

“The first company arriving found smoke and flame coming out of the garage,” HFD Capt. Terry Seelig said (via People). “The fire appears to have caused heavy damage to the garage and its contents and nothing to the house.”

Watch a news report below!

10+ pictures inside of Alex O’Loughlin going shirtless on set…

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alex oloughlin bares hot shirtless bod on hawaii five 0 set 01
alex oloughlin bares hot shirtless bod on hawaii five 0 set 02
alex oloughlin bares hot shirtless bod on hawaii five 0 set 03
alex oloughlin bares hot shirtless bod on hawaii five 0 set 04
alex oloughlin bares hot shirtless bod on hawaii five 0 set 05
alex oloughlin bares hot shirtless bod on hawaii five 0 set 06
alex oloughlin bares hot shirtless bod on hawaii five 0 set 07
alex oloughlin bares hot shirtless bod on hawaii five 0 set 08
alex oloughlin bares hot shirtless bod on hawaii five 0 set 09
alex oloughlin bares hot shirtless bod on hawaii five 0 set 10
alex oloughlin bares hot shirtless bod on hawaii five 0 set 11
alex oloughlin bares hot shirtless bod on hawaii five 0 set 12
alex oloughlin bares hot shirtless bod on hawaii five 0 set 13
alex oloughlin bares hot shirtless bod on hawaii five 0 set 14

Photos: FameFlynet Pictures
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  • Taylor

    He is so hott!

  • Sheesh

    JJ, please get it right. Al is 37, not 39.

  • Ms Lexi

    Ooohh!! #2! Booty Shot! YESSSSSSSSS!!! ;D

  • Gaby

    OMG, he’s so hot!!!

  • Pat

    @Ms Lexi:
    Ooohh!! Didn’t take Lucia the stalking CREEPER long to make it to this thread! ;D WHOAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Go creep on a Franco Munster booty shot, you repulsive geezer before he gets too lonely!

  • http://facebook lucy

    Alex is only 37.some ppl don’t know how to subtract from 1976 .Any way yummy photo’s!!!

  • Abbie T

    Beautiful pics of AOL! <3 Lovin' Hawaii 5-0!

    Yes, Alex is 37…not 39, JJ!

  • lala

    what happened to his tramp stamp?

  • Rusty

    Alex was born in August, 1976, it is now January 2014….that makes him not quite 38. It’s just a bit annoying when basic facts are stated correctly. Makes a person wonder what else you get wrong.

    I find it interesting that the character McGarrett has tattoos but they cover the Hawaiian tribal he’s recently acquired.

  • Lana

    His back tatt – changed and expanded to incorporate Hawaiian tribal elements – is covered with make-up for filming H50. :)

  • Lizzie

    Nice pics….Glad to see they’ve done a better job covering Alex’s back tat than previous make-up dept

  • Joanie

    @lala, they were filming an episode. So technically he was in character as Steve McGarrett, so they covered the back tat.

  • Fine

    My opinion and this is my personal opinion. He looks fine on this pics but not as good as when he was on Season 1. Maybe cause I like guys with a more athletic physique rather than buffed. I understand time flies by and he is not younger anymore but maybe his body type is cause he is practicing a different sport now, that if he was practicing another one. Also his arms tattoos are fine by me but I dislike his huge tramp stamp on his back, it takes away the whole appeal of his lovely back.

  • Sissy

    Oh myyyy these are a real treat! GORGEOUS! Be still, my <3 ! He is beautiful and just gets better with each passing day! So healthy and yummy! He's so handsome with the perfect male bod from head-to-toe! I thought when his Men's' Fitness came out he couldn't look any better but his current MMA workout has actually perfected perfection! Amazing!

  • Avery N.

    Mmm… Hawaii looks VERY good on Mr. O’Loughlin! Hottie!

  • Sherry

    Thing of Beauty!

  • SaberTooth

    Gorgeous Alex! Can’t wait for this episode of Hawaii Five-0! It’s been an awesome season so far!

  • Thea A.

    OMG I’m so in love! <3

  • Toby Tyler

    Super sexy Alex is 37, JJ! Thx for the pics! I love him and Hawaii 5-0 Fridays!

  • Ms Lexi

    So… & this is the last thing I’m ever gonna post here (again!!)… especially since JJ was kind enough to sweep the trash out last time… but I KNOW for a fact that there are some moronic women just waiting to be goaded by me, so here goes nothing: How exactly does a 36 year old woman go to a beauty spot for a touch-up “by Sue” and then leave there looking like a 50 year-old woman with a hangover?!! I SWEAR this woman is depressed! She has to be! No really, look at her! She’s trying to smile, but her eyes are not! She looks beat… and tired.. and haggard,and no I don’t think it’s because of the baby! That kid is old enough to sleep through the night and not deprive them of any rest! Good! Done! You may TRY to be funny now…. :D

  • Pinkie

    @Ms Lexi: Totally agree-enough said

  • Pat

    @Ms Lexi:
    HAHAHAHAHA! Damn Lucia you are so obsessed and jealous of Malia Jones you can’t even see straight! HILARIOUS! UR a sicko! Malia looked beautiful! She is a naturally beauty…in stark contrast to you! YOU Lucia are a fugly HAG! Even ur “sweet 60″ valentine shots BWAHAHA! with pounds of painted on clown make up and “soft focus” can’t hide your fugly! got some major lumps in ur thighs too! They couldn’t remove that with ur bypass operation? Ho-ish geezer! HAHAHA!!!

