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Cate Blanchett & Alec Baldwin Respond to Dylan Farrow's Open Letter

Cate Blanchett & Alec Baldwin Respond to Dylan Farrow's Open Letter

Cate Blanchett and Alec Baldwin have publicly responded to the open letter from Dylan Farrow accusing her adoptive father Woody Allen of sexual abuse.

In the letter, Dylan asks the actors “What if it had been your child?” Both Cate and Alec worked with the famous filmmaker on the Oscar-nominated movie Blue Jasmine.

“It’s obviously been a long and painful situation for the family and I hope they find some sort of resolution and peace,” Cate said according to journalist Jeffrey Wells.

“What the f&@% is wrong w u that u think we all need to b commenting on this family’s personal struggle? You are mistaken if you think there is a place for me, or any outsider, in this family’s issue,” Alec tweeted in response to a fan asking about the situation. “USA is supposed to be THE place where you get a fair trial. Can a fair trial be conducted w everyone’s tired opinions on the internet? Americans have fallen victim to a sanctimony about things they know little about. You don’t ‘defend’ either party. You defend due process.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Cate Blanchett and Alec Baldwin’s responses to the open letter?

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  • monica22

    Wow , God help me but for once I agree with Alec. The truth is still unknown and its not the public place to make a case for guilty or not guilty without all the facts and a trail.
    A child said it and it may very well be true but it is also the child of a mother who has other children that claims the same mother brainwashed them to hate woody.
    Bottom line: Horrible situation but the public does not have all the facts but seems fine to rush to judgement.

  • Ugonna Wosu

    good responses.

  • Ugonna Wosu

    @Ugonna Wosu: I can’t choose sides, I can only hope that whoever is telling the truth will find peace or justice or both.

  • poor

    I dont know what happens but men hate on Mia Farrow except her children.

  • scallywag

    Whilst most of us can agree that accusations of Woody Allen sexually molesting his adoptive daughter raises questions of moral and legal culpability perhaps the greater question is whether we should care that sometimes a great film maker can be just as distorted and purportedly devoid of moral acumen as the subject matter of the films he so often specializes in. Which is probably why the films are so good in the first place, cause no one knows blood and gore better than an axe murderer, metaphorically speaking….

    Which raises the ultimate question, should we as an audience veto a filmmaker because of his purported moral and legal behavior? Or at the very least decline to celebrate him with honorary awards….and the further denunciation of women?

  • Dee

    I never thought I’d say this but Alec is right…

  • Leila Kincaid

    I have to comment on this, as a rape survivor myself.
    I am a film lover.

    I ask you this:
    Should we judge an artist for an award that recognizes the artist’s creation(s) based on their personal life and our personal feelings about the artist?
    Or should we judge an artists works based on the works of art themselves?

    Should we not separate details about the artist’s personal life from the artist’s artistic creations?

    In this case, the movies, the artistic creations of an artist, are being recognized.
    The merit for such an award is not based on the details of a personal life, however unethical, true, false, or heinous they are.

    Do you trash or discount a brilliant piece of work because you do not agree with the personal life of the artist who created it?

    I cannot say that I think that Dylan is lying.
    I can say I am mortified to think her allegations are true.
    As a victim of sexual assault and abuse, I am so sorry if this happened to her.

    But, I cannot agree that Woody Allen deserves no recognition for his artistic talent.
    Regardless of what he’s done, his works merit celebration and inclusion in the history of excellent film making.

  • Stan

    It’s a terrible situation. I feel for all involved and agree that hopefully everyone finds peace. What’s unfair is that Cate and Alec had to be dragged into it when it’s not their business but just because they chose to work with him their forced to make statements on a private matter.

  • Stan

    @Leila Kincaid:
    You are absolutely correct. Great response and my heart goes to you. So nice to share like that.

  • nope

    what we do KNOW is that USA is the last place where fair trials take place. let’s BE CLEAR. You can kill a child, and be found not guilty.

    Alec, you defend what’s right.

  • Jamie

    I think the problem here is with the system. Someone like Woody Allen will not get a trial, and if by some miracle he does, he will not be found guilty. I think that was the whole point in Dylan’s letter. He is/was always celebrated regardless of everything going on.

  • and

    I think the fact that he was honored and applauded at the Golden Globes has really bothered her

  • I believe Dylan

    I wonder why Woody does not adopt boys? A photo of him holding hands with a teen daughter while his wife is standing behind them is creepy in my opinion.

  • pickles

    My heart aches for anyone who has gone thru such terrible trauma. But I agree with both Cate and Alec on this. I also have to say that as terrible as Dylan must feel, it is wrong for her to publically call out the actors and attempt to get them drawn into this. She needs to be calling on the courts, the prosecutors, the lawyers, etc, and get this addressed in the proper way, not be lashing out like this to people who are working actors who had nothing at all to do with what happened in her house when she was a small child. I guess she is hurt and angry as she watches people praise her father. But this is not new. This isn’t his first movie since she accused him, so why now? Why call out Cate Blanchett for heaven’s sake? Between the time Dylan said this happened, and today, Woody’s made a lot of movies.

  • God

    They chose to work with a pedophile so people have a right to judge them. Allen deserves Delieverence-type of treatment.

  • Stan

    Yes exactly. He was being honored for his work not his personal life. His work speaks for itself and that’s why talented people want to work with him. It was very unfair of her to ask something of people who have never been involved with the situation. And like you said why now? After all this time. To me it’s completely attention seeking. Mia and her son didn’t have to tweet the night of the globes and then start what they’ve started. Truthfully it’s been done to hurt him and slander his name during this time. I really do feel completely for Dylan but she states in her letter how she’s getting to move on and live her life but writing the letter and getting it thrown all over the internet is proving that she isn’t trying to move on. Of course suffering like she has she can never move on but it’s something that should be done privately and not all over the place for everyone to see.

  • Is Nancy Grace posting here?

    LOL! You have that backwards. The USA is one of the places on the planet you CAN get what can be considered a fair trial.
    If someone is found not guilty then they probably didn’t do it. At least it wasn’t proven. Your opinion about someone’s guilt does not trump facts and evidence.

  • M

    Even though both responded correctly it was also cowardly and sidestepping and an opportunity that warranted a thought out comment rather than the majority of soundbites required from celebs.

  • nope

    You clearly have mental issues, trayvon martin was SHOT AND KILLED by a man, and that man was found not guilty.

    And that is not my opinion, that is a FACT. don’t come for me, I’m not the one.

  • Buddy

    Mia is mentally obsessed since their break up was a public humiliation for her, because Soon Yi?

  • Jana

    Children don’t “invent” child abuse stories. When a child says that he or she was abused, you better do something about. All of us have a responsibility to listen to children and protect them from abuse, not only our children but ALL children. Don’t wait until it’s your own kids that fall victim of abuse, but most of all, don’t let power and money make you blind or ignore child abuse.

  • Morality

    Both responses are indicative of Mia Farrow’s point, they don’t want to take a stance against WHAT’S WRONG, it’s cowardly, probably of their opportunisim of wanting to be in a “Woody Allen” Movie. If they knew the situation before working with W. Allen, then I would question their moral judgement. They obviously value their career over what’s goodness and immoral.

  • Jana

    @Dee: Alec is wrong. Child abuse is not a familiar issue, but a social issue. As responsible members of society we have the moral duty to protect children. I hope Hollywood stops supporting Woody Allen. He is a child predator.

  • kary

    @monica22: you’re right I mean… Cate and Alec are just working and this issue is just about Woody and his family… No one else, they need to have a trial and if he is guilty ok… then he has to be in jail. But Cate and Alec have nothing to do with this!

  • pickles

    Pedophilia is a disgusting, terrible crime. Woody Allen isn’t the first famous artist to be accused of a disgusting crime. This isn’t new.