  • Pat

    Oh yes OF COURSE you agree with yourself Lucia! HA! Obsessed geezer! Still using Pinkie’s name, huh? Ran out of names for all your puppets so you’re stealing one? Enough said LOL

  • Ms Lexi

    @Pinkie: But have you noticed that the more defeated she looks, the hotter he seems to be getting!!?? LOL!! And we’re supposed to do what exactly? Pretend not to notice? What does that tell you? What did I say before, gotta be careful with them sexy boys!! He’ll fock you (in more ways that one!!) and then skate right along while you’re over there smelling of baby poop! I’m not gonna pretend I give a damn about this girl, but HE sure did a number on her! And when you hear Holly apparently saying things like the “bogan” comment she made???!! No really ask yourself, why would Holly Valance, now happily married (or engaged at the time) still be making derogatory comments at Alex like that unless she’s still reeling from the number he (probably) did on her too? I’ve only even been THAT mad, for THAT long, about an ex who CHEATED on me! There it is! I said it!!

  • Ms Lexi

    Why do I keep lying about not coming back!?? LMAO! I mean fock “Days of Our Lives!” THIS soap-opera is where it’s at! We ALL know this!! hhahahaha

  • Pinkie

    @Ms Lexi: He’s certainly getting hotter. What intrigues me is why she was in Beverley Hills possibly on her own or with her kids and he was in Hawaii and was seen having lunch/dinner with Scot? Possible split again?

  • Pat

    @Ms Lexi:
    Dream on, you crazy b!tch! HAHAHAHAHA! Too bad for you, you putrid HAG! LOL! Lucia – you got no idea what you’re taking about! Alex is as happy as he’s ever been with Malia and his family! You’re such a pathetic miserable b!tch so you see what you want to see and spread filthy lies! Demented dumbass! You’re just as obsessed with Malia as you are with Alex now! LOL! And Holly Valance too? Get a life Creeper!

  • Pat

    @Ms Lexi:
    Because you’re a pathetic obsessed LIAR who has to make up a fantasy life and try to convince anyone else that it’s real just to make herself feel better.

  • Pat

    They never split Liar Lucia’s Pinkie sock – talking to herself again like insane people do. LOL! That was only in your dreams, Creeper!

  • Pinkie

    @Pat: Now whose obsessed. Looks like you live in your world where everything is perfect. Ain’t so not in this life you moron!!!

  • Pat

    Um YOU are obsessed!!! Stupid HAG! Now go back to dancin for Franco Munster in your sleezy geezer valentine outfit as you smother him with your lumpy thighs!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

  • Ms Lexi

    @Pinkie: Okay, is it just me or is there like a distinct mosquito sound around here?? D’you hear it?!! No?? Really!? It’s a definite sort of… I dunno… almost like a whiiiiiiiiiining sound! You really don’t hear that? Hmm, must be me then! LMAO! Please ignore this attention seeker! Well, this is news to me… the split, I mean! Although surprises me abut these 2. I promise you, the only thing that would surprise me about this saga is if
    1. If Malia got knocked up again! How’d that be for a curve-ball… because I’m convinced they’re not even intimate that way.
    2. If they’re disdain for each other actually spilled over and got physical! Malia looks like the kinda girl who could easily knock a dude out! hahahahahaha! OMG I shudder at the thought. And frankly, I think he’s afraid of her! LOL! No really, the word ferocious???!!! That’s a euphemism for, “This bitch is crazy and I can’t control her, so when she’s around, don’t get too friendly with me because she’ll embarass us all… especially ME!!” Hello!!! ROFLMAO!

  • Ms Lexi

    But you’re right about the shopping! Why should the one parent be out shopping alone with that many kids???????… while the “partner” is in another state altogether, with an ocean between them, having lunch with a buddy! The plot thickens….
    But y’know them, they’ll be back pretending again right on time for September!!

  • Pat

    @Ms Lexi:
    Oh ya you keep telling yourself that – you poor pathetic FREAKSHOW! HAHAHAHAHA!!!! The lengths you go to to create a scenario in your disturbed mind is hilarious! What. Is. Wrong. With. You? WHAHAHA! My what lengths you go to to get you through your sad boring day!! The plot thickens? Naw your thick head thickens! LOLOL!!

  • Pat

    @Ms Lexi:
    How many hours in a day do you spend talking to yourself LOSER? HAHAHA!!!! YOU are telling YOURSELF that a split is news to you? LOLZ!! Now you know LIAR that Alex and Malia have never split – the only split is your split personality!! FREAK!