    I don’t have a problem with Dylan being public. My problem is how she is doing this now, and using these actors, as if she is saying they would support that kind of criminal behavior. To me, she is wrong by calling out these actors asking them how they’d feel if it were their kid.

    Dylan obviously has some serious problems to deal with, and no, she isn’t working to get past her problems by doing this and I agree with Stan#16 that Mia and her son tweeting about this during the Golden Globes was out of line.

  • Gabby

    I won’t judge his work by his personal acts. Actually I can’t judge his work because there is no way I would support this creepy perverted man by spending a penny watching any movie of his. Aside from the allegations of one daughter, let’s not forget that he married another daughter when she was in her early 20s and he was in his late 50s.

  • essie

    I am sure if there was the internet back then, it wouldn’t be so easily passed over. It’s unfortunate there was no absolute resolve to it when it happened. It’s going to be so awkward if Cate wins the Oscar for Blue Jasmine. But then again, Allen won for his film during the scandal back then and no one gave a hoot about his allegations, history might repeat itself.

  • Stan

    So they should have their named tarnished as if they’re responsible for it? That’s very unfair. They didn’t do it. If people should be blamed it’s the studios who finance his films and buy the rights. But the studio heads don’t get slandered because no one knows their names. I just think it’s terrible to attack the actors as it they’re responsible. And it’s not about furthering their career it’s about making an incredible story come to life on screen for millions of people to be entertained. By your logic every person who watches his films is just as much responsible then because people know about what he did yet still go to watch his films. Does that make me a bad person? I don’t think so. I don’t condone what’s happened but I think it’s a personal matter that shouldn’t be printed all over the internet.

  • God


    So exposing pedophiles is out of line but abuse isn’t?
    You are supproting rape culture. Keeping the victims silent. Allen is a piece of shit that got away with abuse and is celebrated.

  • Terrance

    @Leila Kincaid: What if it was your rapist? The person that raped and molested you. Would you go and watch his movies? Would you be happy that your rapist is publicly praised and recognized as a hero?

  • i just wanna say

    @I believe Dylan:

    He did not adopt any of those kids, I believe it was Mia who adopted them all. What is creepy about a father holding their child’s hand regardless of the age?

  • essie

    So what if Woody didn’t adopt Mia’s kids.. he was in a relationship with Mia who has kids. It’s like if my boyfriend had kids from his former SO, even though they are not my kids I would be in contact with them when his kids visit and some sort of relationship will still happen. For that to turn into a sexual relationship is so beyond my thinking process.

  • Terrance

    @pickles: She didn’t get a fair trial when the allegations were made public because it was the word of a 6 year old child against Woody Allen the famous movie director! Even the legal system took sides with Allen. As if fame and money and art were more important than the safety of OUR children! It makes me sick to my stomach to read people here defending a pedophile. He even married his own daughter! Who knows how many more children he has molested all these years!
    Something is very wrong with society when the well being of children is less important than art.

  • amos

    Where there is smoke there is fire. . and there is plenty of fire with Farrow’s daughter that he chose to take sex pictures of and then marry. Alex is rather insensitive to a victim of child abuse. Kate was much kinder in her response.

  • yep

    Joe Paterno didn’t rape anyone and he went to the President of the College which wasn’t enough…..So from that point I understand why she called out the actors…Sandusky went how many years without being caught and being accused. ONE mother wouldn’t let it go and that is how he was caught. I am sure the Oscars with Woody’s film was a trigger for Dylan. I might not agree with how Dylan has handle the situation however I can’t be upset with her either. I haven’t been to a Woody Allen movie since he got with Mia’s daughter which he treated like a daughter and at that time consider her a daugher. Hollywood protects is owns especially the men.

  • I believe Dylan

    Woody adopted 2 girls with Soon Yi.

  • LegalBetch

    @nope: EXACTLY, THANK YOU! There are so many technicalities in the law and we literally live in a country that believes “It is better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer” (Cited many times in our legal history). Of course, there are problems with most legal systems, and I DO believe that ours is one of the better ones, providing due process for all… but that does NOT mean every person who failed to be charged for crimes in our country is innocent. It’s just extremely naive and arrogant to believe that our system gets it right every time.