    They’re happy together with a beautiful family – too bad if you can’t handle that CREEPER! LOLZ!!! Create a different truth in your obsessed mind all you want that you have to believe. No one cares or believes you!! How sick are you – a 60 yr old geezer obsessed with an actor and his family?

  • Ms Lexi

    But now ask yourself… if we weren’t here “inventing truths”.. then what would YOU be doing with yourself RIGHT NOW??? Exactly!!! Admit it, you loooove us! We’re the wind beneath your wings! Hey, i bet Lucia doesn’t have to work so hard to get attention, huh!! What do you think? Tell me… [INSERT DUMB RESPONSE HERE!]

  • Pat

    @Ms Lexi:
    STFU Lucia! LOL!! You delusional dumb sh!t! Take your lying crusty ass, slip into your sleezy geezer valentine outfit and go ‘work it out’ for Franco Munster! WHOOAHAHAHA!! Was he there watching your cheesy photoshoot? Did you shake your wrinkly flab and lumpy thighs just for him? LMAO!!

  • Cheyenne

    I agree 100% that Aex O’Loughlin is the sexiest beast I have ever seen!!!!!!! He is something to dream about!!!!! Keep it sexy Alex!!!!! <3

  • http://google Cheyenne

    It doesn’t matter how old he is! He looks like he’s supposed to be 32!!! he just needs to keep his shirt off!!!!

  • Jac

    He’s gorgeous with or without a shirt. :)

  • Ms Lexi

    Are they f-ing kidding me?!! Have you guys seen the “Tastes & Treasures” pictures!?? I don’t get it! I DON’T GET IT!!!! Shouldn’t the honouree and his +1 be the happiest people there?!!!!!!! And yet he looks tired and p*ssed, and she’s just kinda standing around and forcing a smile! EVERYBODY ELSE LOOKS EXCITED TO BE THERE BUT THEM! If there’s anyone who still thinks these two aren’t forcing matters, well then I don’t know what to tell you! After these photos, I’ve seen all there is to see. Come the fock on!!! LOL!

  • Justbecause

    @Ms Lexi: I left a reply on the other beach pics and said as much the happy couple not

  • Pat

    @Ms Lexi:
    HAHAHA!!!! Oh LOSER Lucia! She’s “Ms Lexi”! No she’s “Justbecause”! LMAO! Still both just you – you angry frustrated fool, talking to yourself and trying to convince yourself Alex O’Loughlin isn’t a happy family man! Give it up already you dumbshit!

  • Pat

    Yes – we know you agree with yourself CREEPER!

  • Ms Lexi

    @Justbecause: Honestly!! I just find it humiliating. Because how long is she going to keep this up? She’s all out of moves! I mean, a baby can only get you so much leverage. So she got the house, the red-carpets, the press mentions…. now what!?? Cause she certainly doesn’t have the guy! OB-VIOUSLY!! Do you know how lonely it is to be in a “relationship” like that? Where you’re just putting on a show for other people? And then what? What happens when the dinner parties are over, and everyone’s gone home, and the kids are asleep, and there’s no cameras to play to? You just sit there, with nothing to say to each other, and hope for the next red carpet event!! Tell you what though, she’ll NEVER leave him! That’s the only “move” she’s got left is just to hang around as long as humanly possible! But how was that for a role-reversal: Malia trying to smile, and Alex wearing his McGarrett face! Wow! SMH…

  • Pat

    @Ms Lexi:
    HOLY SH!T!!! You really are one demented old geezer! Keep trying to sell yourself all those LIES you invent in your sick mind to try to soothe yourself to sleep at night! Jealousy and delusion is eating you up Creeper!!! Seek help! Maybe you grab your boa HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! and Franco Munster can whip out his muppet brows and utility hat and work that message oil! Show you some of his moves huh? Grind it for geezer? WHOHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  • Justbecause

    @Ms Lexi: I agree.
    It’s the first time I have seen Alex look irritated with her in public. It’s true she’ll keep in there and they’ll keep up appearances but imo it won’t last

  • Pat

    You agree with yourself again Loony Lucia? HAHAHAHAHA!!! How does it feel to be insane for reals? You are one f*cked up pathetic loser! You could garner some pity if you weren’t so vicious. Hate to tell ya – what you’re seeing in your special obsessed stalker filter couldn’t be farther from the truth but no matter – you’ll never have him! Crazy biddy!

  • Katie

    @Ms Lexi:
    Lucia you are seriously demented! What a leech! Lucia the Leech. Obsessed with an actor half your age who you don’t even know and who made the grave mistake of simply being polite to you when you continually followed him around LA, intruding on him and making a laughing stock of yourself! Now you spend all your days trashing him, his family and the woman he loves with disgusting lies all because you can’t have him. Have you noticed no one wants to have anything to do with you on any boards or Twitter either even with all the sucking up you do?

  • Ms Lexi

    I am STILL waiting for a sound explanation as to why Alex and Malia always photograph like hostile strangers. But while you try to think of one, I guess we can resort back to blaming phantom-Lucia for Malia’s man troubles… because that never gets old, does it ladies!?

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