  • moral value

    If Woody Allen wasn’t Woody Allen they would have thrown him in a cell and burned the key. A society based on double standards, that operates not the same for everybody but with greatest care for someone is just wrong. Money, success and power can buy everything? And the work of art can not be separated from the moral value of the man.

  • I believe Dylan

    Woody should be holding his wife’s hand. The daughter looked capable of crossing the street herself.

  • kami

    the arrogant, mean, and very stupid alec baldwin should have let his publicist write a statement for him. that man has so much anger in him it’s scary. at least cate blanchett’s politically correct statement isn’t raged filled.

  • I’m sorry

    But Cate is as trashy as Alec, it’s vulgar to comment about this thing

  • @

    @Leila Kincaid: So even though he married his adopted daughter, and another one claims to be molested by him, he should still be celebrated for his work and simply ignore who he is as a person? So if a Nazi officer makes a genius work of art, he should be celebrated by people? Nazi officers who are still living and who have been discovered living in the US have all been deported. I think you are talking out of your @ss here.

  • Jordy

    If you say Woody still deserves praise for his work then we should praise Charles Manson for his music ability. You all are sick. A child molester and pedophile should not be praised for anything no matter if he’s good at his job or not.

  • Difficult Issue

    We also know, I believe there is science to prove this, that many pedophiles get away with it multiple times and usually by the time a pedophiie is caught, arrested and maybe convicted, because most pedophiles are very smart and can be very charming, he or she has probably molested many other children in the meantime who were threatened in ways that kept those children silent for decades.

    Look at the Catholic priests that were caught and had multiple victims. If you live in Canada you all know about the hockey trainer who has a legacy that is just frightening because boys more than girls are less likely to tell, especially males in sports, because it must mean they were gay if they didn’t stop a male pedophile.

    So the reality is that due process doesn’t always work in this area unless someone is caught by a third party or on camera.

    We see celebrities treated with more leniency than the rest of us every day and the reality is in any system he or she that can afford the better lawyers can often get away with even murder.

    So you can see why some victims of incest and pedophilia might get frustrated however another question here is why is Mia Farrow such a staunch defender of Roman Polanksi, a man convicted of raping a 13 year old child. By the way, since Alec is all about due process, does this mean Alec does not support Roman Polanski? Hmmm.

  • Difficult Issue

    @essie: Exactly no one defends the average boyfriend who is having sex with the step daughter esp if she is underage. Especially if he looks like a biker or gangsta living in East LA.

  • Jude

    I think it was a cheap shot for Dylan Farrow and her crazy mother to try to drag innocent people into their family turmoil.

    Great responses by both Cate Blanchett and Alec Baldwin.

  • GerriGer

    WOW. I like Alec Baldwin think that public opinion are just that …. everyone has one. To just believe this girl because she is the daughter of a famous person who (I admit) did some things that are not usual by marrying his own adopted daughter, is just nuts.

    I say … where was the mom (Mia) in all this? Why didn’t she say something before? Why would this young person publicize it and just not file papers to bring Woody to justice. I think this kid just wants to hurt in the only way she can.

    What did you do to your children Mia? Why, not be graceful about this situation with Woody. If he is wrong then crucify him in court not in public humiliation.

    I know I am a nobody but…. man, this public stuff is getting NUTS!

  • Me

    How about you just don’t work with scumbags? I wouldn’t go near Woody Allen. Children just don’t make up abuse stories when they at 7!

  • Louise

    Go Alex! So true, as far as I know Woody Allen has not been tried in a court of law, why is she so mad at everyone else they didn’t know what is alleged because she didn’t take any legal action herself, she let him get away with , not his peers!

  • Jude


    Cate Blanchett deserves the Oscar. They are honoring her for her performance. She is not a personal friend of Woody Allen’s. And she was very gracious in her response. This speaks volumes to Dylan Farrow’s character – if she is hell bent on taking people down who have nothing to do with her family issues.